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F-150 302 1993 will only start with starting fluid, then runs fine.shut-off and wont start unless i give it another squit. has new fuel filter, no vacuum leaks, checked when running with carb cleaner,eng.light off when running.?

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F-150 302 1993 will only start with starting fluid, then runs fine.shut-off and wont start unless i give it another squit. has new fuel filter, no vacuum leaks, checked when running with carb cleaner,eng.light off when running.?

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I have a 1984 Nissan 720 Kingcab pickup with a 2.5L diesel engine, my problem is the truck sat from 1995 until 2010 with a full tank of fuel, I have drained the fuel tank and changed all fuel filters, the truck will not start on it's own (meaning) if I use starting fluid I can get it started and it runs ruff but drives very good, I purged the fuel system of air, but it seems the new spin on filter with water sensor leaks air around the sensor, can that be the only problem keeping it from startin

Clymer repair manual go to local library check out repair manuals dont pay for one ... 1984 Nissan Pickup

1990 chevy lumina starts, runs rough, stalls when you accelerate, new injectors, new idle air valve, new fuel filter, fuel pump is working, no vacuum leaks jectors, new idle air valve, no vacuum leaks

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Fuel pump pressure at the manifold is 60 psi blazer sits over night will start but takes quite a bit to get it going after it starts it runs ok a little bit of a hesitation replaced regulator has new fuel tank and pump and new fuel filter thought it could be a leak in the fuel injection line on one of the spiders any help would be appreciated

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I have a 1990 yj wrangler w/ 2.5l 5 speed .new atk amc 2.5 i4 tbi ok ran good but sluggish notised one day leak traced it to distributer .the mount one distributor was broken . so called advanced auto and when and check to make shore it was correct . it was. so now i put it in !! by the book !!! had to do it 2 and 3 times to get it to start. now it starts but wont run over 15/20mph so i thought fuel pressure so now ive replaced pressure regulator and the fuel filter ! it still dont wonta run r

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I have a 1996 dodge neon just put in a new fuel pump and filter it ran good no problems however the fuel pump did not seet right and was leaking fix that now the car runs for a minute and dies will not start again for at leased a day. but will run if i spray starting fluid in throttle body.

... 1996 Dodge Neon

1996 Chevrolet 1500 series 350 Vortec stalls after 2-3 minutes running perfectly. Have jumped out the fuel relay, checked for vaccuum leaks. Starts up aND RUNS FINE FOR 2-3 MINUTES AND HAVE CHANGED out fuel pump recently and new fuel filter. Could this possibly be the emergency fuel shut off switched. I have looked on the passenger side under the glove box and inside the panel and havew not located any sort of switch!!! HELP!!!!!!!

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I have a 1990 Chevrolet, 4X4, 1 ton, 454, 4 speed truck. It will not start with starter. Engine turns over good with starter but will not start. However, if I pull the truck and pop the clutch it will start and run great. Fuel pump is new, all new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, air filter. Fuel pump runs properly when switch is turned on. Getting fuel into throttle body. Have had to various mechanics.

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We bought a 1988 jeep wrangler for my son. It ran great for a couple of weeks then started having problems. We have had it to the mechanic for about a month. He has put in a new fuel filter, new carb kit, checked and replace hoses, fixed leaks, replaced spark plugs and probably some other things that i don't know about (i'm just a dumb girl) Anyway, the jeep will start but doesn't run that well. It will sputter, try to stall, lose power and backfire when accelerating. I can baby it along an

Judy\015\012 Goodmorning this is Bill from fix-it.\015\012you dont mention what engine we are working with,this would help in my diagnostics.Need to know what the fuel pressure reads ,I suspect by the things you say it is doing a clogged converter,b ... 1991 Jeep Comanche

Hi there, my 4D56 needs constant priming by pumping the plunger on top of the fuel filter. i have fit a new fuel filter and it appears to be houses correctly with no leaks. Once the engine start it will run like normal...until you next shut the motor down. Regards, Darryl

Hi,\015\012 The problem could be on Fuel Stop solenoid or the or the valve clearence gap on the fuel pump.\015\012\015\012\015\012Try to Crack the Fuel Injector Tube Union and crank the Engine and see wheather has Fuel spray ... Mitsubishi Montero

