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Hyundai getz 1.6gl 2006 model cam chain timing marks

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Hyundai getz 1.6gl 2006 model cam chain timing marks

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I have a Nissan overhead cam shaft with a timing belt not chain and would like the timing marks for this please. It is an N13 series 2nd edition 1990 model The car has blown the head gasket and I require the marks so I can go ahead.

Your timinig covers have a mark on it and the gear should have a groove on it so you can line that up ... 1990 Nissan Pulsar

Top end cam and crank chains are off! I rebuilt the 1999 2.7 motor and used haynes manuel to set timing marks but when keep cam marks at 90 degrees and set main timing chain on marks, it makes cam timing off? can someone please help?

I can help you with this.You have to start all over again.There should be three chains all together. Two short ones and one long one.The two short ones are for the cams. We are going to start with those two first.The 90 degrees they are talking about ... 1999 Dodge Intrepid

Hyundai matrix 1.6 twin cam timing chain mark

... 2005 Hyundai Matrix 1.6

Hello i have a 1.5crdi Getz 2004 model 3 cylinder,i blow a gasket i took the head in to have skimmed, and now my timing is out could you please asist me in wait is the timing marks on the cam and must piston one be on TDC. thanks Jonathan

2004 Hyundai Getz 1.5 CRDi 12V - 3 cyl. D3EA engine code \015\012 \015\012Timing set-up \015\012 \015\012Note: Special tools are not required \015\012 \015\012 ... Hyundai Accent

Hi, I need to know how to set the cam timing on a 5.4L quad cam ford v8 (2004) Sprockets have timing marks but chains are plain,e.g. (no coloured links or marks). Car is 2004 XR8 Ford Falcon,. Have replaced the tensioners, oil pump and chain guides, just need to check that timing didnt slip a tooth. can you help.!! Regards Kevin

Hi Kevin, I am sitting here with a diagram of your motor. The DOHC were suppose to use the colored links for positioning. My diagram is what they use on the Assembly line. I do not have a way to Email the print but I will do my best to describe it ... Ford GT

I have replaced the engine top of my toyota hilux KZTE 2003 model, due to cracks in the engine top. I did not align all the timing marks on the engine before removing the timing belt. I did not adjust or remove any part of the timing gear on the engine block. I tried to set the cam and crank position to TDC but if go according to the workshop manual, the timing mark on the camshaft is 180deg shifted from the timing mark on the engine.SEE page 2D-6 of workshop manual for hilux models Oct1997 thro

... Toyota Pickup

Ford ranger super cab 2003 diesel need to find a diagram showing chain timing marks for this truck, could have a mazda engine need help, got diagram for timing belt but timing chain will not line up with it, timing belt has two sets of marks on it, cam belt has W/L & W/9 which one do we go with,

Http://ezinearticles.com/?Find-the-Free-Auto-Repair-Manual-You-Need-Online&id=92717 ... Ford Ranger

Bought ford mondeo 1.8 2001 duratec enginewith dropped timing chain need to know timing marks and where to lock off the cams and crank and how to set up timing marks and how much for a timing chain and where best place to buy one

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05 kia spectra5. need the timing marks or spes for the timing chain on rear of cams. not the timing belt marks

... Kia Spectra

I changed the timing belt and cam gear on my 2002 hyundai accent 1.6 liter. The timing marks all line up I think and now with engine running, sounds like valva(s) are hitting the piston. Where is the timing mark for the cams and at what degrees should the crank be at?

If you are hearing the valves hitting the pistons then you have already done head damage but below id the marks:\015\012 ... 2008 Hyundai Accent

2,4L replaced water pump ,timing chain slipped on removel of pump reset set cams to time spot with 8mm bolts in pin ,sei chrankshaft to tdc keyway in the top position to mark on block, put chain on starting with exhaust cams side to waterpump around crank back to intake side. kept slack at tension shoe released tenisor chain guides back in the problem is the chrankshaft will turn 1 and half turn and stop clockwise and counter clockwise.

Your most likely 180 out on crank shaft vaves are hitting piston ... 1999 Oldsmobile Alero

Do you need special tools to replace timing chain as in the ford engine ,by special I mean holding tools for the cams these cams have marks but do lifters spring back or force you to hold cams in plce while installing tensioners and chains thanks for your time

Yes especially if it is a 4.0 sohc engine you will need something like my otc master timing and cam kit to lock and hold cams they do not have keyways cut for camshaft sprockets and when you remove no way to tell where to put back without kits ... Jeep Liberty

Timing chain on a 2000 nissan altima 1.8. from mark on exhaust cam to intake cam mark, how mant chain links are in between each mark? that wood help me out alot!!!!!!!!!!!

... 2000 Nissan Altima

I want ti install timing chain in 350 chevy. What TDC marks are used if i use Zoom timing chain whith 3 key way and i use 4 degrees adv. I want TDC with the 4 degrees at crank. I know i put both dots at each other or line up dots. However what do i use with the 4 degree advance ? Is it my mark to line uo with the dit on cam shaft gear?

