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Engine and exhaust sound loud in infiniti m35

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Engine and exhaust sound loud in infiniti m35

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I have a 2003 Ford Focus SE sedan. Just last night while driving for about a little over an hour I noticed what sounded like air rushing out in harmony with the engine turning over, and it is really loud, sounds like an exhaust problem. It only does this when I give it some RPM's, idling it's fine. I put it in neutral with the car sitting still and it doesn't sound as bad but it's still there. When it's in gear it sounds really annoying, like a loud fast ticking. Please help!!!

Your emergency brake cable could be tapping under your vehicle. I've seen this before on Ford Focus. There is a metal grommet fastened under your car that holds the emergency brake cable in place. The metal grommet rubs through the rubber on the cabl ... 2003 Ford Focus

Loud exhaust My 2003 corolla is making a staring noise. It sounds like its coming from the exhaust. Every time I press on the gas it sounds like its struggling. It's only been getting worse. The car has 170k miles on it. I recently changed the oil and was told I should change my transmission fluid soon. Also, the engine has recently started making a clicking sound. Any idea what may be causing this problem ?

... 2003 Toyota Corolla

When i turn my engine on it makes small but loud vibrations and doesnt sound very healthy, then as im going through the gears it makes two loud booming noises as if it doesnt want me to accelerate again after changing gear, and the exhaust doesnt sound great?!

Sound like you need your car serviced. ... 2005 BMW 1 Series

Hello, Hope someone can help me, my cousin in Jamaica has a 2006 Toyota Hi Ace GL with a 2kd diesel engine. While driving there would be a loud suction sound and then the engine would not respond to the gas pedal. It does not shut off but the exhaust is very black as if it is running very rich. He says that if he is quick enough when he hears the vaccum noise, he would turn the ignition key as if to restart the engine and the engine would work good. Sometimes it would last for months before th

A diesel can't have an ignition or ECU problem because they normally don't have any ignition system. They rely on compression for ignition. I would say there is likely a bad relay that is shutting off fuel, and restarting switch turns t ... 2007 Toyota Tacoma

It sounds like I changed the pipes on my 2007 toyota tundra , sounds loud & throaty , the vsc light is blinking & the check engine light is on , also it is very sluggish , I checked the fuses , disconnected then reconnected the battery, how do I get the light offs and quiet the sound , if the exhaust is loose will I be able to see it

You didnt state the year of your toyota but a computer is needed to clear the codes you can rent them from any decent auto parts store. You can also read the fault codes to correct the problems. Exhaust leaks are hard because you may not be able to ... Toyota Tundra

Loud sound like jet engine in the cabin. My father believes that it is a broken radial in the tire. I believe it is that or the exhaust. The sound has gotten louder and louder over the past 4 months. I brought it to a local mechanic to fix the sound but he fixed the brakes and a wheel barring. He said "its the tires."

My front driver wheel sounds like clunk, clunk..It is loud it sounds like my wheel is going to break off. ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

Exhaust leak/problem My 2000 mitsubishi montero sport seems to have an exhaust leak. It happened the other day while driving. It is a loud noise like a hole somewhere in the exhaust. It seems to be coming from in front of the catalytic coverter somewhere. It sounds like a small aircraft when it is running. Also, I seem to have lose of power, meaning engine power. It will drive but slowly.

I've had three exhaust manifolds crack on my 1999 Montero Sport. It's relatively common from what I've told and have read. Check to make sure you don't have a cracked manifold by removing the heat shield on each side (cold engine) then check the cast ... 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

My 1985 vette always starts with a touch of the key, even after sitting for weeks. Problem: as soon as engine starts there is a very,very,loud rattling noise, bad enough to get the attention of other people standing near by. Sounds like it could be from the exhaust system or a sheet metal sound ?? Only happens on a cold start.

Make sure its not a cracked fly wheel ... 1985 Chevrolet Corvette

Strange One-3.5 in a 03 Maxima with 51k miles, makes a sound like an exhaust leak or a leaking head gasket on a cold engine start, seems to go away after the engine hits operating temps. Also has anyone found a way to cut down on road noise? I've tried different tires but it is still really loud and you feel every bump.

... 2003 Nissan Maxima

Hi i just put petrol in my subaru impreza 97 sport model as usual,and i started the car and i heard a loud bang noise coming from the exhaust the car made a loud ticking noise from the engine like a helicopter sounds and the car was shaking all over i had to drive slowly home as i thought the car was going to stall.please can u help,thanks.

Sounds like your timing belt went bad.....HAVE IT CHECKED NOW>>>AND DO NOT DRIVE IT ANYMORE AS YOU MAY CAUSE FURTHER DAMAGE TO YOUR ENGINE. ... 1997 Subaru Impreza

The check engine light came on, and the car sounds extra loud, the noise is coming from the front bottom of the car, It just sounds like the exhaust might have come unattached, not sure though. It runs fine, any ideas?

