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My Onity door lock stays open even after closing door any one can open from outside without key just by turning handle down I open lock part put it back to gather changed 4 new AA power reprogram lock still same It stays open door don't lock after closing door you can open it with handle without key. I have like lot of locks like that little help would be appreciated..

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Better late than never.

I encountered the same problem a few days ago. The problem is that your switch on the lock ceased to trigger the locking mechanism and lock the door due to deformation of metal strap on the door-frame. Just return the metal strap into its original state and the switch will trigger the locking correctly. Problem solved.

I hope this will help someone.
Have u tried making sure the metal spring at the bottom of the computer board is put back in the little plastic black square holder.
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My Onity door lock stays open even after closing door any one can open from outside without key just by turning handle down I open lock part put it back to gather changed 4 new AA power reprogram lock still same It stays open door don't lock after closing door you can open it with handle without key. I have like lot of locks like that little help would be appreciated..

Better late than never.I encountered the same problem a few days ago. The problem is that your switch on the lock ceased to trigger the locking mechanism and lock the door due to deformation of metal strap on the door-frame. Just return the m ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2008 VW Beetle Convertible. When the driver door is closed the window does not slide into the frame. The window stays open because it hits the convertible top. You have to unlock the door with the autolock key and the window will open slightly like usual. You re-lock the doors and the window slides up and fits snug like it is supposed to. Also, when the door is open sometimes the window edges slightly up and down a couple of times. It does not do this all the time. I was wonderin

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Cant get back door to stay closed . The lock is stuck in locked position I think and the door is open. When I go to close it, it is'nt staying closed. Had to duck tape it to stay closed. LOL! I keep locking and unlocking with automatic button, looks like its in the lock is the same position as other doors. It 's not staying closed. ....Any suggestions????

It sounds to me ( correct me if I'm wrong ) like the door latch on the side vertical edge of the door is in the LOCKED POSITION. In order to unlock it perform the following. First electrically with the LOCK button UNLO ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

My 99 s type jag's central locking... front passenger door will not open and is locking driver's side and rear doors on closing driver's door, without using the key... give up on remote long ago. Have to turn the key quickly and lift handle so as to open the driver's door before it locks again?

... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

I have 2003 VW Beetle. We accidentally locked the car, and I took out something from the boot, then left the key in the boot. Needless to say closed the boot and that was the only key to the car. So my problem, how can I open this car without the key. Electronically it is locked and I already called roadside assistance to try to open it, they can't do it. Would VW Centre have a computer programme or master override to open these doors without keys?

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I have a Jaguar X300 3,2 '96 model with a jammed boot lock. On the instrumentpanel in the dashboard it indicates that the tailgate is open. I've tried to open with the button on the tailgate and on the dashboard without any luck. It seems like the problem has influenced the central locking somehow cause the doors won't lock when I set the gearhandle in "D" or using the key-fob. Locking the car from the front door works though. On top of this the key-lock on the boot is not working so I

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My friend has a 1994 Nissan Infiniti that's alarm goes off when he opens the door with his key. The darn thing seems to sound randomly when he uses his key to open the locked door, and to shut the alarm off he is required to open the trunk of his car with the key and then close it. Is this normal, and if not what's going on with it? p.s. sorry for labeling the car model in the wrong manner, the drop down menu didn't have it listed on it and would not let me proceed without choosing one.

I have the same Infiniity and it has a similar problem. On my car the alarm can be shut off by turning the lock on the drivers door with the ignition key. Works every time. ... 1994 Nissan Altima

Multiple Electrical Problems Occurred At Same TIme.. Acts like key is still in the ignition when I open door to get out. Door locks will not lock doors, but they do work when key is in the ignition, or by using the remote. Odometer and Gear indicator stay bright at night and don't automatically dim. Fan blower no longer works, and neither do any of the switches, air, defrost, heat, recirc, etc.

Check under the back seat in the electrical box for a blown fuse or relay. You may just have to take this into a good shop to track it down. It sounds like you might have a blown diode in a common ground somewhere, but I cannot tell you where from ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

When I close the car door (after turning engine off) the indicators flash - without me touching the remote key. When I open the car door, then close it, the drivers side door locks then unlocks, with the red alarm LED flashing twice. Alarm doesn't sound on any instance but usually activates with indicators after locking the car.

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Hello, yesterday when i was getting out of my 1994 chevrolet camaro i accidently left the keys in the ignition (but the cars off) and my friend locked the doors. with many attempts to try to open the car my friend finally decides to call triple A to open it for us. Once he opens the car the alarm DOESNT go off. So we both get in and try to start the car, the alarm starts to go off and the car wont start. so we try everything like closing the door and unlocking it with a key EVERYTHING ( oh just

Hi Charlotteyou could try getting the battery on the vehicle dissconected and left for about 5 mins, then reconnect it this should set off the alarm, then you just press the button on the remote and it should be back to normal, if it does not s ... 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

Our 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee is having a door locking/unlocking problem. The driver door will only lock/unlock with the key from the outside. The other doors can only be opened by the inside pulling the handle or flipping it by hand. The tailgate is not able to be locked. The interior lights are staying on. The power lock button on the driver's door will only lock/and unlock the driver's door when the door is closed. The remote will not work at all.

