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Rpm tack idles at 1500 and then then comes back down slowly or slower than normal like engine is racing

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Rpm tack idles at 1500 and then then comes back down slowly or slower than normal like engine is racing

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Engine starts,reaches high rpm,then slowly returns to a rough idle, misses badly,no backfire,surges as if searching/adjusting air/ fuel/est,timing light shows mark constantly changing/erratic,engine then races to high rpm,only at that time(high rpm)does timing mark maintain correct 10 deg consistently,then returns to rough poor idle- engine cycles like this and wont maintain proper timing mark alignment until high rpm... anyone care to reply about this??? and what would be probable cause / possi

Vacuum leaks. Check all hoses and intake bolts. Leaking EGR or plugged PCV valve. Air filter plugged. Leaking head gasket. Worn timing chain. Camshaft lobes worn. Valves burned or leaking. Fuel idle control system or sensor. Good luck! ... 1991 Chevrolet Camaro

The motor seems to idle fine, but when I press the accelerator it feels like I'm dragging a cement truck or like the parking brake is engaged. When I eventually reach cruising speed, the engine feels fuel starved. When I gun it, the transmission downshifts normally and the engine races but it doesn't seem to effect my speed. Thanks in advance.

Could be stopped up catalytic converter ... 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora

2005 jeep grand cherokee, 5.7 hemi. engine has raced like crazy after start up 4 times. twice while in gear. third time dealer went in & re did something on throttle body. said all is back to where the specs call for. this happened again on sat. the13th while shopping. just started to back out of parking spot, & engine just reved like i had the pedal to the floor. jammed on break pedal & vehicle still moved in reverse for a few feet, until idle went back to normal. another few inched & a car beh

... 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1992 adillac seville. Whatever speed I go at the idle will keep it there as if it is on cruise control. The only time the idle will come back to normal is when the brake is depress , just like in cruise control. Funny thing is that the cruise has ot worked in 2 years yet this problem is a month old. Even on initial star up engine will race yet comes right down when brake pressed.

Check for a binding ISC motor L/S throttle body, binding linkage, or better yet, check the FLOOR MATS for jamming the gas pedal. Any service lights on ? Hope this helps ... 1992 Cadillac DeVille

I have 1995 Mits Lancer glxi matic. I observed that at normal idle or running condition, the engine rpm is slowly, slowly dropping to zero. Im just pressing the gas in order to keep running. otherwise will continue to drop till and engine will stop. during engine start-up, the engine rpm will raise and start to slowly going down while reaching the engine temperature. then after awhile, engine rpm will slowly slowly drop until the engine will fully stop. Please help..will this be related to the

Try checking the codes. You can do this at part stores like auto zone for free. It might be the maf sensor or if it says lean o2 sensor than it's the fuel filter. ... Mitsubishi Lancer

I have a 2002 L100 and everytime I turn on the engine the 2 fan spin faster than it normally does, also engine sounds like stalling/making a lot of noise when it happens, It also make an awful smell like a bad fuel/air mixture or something I dont know. I tried turning off the 2 fans by unplugging their wires and put it back on, the engine start running normally for about 5 minutes then the fan spins like hell again. Also the idle will fluctuate high and low when this happens. I'll appreciate you

Hello,Thanks for using FixYa.The two fans may be spinning faster that usual because you have a bad thermoswitch. The thermoswitch monitors your engine's temperature. If it senses that your engine is hotter than usual, it sends ... 2002 Saturn L-Series

Yesterday, after replacing the 6 year old worn battery in a friend's 2002 Chevy TrailBlazer (4.2L, 130,000 miles) a wierd problem developed. It starts and runs fine, the alt/bat charging gauge shows 14v (like normal), but when any control on the heat/AC (fan, temp, whatever) is adjusted, the engine idle is super low, the charging gauge shows under 12v, and the engine usually dies, and unless you hit the heat/AC control power OFF switch, the engine idles normal again. I disengaged the blower mo

Have you preformed a load test on your charging system.\015\012youll need a volt meter to preform the test\015\0121.Sart the engine.\015\0122. Hook your volt meter to your batt Take your reading should be about 13.5v ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a 2003 Dodge Dakota, 3.9 V6 engine... When outside temp. is below 40 F and after engine is to operating temperature, engine has a surging idle in park or drive. Seems worse in drive, like dead solid miss. Sometimes in drive the idle will flare up and truck will lunge forward. In park idle surges. Happens intermittently. When first started cold, idle rises higher than noticed in previous years then drops suddenly to what I consider normal. Seems to run ok off idle but fuel mileage is poor

