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Climate control lights in Nissan sentra 97 all just went out dash ones still work not dimmer switch is it a fuse if so which one

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Answers :

You will have to remove the dash to get to it. If it were a fuse chances other lights or the climate controls themselves would not work...
You will need to remove the control panel from the dash and replace the bulbs that are hard wired to the front of the circuit board inside.
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The high beam headlights in my 2005 Nissan Altima have both stopped working at the same time. The low beams still work perfectly. I get indication on the dash that the high beams are working. I never use the high beams and have just found out that only one fuse controls both the high and low beams. I 'm thinking dimmer switch but would I still get indication on the dash that the high beams are on with a faulty dimmer switch?

... 2005 Nissan Altima

Climate control lights in Nissan sentra 97 all just went out dash ones still work not dimmer switch is it a fuse if so which one

You will have to remove the dash to get to it. If it were a fuse chances other lights or the climate controls themselves would not work...head.ready(function(){ fixyaVideo.embed('700929F','8096481','1 ... Cars & Trucks

Gauges died We bought my son a 1992 explorer. the electronic 4x4 wasnt working so we were checking the wiring. the switch is getting no juice, but midway through checking that we noticed the amp gauge, oil pressure gauge, and tach were not working anymore. we checked all of the fuses in the fuse box under the dash and the one under the hood. the radio still works, the lights both dome, and headlights still work, but the gauges are a no-go. any ideas aside from taking the whole dash apart and che

Could be a computer problem might need to bring it to a mechanic and have them put the code reader on it and see if any pop up ... 1992 Ford Explorer

My dash lights wont come on. when you try to turn on dome switch, the four ways and hight beam indicator lights come on and the seat belt light. I tried replaceing the dome and head light switch, but every time I plug in the new one or old one I get different light problems and still no dash lights. All external lights work fine. also when lights are on and I turn on turn singal my fuel gage goes up and down. all fuse are fine. can any one help? 1988 chevy s-10 pickup

Bad ground , check ground at headlight switch, or behind dash ... Chevrolet S 10

Dash lights i have a 1997 Volvo V90, one night i went to start the car and the dash lights did not come on. Ive checked all the fuses and there fine, ive tried replacing the dimmer switch, headlight switch, and headlight control relay and nothing seems to work. What could possibly cause the dash lights to not come on?

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1998 Ford Taurus Dash (Console) and Backlights are not WorkingI have a 1998 Ford Taurus SE, and the Dash or Console lights and the back lights are out simultaneously. The headlights work fine. The dimmer switch does nothing. The fuses underneath the steering wheel are fine and the fuses under the hood are fine. The backup lights work fine also. The dome light More I have a , and the Dash or Console lights and the back lights are out simultaneously. The headlights work fine. The dimmer switch doe

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My dash board lights on my 1994 mercedes E220 have stopped working even though all my headlights and fog lights work. ive checked the fuses which are all fine and i tried turning the dashboard dimmer switch a few times and it still doesnt work?? also my blower heaters have completely stopped working.

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Only high beam works. Why don't my low beams work or my car horn. Relay, dimmer switch and new lights replaced. Still only works on one beam. High beam sensor light stays on in the dash of the car all the time except when car is not running.

Check your fuses. ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

I have a 2004 Nissan Maxima and my tail lights dont work and whn my headlights are on the dash dimmer doesnt work and a section up by the radio lights dont work. I checked my fuses and the headlight fuse was blown so i replaced it and i turned on the car and everything was back to normal until a min later and the fuse blew again adn the break lights went out and the dash light dimmer switch dont work . the lights dont dim when the headlights are on. Its back to how it was. What do i do?

