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89 chevy caprice classic, no start possible fuel system problem where are the items to check?

\015 I need an under the hood diagram to locate fuel pump relay, fuel filter, etc.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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89 chevy caprice classic, no start possible fuel system problem where are the items to check?

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Francois Silver ? Walvis Bay - Namibia I have a 97 Chevy K2500 Cheyenne V8 fuel injection. I have a starting problem. When turning the ignition key, the fuel pump comes on and stops after 2 to 3 seconds. While cranking the engine, engine starts immediately and stops again. So far I have checked the fuel pressure, fuel pressure ok. I have changed all the relays, oil sender unit, crank angle sensor. Tested another fuel injection system on my plug and fuel pipes. Discovered while cranking the engin

It has nothing to do with ECU and immobiliser even if you turn your ECU OFF your car will start and will your but not properly without CPU your car will work in emergency mode. try finding Idle sensors and check them if they are ok ... 1997 Chevrolet C/K 2500

I have a 1998 Isuzu Hombre 2.2L two wheel drive pickup (Made by GM is same as Chevy S10). Ok, here is my problem. It just suddenly stopped running with no warning. It will crank but shows no sign of trying to start. I checked the following items and all are good: ignition module, coils, has good spark, fuel pump is good and delivering strongly to fuel rail, fuel filter is new, battery is good. Now, I think the problem is the injectors. But before I remove the air intake manifold to possibley che

The oil pressure sender is a good idea.It sounds like you know what your talking about have you tried spraying a little starting fluid in the throttle body to see if it will start?do you have an injection pulse tester you will need one.if you have no ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I have a 2001 Chevy Malibu that will not start . I have had a problem with the anti theft system on the car, causing the car not to start.However, I have a new problem that appears not to be related to the anti theft, but not sure. I was traveling on the interstate when the car began shaking and stopped running. It appeared at first that the fuel pump may be bad but as of now the fuel pump is not getting fire . However I have checked the relay and fuses and they are all good. What else could it

A very common problem for these vehicles is a defective ignition switch. The switch has been redesigned and seems to be a permanent fix, if attempting to replace it yourself I recommend purchasing a repair manual for your vehicle. ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

We have 1992 chevy lumina with the 3.4 it has a new fuel pump and i am geting gas i pulled the lines off and rolled it over and have good fuel pressure but the car will not start i had it running for about 10 min before all this problem started any ideas possibly injectors any way i could posssibly check the injectrs

Check for injector pulse with a NOID light my first thought is crank sensor or pcm that year of lumina is bad for both those ... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

I have a 1995 Chevy Caprice Classic. Last year i was driving back from missouri when it acted like it was going to die when i gave it to much gas. After awhile it would just die while driving down the road. Then after i stopped for the night it started fine the next morning. It almost made it home before it quit again. Now it willnt start at all. I have checked to make sure fuel is getting into the engine and replaced the fuel filter. But i dont think she is getting spark. Is there anyone that m

Mine did the same thing - not sure if yours is a 5.7 liter or not. Mine is, it's the LT1 engine and has the police package. Not sure if it's the same with the smaller engine, but if it is it could be something leaking over your distributor (water pum ... 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

Isuzu Hombre pickup (same as Chevy S10), 2.2L Vortec, Won't Start. I have an Isuzu Hombre pickup, 2.2L Vortec engine. It just suddenly stopped running. Here's what I checked: ignition module (good), ignition coils (good), fuel pump (good), fuel filter (new/good), fuel pressure to fuel rail 39 psi (good), battery (good), spark plugs have good spark (good), I hooked up code reader and it detected one code: (PO452 emission control system pressure sensor low). This code can't be the problem with my

... Chevrolet S 10

Engine rotates but will not start,....here's the problem and the items i have done so far,..just bought this park avenue approx. 3 months ago, no radio and the heater is conected with a toggle switch which runs the fan,..don't know why or it had something to do with the stereo system previosly,...Filled with gas on a very empty tank, made a few stops, everything just fine,..the third stop the engine rotated just fine but wouldn't start,..replaced the fuel relay in the glove compartment and check

