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1991fordexpolrerwillnotgoover2000rpm. will not go over 2000 rpm

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Had that problem with a Dakota about the same year. No check engine lights or anything. Had no power wouldn't rev up. Turned out the catalytic converter was clogged & the truck couldn't breath when it was trying to push out too much exhaust. Hope this helps, let us know how it turns out.
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RPM Hi there, Can U tell me why the RPM somethimes stays at '0', even if the car is running, and somethimes when I turm the car off, and I start it again, it marks the normal RPM, and later it will go to "0" again... Regards,

... 2005 Hummer H2

1996 Saturn SL1 Automatic. The RPM gage just works when rpm is over 4000rpm. If rpm is under 4000rpm, it stays in 0 rpm. what is the problem? and how do I fix? thanks

This is Common with this Year and 1Previous 1 After and Requires replacment of the Tachometer, Odometer comes with it and it IS Seperate from the rest of the CLUSTER. After "YOU replace it Take it to a Dealer for reseting of the Odometer.\015\0 ... 1996 Saturn SL

Dear, I have Honda Civic 2000 model (VTI Oriel) in Pakistan , Rpm are not stable in running Rpm are up and down, on higher side upto 2000 rpm and lower side 100 - 0 rpm, during stop on signals engine off. Please resolve my this problem and suggest and send me the solution for this problem. Thanking you Regards Qureshi

Hallo colonial cousin check the engine breather pipes before you start doing anything else ... 2000 Honda Civic

Infiniti 2005 g35 coupe, engine start well and them loosing rpm drop to 0 or less than 800 rpm and them stop.

... 2005 Infiniti G35

I have a 2006 saturn ion, and when my aircon is on my rpm needle goes up and down...it doesn't matter if i'm driving or in park. When i'm in park the issue is much worse. The RPM needle keeps doing the same thing but after about 10-15min in park my RPM needle goes to 0 and shuts off the car. When the car is doing this my aircon works but doesn't cool like it's supposed to. I already had the throttle body replaced but the issue continues...please help!!!

Sounds like your AC compressor is trying to lock up. Have a shop check the head pressure on the compressor. ... 2006 Saturn ION

My bmw e39 2003 vibrate when press the accelerater (0-2 rpm) but not vibrate after 2 rpm.

... 2001 BMW 5 Series

When I accelerate the car jerks and the tachometer tops out at 8000 rpm even though the engine is not racing. when I accelerate the tachometer goes down to 7000 rpm. I have to shut the car off to reset the tachometer to 0.

I had a 2001 aurora with the same exact problem. lucky for me a drunk driver smashed into it with a plow truck and it tumbled down a cliff into a river while it was parked and they gave me 12k for the car that i paid 8900 for .\012i beilive its ... 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

I can jump start my car, but it only runs when i have my foot on the gas. It will run as long as my foot is on the gas, but as soon as I release the gas, the RPM drops to 0 and the engine shuts off and the battery meter slowly goes from 14 V to 0 V. Im trying to figure out if it is the battery, the alternator, or the voltage regulator. (it could be something else but my limited knowledge of cars gets me thinking it is one of these) any help is appreciated, what is wrong?

First thing I'd do there is charge the battery using a battery charger, then have it load tested. Nothing else in the system can be properly tested if the battery will not pass that test. Once that has been done and if the battery is bad, you have r ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

92 geo 1.6 l shoc sounds like a missing v-8 exhaust has a lot of raw gas smell to it and it runs extremely rough until warm, if trying to drive before it is warm, tach will drop to nearly 0, engine will almost stall then jump up to 2500 rpm drop back down about 1000 rpm. runs perfectly normal once warm

... 1992 Geo Storm

Oil pressure goes to 0 at low rpm (idle) goes up with rpm. what other causes can it be other than pressure switch?

Well the only other thing it can be related to is the oil pump and or oil pump pick up. you could have sludge in the pan and the pick up screen is having a hard time passing the oil. but most common with these engines are the pumps getting weak. ... 1999 Lincoln Navigator

Speedometer started to fluctuate when I go over 30 mph. It will go up to somewhere around 50 mph then drop down to almost 0 mph. The rpm guageeedle will not go over 4000 rpm while in park is this normal? All of this started to happen after midas r&r my serpentine belt. Which still has me burned up about. Never knew the brakes and the belt had anything in common. :>(

... 2001 Dodge Neon

My 2003 chevy trailblazer ls rpm gage has completly stopped working. when it first started going bad it would work on occasion and now the needle doesnt even move from 0. my car feels and sounds like it is shifting when it should its just the gage that doesnt work. what could cause this? is it a bad sensor, wires or something all my other gages work fine its just the rpm gage. if anyone knows how i can fix this problem please let me know what i need to check i want to be able to fix it myself if

... 1996 Audi A4

My rpm gage is not working, my speedometer is not working, my gas gage is not working, and my oil gage is not working, and my temperature gage is not working pretty much when i start up my car and drive it my speedometer and rpm gage reads 0 and my other , gages read nothing. my lights still work, so does my radio, and so does my turn signals. what could b the problem?