Broken wire in harness feeding door, see other posts ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2002 Ford Escape, drivers door will not open. Sounds like the door locks are operating properly but door handles, both inside and out don't seem to have any mechanical connection. I'm guessing it is a linkage issue. How do I open the door/access the inside of the door without destroying the door panel in the process with the door closed

Hi im afraid their is no easy solution for this, if you took it to a garage they would just cut holes in the door card so they can put the rod back on that operates the locking mechanism, now as you cant open it from either in or out then this sugges ... Ford Escape

I have a 2003 Mercedes ML320. The other day when I was getting out of my car, I folded in the mirrors, opened my door, and it started beeping at me, like the beeping if the lights were on or something. I made sure the lights were off and the doors were closed, but it kept beeping. And now the alarm wont work, the keyless entry remote doesnt function at all. The only way to lock the doors is to use the button inside the car and then lock the door with the key on the outside for the drivers door.

Hello\015\012The systems that control all this are the keyless entry module and or the Body Control Module, the test gear required to read codes in this system is a dealer level tool and not the one that just plugs in and reads the engine and t ... 2003 Mercedes-Benz M-Class

My 1997 subaru legacy wagon rear gate will not open. I have automatic locking doors and it seems to be working fine for all the other doors and I can hear the click for open and close, even when I use my key but for some reason when I try to open my rear gate it will not open. It could be the handle, because it felt a little loose before the problem of not being able to open it. So any recommendation on who could fix something like this and if it is expensive to fix. I tried emailing 4 different

The easiest thing to do is just remove the Cover from inside. There are little clip pis that remove very easily. Then you can see if the handle is broken or the rod has just fallen off. It really is not hard at all. Good luck and have a great day. ... 1997 Subaru Legacy

I had to replace the rear liftgate handle and I got this fixed, but the cable lock will not stay on and has caused the door to open and close but not lock with a key or the power lock on the driver door. What can I do to fix this problem?

\015\012Your problem is more than likely a broken wire in the wiring loom that goes to the driver's side door. Check the loom at the door hinge.\015\012the other possibility to check out is \015\012There should be ... Toyota Sienna

The rear door will not stay closed. When I operate the latch mechanism in the door manually (move it to the closed position) I can move it back open without pulling on the door handle. The other side locks in place.

My 2005 Equinox just had the same problem on the rear passanger door. My husband took a heat gun to the latch about 10 minutes ago, and now the door latches. ... Chevrolet Equinox

Ford Ikon: My central locking is going heywire! When you press unlock, all doors unlock but lock immediately again. The front passenger door does not open at all and the key also cannot go in, all other doors and boot open with the correct timing involved by pressing unlock and as soon as the lock unlocks, you open. However, while the driver door is open, the locks intermediately open and close until you close the driver door. Any help?

I have seen this and it was caused by a defective switch on the door. ... 2005 Ford Ikon 1.6i

I have a 2002 C240 4 door Mercedes. My remote key will not lock the doors. The only way to lock the car is to hit the manual while leaving the drivers door open and the drivers side passenger's door open. Then I have to manually lock the drivers door from the driver's passenger door and then close the driver's passenger door. This locks all 4 doors. I can open the door just fine with the remote key.

... Mercedes-Benz C-Class

My dash light that tells you a door is open stays on even though all doors are closed AND locked.....even when the car is not running. My battery has failed me due to extreme cold weather and the small light staying on, so I would like to pull the fuse when I turn the car off for the night. Which fuse is it and where is it located? I would appreciate any help I can get on this aggravating problem......so THANKS!!!!

Look around the car on each door, you will see a small black switch on wich the door shuts on. This switch when open brings on the light and bell. Go around and check by pushing each one of these in. This should stop the light/charm. It works o ... Toyota RAV4

Can open the doors with key in door lock but cannot lock the doors , they key wont turn to lock the door but will to open them is this normal . The remote works fine open an closes doors

... 2003 Toyota ECHO

Problem Hyundai ATOS GLS (1999): Both the right and the left door of my Hyundai Atos (1999) are blocked. They cannot be opened. Neither from outside nor from inside. When I push the key in the driver's door and move the key (and do: open-close-open-close), the plastic pin on the door moves up and down, but the doors stay still closed. My family is desperate. Please, give us some suggestion. Thanks in advance. Mickey, Skopje, Macedonia

Try unhooking the battery postive cable and this reset the computer and should let you in then have to do the lock unlock to finish the reset hope this helps ... Hyundai Accent

I have a 96 Nissan Maxima. The locks on the doors keep locking and unlocking. The only way to get in the car is to put the key in the door and with the key still turned open the door. If the car is running with any of the doors open the locks are locking and unlocking until the door is shut. How do I fix something like that? I unplugged the battery for a minute to see if that would help, but it didnt.

... 1996 Nissan Maxima

All four doors will not open. Door locks accuate with key in drivers door, trunk is only one that actually unlocks and can be opened, all other "sound" like they are unlocking but will not open. Can lock them and see buttons go down, unlock them and buttons go up with key in door. Doors will not open.

Hello,good day,seems your have a bad contact on driver and passenger switch door actuator,maybe loose contact or mechanical defect,which not sending a signal to your central locking pump,try to remove your rear seat,look your pump,right side,driving ... 1984 Mercedes-Benz 190

Driver side door is frozen open with lock closed. Try to close door and it bounces back. Unlocking with key or with auto-lock does nothing. Key turns, lock button goes up and down, but mechanism does not open. It is currently barely below freezing level.

Give the locking "jaws" a good dose of WD-40 and start with a pair of pliers ans working the door handle get the "jaws" moving and work it a lot while keep dousing it with the lubricant. Worst case scenario would be that the spring that ... Ford Taurus

Driver side door will not open with or without key. The car has power locks.Is there a diogram with how to around? The door willopen from inside, also you can't pull the lock up on the door, like it is jamed ?

What happens on these power door locks is the solenoid comes loose or breaks off the bracket and it hangs rom the linkage. You've got to remove the door panel and disconnect the lock solenoid from the linkage. ... 1992 Dodge Dynasty
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