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1965 Cadillac crank case tube under intake

\015 How to install and what are symptoms if not connected\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Will not make any difference on a vehicle of this age other than a horrid smell when stationary of hot acrid oil fumes
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1965 Cadillac crank case tube under intake

Will not make any difference on a vehicle of this age other than a horrid smell when stationary of hot acrid oil fumes ... Cars & Trucks

1965 cadillac 429 cu in. Crank case tube under intake disconnected.

Connect it back up, DAAAAAAAAAAAA ... Cars & Trucks

1990 Honda Civic Hatchback, 1.5 EFI, runs great but smokes like a chimney. Its burning oil but doesn't leak. Changed head gasket, but no dice, didn't solve the smoke. After changing head gasket I noticed a considerable amount of oil in air intake tube between air filter and throttle body. Trying to figure out why oil is being (blown, or sucked) into intake. Compression is 152, 145, 140, 150. Bad PCV valve? = To much pressure in crank case causing oil to blow into intake tubing from valve cover?

Did you put Valve seals in the head???Other than that the PCV is a good start...But it sounds like the oil rings on the pistons to me. ... 1990 Honda Civic

Timing the valves on 2vz-fe motor, haynes manual instructs: turn crank to tdc #1 cyl ex valves clearance "0", intake valves clearance.005 thru .00problem 9. My problem: both the intake and exhaust are open. what do I do ?

You are working on what is known as a four stroke engine. What this means in short form is that it takes four strokes to complete one combustion cycle. The piston goes down after combustion, then up to push out the exhaust, then down to draw in the ... Toyota Camry

Is it true that when the intake gasket leaks into the crank case the the antifreeze ruins the bearings in the bottom end? i have seen this situation more than once so far. if so, what is my chances of pulling the pan and changing the bearings or am i better off to just replace the engine and save myself the time money and aggravation. all the 4.3motors that i have seen blow the intake gasket had bearing problems afterwards.

Yes this is true.I would advice you replace the engine because that is what you will still need to do else it will be demanding for a lot of replacement afterward.Good luck and thanks for using Fixya.Do remember to ... Chevrolet Blazer

'91 Cadillac Deville won't crank. Started fine in the morning.

Its located on the botom of car . inbetween the radiator and the motor more towards the driverside (middle area) u should see the transmsission when your down thair. its conected to it . looks like a cylinder ... 1991 Cadillac DeVille

Hi, i recently had my transmission replaced on my 94 cadillac deville, and now my car will not crank. It had been sitting for about a year after it broke down. i chked to make sure the fuel pump is working properly, it was putting out about 38 lbs of pressure so i disconnected the fuel rail and cleaned it out with sme fuel injection/ carb spray. I removed and cleaned the injectors. and still nothing. i knw its getting spark because i sprayed starter fluid into the intake and the engine fired up

It could be but i would say you may have injector problem, you have spark and fuel pressure and car starts if you spray starting fluid into it, i know it dies after burning out the starting fluid, this sounds like the injectors are not plusing, this ... Cadillac DeVille

How to change the fuel filter on a 2002 Cadillac Deville?My car will not start. When I turn the ignition, it cranks but will not run. I heard the fuel pump when I turned the key and waited for a several seconds. I sprayed starter fluid in the air filter casing and it started for a few seconds and died again.

... 2002 Cadillac Deville

2004 5.9L Cummins Diesel cranks over but wont start? Things I have done. Replace- Lift pump new fuel new fuel filter bled injector tubes from fuel rail drain water seperator The engine has 40lbs oil pressure when running . Idles at 750rpms smoothly. Has lots of power 0- 110mpr in 3/4 of a mile. Just takes a VERY VERY small Blast of either to start. What is going on.

\015\012As mostly you have replaced all the possible parts by which this problem can occur.so most probably it’s the faulty solenoid.\015\012Check the solenoid it will have t ... 2004 Dodge Ram 2500

Intermittent stalling I have a 2001 cavalier with a 2.4L. It will stall intermittenly but only when it is cold out side, like -30 to -40. I found ice building up in the air induction system, and the throttle body is also icing up. Has anyone else experienced this? The hose from the crank case pressure relief box located behind the intake manifold is milky looking. Any suggestions????

The milky substance is a normal moisture issue. Partner ...if it's 40 below outside and it's not in a garage or has no block heater... your gonna have issues. Warm motor + extreme cold = moisture buildup and once cold...heavy ice build up. Theres a l ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 1994 Honda civic cx hatch(Canadian) i blow up the d15b7 that was in it now swapping in a d16y7 with the d15 transmission and the d15 intake is on it I have switched the coolant tube on the back of the motor and everything is plugged in except for the crank sensor, is that needed? Also the distributor was a pain to get in had to take the rocker arms off which does not seem right. Is there a reason for this?

... Cars & Trucks

Intake manifold gasket on 2000 3.1 Vin J (Fed) replaced in '08 - then - distributor (?) plug/gasket failed and drained oil from crank case. Engine now extremely noisy (always had lifter noise) and runs - yet I fear it has catastrophic damage. Can/should this engine be repaired? Better to replace? Boat anchor? Please help - backyard mechanic and dad of driver seeks a ton of assistance on this one - the car has been great other than the lubricant issues from Garbage Motors!

