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Indentify small hose on top of intake manifold on a 1998 3.3 nissan pathfinder engine

\015 Hi guys .I am working on a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder it has a cooling leak at small hose on top of intake manifold\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Hey mate, I just posted a solution for another DIYer...watch his video and you will find the leak...bottom or behind near firewall...follow all instructions too..
Is it from the hose or what, We are not mind readers on hear, Please give better details if you want proper help.
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Indentify small hose on top of intake manifold on a 1998 3.3 nissan pathfinder engine

Hey mate, I just posted a solution for another DIYer...watch his video and you will find the leak...bottom or behind near firewall...follow all instructions too.. ... Cars & Trucks

Does anyone have a diagram of an intake manifold including hoses for a 3.3 nissan pathfinder engine

Borrow a repair manual for your vehicle from the libarry, ... 1998 Nissan Pathfinder

I have a 2001 Saturn SL2 and need to know the part (the conncector/adapter to the engine rear side) that connects from the engine to coolant tank? The hose is the upper coolant expansion hose, but I need to know what is the part that connects this hose to the engine. 2nd- should I have to purchase another Intake Manifold, or just the small connector part? PLEASE! URGENT

The SATURN INTAKE MANIFOLD repair kit is on Ebay with a YouTube movie on how to install it.Great device.Check it out.Car Saturn. ... 2001 Saturn SL

Leak from 2001 Ford ranger Water Intake Manifold - There is an aluminum part coming out of the manifold on top of the engine that is leaking. It is not on the rubber hose but on the metal part that connects from the hose to the manifold. Is this actually connected to the manifold or a piece that is threaded and can be simply replaced?

The piece you are describing sounds like the thermostat housing. These housings are normally bolted to the manifold, so you can simply unbolt it. If it is cracked, you will need to replace it. If it is not, you can replace the gasket underneath it ... 2001 Ford Ranger Regular Cab


... 2005 Chevrolet Colorado

I have an 87 Fiero with a v-6. There is an electric valve just above the accessory drive belts on the right end of the motor with a small vacuum line connecting to the intake manifold, and small lines that go to the cruise control. On the front of the valve is a 1/4" diameter hose that goes forward to the firewall and apparently goes to the bottom of the fuel vapor canister. When I connect that hose, the cruise still doesn't work, and I get a check engine light telling me that the EGR val

Have a wander down the scrapyard and have a look at another vehicle the same for the vac pipe layout ,but although iam not familar with this vehicle i would hazard a guess and say that the vacumn comes from the manifold into the valve then when engin ... 1987 Pontiac Fiero

Coolant leak after engine cools, small pooling at front of intake manifold migrating to chassie. I inspected hoses they are OK, I changed thermostat housing gasket, no over heating at this time. Thanks, SAKlaus

... 1989 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

A hose on the top of the engine. that runs under the intake from the water **** to the back of the engine is laeking. It's a 1995 Town car , 4.6 engine. Is this just a regular water hose , or is there something else unseen under the intake? Can it be change without removing the intake?

I know this darn hose, u have to pull the intake to replace it, we used the factory hose but you can use any type of water/coolant rated hose in that size. The intake is not that hard to remove, 30 minutes or so if i remember right from Ford dealer d ... 1995 Lincoln Town Car

1999 Ford Windstar, 3.8 liter engine. Want to access & clean EGR ports. Previous solution posts state to remove the intake manifold to access & clean. Do both the intake manifold and intake manifold spacer have to be removed or just the intake manifold (top part)?

With all these questions,how do you know you\015\012need to clean anything? You shouldn't have to\015\012If you do you have other issues ... 1999 Ford Windstar

Coolant leak Hi there does anyone out there know what causes my 1995 Grande Cherokee to leak coolant somewhere along the front of the intake manifold. I've replaced my water pump twice, my radiator, and all of my hoses. I've also had the system pressure tested for leaks. Is there a frost plug on the upper part of the engine at the front, or can the coolant be leaking at front of the intake manifold...?? Once the engine gets to operating temprature and you turn off the vehicle a short while later

Sup GBI believe you and I have the same problem thermostat housing if you look at this diagram on the left http://static.scribd.com/profiles/images/f51od9ss9yyjf-full.jpg it looks like the engine coolant temp sensor connects to it. her ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Identified leak in intake manifold hose...has been overheating..2001 mercury villager ( actually Nissan quest ) new radiator, new belts, thermostat, bypassed heater coil, and shop says is intake manifold hose [email protected]

I'am sort of missing something here\015\012\015\012Was the radiator blocked or replaced as a guess ?\015\012The thermostat i understand\015\012The heater core by pass i don't,what does that prove ?\015\012\015\012T ... Mercury Villager

I'm getting a pretty substantial amount of oil that continually accumulates on the top of the northstar v8 and pools on the top of the engine. From what I can tell, the oil is being drawn into the air intake manifold via the PCV tubes. This vehicle doesn't have a PCV valve on the valve covers. When I pulled the PCV tube, there was a significant amount of vacuum through the rear bank tube; more than I would have expected. Any idea why there would be oil pooling in the intake manifold and

... 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora

I have a 2003 Pontiac Grand AM. It has a 3.4L V6 engine and I have a small water leak around the alumium pipe that comes out of top of the intake on the front of the motor and runs across the top of the intake. I have had the gasket on this intake replace about 8 months ago. This is a new leak. I took this in to have it looked at and the mechanic is telling me the whole intake has to be replaced not just the pipe because it is machined pressed into the intake. Do you have to replace the entire i

... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

Is there a manufacturer's defect in the design of the 3.1 engine of the 1997 Pontiac Grand Am? I dis-assembled my engine and removed the intake manifold. On the driver-side of the engine, the manifold does not match the shape of the mating portion of the engine. Reading the repair manual, it says to put gasket silicon in the area. The pressure from the engine has overcome the silicon both times I have tried this technique. I think I will have to make a small metal piece to cover the hole.