Find the short, could be in the switch or a wire itself...and if you have a bulb out it complicates finding it even morenew fuse it, then turn things back on one at a time...should tell u where the problem is ... 2004 Nissan Maxima

My 98 accord coupe dash lights are not working all fuses are good didnt seeany burning on circuit board it happened due to dimmer switch from after market cd player alpine was hooked up after un hooking dimmer they still are out checked bulbs but the instrument panel bulbs were not push and twist like all the others and if they were i didnt want to break

Push and twist bulbs have little noches one on each side. if un sure ask autoparts store for bulbs for dash and you can see what they look like. and pull fuses .they sometimes look good ,but check anyway. ... 1998 Honda Accord

Cant get dash lights,radio lights to work...checked all fuses under hood and side of dash, all good...replaced dimmer switch, still no lights, can you recommend what else to look for thank you, jim [email protected]

Me and one of my cousins friends have a 97 cutlass and we both had the same problem. We both replaced the panel with the headlight/dimmer switch/fog light switch. We did that and they worked. Good luck. ... 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

My dash light lite dimmer switch melted , so I replaced it and the fuse keeps blowing, so I removed th e switch and jumpered the connector, the lights worked for a short while and now the fuse fails instantly. 1. I can pwere the lights from an alternat source ( cigar lighter) and they work fine. 2. I can power another light frome the dash lite connector and it works fine, but when I jumper the power terminal and the light terminal of the connector the fuse blows ?.I have an aftermarket manual th

When the switch melted it melted a wire somewhere its either touching together or touching metal trace wire & you'll find a short ... 1996 Mercury Mystique

I have a 90 chev 1/2ton the brake lamps are inop,i was towing a trailer and the turn and brake lamps became inop, checked fuses and found turnsignal fuse blown and the brake good,but the brake fuse was a 15amp and some one had installed a 30amp fuse, i replaced the turn signal fuse and the turn signals worked but still no brakes, so i checked the brake switch and found the connector and switch burnt, i replaced the switch and fixed the wiring at the switch still no brake lamps?

Use a test light and see if there is power to the switch. Then depress the pedal and you should have power on both sides. If there is no power to the switch, check the harness from the fuse box to the switch. If it got that hot, it may have melted th ... 1991 Chevrolet C1500


Hi saturniiyou are correct, they can burn out switches and even wires because of the strong requirement on power. To have this resolved long term, you may need to run high amp capacity wires and fuse through the light circuit and use a w ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

Got a 98 k1500 4wd changed the turn indicators on the pass side one was out and the other broke front of truck put the wrong bulbs at first and all lights flashed.. checked the number on the other side put correct ones in blinkers work fine but now the entire dash illumination is gone.. check engine fuel airbag all those lights still work just illumination on guages dont light up at all.. tail lights were out fuse was burnt replaced it lights work now but still no dash illumination.... im kinda

There is a small fuse in the cab fuse block ,for the insterment panel that is verry easy to miss if you don,t look close ,it is hidden kind of at the top of the fuse block behind the wires, ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

Fog lights 1) Noticed (driver side fog light out); passenger side light working; and internal switch with fog light on (shows green illumination). 2) Get new bulp for light out - put in. Still does not work 3) Open up fog light assembly to view working one (to see what I possibly missed - that one still working. (car running lights on) 4) move back to inoperative one (remove retainer clip) suddenly get a spark and it shorts out (I believe) either a fuse or otherwise blows out the one that was wo

Check fuse #7 in the fuse block inside the vehicle and fuse #25 in the fuse block under the hood...more than likely you blew one of these fuses when it sparked. as for the drivers side being inop once you replace the blown fuse if you have a test lig ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

Dash and tail light are outTail light and dash lights are not turning on and the tail light 10amp fuse is blowing as so as the light switch is turned on. I have checked all the bulb, sockets, by passed my remote starter, installed a new light switch, pulled up the rocker panels, disconnected the socket in the back seat that supplies power to the rear light, pulled oout the dash assembly, pulled out the dimmer switch, removed all the relays and fuses, and more and it still is blowing fuses.

