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Ford f150 beeps 15 times in random intervals. Airbag light, is lit every start up.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Take a airbag reset tool to reset.
obd2 airbag reset tool
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Ford f150 beeps 15 times in random intervals. Airbag light, is lit every start up.

Take a airbag reset tool to reset._______________obd2 airbag reset tool ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 206 mercury mountaineer v6 that would not start yesterday, it just clicked multiple times. Out of nowhere it started but you could tell it was taking all of the juice it could find to start. The last few days the airbag light has been coming on and off at random times. I have been able to start the vehicle but every other time the airbag light comes on and stays on any ideas?

Was it the alternator?? We had the same problem, believe thats the problem. ... 2006 Mercury Mountaineer

05 A6 Right side break light indicator, reverse light indicator and no turn signal nor emergency flasher on the back right only. Warning goes off at random times visual and beeping alert. Some lights work at different times so it is not a bulb issue but the warnings keep coming every time the car is started.

Sounds like bad fuses or bad fuse circuit bord.\015\012Jeremy... ... 2005 Audi A6

Have a 1992 buick lesabre with a new problem. I tried to start the car on Thurs. all lights inside, radio, ac, instrument panel lit up. there was no sound from the engine. I adjusted the gear shift and retried to start the car. It started. On friday the car started first time and then it randomely did this again. only this time it would not restart. We adjusted the gearshift, tried starting in neutral, moving the car a bit, nothing worked until it was ready to start. what's wrong with my car?

The ign lock cylinder has two tiny wires that may be going bad and not making connection. The fix is to replace the ign. lock cylinder and chip key. The starter will not turn over if they are not making contact and it may go into a shutdown mode for ... 1992 Buick LeSabre

Electrical i have 1999 jeep cherokee sport. 112,000 miles. stalls out at idle. happends every so often but starts right up. also blower motor cuts out at high position, also airbag,checkeng light comes on and rpm and mph goes out then goes back to normal. happends every so often.because it doesnt happen all the time, mechanics say wait for a failure to bring in for service. steering wheel lock doesnt work, and i suspect that not all of the dash check lights come on like seatbelt light comes on t

It sounds as thought you have a short, or shorts in the electrical system. In all honesty, you are not likely to get a good answer online. I would have to look at the vehicle and trace the wiring to find the problem. A few things to check out first ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

I was driveing down the road in my 2003 ford f150 and all the lights went dim along with the guages going down like it was going to die so i gave it some gas then everything went back to normal later when i was parked i went to start it and it would not start instead every time i turned the key the lights would dim and the power locks went up and down and started clicking over and over even when i turned the key back off and took it out it keep clicking over night and into the next day took the

This sounds like bad battery conections. take a part the terminals and clean off the corrosion. more than likely the is some corrosion that is hidden and once everything is clean and tight it should fix your problem. ... 2003 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Beeping noise Car beeps three times in a row twice every time I start the car. No warning/dash lights are on indicating something to be wrong

... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have replaced my Catalytic converter with a direct fit replacement, also replaced my engine speed sensor and crank shaft sensor and i still have my service engine soon light on. The latest fault says something about a sylinoid malfunction? The car will not start or is very hard to start randomly...not every time it is cranked, the whole car sometimes jerks going down the road and it feels really sluggish, i have took care of my car trans been serviced 2 times and oil changed religiously..

If a converter failed in less than 12 or more years--you have a problem, that caused it to fail, correct that first,then the new converter.\015\012\015\012If you replaced Sensors yourself, based solely on codes,and did no testing,they may ... 2005 Nissan Altima

1989 volvo 760, 4 cyl turbo. our stationwagon is having a little problem starting. in the morning or the first drive of the day the car starts fine but every once in a while we drive it and go into the store or something and come back out and the car wont start. we have to wait sometimes a half hour some times two hours. its very random when it happens. when it wont start it doesnt click like a low battery it doesnt do anything except show all the lights up on the dash like usual. so it seems li

Check the connection at the starter relay. The battery cable should run to the relay and another runs from the starter relay to the starter. If the connection seems fine, the relay itself may have a crack within., preventing a starting connection. If ... 1989 Volvo 760

I install a distributor because my pip was bad , every thing when fine but the timing marks are know way off The truck starts fine but with a timing light the mark is no were in site.1995 5.0 f150

... Cars & Trucks

Lexus 1990 LS400 security alarm went off. Turned off alarm but car went into anti-theft mode and wouldn't start. Now able to start car after jiggling key in door lock, but every time it's started it beeps once. Why is this and how do I stop it? Don't see any indicator lights on that may indicate a problem.

... 1995 Lexus LS 400

2005 nissan sentra. Have replaced battery, spark plugs every 6 months and car still is having problems starting all the time. Now it has decided to not start and all dash lights and cd player are clicking randomly when I turn key over. Have had it at 2 different mechanics and all they seem to do is change spark plugs and it runs fine for a while. any ideas?