... 2003 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

1986 Honda Civic HB: when starting cold engine, starts at very fast idle speed and immediately dies. The same thing happens with the next 3-4 restarts, then the fast idle really races. I don't have a tachometer but I'd bet the engine rpm is around 2000. After the engine warms up, the idle is normal and re-starting a warm engine is no problem. Question: what is the cause and how is it fixed? I have paid more than the car is worth to a couple of mechanics and they can't seem to fix what seem

The choke is'nt set right and theirs a unit on the carb called a choke pull-off. This advice is based on a car that is sold new in the USA and has a carborater. With the air cleaner carefully removed and any vacume hoses disturbed noted find the ch ... 1986 Honda Civic

Engine idle problem. Range Rover 4.6 HSE 1998 Have problem with eng idle when engine is warm. If Eng running on idle (800rpm) and I select D: It is ok until vehicle starts to roll, then it rev's up to approx. 1300rpm. If I stop the vehicle with the brake the rpm goes down to approx. 1100 rpm for about 4 sec. Then it drops down to normal 750 rpm. If Eng. Is running on idle and I just touch the throttle pedal a few mm momentarily, engine rev's immediately to 1100 rpm then slowly to 1300 rpm for ab

Hi this sounds like you have an air leak or a MAF sensor fault to me, what your vehicle is showing is signs of to much air into the system which is making it rev high and come down slowly, have you checked to see if any of the hoses have collapsed on ... 1998 Land Rover Range Rover

I cant remember what I had replaced about 5-6 months ago, seems like it was a sensor. My 1993 Ford Explorer is not running or idling at normal speed. When I pull up to stop it is like it stays engaged and wont idle down. Then when I 1st start it it wont stay running at all. If I have to be stopped at traffic lights for any amount of time I have to put it in neutral and keep the engine idled up high. Seems like it was the map sensor but then again its almost like it was oxygen sensor.

Listen for a hissing noise(vacuum leak around the pcv elbows or upper intake gaskets) this will cause a high idle set off lean codes which will say bad o2 sensors alson check idle air control valve which is located by throtlle body this wil ... 1993 Ford Explorer Limited

Recently had a cambelt change on a 2000 Audi A4 (B5). The engine sounds great, seems smooth but I am convinced there is a slight, but significant, loss of power in the lower range. Accelerating hard from idle it accelerates slower than I remember it and slower than the engine sounds tell me it ought to be. It almost feels like it is lurching until it hits 2000RPM at which point it feels like it used to before belt change (it also gets slightly quieter). If I want to maintain acceleration when ch

Sounds like its one tooth out giving it different vale timing ... 2003 Audi A4 Cabriolet

I have a 1990 K-2500 5.7L Chevy, I am experiencing a rough and low idle after the engine has been warmed to normal operating temperature and it feels like the engine is going to stall when stopped and in drive, also idle speed is not changing when at a stop if it is moved to neutral or park, it remains the same as when in drive, very low and rough. There are no problems when 1st staring the engine and it runs fine after strting and will not have this problem when coming to a stop, only after it

Have you cleaned your throttle body? You can use a carb cleaner but tb cleaner is best. It doesn't take long and will improve the performance if it hasn't been cleaned. Should be cleaned about once a year depending on how many miles you drive. ... 1990 Chevrolet K2500

I have a 2004 Ford Escape, 3L V-6 FWD. I am having trouble with the power of the vehicle when it is in idle mode. Some times we will turn on the engine and it clearly has low power. The idle speed is about half the normal speed. The power steering works at about half the normal rate and it feels more like the days before power steering. The brakes are really stiff and you have to jam the brake to the floor to get it to stop. When we stop at an intersection the car idles very low and it som

Replace all fuel filters, and i mean all ... 2004 Ford Escape

I just purchased a 1999 Cadillac Eldorado, ETC with a 4.6L V-8 Northstar engine. My engine keeps blowing out the engine coolant through the over-flow hose when I stop at a light or if I let the car idle for long periods. This does not happen when my foot is on the eccelerator. The temperature guage never reads hot and is alway in the normal operating range. When I drive she purrs like a kitten and runs like a champ but I do not want to keep driving with this going on. What could this problem be

It may be overfilled. Do you keep adding coolant when it blows it out? The reservoir has a line to which the coolant should be filled. If overfilled it will blow out when hot. Other reasons may be that the fan that cools the radiator may not be cy ... 1999 Cadillac Eldorado