2004 Hyundai Terracan, 2.5 turbo diesel, manual. Will not start cold. Once I get it started, it runs and starts perfectly, with some heat on the engine. Error Code P0110, I replaced the air intake sensor. New fuel filter, new air filter, new glow plugs, new hose clamps on all the fuel line connections (suspecting fuel system air lock). The car, over time, became harder and harder to start cold. The first repair was new glow plugs, three of four where failing. The result was one m

Right renew the glow plug timer/relay if you put a meter on the glow plugs when cold and turn ign on (with help) it should supply power for a about 20 secs ,time depends on outside air temperature ,if all else fails then do a colin --- use a push but ... 2004 Hyundai XG350

95 2.5 jeep wrangler stalls consistantly and will restart after 20-30 minutes. i've replaced fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator, cleaned cam and crankcase position sensors, checked fuel line and return for leaks and ihstalled new vacuum lines between canister and regulator and between throttle body and map sensor. fuel pressure goes to 39 on start and immediately bleeds to zero which indicates bad diaphram. fuel pressure is 64psi when running which indicates bad fuel regulator(which is why

I had the same issue with my 4.0, I went through all the same BS you did and in the end it was a faulty fuel pump. Pricy i know but im sure thats your problem ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

Mercedes E300 turbodiesel, 1999, is poor to start when cold, almost/is impossible to start when hot. no air visible in fuel lines, all seals etc replaced, new fuel tank strainer, fuel pre filter and fuel filter fitted, new cut off valve fitted, new pressure regulator valve fitted to the injector pump and new crank sensor has been fitted. im running out of ideas. engine has a rattle (that im told is an injector fault and wont affect the starting in any way) that gets worse when the engine is hot.

Yes sir , you have a failing valve, soon it will snap in two....please have your head checked. You can do this yourself by placing a long-handed screwdriver , business end down to each cylinder while pressing your ear to the handle(while engine is ru ... 1999 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

1998 gmc jimmie 4.3, 2 wd. wont start. getting no gas at the fuel bleeder valve. has new fuel pump and new fuel filter. started and ran fine after new pump and filter install. drove 15 miles and parked all day, drove 20 miles and parked again. came back 15 minutes later and will not start. will run if you pour gas into throttle body. all fuses under hood are OK. fuel pump can be heard priming when ignition turned on. any suggestions appreciated.

I just looked at this problem again .\012Try this check the connection at the junction box before the fuse box \012Its drivers side near the ABS unit under a plastic cover .\012 What it is is the connection that feeds power from the batte ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

Installed new fuel pump, new electronic lift pump, 2 new fuel filters, new glow plugs, and a few new fuel lines. Truck starts and runs ok till it warms up then when putting it in a pull like going up steep hill it acks like it is running out of fuel and dies eventually. takes a little time but starts back on its own and does the same thing again. Idles perfect and would idle all day. Any suggestions? isel

The next step is fuel flow measurement. your description sounds like fuel starvation...this test focuses on volume over time.\015\012\015\012Probably, you would have good flow, that would taper off and no longer be enough, after a short t ... Ford F-350

Somedays will idle, run and drive fine. Most days will only start with starting fluid, and once running you have to hold gas down. If you let it idle down it will quit, but when given gas is fine. Have changed distributor cap, rotor button, plugs, plug wires, map sensor, idle-air control sensor, throttle position sensor. New oil, oil filter, intake gasket, air filter. New fuel pump, strainer, and fuel filter. Still the same problem.

