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Front right braker locks up and will not release

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Problem is with the caliper,
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Front right braker locks up and will not release

Problem is with the caliper, ... Cars & Trucks

Brake issues. Alright, i've asked this questions of about 5 different mechanically inclined family members, and none of them seem to have the same opinion. The problem is this, my truck, a 1986 Ford Ranger that originally came with a 2.3 L4, is having the rear right drum brake lock completely when attempting to go forwards, but releases upon reverse. The front brakes also irritate me by not releasing entirely. The wheels will still roll, but when i release the gas while forcing it to move again

Have you done brake work recently because it sounds like the self adjuster was put in backwards (the cable inside the drum) what you need to do is get a book and review the brake other wise i would say someone was spinning tire while in reverse with ... 1986 Ford Ranger 2WD

I have a 1994 Nissan Altima. The passenger side front door is locked and will not unlock. The window is inoperable as well. The door cannot be unlocked from inside or outside either manually or automatically. I have partially removed the interior door panel, in itself a miracle, and am able to somewhat get at the metal rods controlling the lock and levers for the door. I cannot pull on them and get a manual release. Is there some sort of trick or am I not hitting the right trigger?

With a pair of long nosed pliers you should be able to pull the lever that comes down from the outside door lock to the lock ,now the lock itself has a shroud around it so you may have to remove this the best way you can ,some are really difficult an ... 1994 Nissan Altima

1994 ford ex. everything on my brake system is new,except the lines,the right front caliper will not retract when i release the brakes and will slowly start locking up. i have to open the bleeder valve to release the rotor, any ideas

The rubber brake hose may be cracked on the inside causing the pressure to remain on the caliper piston. Replace the hose and bleed the brakes to restore proper pressure to the caliper. ... Ford Explorer

I have a 1993 chevy silverado 3500 diesel dully. Front right brake locked and will no release unless I loosen the bleeder. Changed both front calipers same thing. What could be causing the problem?

If a brake locks up and the caliper is not the problem, the next possible cause is a collapsed brake hose. ... Cars & Trucks

From the driver's door, the power lock which is seperate from the master window switch works for all except the the right front door. The master switch includes power mirror which also wont work on right front door. The windows from the master switch work only on the left front & rear door. I do hear the solenoid click on the right rear door. Nothing from the right front though. Moving to the right front door switches, the lock or the window switch does nothing. There is a temperature adjustment

Hi! I was suspecting the door actuators too... If there are no burnt wires or blown fuse/relay then the problem will be the actuator itself. Once replaced I believe you'll be good. Hope this helps and have a good one! ... 2001 Buick LeSabre

Shudder 4wd Truck shudders when driven in 4 wheel drive, only had it at very low speeds due to this. When turning, sounds like tires momentarily lock up and release. Very jerky/jumpy. Occasionally shudders when in 2wd when accelerating briskly, but just for a half a second. Changed transmission fluid, rear diff. fluid, xfer case already. Plan on vacuuming front diff fluid tomorrow. Am I on the right track?

Check tire size and add a Limited Slip additive in the transfer case! ... 2004 Ford F150

2000 model year audi a4 nearside front wheel skips when on full right hand lock like it is winding up then releasing . it has had 2 new outer cv joints but made no differance.

... 2000 Audi A4

When roads have even a dusting of snow on them and i barely touch the brakes to slow and stop, the front ones instantly lock up and pull me to the right. I immediately take my foot off the brake when this happens and the brakes immediately release. As soon as I attempt to touch the brakes again, it is a repeat. I have taken it in to a local garage but they say they can't see anything wrong with it. I had another person test it and it did the same for them. When the roads are bare or just wet wit

There are a number of possibilities here. First thing to do is make sure the new rear brakes are properly adjusted. If they are too loose they will not engage when you push gently on the pedal and the front brakes will be doing all the work. This cou ... Ford Aerostar

2004 honda crv brakes are locking up, front right hydraulic line collapsed, had both front lines replaced, new front rotors the front right was scorched, new pads, new master cylinder was replaced, when the brakes feel that they are locking up. I stop the car and with my foot i pull up on the break pedal.

Check to see if the rubber bushing is on the master cylinder pushrod where it bolts up to the booster..if its missing and or doubles , it may cause u to lock ur brakes up..i had this problem where the tech didnt put one and or didnt remove one while ... 2007 Honda CR-V

Right front brake locking up

... 1987 Subaru Gl 4WD

I have a C5 2.0HDI Tourer Exclusive and in the recent freezing weather I have inable to open both the front doors. The remote key in the lock both unlock all the doors but when the front door handles are pulled, the front doors do not release. The back doors do open and this is only way into the car and the only way to release the front doors is by climbing through from the back and releasing handles from the inside. Not ideal for someone who is a pensioner! Citroen aren't being very helpful. An

I would say the mechanism is frozen, there is a chance that if you tried to open them the operating rods could snap the plastic and cease operating. Have you tried when warmed up? if still broken what area are you? ... 2002 Mercury Sable

I have a 95 Jeep grand Cherokee that I have just installed new CV joint shafts and all 4 front ball joints on. When test driving it, it goes down the road straight just fine and seems to take normal turns fine as well. When I make a tight turn (all the way to the lock) either left or right, the right front wheel locks up skidding and squealing on the road (it did the same thing before changing the CV joints but I assumed it was doing it because the joints were shot) Im lost as to the cause of t