It could be an exhaust problem. if the pressure in the exhaust is not right then the sensors could have triggered a trouble code and turned your check engine light on. i would take it to autozone and have them hook the scan tool up to the car and s ... 2001 Saab 9-3

There is a tube on the "side" rear of the engine that leads to the front. Into this tube are loosely place saller tubes coming from the engine. This tube appears to have snapped. Would this lead to a loud exhaust sound?

The tubes i think your talking about have to do with emissions that supply fresh air to the exhaust for those cylinders when required.if they break off you will get an exhaust noise which is what your hearing.there are only 2 ways to fix this.one is ... Ford E-150

I was pulling out of my drive way and i put my sun-fire into drive and hit the gas and it sounded like something blew i drove down my hill and it progressively got louder, by the time i stopped the car it sounded like there was no exhaust. i took a look under the car and it seemed that was the problem the muffler came unattached from the engine and some of the hangers holding the muffler to the undercarriage broke so its hanging it still runs but its pretty loud. how do i go about fixing this?

Quite honestly, seek out a trusted muffler repair shop nearest you. They may have to replace if it is too rusted ($100-$150?) or with any luck they can weld it back into place ($25). Not dangerous (unless it falls off) but definately annoying!! ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

My 97 454 suburban starts fine but as i drive it or parked at engine rev up it bog down no power ,acceleration. i have replaced air filter, wires, plugs cap, rotor,fuel filter, changed oil --no engine light on but it still does this any idea why ? oh and theres a loud hissing sound from the exhaust when stepping in it

Have you checked the catalytic converter? mine did that to me and i replaced almost everything on the truck before i got it to a shop and they told me the convverter was shot.i put a new one on and now it runs like new again ... 1999 GMC Yukon

On the way home my car engine starting making a loud sound. I parked in the garage to listen and it sounds like a diesel engine, making a loud clanking sound but it is a gasoline engine. Not sure what is wrong with the car. The sound sounds like it may be coming from one of the pulleys but not sure.

Check for loose flywheel bolts. That makes a sound like a diesel engine when loose ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

02 Durango: loud engine/exhaust sound. Also Recently noticed the cooling fan running more than normal; had someone check the antifreeze/coolant....it was empty....had them put in a 50/50mix of coolant and water. Still sounds loud when started but after running bit sounds normal. Still sounds loud when started but after running a bit (engine has warmed to "normal" operating temp I guess) sounds normal. What is this? Engine never overheated and temp gauge never came on

That noise is probably the air injection system which is part of the emmision system. When it is making that noise, open the hood and determine where it is coming from, note if it is a mechanical sound, etc. The air injection if equiped would sound a ... 2002 Dodge Durango

1999 Land Rover Discovery SD... Loud, rattling, diesel engine-like sound coming from the engine... Sounds like its coming from somewhere in the top of the engine... Only does this loud diesel-engine type sound after the truck is at normal operating temperature, but never when first started or engine is cold. Can anybody give me any idea what could be going on??? Any help & suggestion would be greatly appreciated :-)

... 1999 Land Rover Discovery

Engin starts to spudder after 10min of driving then exhaust starts to sound loud

... 1989 Nissan Pathfinder

Loud exhaust sound until engine warms belts also chirping some until warm

Sounds are probubly unrelated. The belt is glazed and needs replacing and/or the belt tentioner is going south. The exaust noise deminishing on warm up sugests a loose exaust bolt or bolts, good luck. ... 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer

After engine replaced on a 2001 expedition have a loud sound like the exhaust isn't hooked up

... 2001 Ford Expedition

Was driving santa fe 2003 engine became loud and seems to have lost some power. turned off imediately found oil was low by 3 quarts no engine light or warning. engine still loud any suggestions i dont see oil leak and engine sounds horrible the sound seems to be on left side off motor under plastic cover

... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

Loud noises When driving my car down the highway i attempted to reach the speed limit which was 55. Once i hit 45 a loud cranking noise began to occur, sounded like it was coming from the engine. Then i began to smell burnt rubber. I began to drive back home and upon reaching 45 mph my car felt like it was pulling back and making a loud noise and then shut off. I tried turning it back on but it just made a loud sound and didnt turn on. The check engine light came on but then turned off. Once i g

This could be your alternator bearing seizing up if its smelling like rubber your fan belt is not turning so you would start overheating also did it ? if so thats it also lights would go dim because you wont be charging ethier ... 1987 Chevrolet Blazer

Gas fumes 1995 ford windstar 3.8L smell like gas odor only the engine turned on and/or when heaters on its blow the warm air with gas fumes, white smoke from exhaust and yellow liquid dripping off from exhaust (the yellow liquid smell gas). After the the engine off, I could hear hissing sound at the back of engine, the hissing sound faded in a minute and then gone.

Chech the fuel pressure regulator,its black incolor and has a vacuum line to it.It will be in the fuel rail.start the van and pull off the vacuun line, if fuel comes out its bad. ... 1999 Oldsmobile Alero

2006 Dodge Grand Caravan with 3.8L engine. When engine is cold and especially when outside temperature is also cold, the normal engine sound is a loud whine that varies with engine speed. When the engine warms up to normal operating temperature, the engine sound goes back to its normal quiet sound. Any suggestions? Thanks.

... 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan
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