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I put a new battery in my 2001 dodge intrepid and now when I hook the battery up the horn keeps honking all my lights flash but the car won't start what is wrong

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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GMC 1999 Jimmy wont start, Security Light Flashing For some reason the car wont start. Security Light is flashing.. Have checked battery.. still won't start I think its something to do with the immobilizer? The security key fob thingy! doesn't seem to turn on anymore. Sorry for this description, I'm a woman, and don't know anything about cars!! Thanks in advance!

Correct answer is: Turn the key on. Wait 10 minutes. Security light will stop flashing. Now, turn off the key, then turn on the key and start the vehicle. This security system is supposed to stop people from stealing your car (for 10 minutes). Just t ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

Power freakout turn the key to start car and the power shuts down, turn off and pull key out the lights start blinking and the battery buzzer starts going rythmically, if i put my foot on the brake the lights and buzzing stop, but as soon as i remove my foot it starts up again. the car wont start on its own, but will start by jumper cables and runs fine once it's started, but i do have to hit the battery reset button to stop the flashing and buzzing once it is started. the button does nothing

Sounds like the battery won't pass a battery test, but if it does your explaining dirty battery cable connections clean and or replace as needed as this is the number one reason for a no start . This corrected and known good battery and it still act ... 1999 Subaru Forester

I put a new battery in my 2001 dodge intrepid and now when I hook the battery up the horn keeps honking all my lights flash but the car won't start what is wrong

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I just bought my kids a 2001 acura cl the battery needed to jumpstarted i drove the car home with no problems but after i recharged the battery the marker lights started flashing and wont stop. I have tried to recharge the battery played with the alarms. the only things that stops is pulling the switch in the module box but now the marker lights dont work. Switching the fuses makes the lights flash again. I am very frustrated want to get this car on the road for my kids. Any suggestions would b

...hazard lights switch defective? ... Acura Cars & Trucks

Flashing light i have a 1992 honda accord lx. when i turn my key over to the third notch. sometimes the D4 light flashes. when that light flashes my car will not start. it will turn over and crank but will not fire up. i was told to disconnect the postitive battery terminol and wait 12-15 minutes. once i place the terminal back on and turn the key it will fire right up. theres also times when the light flashes and it wont start. ill disconnect the terminal and when i re connect it and start the

Transmision computer needs to be flashed or replaced. ... 1992 Honda Accord

Electronic immobilizer my vw jetta wont start and the electronic immobilizer light is flashing but it starts then just turns off. I have a 2000 VW Jetta. Suddenly after 9 years my car ignition does not recognize the key and the electronic immobilizer light comes on. I have not had any work done on the car in recent months and have not had battery replaced, etc. For now, I can wait a few minutes and try again and the car will start. My 2000 Jetta has the same problem, except my immob. light doe

... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Noticed abs & air bag warning lights on at red light on a complete stop, car starts and response slow when lights turn green. Drove another minutes or so and parked, battery light flashed a few times, abs/airbag light goes off, engine off and won't come back on. Several hours later.. it starts normal. temperature gage normal, battery terminal tight. Where to start looking and what could be wrong? Thanks

Critical Warning Lights\015\012\015\012\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011Brake Light. Make sure you are not driving with hand brake \015\012on. ... 2004 Hyundai Elantra

Battery recharging I have a 1992 Diesel Nissan Serena van, having problem with the battery charging. Heard a shorting sound from behind Glovebox, this made warrning lights flash, after a while my car died. it can be push/ jumped started, have charged the 5 month old battery out of the car and once i put it back in the car starts up with no problems, apparently altenators fine too. problem is battery wont charge up in the car.Is there battery relay switch? if so, where? can anyone help?

You may have a burned out 'fuse link' in the heavy wire running from the alternator to the starter solenoid (+ battery cable side). Check for proper charging by measuring the battery voltage with engine running--it should measure 13.5 volts DC to 14. ... 1990 Nissan Minivan

I have a ford fiesta zetec 1.25, 2008 reg and the battery has died. I hooked it up to another battery and all life returned...ie lights door locking work, radio et but everytime i tried to start the car there is no life the immobiliser light keeps flashing and the message reads, engine system fault and all engine temp to high...any ideas as i don't want to hav to pay a fortune to get my car to the garage as it wont start at all and get it fixed as i don't use it that much due to owning a focus c

Does the vehicle click while turning the key ? probably not enough life left in the other battery to turn over the vehicle. ... Ford F

Help my 1.6 auto clio 99 wont start.i was mending my car and i dissconected the battery at the earth.i fix it and connected back up and tryed starting the car it would'nt start lots off the lights flash on and ticking comes from the battery area like relay box.everything works it just wont turn over.

I'd re-check the battery connections. Starters usually take lots of current, and if there is a bad connection, the voltage will drop and other electrical accessories will stop working (and things will get hot). ... 2000 Renault 181

Electronic immobilizer my vw jetta wont start and the electronic immobilizer light is flashing but it starts then just turns off. I have a 2000 VW Jetta. Suddenly after 9 years my car ignition does not recognize the key and the electronic immobilizer light comes on. I have not had any work done on the car in recent months and have not had battery replaced, etc. For now, I can wait a few minutes and try again and the car will start.

Most likely cause is the gauge cluster, this will have to be tested and service by your local dealership because the dash cluster and keys have to be coded. I have seen the immobilizer loose it's coding for apearantly no reason. therefore have them r ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

2001 dodge intrepid. have new alternator and battery. Car has run fun until recently. The battery would be drained. I could charge the battery, and it would run fine for a few days. Now, the battery seems to have a charge, but when I turn the ignition, the brake lights and parking lights flash, the horn honks on and off, and the car will not start. I can hear a clicking noise under the drivers side dash when the key is engaged.

