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2005 model Kompressor c200 engine cuts out while driving and have radio, airconditioner on. Sometimes it takes 3 attempts to start.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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2005 model Kompressor c200 engine cuts out while driving and have radio, airconditioner on. Sometimes it takes 3 attempts to start.

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Intermittently not starting--problems with all gauges, radio etc . Sometimes starts right up, other times, turn key, nothing happens, remove key, abs, airbag and security light stay on, when attempting to start, none of the gauges actuate, sometimes the security light comes on, replaced keyswitch harness to main block, pulled all fuses, relays, after replacing harness, worked fine for a week or so. Sometimes while driving, all gauges shut off, then return to position previously.

Check to make sure the ground lead-off wire to the fenderwell has not come loose or corroded. Also make sure you have a good engine to fierwall ground, this is the flat braided uncoated piece of connector running from the firewall usually to an intak ... 2001 Chevrolet Venture

Hey people, i drive a 92 cherokee laredo 4x4 auto.. no modifications at all!! jeep wont start when temperature outside is hot. i bought another starter just to be sure, it has 160,000 miles on it. new fuel filter as well..when attempting to start, fuel pump will prime but no start! sometimes i have to wait till temp cools before it starts, and then when its turned off from driving if its too hot it has the same problem...is this a fuel pressure regulator problem??? i cant take this **** any more

There is something wrong with the engine. check likages ... 1990 Jeep Cherokee Limited

2003 Alero (3.4) wont start or even attempt to turn over until jumped. While driving I can hear whining through the speakers (with radio off) that matches the engine RPMs. Once I turn the car off, it loses all power, no gauge lights, radio or anything and wont start until I jump it. I also noticed that when in park if I quickly punch the gas I lose RPMs before the engine revs up...sometimes the car will stall and then restart itself on it's own...other times it will die and all my dash light

Wow, that is quite the electrical psychoanalysis :0) You have got some major electrical issues going on here. Well, the first things that I would suspect to even get a little idea as to what is going on, considering that you have multiple systems w ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

I have a Toyota Landcruiser Ute (1985) Model HJ75RP-MRQ3. I put the key in and turn....no click, no sound at all, the key just turns. No radio, no headlights. I thought it might be the battery but it started ok after 7 attempts, at that point it seemed like a loose connection somewhere. I took it for a 40 minute drive, turned the engine off, tried to start again....nothing. I think I was lucky when I jump started it, sounds like a loose connection, when I turn the key sometimes it clicks and th

Lets get something sorted here HJ75 doesn`t have spark plugs it it is a4liTre diesel. 2h motor, if you run on petrol it is a FJ75. lets assume it is a2f motor ,when you turn the key you say nothing happens ,does that mean the motor doesnt turn ove ... 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser

Automobile troubleshooting 94 Chrysler Concorde... Engine would not start after pulling in to a parking space for 3 minutes, battery is new and fully charged, lights are bright and strong, both dim and bright, battery terminals clean. Attempted to start the car and it turned one turn and then was dead.... turning the key causes the dash lights and radio dial to dim to black. Fuses check out OK Checked the Starter relay, and seems to be OK... Car will sometimes "miss" or "lurch" when driving o

... 1994 Chrysler Concorde

Having what I think is an intermittent fuel delivery problem. Vehicle runs fine for days and sometimes 2-3 weeks then while driving begins to sputter and usually dies. pull off to the side of the road shut the key off & restart usually 1st time sometimes it takes several attempts but then it starts and runs fine again for awhile.??? 2000 Ford explorer v8 4wd auto.

Sound like u have rust particles in the gas tank.\015\012\015\012If you dont run the tank low it will not stall\015\012if you dont go fast (consume more gas) it wont stall eighter ... 2000 Ford Explorer

When i start the car it idles ruff and dies sometimes the check engine light is on. It dies while trying to drive when you let off the throttle. I have an 89 Buick lesabre. It usually takes my car anywhere from 3-10 tries before starting. Once it does start, it sputters, and sometimes dies if I don't hit the gas pedal. It's even died while driving. It barely wants to take off when I press the gas, it takes about 30 seconds to get to 40 mph, and now it doesn't want to go any faster.