I'd wager that the fuse that controls the gauges is shot, or one of the internal connectors got unplugged (Fuse sounds more likely). Radio, Lights, and Turn Lamps are usually on seperate circuits. ... Ford Explorer

I checked my timing with a digital timing light. under the hood theres a decal that says timing should be 10 degrees btc its at 17 deg and rpm stay at 1900 rpm on timing light it has a digital advance and ****** but even 10 deg btc it should read 0 degrees at balancer it still reads 8 degrees how do i adjust timing? oh its a 92 ranger 2.3 liter with waste fire ignition. 4 cyl 8 plugs

... 1992 Ford Ranger

Engine dies porsche 911. 3.0 fuel injected after rev'ing up rpm's or just pushing in the clutch the motor does not always return to idle. instead drops to 0 rpm's and dies

Vacuum Leak? ... 1982 Porsche 911

How can i increase or decrease settings? rpm low when warming and running low during normal operations? checked timing it's a 0 tdc. increasing idle speed works with rpm setting and carb?

What is Make, Model ,Year, and Engine?Does this have a distributor? Many GM's run a few degrees advance of TDC (Top Dead Center) on ignition timing.If it has a carburetor, be sure to unhook and plug the vacuum dash ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2000 Eclipse GT auto trans. Car stalls at stop lights. will run fine in all gears. R, N,. When gas is aplied car will run fine untill it shifts to first and the rpm goes to idle. The car will jump between 0 and 2500 rpm a couple of times then stall. I have no warning lights showing.

Thats one of two things i had the same problem with my 94 honda civic and my 00 mitsubishi eclipse both were not cheep to fix saddly for you man on my civic my tranny was catching and it would stall the motor out idk if that was the complete problem ... 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Rpm shooting uo to 4000 rpm when going between 0 and 30

Sounds like the car may not be shifting gears. So the first thing you should do is check the transmission fluid. If the car is not an automatic check your clutch adjustment. If adding fluid or adjusting clutch doesn't fix the problem the transmission ... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2002 hyundai elantra I have replaced the alternator and got a new battery well it ran for one day then while driving it the next day there was a big clunk like something fell out of the motor then the RPM dropped to 0 then it died. Now the battery is dead and it will start if it is jumped it will run for about maybe 2 minutes then the RPM drops and it dies. So what i am asking is is there a relay or fuse or sensor that has failed or did I get a bad alternator??? Please help ASAP I miss

Crank sensor will cause similar stalling issues. You may have got a bad alternator, if the battery light is on after you jump it, probably needs a new, new alternator. make sure all your connections are tight and plugged in, both on battery and alt ... Hyundai Motor 2002 Elantra

2000 chevy blazer 4X4. After driving twenty to thirty miles on freeway when I pull off to the off ramp and come to a stop my battery gauge will start to flicker as well as my fuel gauge, will do that everytime I come to a stop in town. Get back on the freeway drive 40 to 50 miles then car will lose rpm no acceleration when i give it gas when it reaches 0 rpm the car will shut off. the car will turn over but wont start for thirty or so minutes,cant get very far. Fuses are hot as well as the engin

Are there any codes in the pcm? \015\012There are quite a few things that could cause this;\015\012Make sure the battery cables are tight and clean.\015\012If you have a way to do it, need to find out what the fuel pressure is at w ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

My Nissan Primera P12 2003 model 2,0 CVT (Automatic) troubles me. This beacause the engine stops VERY often! This especially when I drive toward a cross or a roundabout. I step off the gaspedal and the engine turning (rpm)falls to way below 300 - 400 rpm... The garage is not giving me any advice. I had the car for some hours in a "testdock" docked to a diagnostic machine, but the garage could'nt find any faults, and could'nt help me to solve this problem... Do anyone have any advice?

Try o put oil in the fuel tank ... Nissan Altima

My Tach on the 2005 Monte Carlo either reads low rpm or it reads clear off the charts. At Idle it will show 0 and at 55 mph it shows about 1500 rpm. Today it is showing clear off the gauge like it has gone clear around.

Well the only real fix for that is to replace IPC. The new one should come programmed and ready to go ... 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Bouncing RPMs I have a 6cyl 1986 pontiac fiero GT 4speed manual. When i put in the clutch and start the car, the rpm goes to about 2000 rpm then drops to 0 and dies. Then I start it again and the engien goes to about 2000rpm again, then down to about 500rpm and back up to 1500rpm. It will bounce like this until i give it a little gas and then it will even out and run fine. Can this be fixed and if not is it bad for the car? Thank You

My car would do the same thing turned ot to be a loose wire at the coil/distributor. there is a plug connector with tow wires one wass loose I crimped the wire no works great ... 1985 Pontiac Fiero

Only right after filling up with gas, the engine seems to either flood or cutoff when arriving at the first stop sign or stop light or better yet from the first higher RPM's down to 0 RPM's. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Bad gas. Put some seafoam in your gas tank or heet fuel line gas treatment. You may have fueled up after the tanker truck filled the gas pumps and water in the tank may have been mixed up with the new fuel. ... 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan

My 2003 Jetta GLX (V6) starts with a very low idle 800-900 regardless of the outside temperature and maintain at 850 or so during normal operating temperature. The idle is too slow to kick-in the charging system and I have to tap the gas pedal to 1500 RPM, otherwise, I will have a Battery light indicating low voltage or Alternator Workshop. I believe the idle should initially be at 1500 rpm, especially when the outside temperature is around 0 degree. Everyone of my cars, idle fast at 15

Hi.I cannot see other's comment, but the reference to carb cleaner spraying makes me understand that you are talking about a vacuum leak. A vacuum leak won't cause the engine idle low. A vacuum leak aspires extra air into the vacuum and t ... Volkswagen Jetta
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