Okay did you see fuel spray out of the injectors when you had them out and tried to start it? you said you have spark. how did you test that? what i am getting if you have spark and fuel and the fuel is going through the injectors then the only other ... 1989 Buick Park Avenue

Hi, I have a 1972 Corvette with 350 std motor (not LT1)with a strange problem. The car will not start. Items checked to date: fuel is good, new fuel pump working fine, carb fully rebuilt and gas is getting to cylinders. Spark is very weak or not at all...replaced points, cap, rotor, wires, plugs all new. I verified coil is good on meter and on another 350 chevy engine..voltage is strong to coil 12v no issue. What am I missing? Engine turns over strong, but spark is yellow for a few turns and the

Unless you want to keep the car completely original you may want to consider replacing the points with a solid-state electronic ignition system that fits entirely underneath your stock distributor cap. ... 1972 Chevrolet Corvette

I have a strange problem with my 2004 chevy cavalier. I just replaced the alternator and now the car won't stay running. After the 1st try at starting it failed, on the 2nd attempt it fired, run a second or two then died. It is acting like it is not getting any fuel. The car was working fine prior to the alternator going bad. I've done some checking and the problem looks like it might be the theft deterrent system, but the 'theft' light is not flashing. Any ideas?

Had the same problem with my Honda Civic. If you havent replaces the cap and rotor too you probably should. Some problems that it could be is your fuel pump could be going bad. You could have bad spark plugs or even a bad connection to your alternato ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

1990 chevy suburban fuel problem just put a new fuel pump and filter in this summer last week i put new wires cap and rotar and plugs started up drove it it worked much better parked it on my hill went out to start it and it wouldent start so checked fuel going in (duel port fuel enjection) no fuel ,so pulled #1 cylinder checked for spark no spark so changed distributor , Got spark know still no fuel comeing out of injectors

When you replaced the fuel pump, did you notice if the pick-up line was in good condition or not? I have been told by a mechanic that has over 35 yearsof experience that this was a common problem, and especially now with Ethanol being mixed in with ... 1990 Chevrolet Suburban

My daughters 1999 Jetta GL, 2.0 liter AEG engine, has trouble starting after refueling. After that, it starts fine. I have been getting a trouble code for evap emission control system malfunction. I'm not sure if this system could cause the starting problem. I have replaced the gas cap and fuel filter,and checked the hoses,next would be the purge valve or EVAP canister and leak detection pump if this might solve the problem. Any suggestions on the cause of the starting problem?

Check the fuel pump pressure ... 1999 Volkswagen Jetta

I have an '85 f150 and the problem is it starts and runs fine but anytime it rains or is damp out it won't start and if it does start it runs very rough and occasionally will backfire. the fuel system has been replaced from the fuel pump to the new carburater, fuel line and two in line filters. i can tell it wants to run but it won't catch even after 15 od 20 times. when it's dry out it starts right up and runs fine.i've checked everything i could think of and checked for exposed wires, i found

I am concerned about the moisture build up as it may be the cause of the problem.  I suggest to check out the ignition system.  A similar case happened to me with my car when I had my engine washed.  I found out that the seal in my dis ... 1985 Ford F150

Caprice classic 1994,I replaced a new fuel pump checked with fuses but the engine started for a while and never started again also checked the fuel filter WHY THE ENGINE FAILS TO START?

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1996 Chevy 1500 4x2 5.7 vortec. Will not start I started having a problem with the truck not wanting to start sometime. it turns over but not start. what i do know is that it is getting gas. i can hear the fuel pump turn on. I checked fuel rail with test gauge has good pressure. I have checked the ignition coil and it was good. I replaced the ignition control module. and the truck started up ran good for about a week. then started cutting off on me while running. It recently started missing. too

I have had this problem on my 89 and my 94 gm trucks what it was is the pick up inside the distributor time to rebuild it (not the cap and rotor) the little thing inside with all the wire wrapped around something- copper wire with a clear coating on ... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

85 jimmy full size having problems starting in the morning! Ignition control module is new along with rotor and distributor cap and coil and problem persists! Started it this afternooon after 4 days and it started right up? Im lost! would the fact that the air pump has been removed contribute to some of the problems? i don't understand how it can run great one moment and not the next. Fuel system and ignition systems are all clean and in tact! I've checked my spark in the morning by pulling

From your list of parts I don't see that u have replaced the one part that is temperature sensitive, that is the distributor pickup, if there is no doubt that loss of spark is the issue then replace the distribu ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

Ok eldorado will not start stopped earlier at gas station and turned off now won't start. fuel pump is not coming on and checked fuse and getting current to fuse and put test light on wires to fuel pump with key on and only getting current to gas sending unit. theft system problem has been coming on but car has been starting but not now any suggestion to point me in right direction also check engine light came on before i shut off engine and (check gas cap) came accross dash display.