You may have the wrong wires hooked into the switch. try testing the wires with an ohm meter and making sure they are both the positive wires. always disconnect the negative battery terminal before installing any electrical devices ... 2003 Toyota ECHO

I have a 1991 Isuzu Trooper The fuel pump works but I don't get power to the pump with the key on, but when I turn it over I do, but only 9 volts and the pump doesn't turn on I have two fuel relays the one under the dash doesn't click when I turn it over, but the one in the fuse box does, I switched them and the one under the dash clicked when it was plugged into the fuse box and the other one didn't click under the dash I heard it could be alternator related?

No replace both relays and see if you still have the problem if so you could have a bad ground wire. ... 1991 Isuzu Trooper

1999 2500 chevy suburban parking lights, dash and taillights will not turn on but headlights and turn signals still work.. I have checked fuses and found nothing wrong??? could it be the head lamp switch??? this started by some times I would have to work the switch a couple of times to get the dash lights on If this is the problem does the lower dash have to be removed to change this switch???

The tail lights run through the headlight switch, they also run through the combination switch(turn signals) that is a known issue for those trucks try messing with the hazard light switch and see if the start functioning, also if you have a tow pack ... Chevrolet Suburban 2500

I have a 1997 cavalier z24 that is having some electrical problems. The tail lights, side marker lights, and instrument cluster lights do not work. I've already replaced the fuse, but it keeps blowingan . All light bulbs have been removed and the fuse still blows. All lights, except the instrument cluster, do turn on for a brief moment before the fuse blows. The dimmer switch has also been removed and the fuse still blows. All other fuses have been checked and they are good. The light switch has

You have a dead short immediately after the fuse Check wiring for rub points/ pinch points. Check all bulb sockets to ensure that the power wire is not touching earth or the earth wire. ... Cars & Trucks

Brake lights on both sides are out. 2008 jeep liberty limited. 3rd light above hatch works. Tail lights work. Blinkers work. License plate light works. Bulbs are good. Replaced the brake light switch..still have the problem. I'm stumped....I checked the fuses for "exterior lights" (one fuse for the rt, one for left) and they seemed good. What do I try next? Bought the car new 4.5 years ago...been pretty easy on it. No aftermarket changes.

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1993 ford f-150, the headlight switch shorted out to where the headlights would still come on but the tail lights and parking lights and dash lights would not work. My brake lights and turn signals still work. I replaced the switch and it still has the same issue. I checked my fuses and replaced 2 of them but that didn't fix it either. I then checked my bulbs and they were fine. Am i missing a step here?

Also check the fuses, there are 2 on in the interior fuse panel, over your left knee, and 1 in the "big" fuse box under the hood on the drivers side engine compartment, beside the overflow-washer box, and almost under the master cylinder, check em' b ... 1993 Ford F150 SuperCab

My headlights and cab lights stopped working in my 1979 chevy k20. I put in a new headlight switch and a new dimmer switch and they still don't work. I can't see a fuse for the headlights in the fuse box. Is there a fuse and could it be labeled as something else. Any other ideas on what is causing the problem. They were fine a few days ago. thanks

Headlights get power straight from the battery via the starter. Remove the wire harness from the headlight switch and use a test light to see if you have power at the large red wire. I'm thinking you don't which means the fusible link down by the sta ... Chevrolet K2500

My tail lights and dash lights dont work on my 1997 nissan sentra but if i replace the tail light fuse they work but it blows fuses and the dash lights still dont work

... 1997 Nissan Sentra

I have geo metro 1997 automatic one head light doesn't work so i remove and by accident i touch the ground with the extension so now my head light dont work and my dash ligth dont work to :( i change 30 fuse 15 fuse 30 fuse still not work what fuse square need to be change ?

Look at the inside of the cover of the fuse box in the inside of the vehicle. The diagram will tell you which fuse is which. if its not in that fuse box there will be one under the hood. if all of the fuses are good there is a good chance that you ma ... Geo Metro
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