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That hose coming from the fuel injector is unplug

\015 That hose coming from the fuel injector is unplug where does that plug goes \015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

That is your pcv hose and it goes to the vavle cover
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That hose coming from the fuel injector is unplug

That is your pcv hose and it goes to the vavle cover ... Cars & Trucks

On my 99 Voyager, 3.0, I have a leak in a pipe that comes from under the fuel injector housing. On the drivers side, the lower radiator hose and a heater hose connect to a pipe that leads to this pipe. The pipe then goes under the fuel injectors to the passenger side where the water pump, etc are. This pipe seems to be leaking and I need to know how to replace it. My job is on the line so time is of the essence. Please help!

You will need a new pipe. You MAY get it out from the drivers side?? If not, you may have to take the intake manifold off. Job is on the line? so you are a mechanic? if not, pay a shop to replace it. I think the dealer is the only place to get a new ... 1999 Plymouth Voyager

95 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 Check engine light came on last week. Found that number six fuel injector not working. Noticed that harness to injector had been almost cut thru due to heater hose rubbing on it. Repaired the harness, but still no voltage coming thru harness to injector number six. I tested injector and it is working. I am thinking pcm was damaged when harness was cut thru. Please help. Code number 27 comes from computor.

Hi,Code 27 indicates a badinjector(s) OR a bad computer if you are VERY technicaly involved youneed to get a service manual and follow the code to its end if not thenyou need a pro to take over. first you need to identify whi ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

Gas leak on driver's side of fuel injector, coming out of a valve with a rubber hose attached circulating back to the manifold cover. Located in the middle of the fuel injector tube.

That is fuel pressure regulator ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I am having a fuel leak in my 2000 vw 1.9. TDI. the leak is coming from where i belelve the fitting to the injector and the fuel comes in. I have replaced the hoses but i dont beleive that is the problem. has anyone else had this problem and what should my next step be? Thanks

You probably have a damaged compression bushing/crush washer on the injector. while you could try toghtening the banjo bolt (if the leak is coming from around the hose area), the solution will most likely be to get a new compression bushing or crush ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

95 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 Check engine came on last week, began running rough. Found number six fuel injector wire was partially cut thru because of heater hose rubbing on it. Repaired no. six injector harness. Still no voltage at harness. Code 27 coming from computor. I am thinking maybe pcm was damaged because of short at injector harness. Injector is good, I tested it with harness from neighboring harness. Please help. Thank you.

You need to begin tracing harness wire that has no power, back to the computer. If you can locate the wire at the computer, first check it there. If no signal from the computer at the pin, then change computer. ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have 1999 dodge stratus it was actint like my engine was going to come out of my car and my whole car shock so the next thing the check engine light come on so i had it tested and it thrown 3 cylinder code so i changed the plugs and wires coil and fuel injectors and a hose and still acting up can you tell me what else to do

Dear Sir, you problem is complicated and out of our hands reach, best thing is for u to take it to the garage instead of wasting time here.\015\012\015\012Thankyou ... Dodge Stratus

It appears that the fuel pump in non operational.. it cranks but will not start. Where does the gas line come up to the injectors, so that I might pull the hose off, insert into a soda bottle and crank the engine to see if there is any gas getting to the injectors?

There should be a small shrader valve on the fuel rail just remove the cap and press in on the valve if fuel shoots out under pressure the fuel pump is working if no fuel comes out, check the fuel pump relay and fuel pump fuse, if both of those check ... 1998 Chrysler Sebring

1987 chevy s10 fuel injector problem. Install new fuel injector but fuel comes out steady causing engine to idle high and bog down when i step on the gas pedal. i have previously replace swapped ecm and checkeed fuse. ecm has 12v fuses good, i also replace frul pressure switch, map sensor, o2 sensor, trying to find out why fuel comes out steady of injector and not spraying as it should. note: this is the second injector i have put in

Check the fuel pressure at the shredder valve, you should have 13 to 13.5psi, anything other then that will give you problems in the GM TBI. If the pressure is bad, then you may have to replace the fuel pressure regulator at the bottom o ... 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

1994 Chevy Camaro Z28 6 Cylinder keeps accelerating without pushing on the gas. I recently removed the air intake thingy on the top of the engine where the fuel injectors are and now it wont run properly. It cant be the throttle because if i unplug the mas airflow sensor it with only stall out if i dont keep my foot on the gas pedal. I can hear something like air spraying and black smoke will come from some where. What could this be?

Have the fault codes read. Replace faulty items. Use only genuine items as non-genuine replacement are not always compatible with the OEM fitted CPU units. replace the air intake thingy as it is critical to the performance of the engine. I suspect yo ... Cars & Trucks

Ford Freestar 2004, 3.9L V6, While on vacation, oil return hose got a hole in it, which caused lurching. Had to drive for a few days to return home since mechanics couldn't locate problem. I later fixed problem but had misfires so I replaced coil, plugs, wires. I still have misfires and now a clicking noise is coming from front of engine. Is the problem related to fuel injectors, oil pump/pressure, ignition timing? What should I do?

