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2003 Lexus is 300 heater not working nor a/c...blower blows fine...just cool air..not hot nor cold...what do i need to do to fix it.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Ac cycles to heat-this is when the ac is needed-hot air comes out of left center vent and cool air comes out of right center vent simultaneously. Eventually all vents blow hot air. Was told several causes are...calibration (which I had done 2x-did not fix issue) Heater core was another cause (was advised $2,200 to fix) Flapper control...whatever that is, was another cause that was told to me. Do you know what the real cause is?

It wouldn't be the heater core. The flapper control, is the blend door actuator, which should close off to the heater core so hot air doesn't get in with the cold air from the evaporator. Most likely it's the actuator, not opening and closing the doo ... 2003 Lincoln LS

My e320 mercedes runs fine and starts every time until it gets hot and im idling it stalls and will not turnover until i let the car get cool . i have in the past been able to drive while its hot as long as i keep my foot on gas while im stopped i need a solid fix i know im asking alot but i have financial problems right now and need this car to get to work desperatly seeking a mircle

... Mercedes-Benz E320

I need to fix my 2004 MItsubishi Sport Back Wagon. The radiator cooling bfan is running constantly, when it is hot or cold out but the gauge is not showing that it is hot or over heating. Please give

Check coolant level is the a/c engaged when this happens if it is turn off a/c to see if it stops a lot of cars are designed to engage the cooling fan when the a/c is engaged even if the car is cool. if coolant level is low add coolant the sensor may ... Cars & Trucks

Car is running hot when i stop, but then cools off when i start moving, I brought it into the shop and was told i have oil leaking into the coolant, which was then told that it could go the other way and be real bad, He told me I need radiator flush, new thermostat and need new intake gaskets. Was told it needed fixed within 5 to 6 months or the whole engine would blow soon. Told me it be around 750.00 for everything. Does this all sound right? Its a chevy venture 2001 and I just got it please h

For the most part it sounds half way accurate. First of all telling you that it needs to be fixed within 5 to 6 months, in my opinion was a scare tactic used to try to get you to approve the work. Because no one can say it will last th ... 2001 Chevrolet Venture

Not sure what model but its a 1993 buick thee air conditioner needs to be fixed can it be fixed inexpensive?? i think the jerks at firestone jerked with it and made it quit working do you think my local car repair guy cab fix it inexpensive? will the hot gage come on also because f the air not working even if its a cool day??

The AC not working wil not affect the engine coolant temperature. The engine cooling system is a seperate system fromthe AC system on your vehicle. \015\012The AC could simply have a small leak and the refridgerant has leaked down and needs to ... 1993 Buick LeSabre

My 2002 Pontica Grand Prix is blowing hot air for the AC, what can I do to fix... The passenger side blows cool air, but the driver side blows Hot air. Do I need to buy some sort of coolant for the AC

... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

My 93 firebird formula was running hot when stopping at red lights and going slow through town but at interstate speeds it runs normal running temp i took the thermostat out and flushed the cooling system and it hasn't run hot since but i bought a new thermostat and changed the water pump and mow its doing the same as before someone please help me out i need this fix desperately i have no water in my oil or oil in my water.....

... 1993 Pontiac Firebird

Need to find a diagram of hoses going to engine a hose cracked in the middle and i taped it to get home also my car had been losing coolant due to a leak in the coolant overflow got it fixed as it was ideling yesterday started getting hot and loosing antifreeze didn't it register real hot cooled it down, added coolant was fine on my way to work car would not shift out of first left at a park and ride ? i don't know what to do

... Audi A6

2003 monte carlo w/ 125,000. Running hot - shuts off car. Leak detected near serpentine belt. Garage doing work propose changing thermostat and hose wants ~ $ 500 to $ 600 w/ stat. I told garage that eng will shutt off when car runs hot. Garage said no - there's a possibility of eng damage ?? Need to fix cooling b4 they can tell. I Think $ 500+ is pricey and do not think eng can be damaged? Please advise thoughts on price and their reccomodations. Want to sell car down the road and do not want e

