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I have a 2000 Audi TT and my front headlights the xenon ones are messing up can someone tell me how to take out the DS2 bulbs please

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I have a 2000 Audi TT and my front headlights the xenon ones are messing up can someone tell me how to take out the DS2 bulbs please

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I need someone that can tell me how to properly replace my hazard flasher switch that is located above my radio. I can't figure out how to get to it. My car is a 2000 audi a6 quattro. Any advice on how to get the panel off without messing anything up? PLEASE?!?!?!

Hi,\015\012 Check this link this will help you.\015\012http://www.tt-forum.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=809957\015\012\015\012 ... Audi A6

Hello I have an 03 Dodge Durango 4.7/ 4x4/ automatic. I would like add dual exhaust and take off the cat. coverter. The dealer tells me I can't take off the cat, as that would confuse the computer. All of the sensors are in front of it, I don't understand why. Can someone tell me please, if this is a fact, or just dealer wanting to keep everthing stock?

Its against the law,to run with out the converter,you can have duals put on but you have to keep,the cat on.And yes the computer is program to read off these sensors,you can have them install a Y system,keep the cat and just have two mufflers. ... Dodge Durango

I need to replace the gasket for the differential on my 1989 truck but the cover wont come off can someone please tell me how to do this and what steps I need to take please be very discriptive and please send pictures of what I need to do if Possible

Hi,Could you tell me which seal you are trying to replace?If it is the front diff o the rear diff......ThanksJason ... Toyota Pickup

Can someone please tell me where the differential fluid goes or differential switch is on a 2004 Buick Rendezvous. Some one told me my problem was the differential fluid and someone else says its a diffential switch and I don't know what either one of those things are but when I take it to the shop I'd like to know what I'm talking about.

I would tell the repair shop what is happening and let THEM diagnose and recommend what to do. Dont take it to any chain store, take it to a dealer or at least a shop that does a lot of GM work and has experience with your type of vehicle. ... 2004 Buick Rendezvous

I have a 2000,740i. the brake lights stays on constanly even when the car is turn off. after aweeks the brake lights are not working now.i change all the bulbs yet still not works.can someone tell what seems to be the problem with my electric.or were the brake relay,brake fuse and the light module please help have tired with people telling changees

Try to replace stop light switch at the brake pedal. ... 2006 BMW L7

Turn signals i just bought a 1993 grand cherokee and the front right turn signal is burnt out but i cant find out how to remove the lens so i can change the bulb can someone please tell me how to get at the bulb

Check this info: 93ZJ-Secc-8L-Lamps review the 8L - 6 PageGood luck!!! ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1992 Park Avenue Has no oil pressure what so ever for over a year now according to the gauge. The oil neddle is all the way past the high end of the gauge. Neddle will flicker in colder weather. I just changed the oil pressure sending unit and that didnt fix the gauge. Someone please tell me how to trouble shoot or something. Could it be my oil pump? Would it take that long for an oil pump to go out?

... 1992 Buick Park Avenue

Hi there, Can someone please tell me where the oil filter is located in an Audi A4 B8 2.0 TDI?

Http://automn.ru/audi-a4-94/jpg/g031-2.jpg ... 2008 Audi A4

My car will not start when i turn the key nothing happens. the radio and lights will not come on there is no response. But if i take a jumper cable and attach it to the positive post on the battery and then touch it to the top bolt of the starter and turn the key the entire car comes to life when you disconect the jumper cable the car stays running but as soon as you start to move the steering wheel the entire car dies. Could someone please tell me how to fix this problem

Sounds like a dead cell in the battery and the alternator and regulator are dead because of trying to charge it. I would start testing those parts first. ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2000 ford focus with a manual transmission. I need to take apart the shift tower attached to the transmission but Im not sure exactly where that part is. Can someone please tell me where the shift tower is?

Not to sound mean or anything but if you need to take apart your shifter tower and you dont know where it is, you most likely dont know why you are taking off your shifter tower or what you are even going to do. What is it that you are trying to fix? ... Cars & Trucks

Can someone please tell me how to take off my serpentine belt for my 1997 toyota tercel

Taking it off is easy,just cut itDraw a picture of where it goes firstWe have no diagrams ... 1997 Toyota Tercel

Hey, I have a Chrysler 300 limited; my abs light is in. Most often, whenever I take my foot of the gas or brake, my car accelerates slightly on its own. Can someone please tell me what could be my issue?

Tps censer,,,throttle positioning sencer ... Cars & Trucks

Anti Freeze I need to fill my car with Anti freeze (im completely out) But I dont know what kind my car takes. Can someone one please tell me? I was told either the orange kind or the green kind

You can only vrify what kind it used to have. both are OK just the change interval is longer on the pink or red. Mixing the different kinds is'nt recomended as some don't get along and turn to paste or gel. open the drain plug or look in the recov ... 1994 Buick Century

The check engine light comes on all the time now and the Audi service dept constantly tells me it could be a 1000 reason why it continues to come on and each time I take it to the service dept, it cost me $128.00 and up. Please offer any advise you may have.