Replace the pick up coil in the distributor,this is the problem. ... Chevrolet S 10

2002 astro will not start. Will turn over and occasionally fire and sounds like 1 cylinder will keep firing and turn over a few time by itself but will not run. has new fuel pump, filter & battery, starter was removed earlier and checked. alternator good, will lose some water over time but no leak. When key is turned on I can hear fuel pump turn on up to pressure and then off. Can smell fuel from exhaust but not excessive. Seems like not enough spark or moisture getting in? Will only do t

I would suspect the ignition coil or ignition module. these are common failures on these vans. ... 2000 Chevrolet Astro

1989 Mercury Grand Marquis I have installed the following: new fuel pump relay, fuel pump & filter, new distributor, coil, ignition switch, replaced two damaged lifters and lifter retainer and fuel pressure valve (located on the fuel rail). This is what is occurring. The engine tries to start, but does not. The fuel pump does not turn off once pressure is reached, continues to run. If the car starts, the fuel pump continues to run. The engine, when it runs, does so badly. Fairly recent plugs

Replace the fuel pump relay,if you can turn the key just to on,not start,and the fuel pump continues to run.If the new relay does the same thing,replace the ignition switch. ... Mercury Grand Marquis

Truck will not start.2003 3500 dodge. i put a new fuel filter in . drive 300km shut truck off.go into store . will not start . take filter out drive 300km shut truck off.go into store come back 15 min truck starts .put new fuel filter in start truck 3,4 times.then will not start.take filter out .runs great start all the time

Do a fuel pressure check. Sounds like your fuel pump is weak or your putting the filter in the wrong way or incorrect filter. ... 2004 Dodge Ram 2500

Fuel problem i had a new head fited to it ran fine then 2mths ago when to start it and no joy, aa came out and didn't know so had it taken to the garage i use and been there ever sinces the fuel runs back to the tank over nite when its started it stays going but as soon as it tuned off the fuel runs back i have had new seals put in, new fuel filter,glow plugs and have just got a sender unit to try with the pipe work ans a fuel head any one please help i miss my car and want it back on the r

Check diafram in pump ... Cars & Trucks

1986 suburban k20 454 ok took out fuel filter replaced with new and had trouble tightnign bolts back in then it leaked ok tighted it until it didnt leak then it started running rough whats the problem

Is this carb?Or throttle body injected?If it is carb,then the fuel filter may be in backwards,the hole in the filter points outward toward the fuel line,you most likely crushed the filter. ... 1986 GMC Suburban

1989 Z24, 2.8v6 intermittent stalling while driving. Sometimes will restart, but not go far, sometimes will not restart at all. Usually starts fine the next day, may run OK several days before acting up again. Already replaced fuel filter and tank pickup screen, new plugs and plug wires, found and fixed vacuum leak. Checked trouble codes, checked what was suggested, cleared trouble codes. Problem persists, but no touble codes show now, none new, or same as old ones.

89 chev cavalier 4 cyl auto 2.0 when going down road 50 mph slam on breaks car stalls start car put it in gear it stalls what is wrong it seems to do it when its hot only why ... 1989 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 1991 Olds cutlass ciera 3.3 v6, starts up fine when cold/cool. Runs down road fine till warm, then stalls, will not restart. Cranks fine, just won't fire up. You can pull air filter, sprinkle lightly with gas, reinstall, and it cranks right up, run fine for 10 minutes, then maybe shutoff...or run for a day or two. I've changed Crank position sensor, put in brand new battery, Had Ignition control pad ( below coils) tested, ok. New fuel pump, new fuel filter, cleaned throttle body, cle

Good Evening, you might want to check those injectors, I can not remember for certain but that setup was sequential and when one or two have a problem it would take out the rest. Ohm out the injectors and see what you have there. ... 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Missfire ok when i drive the car it runs fine for a good while then it feels like the car misses a couple times then the cel comes on then goes, tonight i took it for a drive and as soon as the secondary turbo starts to kick in it starts to **** really bad. i just put a new good working engine in it, new oil, oil filter, coil packs, spark plugs, i havnt changed the fuel filter dont think its been changed ever its done 197k;s could it be the ecu or fuel pump or fuel filter?

I would check the fuel pressure sounds like it could be low when there is a power load put on it. ... Subaru Legacy

It starts fine, runs for approximately one minute, starts to run rough, dies, and they you can restart it and it runs great. When it starts to run rough, you can turn the key off and restar it and it runs great. no error codes no lights. 4.7 quad cab. have changed ozygen senors, ide switch, and almost everythign that plugs in to fuel enjection system. have put new gas tank top. new filter, new plugs. It runs great and never have a problem after the one minute issues.

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