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2007 gmc hd 5500 diagnostic code 2150 - Cars & Trucks

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Car came in no start-doa. replaced distributor pick up assembly. car ran but hesitated between 50-60 mph. replaced wires plugs,cap,rotor button, air filter. car runs, after about 4-5 min. driving car shuts down no throttle. let sit a few seconds, car starts and repeats problem. before tune-up pcm threw a mis-fire cyl#1,cleared code. no mis-fire code no hesitation just shut down problem with no engine lite. datastream shows cyl#1 0 misfire,cyl#2 0, cyl#4,5 &6 show high misfire rate. not famil

Have you replaced the fuel filter? what is the fuel pressure?, this sounds like a loss of fuel pressure issue, that would account for the miss fire codes, to check fuel pressure look at the top of the engine, in the fuel supply pipe that plugs to the ... Chrysler Cirrus

I have a 97 Mercury Sable GS and I have to pass smog in the sate of California by the end of this month. I have an OBD-II pocket scanner and have run diagnostics on the car. It showed 3 codes. The first was P1131 (Lack of upstream heated oxygen sensor switch-sensor indicates lean- bank no. 1). The second code was P0171 (System too lean-bank no.1). The third code was P0174 (System too Lean-bank no. 2). I know that all of these codes have to do with emissions so I'm sure the car will not pass smog

1997 sable code is PO155 ... 1997 Mercury Sable

I have a 1997 Ford Taurus right-hand drive (residing in Malaysia). Car labeling says GL but engine cylinder head says "DURATEC 24 Valve V6" so not sure which Ford engine it is. Prospective problem is with oxygen sensor. Diagnostic codes (run twice) are: P0135- Upstream heated O2 sensor heater circuit fault (Bank 1, Sensor 1) P0155- Upstream heated O2 sensor heater circuit fault (Bank 2, Sensor 1) P0171- System Adaptive fuel too lean (Bank 1) P0174- System Adaptive fuel too lean (Bank 2) P070

Hello! I am sending two diagrams...#1 is O2 sensor location and #2 is a vacuum diagram...Before you spend a lot of money replacing O2 sensors lets eliminate other possible causes of heater circuit failure...O2's have heater circuits to bring them up ... 1997 Ford Taurus

I have a 2004 gmc envoy . I put the code reader on and it said code 301 . The car is running really heavy and stuttering . I changed the sprk plugs . But then I erased the code by accident . I changed my number 1 and 2 coil to see if the number 1 coil is bad . If it was would my check engine light or would the code come back up if it was bad ? Because I changed them and my check engine light didn't come back on

Keep an eye on the coil that was originally on your #1 plug. If it was bad you would get a code again, but I suspect it was a "contact" or connection issue & moving it made better contact on the cylinder you moved it to. ... 2004 GMC Envoy

I have a honda crv i-vtec suv 2002 2l petrol showing code 172 , have changed the front lamda censor and the engine temp censor and car still shows code 172 and also another saying misfiring on 1,2,3 and 4. cleared codes but still comes back on. have had it checked on diagnostics no one can find the problem. recently change timing chain, guides and tensioner. car starts first time runs well at speed cuts out on idle andis using lots of fuel and sound rough. can any body help. many thanks frustrat

... 2000 Honda Passport

Hi, I've sent my toyota prado 1998 (RZJ 95, engine 3RZ, petrol) to diagnostic and it shows 3 error codes: 1. code 31: intake air pressure sensor vacuum sensor signal abnormal 2. code 14: IGT or IGF circuit of ignition system fault 3. code 24: intake air temperature sensor signal abnormal (open or short for more than 0.5 second) The only problem that I have with is car is that the RPM are not stable, when I start the engine, the RPM stays at 800 RPM than downs to 600 and go up to 900R

To have so many different codes at the same time indicates that the first place to start looking is the wiring harness itself. Locate the MAP (manifold air pressure sensor - code 31) and IAT (inlet air temperature sensor - code 24) connections. D ... 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser

How to enter code? went online and paid nine bucks, didn't really help me because of the following problem. 5 digit code, car radio has preset # 1,2,3,4,5,6.. one of my code is 0 and 9 how the hell am i suppose to enter it?

Come on here for free ,anyway you press preset 1 and use either the volume or tuning buttons ,maybe even the tape buttons to place the number then when all numbers press 6 to enter the code on the venerable old classic vehicle ... 1984 BMW 3 Series

Get diagnostic code of P0410 I have a 2003 Caddy DeVille with a code 410. This car wa s to have been rebuilt by GM about 20k miles.ago. 1 what do I do to correct this item? 2. any chance of going back to Cadillac Corp. for assistance?

Sounds like its related to the CAM SENSOR. Either the actual part or between there and the PCM. When you say the car was rebuilt, What was rebuilt ,the WHOLE CAR ? What type of warranty is there ? ... 2003 Cadillac Deville

B0055 gmc envoy diagnostic code - Envoy GMC Cars & Trucks

... GMC Envoy

I have a 2002 trailblazer ltz, I go to start the truck and it just clicks under the hood, no noise or anything. The lights on the console comes on and the radio says that's it's on but it only plays static. Also everything seems to be reset in the car like the car was saying "Driver 1" even though I had the driver 2 key and remote and also the time on the radio was reset to 12:00. Also as I'm turning the key the radio screen says "Need AMP". what do you think this could be?