It is very common for intake manifold to warp. You can pick up replacement manifold & gaskets at most auto parts stores. ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

My car started to overheat. I checked it out, and found a hole in a small radiator type hose. The hose is top left (facing the engine), is about 8" long, and comes from a black cylinder shaped object. Curious...Does coolant only get pushed through this hose occasionally? Anyway, I replaced the hose, topped-off my coolant, and thought I solved my problem...but I did not. I drove a couple miles, and it overheated again. I pulled over, turned off car, and found a large puddle of coolant on the grou

Are you sure it was overheating? What did the temperature gauge read, if you have a gauge, you may just have a light I am not sure.It may have been steam from the leak. When you changed the hose some coolant could have run down onto the radiato ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix

On a 95 Toyota 4runner there is is tube at the back of the intake manifold that has a short hose attached looping back on to a fitting on the backside of the manifold. The tube goes down and toasted the front oof the engine under the intake manifold. Where does the tube go?

EGR tube from intake to exhaust manifold. ... Toyota 4Runner

Car dies when I connect the PCV hose to the intake manifold. Changed PCV valve and still the same. Engine runs with either just the PCV hose on and the hose from the purge solenoid off or just the opposite. Engine won't run with both connected.

I am having same problem . Can anyone help me ? ... 2005 Dodge Stratus

Hi i have a 1998 ford fiesta 1.4 zetec that wont start due to no fuel delivery! there is a spark and then engine runs when applying easy start to the air intake! i changed the top water hose and the car ran fine turning it on and off drove home went to the shop etc however i returned to the car later that eve and the car wouldnt start! i have looked at fuel cut off switch this is ok also i have 12v to the switch! i did remove the vacuum hose to the injector rail when replacing the top hose! i h

The vacuum hose you removed may be the cause considering it allows the fuel pressure regulator to operate properly, replace the vacuum hose and be sure all vacuum lines are in good condition. ... Ford Festiva

I need a vacuum diagram for a 1990 Ranger 2.9 L engine. The small hose that is hooked to a Tee at the top center of the EFI head where 2.9L is stamped, and goes to the right side small tee for ? The hose is very,very small. It appears to be plugged.

I highly doubt you'll be able to find one. I don't think even dealers hang on to those that long. If nothing is broken and out of place, I recommend going to a parts store and finding similiar material to mickeymouse back together. If the routing ... 1990 Ford Ranger SuperCab

I have a 1984 Jeep CJ7 with a 258 6 cyl engine. I just replaced a piston, put in new rings and bearings. As soon as the engine heats up the oil pressure drops. There seems to be water getting into the oil. I put a new head gasket on it. Could there be another reason for the oil getting thinned out? There is a heater hose that comes out of the firewall that I think goes to the intake manifold , then one from the intake to the front of the engine. Is that correct?

... 1984 Jeep CJ7

I have a 1990 isuzu pup 2.3 engine it has a mixture control valve i need to know where the small hose goes thats on the top nipple

... 1990 Isuzu Pickup

Looking for a plastic junction piece that connects three hoses that have to do with the cooling system. Two are medium in size and the third is small in size. The small one goes to the top of the engine and the other two are as follows; one comes from the firewall which I believe has to do with the heater core, and the other leads to the water pump on the passenger side? The junction that connects these hoses cracked and is nolonger usable. What is the name of this piece and where could I buy a

Take what you need to the auto parts store. ... 1985 Ford Thunderbird

After my truck (2003 S10, 4.3) sits after running it for a bit, start it and it will start missing and the check engine light comes on. The miss will go away after about 5 minutes running and the light goes out. I found a small puddle of anti freeze under the truck and looks like a small leak in front of the intake manifold. What can it be? I have 2 ideas of what it could be. A head gasket or manifold gasket.

Intake manifold gasket. when it leaks water will enter a cylinder causing the sprark plug to short out. when the engine gets hot enough the water will cook off in the cylinder allowing spark to take place. 80% chance intake manifold gasket, buy th ... 2003 Chevrolet S-10

T reg freelander cooling fan does not cut in there looks like there are 3 sensors 1 for the temp gauge 1 on the inlet manifold and 1 on the top hose when the engine is running if you take the wire off the sensor on the top hose the fan cuts in as soon as you re connect it the fan goes off

... 2002 Land Rover Freelander

The ignition module and coils need replaced. I can see them from the top but it looks like I need to remove the intake manifold to get at the coils. I can see them from the top and it looks like a crossmember blocks access from the bottom. The engine is the 2.5L. What is the most efficient waty to remove the module and coils while the engine is still in the car?

Under neath is the easiest way..You'll have to jack car up enough to get underneath there and remove the back bolts from the cross member and lower the back with a jack far enough to reach it..There still hard to get to but the essayist way to get t ... 1990 Pontiac Grand Am
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