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Will a bad inertia switch cause a no start - Cars & Trucks

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Will a bad inertia switch cause a no start - Cars & Trucks

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My daughtr's scar won't start. We have eliminated the following causes: battery, alternator, starter, ignition switch. This is an intermittant problem. Key turns but car does not crank. Accessories work. Without touching anything, car will start on 2nd or 3rd try as if nothing was ever wrong. This happens on level ground as well as on hills, in all kinds of fair and bad weather. Could this intermittant problem be caused by a bad neutral safety switch? I have also noticed that once the car starts

Yes the problem has something to do with the neutral safety switch. But I am leaning more toward the trans shifting linkage. Could be loose or maybe rusted and needs to be oiled. Some cars have shifting cables, could be bad cable, or frozen cable. I ... 1997 Nissan Maxima

Hi, I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Galant automatic...it seems to only drive in high gear, like it is not shifting. When you put the car in drive it seems to start from a high gear and not change out. Was told that the park/neutral switch is bad, would this cause the car not to shift? (shifter is between the seats, and it will go into drive without the key) must be a bad p/n switch...but, if I put the money in a new one will the trans. start changing like it should? Thanks for your help! Wanda

Get your ECU (comp box) checked, it may be your speed sensor needs replacing, it's what tells your tranny too to shift.... ... 1995 Mitsubishi Galant

Same problem Have replaced: - Starter - Battery - Alternator Each of these components was verified as "bad" before replacing, each time a part was replaced, car started/ran more reliably for a few weeks, then the same problem returned. Won't start consistently. Seems like it could be a problem with the ignition switch, except that the car starts with a jump. Does that make any sense? If the switch is failing to make a connection, why would turning the key after a jump start the car? Does it caus

Make sure you have the proper battery with the right amount of cranking amps because if your car doesnt have the right amount your car will act like it'll crank but it wont and as long as the car is cold the car will crank with no problem until the c ... 1992 Toyota Corolla

Having an intermittent electrical problem with my 1987 toyota pickup. It runs fine, but occassionally all the power to the inside of the truck (dash lights, radio, etc) will cut out and the charge light will come on. After a while it usually fixes itself, but the ignition switch doesn't work so I can't start the car when it's like this. Push starting works but it's a pain. Thought it might be the ignition switch or something, but if the switch was bad wouldn't that prevent anything from happenin

How many miles on the vehicle???? There is good chance that the ignition switch is not keeping contact with the start and constant power-on terminals inside.\015\012How many miles??? ... 1987 Toyota Pickup

I have a 1993 honda acoord and im having a problem with my transmission shifting once i start my car up and drive down the road! Once i pull over and turn off the car and restart it starts to drive just fine! Am i having an electrical problem that not causing my car to shift? There is no check engine light on or the console indicator is not blinking! Could It be a bad neutral Switch? Please Help!

Yes check your wheel speed sensor on the side of the trany with a volt meter maybe sending wrong signals ... 1993 Honda Accord

I have a 2000 Saturn L series V6 engine that keeps displaying the "reduced power" light on the dash. When this happens the car is suddenly just barely running and goes about 10 MPH max. However, if I pull the car off the road and wait 10-20 minutes and start it again it sometimes it goes away. But you never know when it is going to switch into this mode and it can happen at very bad times like while making a turn and almost cause an accident. Any ideas what causes this and how to fix?.

... 2000 Saturn SL

Where is the fuel inertia switch on a 2005 Suzuki Forenza?Car was in a minor accident, fender bender, and now it will not start. Inertia switch is all I can think of that would cause this due to minimal body damage.

... 2005 Suzuki Forenza

1884 Toyota van starts fine when cold, but sometimes won't start when hot. Just replaced starter & solenoid, but same problem (worse). Formerly would start after cooling off for 15-30 minutes. Today finally started after cooling off for 3 hours, just as the tow truck arrived! Is there an "interlock switch" that prevents car from starting when it is not in park? Could this be the cause of starter not turning over?

... 1984 Toyota Cargo

I have a 1998 Olds Aurora thats been a great car until about 2 weeks ago and then ... problem 1. lights flash off and on when car is off, clicking, buzzing noise coming from steering colum, running down battery. I'm thinking its the multifunction switch, can this be easily cleaned? problem 2. car runs great but sometimes dies when stopped at red lights, will start right back up with out problem. Could bad gas cause this problem? problem 3. a/c was blowing out cold air when mov

Problem 1 could be a loose wire, but if it is failure in the switch it will need to be replaced cleaning is probably not an option. Problem 2 bad gas can cause the stopping at idle speeds add some stp fuel treatment, read label to make sure it dries ... 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora

Will a bad TPS cause my car not to start - Cars & Trucks

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I need to know how to check the fuel pump relay. If it is good, my fuel pump is bad. Can I by-pass the internal gas tank fuel pump and put an external one on. This is for a 2001 chevy blazer. Is it true there is not a fuel pump inertia switch? The symptoms are: the truck would run fine, then the next time it would not start. Then later it would. Never knew when it would not start. Already changed the fuel filter.