The timing chain is not that fine, nor do you care about advance with the chain. A single link on the chain is more like 15 degrees, and you will have no trouble deciding which is the best fit.TDC is always 0, and never 4 degrees advanced. ... 1983 Chevrolet Camaro

Replacing timing chain 2000 corolla 1,8 eng vvt-1rnneed help i set cams and crank on tdc replaced chain with marked links ontiming marks on cam and crank gears ihave no compression

!!! Check first if engine valves are not bended !!! \015\012 \015\012The timing chain diagram & procedures for 2000 Toyota Corrola 1.8 engine: \015\012 \015\012Special tools: \015\0121. Crankshaft ... 2000 Toyota Corolla

The timing marks match on the crank and the cams, match with the marks on chain but the little chain behind that does not match with the marks on the chain, and the car only has 57000 miles on it. it also has a code of random misfirer, replaced coil and plugs. what to do next?

Check the Crank position sensor. If that sensor is sending bad signal it will cause the coil pack to fire at the wrong time and that will give you the misfire detected problem. Also, check the injectors, if one isn't firing like it should your gett ... 2006 Saturn ION

2005 hyundai elantra with constantly variable valve timing 2.2 how to get the timing marks for the timing chain. I'm trying to put the timing chain back in time because the engine will not crank.

... 2005 Hyundai Elantra

2004 Hyundai sante fe 2.4litre was driving on expressway when check engine light came on then truck died out wouldn't restart had it towed replaced timing belts also replaced cylinder head and gasket lined up timing marks for crank and cam started and ran for 5 min then died out won't restart think timing belt jumped out of time? before replacing head just installed timing belts and lined up marks but would not run at all none of the other pulleys are froze up and are moving freely did replace

Its possible that you have any problem with the cranks position sensor... scanned the PCM to know exactly what fault code is soterd there and tell us news. ... 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

How to set the twin cam ,on a renault megane 1400cc after a snapped cam belt ,i had the head repaired at a shop,have all the timing tools to refit the belt and cam,s , BUT HOW TO FIT THE CAMS IN THE RIGHT POSITION ,BEFORE FITTING THE TIMING BAR IN PLACE AS THERE BARE NO MARK AS I CAN SEE TO DO THIS ,2003 MODEL MEGANE

A renault ,real euro car this one ,no problem here at all ,bring the pistons to TDC the bring back a bit so no piston is at the top ,mark it whilst its at the top with a thin white paint mark on the sprocket ,then back it down a bit .fit head because ... 1997 Toyota RAV4

Chrysler Sebring 04 2.7 l. I need to have the diagram for the timing chain with the timing marks. I have replaced the water pump, but failed to check alignments. I aligned the crankshaft mark with the arrow mark accordingly, but the marks on the right and left camshafts,how does it have to be aligned?I see a dot on the right cam which is 25 degrees below a straight line towards the left and an arrow on the left one is also about 25 degrees below a straight line towards the left and the same is

Rotate the crankshaft until the Top Dead Center (TDC) mark on the oil pump housing aligns with the TDC mark on the crankshaft sprocket.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Install an Allen wrench into the tensioner. Rotate t ... Chrysler Sebring

What would cause my1999 Saturn sl1 not to start after a new head gasket was put on? Ok so today we replaced the head gasket on my 1999 Saturn Sl1 single cam. We made sure the timing chain was put back on correctly per the timing mark specs.The heads are not warped either. Now when we go to start it it is not kicking over. We have checked the spark plugs and wires double and triple checked the timing chain and still nothing is happening. The starter and alternator and battery are all good. I don'

Check the cam/crank sensors. Also, if the car happens to have a distributor, make sure it is not 180 degrees off. If this does not help, then do a compression check. Remember, and engine only needs three things to run. Fuel, Spark, and Compressio ... 1998 Saturn SL

I just changed my head gasket on my toyota 1997 tacmoa. It took 5 minutes of cranking to get it started. I thought it was starving for fuel with a new filter and empty lines. I stopped and started it 4 times. Now it will not start and my obd ll code reads P1300. Ok, when I lowered my timing gear and chain I turned the engine over by hand to clean the carbon off of the pistons. Later after installing the gear and chain back onto the intake cam the chain to gear mark was off. I was told that if T

Your timing is off. You have to have the marks lined up. ... Toyota Tacoma

Regarding Timing belt marks on the Kia Sportage 1998 model, DOHC. Is the letter S which is stamped on the cam sprockets, relevant to the timing when replacing the timing belt. Or just the i & E marks

... 1998 Kia Sportage

735i bmw cam to crank timing marks im lost car was a basket case had head reconditioned im installing timing chain now but dont know how to position cam to crank for correct timing

... 2000 BMW 7 Series
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