IMO, you have a serious internal engine problem. Probably a bad piston and ring failure. If the car ran hot, the damage could be extensive. the head may have warped and have to be cut flat again. Or replaced. Not to mention the piston . Check the com ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera idles high in Park and Neutral. Engine light will be on. Occasionally while driving, transmission will feel like it kicks down, engine light goes out but comes right back on again. Intake manifold gasket, crank positioning sensor, vacuum tubes have all been replaced/checked.

Change your idle control sensor, but first make sure your throttle linkage isn't sticking. ... 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Coupe

2005 Cadillac Deville will not start. All controls power up, but the car will not crank. This has happened before a few times, but the car has always started in 5 to 10 minutes. The battery shows it is over 11 volts and says it is ok. We tried different keys just in case it was a anti theft security problem. Still does not start

... 2005 Cadillac Deville

How many hours should it take to replace intake tube on a 2003 sls cadillac

3 - 4 hrs ... 2003 Cadillac Seville

Having problems with the car running rough at low idle. I have a 2005 Audi a4. I have changed coils, plugs and the crank case breather tube because it was leaking. The car still running rough. When i remove the air pressure reducer and cover the hose with a flat plate the car seems to run fine. Does this mean the reducing valve is gone or something down stream in the MAF?

First replace the reducing valve and check driving the car , If it works fine then the problem is fixed if not then i am sure its the MAF sensor.\015\012\015\012Please do check the car and inform me.\015\012\015\012If satisfied with the c ... 2005 Audi A4

We've installed new head, intake and exhaust gaskets, yet there is 0 compression in either head. Think we have the rocker arm nuts cranked down to to tightly. How do we properly adjust these?

Hello dysone...Is this a 5.7 litre engine?...Why were the heads replaced on this engine? Did it overheat and crack one..or blow a head gasket? Were BOTH heads replaced, or just one? How many miles does the engine have on it? Yes, you could have dama ... 1997 GMC Sierra

I'm getting a pretty substantial amount of oil that continually accumulates on the top of the northstar v8 and pools on the top of the engine. From what I can tell, the oil is being drawn into the air intake manifold via the PCV tubes. This vehicle doesn't have a PCV valve on the valve covers. When I pulled the PCV tube, there was a significant amount of vacuum through the rear bank tube; more than I would have expected. Any idea why there would be oil pooling in the intake manifold and

... 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora

On a 95 Toyota 4runner there is is tube at the back of the intake manifold that has a short hose attached looping back on to a fitting on the backside of the manifold. The tube goes down and toasted the front oof the engine under the intake manifold. Where does the tube go?

EGR tube from intake to exhaust manifold. ... Toyota 4Runner

My 1990 Honda Accord had a leak into the spark plug area, and also the tube between the pcv and recycled air intake was collapsed shut. I replaced the head gasket and tube. now i'm getting blow by (oil going thru the pcv and tube, INTO the air intake) AND it wants to misfire at about 2000 rpms (or just run really crappy with no power). i replaced my spark plugs and there's no more oil going down there so i'm sort of lost as to what's going on. Here's a couple suggestions i've gotten but no ones

The pvc valve will always let some oil out into the intake to burn. That's normal. Now for the misfire at 2000 rpms, I believe you will have to clean out the EGR passages on your intake system. Basically, three of the four individual EGR passages are ... 1990 Honda Accord

I took it to the college and they said that the crank case is leaking, where iz the crank case

The crankcase is the hollow part of the engine where the oil is, it is contained inside the engine block and the oil pan on the bottom of the engine, to say the crankcase is leaking is a very broad statement, You will need to narrow down where the oi ... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

I have a 2000 chevy limited edition (old body style) Tahoe that wont crank unless you put fuel in the air intake throttle body. The fuel pump whirls and I've changed the fuel filter, fuel regulator and the fuel relay. When the truck does crank after the fuel in the air intake the truck runs great. no missing or skipping from take off. No "service engine light" activity. but the moment you turn off the engine the same problem accurs.

You could be having a bad pressure regulator ,it seems to be wasted now. ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

My mazda b3000 crank case fills up with fluid its not water smells like gas a little transmission leaks fluid i want to know what could cause the crank case to fill up

The transmission is completely seal from the engine itself, just as the engine has the main crank seal keeping the oil from leaking into the tranny. gas can also leak into the crankcase but not transmission fluid. there is n ... 2007 Mazda B3000

We have a water leak at the rear of the intake manifold. It's either coming from the hoses or there is a leak in the tubing coming from the intake manifold to the hoses connecting to the heater core. How would we remove the tubing rail?

What kind of car? ... 1986 Ford Crown Victoria

I need to remove the crank case pulley in a 2003 malibu to place a new timing cover and need to know how to remove the crank case pulley

Should have 3 or 4 bolts in the middle of pulley and just remove big bolt in center of pulley. skould fall off. ... Chevrolet Malibu
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