Sounds like either a loose connection at the battery, or your battery has failed. Check your connections and make sure they are clean and tight, if so, then have your battery tested, and change if recommended. ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Code is an ignition 1 control circuit code - Yukon Denali GMC Cars & Trucks

... GMC Yukon Denali

I have a 95 GMC jimmy, 4.3, 4WD...pulled two codes: 1 - PO756 2 -PO753 Car will not shift out of 2nd gear. What part do I need?? shift solenoid? VCM-A 1-2 shift solenoid control?? need help fast...PLEASE!!

The PO756 code is: Shift Solenoid Performance or Stuck Off and the P0753 code is: Shift Solenoid A Electrical\015\012\015\012\015\012Both of these codes are related to the transmission and could be anything from a small piece ... 1995 GMC Jimmy

I have a 2003 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V (6=speed) My car goers into safe mode. I first had 2 error codes. 1 was for fauly O2 sensor 2 was for MIL circuit my mechanis changed the o2 sensor for me. (he had to make a new hole and put fitter and reconnected the wires since they were cut - i guess previous owner changed the manifold and cut the wires) We reset the car and it was driving find for 1 day and now goes back into safe mode. We scanned for codes but the only code that shows is P0650 (MIL) C

... 2003 Nissan Se R

My radio is in 2 SAFE mode on my 2004 Audi TT. My mechanic had to disconnect the battery to replace some parts on my car. when he turned the car on the radio was in 1 Safe mode. The code in the manual he entered was incorrect. We had 1 try left and received the corrected code however when I entered the code the instructions were not thorough & now my Radio is in 2 SAFE mode. Can you help please!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have the security anti-theft code for your Audi radio from the car manufacturer, or from an Audi dealer! \015\012T ... 2004 Audi TT

I have 2 trouble codes. #1- o2sensor circuit stuck lean sensor 1 bank 1 and #2 is the same except it's sensor 1 bank 2! could these 2 codes make the car very rough and have no power to move?

Yes. Defectve oxygen sensors will make the car run rough and deprive the vehicle of power, not to mention a major hit on your fuel mileage. ... Mitsubishi Eclipse

Catalytic converters diagnostic code on check engine light says problem in bank 1 of catalytic system My 96 toyota camry 2.2 l, 4 cylinder has 2 converters. front and back. y car has 260,000 miles on it. Do I need to replace both converters or just front or just rear? Thanks, Mike

If you are going to change the convertors I would just replace the first one closest to the engine. But when a computer code says "bank" they usually are refuring to the Oxygen sensor that is there , they are classified as bank 1 and bank 2. 1 being ... 1996 Toyota Camry

Im buying a 1986 bmw 325e and it has a check engine light im familiar with locations and diagnostics of obd 1 and 2 vehicles but im not sure how and where to pull codes off of this vehicle is there a plug under the hood somewhere? and is the vehicle considered obd 0?

You can get hte codes from this BMW by turning the ignition key to the run position and then press the accelerator pedal to the floor 5 times, it will enter the diagnostic mode, count the flashes just like obd 1. Hope this helps, let me know ... 1986 BMW 3 Series

The check engine light on my 2005 chevy malibu keeps coming on and off sporadically. the car seems to be running fine. the only thing is that the fuel guage reads full all the time and then suddenly drops to empty and the fuel light comes on. diagnostic tests read the code p0455. i have replaced the fuel cap already. the other possible causes list 1. EVAP canister broken, cracked hose or not connected 2. Purge or vent solenoid defective or 3. vacuum leak at engine. i really just need to know how

... Chevrolet Malibu

Where is bank 1 sensor 2 on a 97 GMC jimmy - Cars & Trucks

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2008 GMC 2500 HD diagnostic codes - Cars & Trucks

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2007 gmc hd 5500 diagnostic code 2150 - Cars & Trucks

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Diagnostic code 1404 - Suburban GMC Cars & Trucks

Best bet is to replace it for the long run. if code still comes on we have had a few chevy cars that needed a pcm updated this can only be done by the dealer most of the time it cost only one hour of labor. and it fixed it plus a few other things als ... GMC Suburban

1999 GMC Jimmy 2 Wheel Drive had check engine light to come on, diagnostic code shown was 402 for a low emissions problem with the catalytic converter, catalytic converter was checked and there was no problem, is it possible an O2 sensor needs to be replaced? low mileage vehicle of 84,000 miles with regular maintenance, good condition, tune up recently done with new spark plugs, wires, distributor & cap, fuel filter, also the original converter was replaced 1 yr ago for a rattling sound. As far

Replace the O2 sensor and ensure the codes are cleared from the OBDII. This shoudl correct the problem. ... 1999 GMC Jimmy

My 2003 4runner sport will turn over but not start.I have had it to 2 different toyota service centers in 3 months but both times when the tow truck dropped it off it started. The tow drivers were shocked because they couldn't start it either. Ran all kinds of diagnostics found nothing, One center said dirty throddle body and it cost me $500 and still had problem 1 1/2 months later. They don't know and so it sits not starting. It's a great car in excellent shape, I just need an answer to this pr

I feel your pain. Your best bet is to have it looked at when its not working. Even if someone has to come to your house. We own a shop and people are towed in all the time and we end up driving them off the tow truck and around for a week with no fa ... 1993 Toyota 4Runner

P0137 code 2002 impala bank 1 sensor 2 - Cars & Trucks

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