God, that is expensive, worst than here in the Uk!!! This would cost 1/5 of the price here if you go to a side garage...Anyway, the garage is right, overheating can cause head gasket damage and trust me, you won't be able to even sell the car after t ... 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Check engine light was on and car running hot when idling and sometimes while driving. Had fuse replaced did not fix problem, then had fan assembly replaced. Check engine light came on again, running hot while idling. When car heats up right fan goes off but will come back on when turn A/C on but A/C not cool when idling. I have two mechanics telling me fan assembly needs replacing again (its just been 3-4 months) and another shop telling me its a computer/circuit problem. What do I do, I really

If the fan goes on with the a/c then the fans relay is bad ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

Horn and power seats quit working. maxi-fuse extremely hot. pulled it out and re-inserted after it cooled down. fixed the problem temporarily (a day or so). swapped that maxi-fuse with the one above it (power windows). worked for a couple weeks. now the seats and horn don't work again. seems like the fuse port for the horn and power seats is bad. does the whole fuse assembly need to be replaced?

... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

Code P1740 I have a 2001 dodge durango two days ago engine light came on with code P1740 torque converter clutch or over drive solenoid when it's cool shifts like new but once get hot stay on first gear and I can't go faster than 30 miles per hour, what I need to replace or fix to make work right?

I think you answered your own question.. torque converter clutch or overdrive solenoid. also your overdrive band could be a little worn and about ready to **** the bed for good but i'd check the other things. if you had transmission work done on it b ... 2001 Dodge Durango

Running hot my car has always had some cooling issues, but haven't been able to pin down exactly the problem, well i think now whatever part was causing the problem is now failing completely, granted that's a guess.... but ive replaced the radiator and now the coolant temp. sensor (which was bad) and its now running hotter than ever! wtf?!!?!?! i need it fixed as easily and cheaply as possible so any ideas on which part to go after next would be much appreciated, thanks!

A 1992 honda, well, there are a few things that may be cause the problem.Here are a few ideas, first is the cooling fan working, is it coming on when temp starts to run hot? The next problem which is costly would be the head gasket, you w ... 1992 Honda Accord

2003 Lexus is 300 heater not working nor a/c...blower blows fine...just cool air..not hot nor cold...what do i need to do to fix it.

... Cars & Trucks

Our 2006 T&C was serviced last fall under warranty. The dealership kept it 4 days hunting for AC leak, etc. They were unable to find anything wrong, recharged the system and sent us home. Now it's summer and even in coastal Maine we need the AC working. It is blowing hot air, not even trying to cool. Of course the 90 day warranty is up. Is there an easy/cheap fix?

... Chrysler Town and Country

2001 nissan xterra smoking thru the vents and the smell of anti freeze coming thru the vents what needs fixing. Also have a 2006 pt cruiser that cranks but once it gets hot it cuts off and has to cool off before it cranks again

... 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

How do I change the cooling fans to kick on sooner than they do? I live in the desert and its very hot! I put in a new thermostat which is better suited for my climate...but how do I get the fans to kick on sooner? Need a cheap fix please.

The only fix I have found besides adding a switch to the common terminal of the fan relay, and a ground, is to pick up the following ECU programmer from Corvette Central: ... 2004 Chevrolet Corvette

2001 Chevy Lumina. Got hot, pulled over. Reservoir was boiling over but radiator cap was cool to the touch. Let it cool off. Check water in radiator and reservoir, needed very little. Started driving and almost immediately got hot again. Reservoir boiling over again. Let cool and when released pressure with radiator cap all water sucked out of reservoir. Some times runs fine and some times gauge goes to hot. And sometimes it goes to center and back down several times.