There really are 1000 reasons the check engine light is coming on. If you keep resetting it and it comes back on, and it is not affecting the engines performance it is more than likely a faulty sensor. But thats just 1 of the many reasons. They want ... 2004 Audi A8

HI, I've got Corolla Verso 2006 T2 and I need to know how to take off central dashboard! I need to replace a light bulbs of heating controls which is behind the panel. does any one know, please tell me. Thanks

... 2005 Toyota Corolla

My car is doing the same thing. when i accelerate to gain some speed or pass someone it starts reving up but dont go anywhere so i have to ease into the throttle. and it only seems to do it once in a while or when it gets warm and at normal temp. please any answers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. i dont want to have to take it somewhere and spend 500-600 dollars just to have some guy with a certification badge on his shirt to tell me its a trans filter or something stupid like that.

I would start by checking the fluid in park with the engine idling.If the fluid is full take it to a parts store and have them pull the diagnostic codes if any are present.If you have codes get back to me and i will help you figure out what to do. ... 2002 Dodge Neon

Today my grand marquis had battery issues. i was parked for about 20 minutes with car on then i turned off then right back on to take off but the car would not start- i can tell it was a battery problem but some of the lights in the car did work-but i would not turn on to put in drive-i messed with headlight swith and all of a sudden smoke was coming out of the hood-is this battery issue or alternator? I had someon pass me cables real quik and it didnt wrk-so a little later i passed cables again

Check your battery posts. Over time, they tend to corrode and cause an inproper connection, but your vehicle is fairly new. If they are dirty, get a wirebrush and clean them thouroughly. Also, make sure the posts are tight and not loose. If they're c ... 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis

How do you change the sidemarker bulb on a 2007 Dodge Magnum. Please don't tell me to take it to the dealer :)

... 2005 Dodge Magnum

This morning I was taking my husband to work and all of a sudden my car which is a 96 toyota camry started spitting and sputtering and shakeing real bad. Well I went out there and took all the wires off the spark plugs and there was oil in my number 3 plug hole. Can someone please tell me what could be wrong?

Good news. Oil doesn't leak up out of the cylinder so the oil came from above~ probably a leak in the valve cover, and ran down along something else into the spark plug hole.That might sound crazy if you didn't see oil anywhere else but the route it ... Toyota Camry

How do I replace my DRL light bulb? My dashboard console displays "Right Front Dipped Beam Defective". Looking at the front, it look like my DRL light bulb is burnt out. I need step by step with pictures on how to replace this bulb. After taking it into dealer, they said that I "may" have xenon lights and those bulbs are more expensive and they would have to take out the bumper to get at the housing unit to replace the bulb and "balance" the unit. Is this a crock or is he telling me the truth? I

Turn it counterclockwise as you fac it from the rear. It should rotate about 1/4 turn and then pull out. Usually there are 2 tabs about 1/4 inch wide & one a little wider so it goes back in right. Some use a plastic ring to hold the bulb in and ... 2006 Volkswagen Passat

Audi 2005 A6 brake light and signal light alarm and light comes off for no reason. When I start the car again, it may be fine. The bulb does not work when the dash indicator show bulb out. I have it at the Audi service center now and they are saying it may cost over $300 to fix. What can you tell me?

... Audi A6

Hi there... im currently working on a audi 2002 audi a4 2.4 v6. and would like to know if you can please tell me where the timing marks are and in what position the left side and right side cams must be in. the vehicle came in with no timing belt on and now i dont know the timing marks. Please help Travis

Chances are the valves are bent,as for timing marks then its not difficult TDC no1 and valves for no1 closed with inlet about toi open ,easy then in that position look for the timing marks ,basic motor mechanics ,timing a engine with no marks at all ... Audi A4

My name is Joyce and I have a question about the heater core on my 1998 Ford Expedition. My husband is outside trying to replace the heater core on it and he is trying to take the whole dash apart. We are having a really hard time. Could you please tell me if we have to take it all apart or is there some other way that we can replace the heater core? We have the manual for it but it just seems really difficult to do, is it as difficult as it looks? PLEASE HELP......LOL

You have the manual so you are ahead of most who try this, the only thing i can tell you is that is not the worsy one to do, lmao ... 1998 Ford Expedition

Help please @ first 2 weeks ago drove it 3miles and it quit tryed starting it and every time i put it in a gear it would just quit then next thing you know it wont start at all then we put throttle body ? on it then fuel pump, fuel filter, practically everything new and we have had mechanics look at it and no one can tell us what it is can anyone please give me something else to tell someone to look at since im a woman i dont know much but my boyfriend has tryed everything and my ex husband is a

Try checking the crank sensor, (for sludge, and wiring connection) and having someone check the timing. It may have jumped a tooth. (so the engine isnt firing the sparkplugs at the right time) Also try drilling a 1/4" to 1/2" hole in the exhaust ... 1992 Chevrolet Corsica
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