This sounds like you have a problem with the passkey security system, it has diabled the fuel pump, the common cause of this fault is the sensor in the ignition lock cylinder that reads the transponder code in the key chip, ... 1999 Cadillac Eldorado

I have a 1994 jeep 4.0 6cyl mpi, it is hard to start when cold. Have to keep cranking and press gas. After it warms up, it starts fine. Starting system fine, new plugs etc, fuel pump check ok new fuel filter, replaced fuel regulator, still same problem, while driving no problems

If its just an idle problem I would suspect the Idle air control valve or a temp sensor for the cold start issues ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have mercedes ml 430. check engine came on at the same time fuel warning light was blinking. took the car to authorized mechanic, they checked and found po455ctrl system grass leak. they reset the check engine light and replaced fuel tank cap. second day the same problem came back check engine light started to blinck. checked for the leaks and did not find any problems. mechanic wants to take out the tank for further investigation.

... Mercedes-Benz ML-Class

Fuel pump and pulsator broke down on my s-10. in adddition to replacing these items, i also replaced the fuel sending unit and oil pressure switch. after performing these tasks, my vehicle will not start. every item electrical, fuel system, brakes, down to minor vacume hoses have been replaced on this vehicle and nothing works? after noticing the vehicle wouldn't start i checked the fuel pressure and it's just fine on the motor and the lines are charged. the spark plugs are dry and i'm completel

Please review my tips at http://www.fixya.com/cars/r5821173-doesnt_car_start_gasoline_engines and let me know if you have questions. You were not cle ... 2001 Chevrolet S-10


... 1988 Chevrolet G20

I have a 1977 Lincoln Versailles with a 351 Cid engine, with a Duraspark 2 engine system. The problem is the vehicle engine will start but will not run. The fuel system has been checked and is ok. Checking the ignition system I found the coil has 12 volt in the start and in the run position. Can you help? This vehicle ran perfectly a year ago. Since has been stored in an unheated garage. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

Change the ignition control module the big square silver box. ... Ford Granada

My overdrive light starts flashing as soon as I put my car in drive and the check engine light has come back on, but not when I initially start the vehicle(the overdrive light). I had some work done on my car on Thursday to the fuel injection system. Prior to that I did not have this problem, but did have other problems after I got my oil changed almost two weeks ago. Took the vehicle to O'reilly's to have them check the codes since the check engine light was on. Was told codes PO316, PO201 and

... 2003 Mazda Tribute

My 2001 Taurus with V-6 Vulcan engine has 51,000 miles. I have had this car in the shop for the problem and it continues. After engine runs, trip to drug store, post office and on the second or third stop it will not start. I checked the fuel cap and fuel level. After a period of time the car will start. I need the dependability back. This is a periodic problem and it doesn't happen but randomlly. The Ford Service plug in monitor says everything is OK. Is it the fuel system back pressure? Have g

Have your fuel filter replaced. I had the same problem in my 2000 F-150 - if its really clogged, it'll take probably two or three changes until its fixed... also add some SEAFOAM in the gas. works everytime ... 1999 Ford Taurus

My truck is a '93 Chevy Suburban, K1500 with a little more than 207,000 miles on the odometer. I have an intermittant no-start problem. I replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump relay. Most of the time it starts just fine. Once in a while it just cranks but won't start. During on episode, it was very cold (15 below zero for lows and 15 degrees above for a high a few days) so I added some fuel system antifreeze to the fuel tank. The last time this happened I gave it a short squirt of starting flui

... 1993 Chevrolet Suburban
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