Hi.If by clicking noise you mean typical knocking coming from the engine, that is caused either by valve problem or by a bad knock sensor.I suggest driving to nearest garage and doing an OBDII code scanning, then coming back t ... 2006 Ford Freestar

I am trying to replace a fuel filter on a 1997 Ford F-150. Sounds easy enough but it seems that one of the fuel lines that leads from the filter to the engine just will not come off the filter to allow removal. I cannot find a tool small enough to fit the quick connect hose tip. Also have taken truck to two different repair sites and have been told ''We're sorry but we cannot get the hose seperated''. Both also say that the hose in question does not look identical to the hose that comes from the

I did that last night. The plastic tools didn't work for me. Cut the filter off as close to the body as you can(dont make any sparks), then you can move the fuel line to a point that you can see what you are doing. If you look inside the connector ... 1997 Ford F150 Regular Cab

05 jeep liberty 2.8 diesil. wont run. i cleaned the injectors, the where completly plugged. if i disconnect 1 injector and crank the motor over, there not much fuel pressure there. can the plugged injectors ruin the injector pump? the fuel filter housing has been replaced too. i have injector pulse too. but no fuel will come out of the injectors. it will run for a second if i spray starting fluid in the air filter. no engine codes at all, same goes for all the other modules in the vehicle. i don

... 2005 Jeep Liberty

Had no spark. Replaced ignition mod, 2 coil packs, and computer. I now have fire; problem is engine will not run, the fuel injector sprays fuel (too much i think). When i unplug the injector the engine will start and burn off the fuel but will not run with the injector plugged up. After removing and inspecting the injector now the 10 amp computer fuse will blow if the injector is plugged up. 1990 Chevy Cavalier 4cyl 2.2 ltr

I need a diagram for a 1990 chevy cavilier distributer ... 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier

Dodge cummins won't start, fuel reaching injector pump but no fuel coming out of injector pump.

You said you have fuel flowing from the inlet line of the injection pump? But not at the injector lines? ... 1999 Dodge Ram

1986 nissan pickup double fuel injectors to throttle body. unplug harness to fuel injectors and fuel loads the throttle body full for about 4 seconds.could injectors be stuck open or maybe fuel pressure regulator bad. your thoughts?

... 1987 Nissan Pickup

Have a 1999 nissan max,I am somewhat mechanically inclined and have checked all the fuses.I checked one of the plugs an it does have fire.I pulled the line off the fuel filter and fuel did come out when i turn the key to the on position.I am not sure how strong it should be when it comes out but it did shoot out like a park or school waterfountain.my question is can the fuel pump be weak or what causes the injectors to allow fuel to come through.This car will run off of ether.I got a brainbox fr

That sounds like a smililar problem i had. If you pull the fuel line off of the fuel filter, gas should shoot across the parking lot. Not trickle out like a water fountain. My 99 maxima did the same thing and what I found the problem was, was that ... 2002 Nissan Maxima

Have a 2002 ford taurus 3.0L 24 v dohc engine.. hear a hissing sound when the engine is running, sounds like a vacuum hose is either cracked or has come loose. the engine light has also come on. I am trying to locate the vacuum hose that works with the fuel system, since I smell fuel when we shut the engine off,

... 2002 Ford Taurus

Rear passenger side behind tire under fuel hose where fuel comes in some kind of box looking thing with hose coming out of it what is this?

If it looks like the below box, it is the cannister for your fuel evaporation control system. Is there a problem we can help with?\015\012 ... 2004 Chevrolet Aveo

My 1985 mercury grand marquis 5.0 litre tbi wont run. fuel pump wont come on unless you run wire from battery to fuel pump but car wont start with fuel pump running. new fuel pump because i wasnt getting pressure to tbi.was havin g to spray starting fluid directly on injectors for it to start and run and it would run fine.now im not getting nothing but if i straight wire fuel pump(new) it runs but injectors wont prime and spray. eec relay and fuel pump relay are good. took ecm out of ford ranger

... 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis

My 2002 forester started misfiring about 3 weeks ago and the check engine light came on. I only notice the misfire while idling. It seems to accelerate just fine. I took it to autozone, they told me cylinder 3 was misfiring. I put in fuel injector cleaner. This worked and the check engine light came on again and the check engine reader said cylinder 3 again. So I thought since the fuel injection cleaner work for a bit that it might be a fuel injector. So I changed that injector. ( I unplugged th

Hello first of all\015\012\015\012I would be glad to give you the best advice as a mechanic for 8 years 3 for bmw and 5 with ford motor company.\015\012\015\012That being said your diagnosis is good and you follow ... Subaru Forester

I have a 1986 4runner i replaced fuelpump fuel filter fuel injectors and engine control modual.ihave 35psi fuel pressure at fuelrail.no gas through injectors.i have 12volts at injectors oneside if i unplug all 4 injectors .if i leave any one plugged in both sides are hot.can you help me

Need to test with a noid light they are cheap but very useful let me know once you get one and we can fix this issue please rate this ... 1986 Toyota 4Runner

My 91 chevy corvett fuel pump want come on untill the oil pressure turns it on.I checked the fuel pump relay and it checks ok Ireplaced it anyway. i just finished replacing all of the fuel injectors in it and then this problem shows u. The brain shows no problem codes stored in it either. the problem with the injectors turn out to be a shorted injector but as i said I replaced them all. the car only has 33k orignal miles on it.Thanks need help in alabama

... 1991 Chevrolet Corvette

90 volvo 740 flooding problem,car will drive come to a stop dies floods fuel will not start until i unhook all injectors and crank until it dries out ,may start again when injectors are connected,may drive but will flood again at will, checked fuel pressure regulator for fuel leaks on vacume side no fuel present ,this is the ragina fuel system,

... 1990 Volvo 740

Error codes P0301(cylinder #1 misfire) and P0304(cylinder #4 misfire). Originally thought there was a failed ignition coil that controls cylinders #1&4. After putting new coil in, problem still present. Tested further and found there was no fuel coming out of cylinder #1 fuel injector. Tested injector and found proper power at injector but it wasn't duty cycling on the ground side. Ohmed harness from injector to ECM and found within spec. Back probed connector for all four injectors and found n

The ECM is very possible.I assume cylinder 4 injector is providing gas?The connection for cylinder 1 is probably a connector with pins correct?If you can bypass the ECM,that would get you closer if not give the answer.I would try using a wire straigh ... 1998 Toyota RAV4
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