Hi,You need to check your top and bottom lateral arm bush's which connect to the front diff. and the chassis.If any of these are worn excessively then this will cause this problem.Also you have a lateral bar running acro ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The problem is that on the passenger side door, the one that slides, has two probelms. 1. The automatic locks either remote or switch up front does not lock that door. However, that door will lock and unlock manually by pushing down or pulling up the lock nob. 2. The same door will not open or close automatically with the remote or the button up front. However it will open and close automatically with the button right at the door and it will open and close manually. If you could help with h

Locate and replace door control module ... 2006 Chrysler Town & Country

2002 Superduty Ford F-250 4x4. Had auto locking hubs, changed to manual Warn Hubs, but only lasted for 4 lock-in/lockouts and the the right hub will no longer engage. The mecnhcanic could not fix the problem, so he put on my second new set of Warn hubs, worked for 3 lockin/lockouts and the right front hub will not lock back in. this last time it made a grinding noise until I turned the hub to Lock and then back the "Free" where the noise went away. This condition only happens on the passange

... 2008 Ford F 250 Super Duty 4WD

2003 suzuki aerio passenger front brake keeps locking up. i have replaced the pads, disc and the caliper,??????? drive about 5 mins and they get tight, then when used they lock up, right front only this is Not all wheel drive and doesnt look like it has and wires down there for anti lock brakes. someone said to remove the abs fuse and i did a test drive and it hasnt happend yet. so would it be the abs? and what would it be?

This problem is only caused by one thing on this late model car, that is a leaking hydraulic control valve in the ABS unit, this allows brake pressure to be applied to the caliper pistons without any input from the driver. ... Suzuki Aerio

1993 mercury villager front left caliper will not release. Replaced caliper and brake line, there is no damage to the hard line. When you bleed the brakes the fluid has plenty of force and the caliper will close tight on the rotor but will not release. This was the problem I was having with the original caliper. Right front closes and releases just fine making me believe that the master cylinder is ok. Also blew out hard line and there is no blockage. What else could it be?????

Repalce flex line, re bleed that side.\012\012go here for more help.\012\012Did you lube caliper slides?\012\012http://groups.y ... 1993 Mercury Villager

Help! the latch will not release on one side of the the top swing up door of the rear dutch door(s) on our 2000 Chevy AWD Astro Van. When depressing the lock/unlock button on the rear upper door it will release the electronic lock on the right hand side, but not the left hand side. I can figure out how to get it open to troubleshoot/replace the left side lock or electronic locking parts.

This is a tough one to fix. You have to remove the panel from the inside of the door. What has happened is the rod that moves the lock and unlock mechanism has fallen out of place, or is in a bind. And you have to take the door panel off to get to it ... Chevrolet Astro

Auto locking front hubs don't engage when 4wd is selected, transfer case and front tailshaft are spinning but front wheels don't turn. My truck is an Australian released f250 crew cab 7.3litre powerstroke 4x4 released in 2002

... 2003 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab

The right front door lock does not work with the power buttons. It does work manually. When I use either power button the accuator makes noise but neither locks or unlocks right door. I have removed the door panal, felt the all around the latch here noise feel vibration but see or feel movement. I was advised to replace latch componet but cost is way out of line. Is there any way to repair the old unit or red neck engineer so the door lock will work with the push of the buttons?

... 2000 Volvo S80

In attempting to bleed the brakes on a 1995 Honda Prelude (w/ABS - order: right rear, left front, left rear and right front), only the 2 rear bled, the front had no release of ANYTHING when the bleeder valve was opened, and the brake pedal remained static still while depressing. What gives? (OR doesn't?!!?) Thanks!

... 1995 Honda Prelude

My GMC 1500 Front breaks are locking up, if i press the break, it works applying break but when i release the break the front breaks remain locked. i have to relese the preasure by opening the break line from the master cylender. any ideas?

Hi:) Dirt and rust get on the sliders were the brake pads ride the rail at both ends of the pad and sometimes get jamed up and won't release Thuse locking up. Mechanics will use an antilocking grease in these area and should clean these area with a w ... 1995 GMC Suburban

We are bleeding the brakes on my 2003 kia spectra. the right front and the left back are doing exactly what they should be doing- getting pressure then when releasing the bleed screw the peddle goes to the floor and brake fluid shoots out.. the left front and right back on the other hand do nothing but sputter and maybe drip a little brake fluid and the brake peddle goes all the way to the floor every pump. what is going on? ps: there is no leaking in or around the master cylinder

You should try presher bleeding them,,,its way easyer,,,keep the fluid toped up as well ... 2003 Kia Spectra

2005 Ford XLT 4X4 EXT CAB front axles are locking up intermittently even when I am not in 4 wheel drive. If I stop the vehicle and then proceed again it releases, but then the front axles will lock again at some point when you least expect it.

Could be cracked vacuum lines to the IWE ( Integrated Wheel Ends ) or a faulty IWE solenoid.The IWEs are held out with vacuum, and when 4WD is selected, the vacuum is shut off, the vent tubes relieves the vac as the spring engages the IWE ... 2005 Ford F-150

I replaced my brakes and now they brake fine but with use they gradually lock up and will not release. This is on a 1986 Ford F150, I replaced both front calipers and pads and the high pressure hoses and it has a new master cylinder. When they do lock up I use the bleed valve and release some of the fluid and they unseize and will work again for a bit.

You have a new defective master cylinder, happens all the time. pull it off and take it in for an exchange and buy new not rebuilt. The rebuilts do not last. ... Ford F-150
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