Could be the O2 sensors ... 1989 Buick LeSabre

I have a 1992 Chevy Lumina. Its a euro 3.4 v.6. I would be Driving down the road and it would die. Sometimes it starts back up sometimes it takes a while like it doesn't wanna start. I changed the fuel filter, of censor, and the pcv valve. Still dies and stalls. Sometimes it will stall and act like its driving with no gas and dies and will turn n turn but just don't start and sometimes it does. Sometimes when I first start it up just putt putts and dies. Lol what is wrong with my car. Its been d

... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

Electrical maybe it started with the odometer light not working at times. then the radio keeps cutting out sometime for a min sometime longer, then the overdrive light on the gear shift blinks on and off. then the transmission goes from drive to second or nutral while driving at 70 or 80 km per hour, then the truck will start when the key is only on auxillery and not turn all the way to start the truck will start sometime and sometime only when you close the door. sometime you can turn the key o

You did not give the year and model, but generally I would start with the key switch. The switch controls everything you mentioned. ... Ford Cars & Trucks

My 1993 Chevy lumina euro keeps dying when i am driving. Sometimes it won't even start. When it dies while driving it starts right up like new a few times and takes 15-20 mins other times. This last time i had to jump it to start it. It dies or will not start on hills always. it does not do this every time i drive and sometimes not for a week or so however the time between seems to be getting shorter (about every other time i drive the car).

... Chevrolet Chevy

I have a 1999 Dodge Cummins and I'm having a few problems. First, sometimes it fires right up or sometimes it takes two cranks but always starts, usually starts right up after sitting. But if i have been driving it for awhile its harder to start. Second, the truck will sometimes get a dead pedal and lose power but if i shut it off and start it back up it will be back fine. Third, today i was driving and the truck just shut off. wouldnt start back up for nothing. I had a little over a 1/4 tank. s

... Dodge Ram 2500

Awhile ago the gas gage started to to bounce all over the place. Now it works ok until just below a half tank. It spikes to full, then drops and bounces all over the place. It also started to just die on me either at an idle or even while driving. Once it dies, it may start right up or sometimes I had to wait up to 30 minutes. Also I drive somewhere and turnit off, same, sometimes starts sometimes take 30 minutes. It seems to not get gas as the battery and alternator are fine. Any help?

Float inside tank indecate the level of the fuel. need to check the float. replace if necessary. ... Chevrolet Impala

My car; 1998 audi A6 quattro 2.8 won't start. Some checked and told me its my key that expired. I started observing that sometimes after a drive, when i park the car it won't start when i attempt to re-start, sometimes after several attempts the car would start. It continued this way for months until it won't start anymore. I need help my car is parked for over 3 months now.

Guys hope yourl keeping well\012\012Ive got a 1998 A6 2.8 Quattro\012Ive changed the gearbox and the vehicle dont start now.\012the engine swings from the starter but when using the key it turns once and nothing happens thereafter the ... 1998 Audi A6

Electrical problems I have a 2006 Ford Focus, I was driving home from work one day and the Radio went off. I work nights so the lights were on and the AC. When I attempted to turn the radio on the words LOW BATTERY came on the radio screen. I kept driving and several miles down the road I loose all my gauges and the lights start getting dimmer. After much prayer I made it home as I turn in the driveway the car dies it rolled in the drive. Later that evening it did start, I took it to the shop, t

Sound like the car is not recharging the battery as you drive. Take it to a different shop and ask them to test the alternator and entire charging system as well as the battery. ... 2006 Ford Focus

My 2005 Honda Civic is losing electrical power periodically. Most noticeable is the radio turning off then immediately back on. It has now started to show various start up lights. Sometimes the ABS, parking break, or other lights, sometimes all, sometimes one but always the radio will go out. There's a slight 'shutter' when it happens from the engine, then all is okay. It doesn't happen at any particular time. I can be stopped, or driving, smooth roads or bumpy.