Yes the battery is too low to start the car but as the altenator was put on something was making it not work. Your current problem is the alarm is going off and it won't start until it's turned off with the battery low your not going to be able to d ... Dodge Intrepid

Hi, i have a morris minor 1000 and i was trying to jump start it. Before i jumped it the ignition light was on when i turned the key, as soon as i jumped started it it sparked on the battery and now the ignition light wont turn on, and the car wont start .. did i blow something ?? i may have put the jumper cables on the wrong parts?? if so how can i fix it ??

Check that the terminal clamps are clean and tight on the battery. The larger of the two terminals is the positive (red) terminal. Very early morris stuff was some times positive earth so look at the terminal size. There is usually a squarish fuse ho ... 2000 Mini Cooper

1998 pontiac sunfire - battery light on, abs light on, air bag light flashing - what is wrong. Car is hesitating and pulled into driveway and it shut off itself and when try to start it will not start, clicking from under car.

Hello\015\012\015\012Sounds like you have a low battery supply and the car would act up if it does not have enough electrical supply.\015\012\015\012Check the battery and alternator for proper values.\015\012\015\012Hope that helps ... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

My 99 chevy lumina. volts light came on. it has a alternator as well as a new battery but the Volt light still came on.the car drove fine. until I parked it one day and later tried to start the car but it wont start. what could be wrong again with this car?

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I replaced the battery on my dodge durango 2005 now the alarm wont shut off. i can start the car and drive it while the alarm is going off. the alarm will turn off after a little but start again when i push the break. i was able to turn the sound off to the alarm but all my lights are still flashing . if i disconnect the alarm the car wont start. i need help please.

... 2005 Dodge Durango

98 ford windstar head lights stuck on, car wont do anything, wont start, before this happened anti theft light always flashed, and dinging when driving, but never any other other problems , till lighter fuse blew, then just decided not to start , disconnected battery, cause headlights wont shut off

Not knowing what the prior owner did, you do have a problem, you might try to remove that fuse, disconnect the battery and re-try it, if still NO-START and the THEFT light is flashing it because it lost memory for the key code and will have ... Cars & Trucks

My car doesnt want to startsometimes and for awhile it wouldnt start at all then all of a sudden it does then it wont again my starter tested good my batteries good what the heck is wrong with it when its not working the turns and the lights light up but the car wont crank over please help

Most times it is going to be your starter or starter relay that is failing.A dead spot on the starter motor winding may be giving you the problem.Next time it wont start - lightly tap on the motor housing of the starter.If it starts ... Saturn SC2

I just bought a 2000 Dodge neon for my nephew and it has 174000 miles. When I start the car and start going - sometimes the car will shake and make loud noise uner the hood and If let the gas padel go and ores it again it runs fine? also it has "FUSE" flashing on the odometer, And the Door signal is lighgted. The stereo and the right headlight wont come up.. head light works fine on the high beam.. Please help.. Check engine and the battery light is on also...

Wow, that's a small list of problems to fix! If you are mechanically inclined, sounds like you need to start from ground zero. Disconnect the negative battery terminal for 3-5 minutes then reconnect the battery cable. This will clear ... 2000 Dodge Neon

Took the battery out to replace the fron left headlight. Once we put the batter back the car would not start and all lights inside and out started flashing. Started the car downhill in 1st gear and drove for 20 min. Blue flashing light was on whole time. This light is located to the left of steering wheel next to interior dimmer control. Got home and car would not start and blue flashing light continues to go off. What is that light and how do we get it to stop? Also why does the car not start.

Does this car have an aftermarket alarm system? it sounds like it does, as i dont ever recall seeing a blue flashing light in one of these cars. do you have an alarm / auto start remote control? try locking / unlocking the car several times with the ... 2005 Nissan Sentra

Car want start factor security light flashing and car want start battery went dead and wont start since tried to jump start and everything won work

The factory security light will remain on - this is a standard feature indicating the car is dead.\015\012First, unplug the hazard fuze in the engine bay (this will reset the ecu and remove the flashing)\015\012\015\012Next, replace ... 1990 Nissan 300ZX

Hi, our 2003 focus wont start. The engine light, the ignition light and the oil light are all on. We have checked the battery and all the fuses but nothing there seems wrong. We've only had this car for about 3months, when we got it we had to get the fuel gage fixed, and there was a noise in the front of the car which the mechanic said was a fan belt & that he had fixed it. 2 weeks ago the noise was back and the ignition light came on, took it to the mechanic and we had to get a new alternator.

Could be the belt tensioner is bad. That will loosen the belt so the car battery goes weak and will make a bad noise. Could have gotten a defective alternator. ... 2006 Ford Focus

The battery was dead so i jump started it and it still wont start. as im trying to start it, i see a "security" light flash on. is this the reason why the car wont start after i hooked the cables to it?

You might have to reset the security system. It should tell you how to do this in your owners manual. ... 1999 Dodge Durango

My battery went on key fob, plus it wont start the car now at all, immobiliser light flashing on dash, what do i need to do, tried peplacing battery but the light on fob still not lighting up,

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My 1996 Saturn would not start tonight when I went to leave work All of the inside & outside lights come on, radio plays, horn honks & we tried charging the battery for several munutes but nothing. When i turn the key to start my car all lights come on but it wont start and its not making any noise like it generally would when starter is going out??

\012\012\012The\012following are the general instructions on the start of diagnosing any\012electronically controlled engine or transmission problem.\012The\012engine and the automatic transmission (transmission cont ... Cars & Trucks
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