Sounds like your thermostat is sticking closed at times, not allowing coolant to circulate through the radiator for proper cooling. Replace thermostat. ... 2001 Chevrolet Lumina

I seem to have several problems, I bought the Santa Fe from a car lot, the car's a/c needed charged on the test drive, they promised it would be fixed before we buy it, well 2 weeks-more freon-2 weeks more freon and lines were cracked, needed new hoses, 2 weeks-hot again, now it is the evaporator needed replaced, 3 weeks-hot again, freon spit out of vents, now they replaced the compresser and charged me half of part and work. BUT, It still is hot, I know it's Florida, but I see a lot of these Sa

For your a/c concern look at your radiator fan motor connector. chances are it is melted and not making good contact causing fan to intermittently not come on. there is a connector repair kit or you can direct wire it with some connectors. as for the ... 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

A local garage mechanic says the clutch has stopped working on ac that is why it blows hot air instead of cool says it will cost $900. to fix cause I have to buy the whole ac unit does this sound correct? when it is cool outside it does blow some cool air but once the day gets hot it gives nothing but hot air

Have you tried charging the ac system? most ac compressors have a pressure switch that will not allow the relay to engage the clutch if the coolant pressure is low. $15 can of r134a and maybe a $20 Haynes manual is well worth the price difference, ... 2004 Kia Sedona

What could cause my 2002 BMW 330i to continue to run hot after replacing the cooling system, bleeding the system of air and chekcing for a head gasket problem. They said they car was fixed it drove great then got hot after 13 miles and cools down very quickly. I started the engine after it ran hot and it sit dead center for about 5 minutes before it started to climb again.

Check to see if the engine is truly hot. next time with the motor running find the upper radiater hose and gently place your hand on it. if its cool or just warm to the touch your heat senser is probable the problem. if its hot and hard like its unde ... 2004 BMW 3 Series

2001 Lincoln LS. A/C problems. My a/c problem are similar to other i have read. My A/c will cool very nicely for 10 miles - 15 miles.... then it start to blow very hot air on the right side. Sometimes if I accerate rapidly, it will begin to cool. Then, It will start to cool on the right side and blow hot air on the left side. I took it to the Ford place and they want $1200 to fix the compressor. I stand that the compressor can not be bad and work as well as it does at times. Help please.

I would take it to a shop,not the dealer,have them add 12 oz of freon,see if this does the trick,they will do this if they are a little low.If this does not help,have the shop check for vacuum problems to the ac control head.If this was at all helpfu ... 2005 Lincoln LS

I have a Mitsubishi Lancer Sport Backand my radiator cooling fan is running constantly.What do I need to do to fix this?

Check your fluid levels are you overheating possible bad heat sensor did this just start happening look for fluid leak ... Oldsmobile Bravada

I have a 1999 dodge ram v8 5.2L the ac accumulator was replace after the truck has been setting for about 4 yrs replaced the vacuum lines which as well as the gaskets i added about 2 and a half cans of 134a which the truck recommends 2lbs the thing is the ac was blowing cool air at first then about 15 mins it starting blowing nothing but hot air ive now made a trip to San Antonio and now its blowing some what cool air its not hot but its not cold either ive run out of ideas on how to fix this pr

You may have over filled the ac with reon and are over pressuring the system causing the high pressure switch to activate shutting off the ac, each can is 1lb ... 1999 Dodge Ram

Bought 2001 Lumina.. head gasket was leaking. fixed that n noticed cooling fan motors were not running. Replace all 3 relays n ect n fans started working. Drove it two days n it started runnin hot pulled over n fans had quit again. Pulled out ect and cooled motor off.. making the fans run. Put it back n and they ran for a few minutes went home problem solved i thought... now they are not working again car running hot!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a similar problem. Is your temperature gauge pegged to the right as very hot? Or reads always cold, even when hot. If it is a 3100 motor their is a coolant temperature gauge sending unit under the air breather intake that is right next to wher ... 2001 Chevrolet Lumina
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