How long have you use this battery ?probably it need maintenance,check the level of the distill water in the battery. ... Honda Civic

I have a 94 chevy truck 5.7 engine that turn over alot before it starts then sometimes will idle sometimes die, then when you start to drive away it takes the fuel then 3 seconds later boggs, take foot off pedal and push own again it reponds the same way. If you floor it then it will fly until it shifts to second then it starts the same thing over. It seems to be a fuel problem it acts identical to the older vehicles with a manual chock not pulled on a cold day. Thanks.

... 1994 Chevrolet C2500

Sometimes starts right up. sometimes takes several minutes before it will start, sometimes stalls when driving and takes several minutes to restart, car is a 2002 firebird, 3.8 39000 miles.

Check fuel pump pressure and filter? ... Pontiac Firebird

Sometimes it will start sometimes it will just crank. you can be driving down road running good and suddenly die, or can be idling and quit. sometimes it will start back right then and sometimes it takes awile for it to start back. problem seems to be getting worse.

Check fuel pressure.when was fuel filter last changed? check all sensor connections. ... 1997 Ford F250 SuperCab

My contour is starting at times and when I drive it for a while it will not start. i thought it was my alternator and that was checked this checked out fine. I had the cable cleaned etc.. all of that it will run as long as I don't drive to much but sometimes it will get hot and then it will not start or it even will allow me to drive at night for a while and be fine but then it goes right back to not starting. Now I'm taking the alternator back off because i have pretty much looked at it all any

A hot starter will not work. It is an electric motor and electric things can have problems when hot that they do not have when cold. So letting the car sit will let it cool down, also usually cooler at night.If you remove the starter most ... 1997 Ford Contour

I turned key and car did nothing. second attempt car started. I started driving and realized that all the "dummy lights" were lit up. the power to the radio faded in and out and then the int. lights came on. I checked fuses and cleaned battery connections. now the car runs and drives, however, the power windows, power locks, radio, fuel guage and inter. lights don't work. the air bag and sevice engine soon lights are on. any suggestions?

I would suspect a faulty ignition switch causing all the electrical issues. There are 3 distinct circuits running from the ignition switch, it sounds like one of them are faulty and not allowing power to certain circuits. Best to have it diagnosed at ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

I have a problem with my vw golf v ,99 modle. its having a hard start, and after starting , when you drive it does not respond imediatly it takes time and sometimes when driving, and you think of exelerating it will take time to respond....

Any sputtering?? Sounds like miss firing to me when was the last time the plugs were changed ? could be bad plug wires or cap and rotor button, or the distributor its self.. ... 2001 Ford Expedition

I have a 99 Cherokee Sport, w/straight 6. Runs like a champ when driving but starting it usually takes 2 tries to get it to start. If you start it within 5 minutes of shutting off it will sometimes start first try though. Also rough idle for a minute or so after getting started. Also notice that when I run shell premium sometimes it will start first try especially when fuel tank is full. Plugs are good (Bosch Plat. +4) any other ideas? Thanks! Leann

Have a fuel pressure test done, that will show if the fuel pump is weak, or the fuel pressure regulator is faulty. ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

Rattly noise I recently started having problems with my 1996 ford taurus. Sometimes when I step on the gas it will make a rattly noise and it has less power. When I take my foot off the gas, it stops. Sometimes when I start my car there will be some blue smoke out the tail pipe. sometimes it does this when I'm driving and I get the rattly sound but not always. I did have an oil leak by the oil pan fixed a few weeks ago. This started just before the oil leak was fixed, but hasnt gone away. I've t

The blue smoke is an idicator of burning oil. this could be either bad valve seals or bad oil rings on the piston. with the loss of power and the ratteling noise nit would seem that you have a valve issue in the heads. now either the valves are not s ... 1996 Ford Taurus

Have a 92 dodge dakota V6. strange intermittant problem. when things are fine they're fine. when they're not it will start, rev up past 2000 rpm then die. sometimes takes 15-20 attempts then will start and run. runs fine for long periods then lurches and backfires for several seconds and then right back to running fine. sometimes shutting it off as soon as trouble starts and restarting helps. sometimes it runs fine and then goes in and out of "wierd" condition all day long, sputter and backfire

... 1992 Dodge Dakota
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