No bypass. There is no switch (Fords only) there are several relays that are th esame, you can swap it with the horn relay. You should be able to hear the relay turn the pump on for 2 seconds when you turn the key on. Sometimes you can give the bott ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

94 ford Tarus ,,had fuel problem,,replaced fuel pump,,and fuel pump relay moduale,,and checked all fuses...Still no fuel pressure in manifold ..Car will start and run if gas is put in Air intake..Could it be a bad wire?? Or a bad ground some where?? Or fuel presure regulator ,,or inertia switch

Fuel shut off switch should be located in the trunk on the same side you fill your tank on. The switch is guarder and you will have to figure out which way to press it ... 1994 Ford Taurus

I have a 2006 model golf 1.6l, and recently when i turn on my car the rear wiper turns on for a few seconds and then turns off on its own although the switch for the rear wiper is in the off position. also, the driver windows wont work for the first 3 or 4 seconds after i start the car. note that the battery has never been changed since i got it in 2006. can a bad battery cause such problems?? thank you in advance for any help

Hi! Your battery is fine, in this case you might have an open electrical circuit problem that is grounding into the metal or weak motor relay and probably the motor it self is grounding into other electrical wire. You may want to c ... Volkswagen Golf

I have a 1996 Saab 900 S. The ignition switch is bad (in this case just the spring on the key won't return to the "ON" postion after starting the car so i manually turn it back). I replaced the switch with a used one from a 1994 900, which has the same part number and looks identical. The car turns over, but it will not start. The moment I put my old ignition switch in it starts right up. Any ideas? This sounded real strange to me. All I could think of is how the switch is reacting to the factor

I have the same problem and my excellent Saab car mechanic told me to pull the switch and bring it to him so we can get the exact part number. That may be your problem. My problem is getting the part out of my car (has manual transmission). ... 1994 Saab 900

2004 Ford F150 when you start the truck, the 4wd lights light up. But when you try to put it in 4WD, you don't get any lights at all. I just found out we had a bad brake switch activator, could this also cause this problem?

... 2004 Ford F150

Had a blown ignition 50 amp fuse and a bad ignition switch replaced both of them and now have all my lights and gauges back like the should but car will not start it does not even click or anything

... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

Could a bad neutral safety switch cause my car not to start

HI. Yes, this is possible, but there are other reasons for this issue, as well. Use this step by step troubleshooting procedure to help isolate the issue. Step 4 deals with the neutral switch issues.Step 1 ... 1995 Toyota Camry

Can a bad ignition switch on a 2003 chevy malibu cause the dummy lights on the intrument panel to not light up when trying to start the car?

... 2003 Chevrolet Malibu

I have a '96 Explorer that won't start. Cranks strong, wasn't able to jump it. No fuses bad, tried replacing pcm relay and fuel pump relay, inertia switch isn't popped. Is there anything else that could cause this before I go and buy a new fuel pump?

What is the fuel pressure reading, chances are u just have a defecive fuel pump, if the pump is running u will hear it when the key is turned to run for one second, so do it repeated time off then on and listen, if u hear nothing repalce the pump. ... 1996 Ford Explorer

I have a 2003 hyndai sonata that the drive belts broke. Had them repair and now the car dosn't start. The person who fixed it thought it might be an inertia switch that was trigger by the tow but search the driver side and truck and couldn't find one. Is the one in this model? Used a code reader and fuel system is open. Engine is getting spark just no fuel. His question is there a common relay that would burn out?

... 1991 Hyundai Sonata

Hi, I have a 2000 Boxster S and the battery has started to go flat when the car is not in use. Charging, starter and battery all check out ok, but it seems to be drawing 6amps whn the ignition is switched off. This goes from 6amps to 0.2amps then back to 6amps every few seconds. Can you tell what may be causing this?

Hello there\012to best find out is locate the draw moment and take one fuse ad a time out to see what couse the problem .\012It takes a little time but it should work for you.\012Mind you all boxters and 996 have a draw problems. ... 1999 Porsche Boxster

Car had no power. Autozone ran codes bad MAP - replaced. Car won't crank - replaced start relay on switch nothing. Checked clutch switch - checked good. Turned key on and applied 12v to solenoid. Car started. Ran great. 20 miles then loss power and ECP light is on. Could the no start and ECP be related?

The map code may be a symptom, not the problem. I would have a shop that specializes in VW check it out. Auto Zone isnt much help unless you are buying oil or car wash soap. ... Volkswagen New Jetta

1985 ford thunderbird 5.0 liter. turn the key on and car has electric, try to start and all the power completely dies. replased selenoid and did the same thing, it also caused the starter to not stop cranking even after the car started. turned the key off and removed it from the ignition and the starter still kept cranking, had to disconnect the battery to get it to stop. 3rd try the car started normal. i think it is a switch issue, but what could be causing this? help please.

Sounds like the ignition switch is bad, usually mounted on the steering column. ... 1985 Ford Thunderbird

My 95 z28 camaro a/c stop blowing cold air. I narrowed the problem to the comp.clutch not engaging,relays are ok put jumper on a/c relay and it engages,I was wondering without tearing the dash apart to check the switch if i should look somewhere else that might cause the problem.because it was working fine never touch the switch just shut off the car then next day i started the car it didnt work.should i switch the a/c off so there's not that draw on the switch when i start the car.any help you

I had the same problem, turned out to be the alternator... there is a very sensitive element in the control module that prevents the A/C from engaging if it senses low voltage from the alternator. Do a complete check on the battery / alternator syst ... 1994 Chevrolet Camaro
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