Try your starter and your couil packs ... 2005 Nissan Sentra

My oil light is on and still beeping at me even after I just replaced the oil sending unit, which i thought was the problem. The light comes on every time i start to drive

... 1996 Volkswagen Cabrio

Almost every time I stop somewhere to run my daily errands, my 2002 chevy mailbu won't start. The anti-theft light remains on for about ten minutes or so, then only after it turns off I can start my car. I've read online that chevy does not want to recall the obviously faulty parts because it is not cost effective. I apparently am not alone in this fight, and from what i have read online in various forums this can also cause my car to randomly shut off as I'm driving. In hoping to prevent any so

You can put key in and leave it on do not start car wait 10 to 20 min.s and then start your car this should reset the computor. if not you may have to take it to the shop or have to redo this when it happens. ... Chevrolet Malibu

The check engine light is on, and it's starting to beep every time I start the car. Is there anything I can do, or is this something only a mechanic can fix.

Go to autozone and have them pull the codes from the computor ,they will do this for free and give you an idea of what to check ... 2002 Ford Escape

A series of 5 beeps 5 times every half hour and at the start of the vehicle ?

... 2009 Ford Mustang

I have an 06 lincoln town car and an 07 I recently had the airbag clock spring replaced on the 07 and then had the 06 airbag light come on. On the 07 the light simply came on and stayed on without any beeping or flashing. I replaced the clock spring on the 06 but this did not solve the problem. It beeps once...possibly pauses then 4 times more, or five beeps continuous. The light flashes once then pauses then 8 more times

Hi. go here to solve your problem http://www.myairbags.com/?gclid=CKadtYuH5KICFYp95QodjXsjxA\015\012 ... 2006 Lincoln Town Car

Have 99 f150 when i start it up it starts beeping 5 times then stops and starts again for a total of 25 times

... 2005 Ford Five Hundred

The check engine light comes on and off on my 06 stratus. the first time it came on was about 2 months ago. I took it to the shop and they said I had steped on the gas to hard and had forced the vacuum, but that the car did not have any problems. The light was off. After 2 months, on a 6 hour trip, the light came back on and this time the car started to shake. at first it shook every 20 mins or so, after a while it was like every 5 mins. The next morning i started the car, check engine light was

Why my Check Engine/Service Engines Soon light comes on?\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012The engine computer or PCM/ECM\015\012All modern vehicles have a computer or the ECM (Electro ... 2006 Dodge Stratus

In my 98 grand am when I press the button for traction control to be off is stays off every time I start the car or in the winter it stays on when I start the car if i press the button, now I just got a 2004 grand am and every time I start the car I have to press the trac control button to make the light on the dash say it is off. shouldn't it be like the 98 grand am and have the light say its off evertime I start the car until I press the button to turn on when I need it?

No. It is not like the older system. It is on all the time now. GM figured that there would only be very few special occasions that you would need it to be off. Therefor having it on all the time and turning it off only when those special occasions a ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

My battery warning light stays on for about 2 minutes every time I start the car with a cold engine. The voltage across the battery terminals when the light is on is 14v. I am not having any other symptoms such as difficult to start, slow starter turning, etc. The alternator is about 2 years old. The condition is VERY consistent. It does it every time I start the engine and it always goes off within 2 minutes

Have the computer reset also check the serpentine belt for wear. and check for bad ground connections from motor to chassis... ... 2002 Mazda Tribute

Not Starting When the key is turned on, the check engine light does not light - the car will not start. Sometimes if the key is left on, the light will come on, other times the key has to be turned on and off repeatedly to get the check engine light to light. Every time the light comes on, the car starts right away.

This is gonna be a lenghty diagonsis. Forget about the check engine light for a moment. What do we have : a)Crank no start, b)No crank , c)Starter clicks,d) no clicking . How many miles does the vehicle have? How old is the battery? What condition a ... 1991 Nissan Maxima

Jeep Liberty 2006 - Check engine light flashes when starting and then stays on solid after gaining some speed. When the engine is off for a period of time, like overnight, it starts normally and the check engine light does not flash. However, if the engine is off for a short period of time the check engine light flashes and then remains on. Also, it does not happen every time but about half the time. When this happens the engine hesitates and shakes until the check engine lights stops flashing.

... Plymouth Reliant

Recently, my car started beeping. The sound comes from the dashboard (somewhere) and there are no indicator lights on anywhere (Check engine, battery, oil, etc). Upon starting the car, a long beep begins and beeps 5 times in a row. Then it will stop and beep again, 5 more times. It does this pattern, five times. (5 sets of 5 beeps) I called the local dealership and they have no idea what it could be. It does stop but eventually begins again about a half hour after driving. Is it electrical?

... 2003 Ford Escape

Mustang a series of 5 beeps 5 times every half hour and at the start of the vehicle.

... 2009 Ford Mustang
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