I wander about my engine; its new overhaul the problem is when its cold the idle fine but when i accelerate the rpm goes high and hard to back at normal idling, the mechanic can't pin point the trouble, and sometimes when i accelerate my engine is slowly shot off and the when i look the spark plug its turn in to black

Black deposits on the spark plugs are a sign of too much fuel getting into the engine. Have him check that the air filter is clean. This, in my opinion,sounds like the fuel pressure regulator is faulty allowing too much fuel pressure to the injector ... 1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Starts up like normal but jumps up to about 3 grand on the tach then falls down to 1.5 and stays there, engine surges at this idle. Runs good on the road till u have to stop and surges(jumps a little). Have checked vaccuum hoses and throttle cables, can't figure it out, took it to get coded and it came up P1294 and engine lite stays on most times, will go off runnin down the road and sometimes goes off when just idling. Please Help.

P1294 indicates a vacuum problem or a idle motor control problem. Since you already checked for vacuum leak then the iac on the side of the throttle body will need to be removed and cleaned. The best thing to do is remove the whole throttle body so i ... 2001 Dodge Caravan

I drive my Escort about 100 miles per days delivering newspapers, lots of stop and go. About midway through the route, when I am doing store drops in a small nearby town, the engine begins to racing, over 2000 rpm even without the gas pedal being drepressed. I can only get it to resume normal idle by punching the gas pedal and then it often takes doing that several (or many) times before it resumes normal idle. Once I am back out on the country roads it doesn't do this. Any suggestions?

Sounds like your throttle position sensor is getting stuck open, could be the linkage is dirty, I would check the sensor first ... 2002 Ford Escort

I have 2000 Toyota Solara, V6 3.0L 1MzFe, idles low & sounds like it's going to cut off, sputters when accelerates, if gas pressed to quick will simulate a sound that sounds like a backfire, when in park revs up normal sounds okay in park. I have replaced all spark plugs/wires, cleaned throttle body & idle air control valve, also replaced one ignition coil based on taking it to the shop & having it put on machine & was advised only one was bad. Check engine light is still on. Next thinking ca

Did u ever figure it out? ... 2000 Toyota Camry Solara

1986 Ramcharger would start fine until 2 days ago. I'd drive around some where and then it would reluctantly start. Then it wouldn't start unless it sat for at least several hours or put a charge on the battery and it would crank/start as normal. Did a tune up on it, but engine is now acting like it's not getting enough juice to really turn it over and then it gets slower and slower to the point where the engine won't turn over. Battery tested at the shop I bought it from and the other day I dis

Run an extra ground to the block and replace your battery cables. RC's are notorious for suddenly losing ground or having cable failure. Visit the vehicle help board at Ramchargercentral.com if you need more info! ... 1986 Dodge Ramcharger

Burning smell like clutch or brake coming from engine bay of 96 civic si. SRS ABS and check engine lights on. Car drives normal with higher than normal idle

You need to get out when you smell this and determine if its brakes or clutch disk. Go to each wheel and the try smelling under the hood..If its brakes they tend to stop very slowly when overheated and the clutch will slip when overheated so you sho ... 1996 Honda Civic

Engine races I have a 2001 sc2. Recently I've had problems with the engine racing as if the accelerator is stuck. Normally the car idles below 1000 RPMs but when this happens it sometimes exceeds 2000 RPMs. Any ideas?

COULD be the TPS sensor or could be more serious ... Saturn SC2

Hi iv lost power on my a4 1.9 tdi. I start the engine and it idles fine. Then soon as i touch the accelerator pedal a light starts to flash on the dash and also the epc light comes on. At this point the car will not rev anymore something jus overrides everything and does not let me rev the car. Although the revs do go a little higher on ther own to just over 1000rpm rather than just under 1000rpm like at normal idle speed. Then i turn engine off and back on again and the lights disapear but only

I think the computer chip in your key is bad or going bad.\015\012You might have to replace the battery in the key or the chip depending what you have ... 2002 Audi A4

2001 montero sport 3.0 automatic. the car start and run fine and normal but during driving on idle (like looking to park the car) sometimes the rpm will go down and it look like is going to die, first it will shake,or choked, vibrate and rpm will go below 500 and then it kick in to normal. the same thing when you are on the stop light waiting for the green light but not all the time maybe 5 out of ten you stop. the car has no check engine light or any warning or yellow, red light. sometime the

What most likely is going on is your engine is equipped with an idle control valve, what this valve does is allowes air to bypass the throttle plate in the intake manifold, when the engine is ... Mitsubishi Montero Sport
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