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2005 Dodge grand caravan 3.3l Turn signal malfunction turn left and it's a 50% chance it will say I'm turning left the rest of the time it doesn't register as being on and when turning right 50% of the time it registers as turning right the rest of the times it registers as a left turn Where should I start inside the steering column, as well as what might cause such an issue

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Answers :

I should worry about the steering alighment first,when the st/wheel is @ 12 o.clock gheck to see if wheels are straight.
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2005 Dodge grand caravan 3.3l Turn signal malfunction turn left and it's a 50% chance it will say I'm turning left the rest of the time it doesn't register as being on and when turning right 50% of the time it registers as turning right the rest of the times it registers as a left turn Where should I start inside the steering column, as well as what might cause such an issue

I should worry about the steering alighment first,when the st/wheel is @ 12 o.clock gheck to see if wheels are straight. ... Cars & Trucks

1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT dies only when turning left. It also blows a 20A fuse every time as well. It can drive straight and turn right without dying but when turning left it dies every time. How can I fix or diagnose this issue? Please help me, any information would be helpful. Thank you!

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When trying to set the timing on my 95 taurus sho 3.2 liter automatic, spinning the cams clockwise, the right hand cam (on front end of motor) takes three turns an ends up in sync with timing marks for cam. The left side ends up a quarter turn off in three turns, so after that qurter turn i spun it backwards a quarter turn and it seems as if it rested there barely any slight movement would cause it to jump a quarter turn off. I got the belt back onn without making it out of sync. it turns over s

... 1994 Ford Taurus

Headlight issue The issue with my 2001 Chrysler T&C is with the headlights. The van has day-time running lights. With the key in and power on the left front headlight works / right off. Then if you turn the headlight switch on the right comes on left goes out. Help... Kristine

This may be either a defective DRL module or a headlight ground fault. ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

Over charging After having a rebuilt alternator installed in my 2002 Escape, I am having an overcharge issue. At 3000 RPM, all my dashboard gauges turn to the right, then turn all the way down to the left. I also get my battery light and dome light turning on during this overcharge period. My check engine light comes on every now and then during this event. Some times it stays on and sometimes it goes off. My mechanic is trying to say it's a ground issue. If it was a ground issue, shouldn't it h

Get a volt meter set it on dc scale start your engine .take meter hook it to battery it should be 13.5 to 14.5. it shouldnt go over 15. if it goes over 15 volts your alternator has a bad voltage regulator. take it back get you a new one. ... 2002 Ford Escape

On my 2006 honda pilot the rear left passenger door seems to be having issues with the door jamb switch or the door sensor. everytime i make a right turn, or the car goes over bumps...the "door open" sign lights up on the dashboard indicating that the rear left passenger door is open. to troubleshoot the problem and see if the switch itself is bad, i swapped the door jamb switches between the left and right rear passenger doors, but now the "door open" sign remains lit all the time for the r

Hi there,Excellent troubleshooting there.Excellent description too.Thank you.When you pulled the switch on the switches, you actually narrowed the problem way down.The problem, by the nature of the symp ... Honda Pilot

My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee suddenly will not start. When I turn the key it clicks once and nothing else. The gauges and celiing light stay on continuously without flicker the battery power seems low but we changed the battery. I checked the diagnostic code by clicking the key on/off 3 times and said "done", so the problem is not one the computer can recognize. I also tried turning the key in the car door two or three times to the left the right or both to resolve any anti-theft issue. But, stil

Suggest you try live chat if you need a fast answer for this problem ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2001 GMC Jimmy. 1st issue; At about 53-54mph it feels like I am running over grooved pavement warning strips similar to that approaching a toll booth, goes away at any other speed. 2nd issue; Key will not turn back for removal some times. I have tried both turning the steering wheel left and right, also pressing the brake while shifting back and forth from park to drive or low or neutral...have even re-started it and driven a few paces and it will still not allow the key to be removed, then fin

Your Ign switch is inside your steering column clamshell, take the bottom screws out of the clamshell and bott. will drop off, pull tilt lever straight out and the switch is on right side it has 2 plastic retainers you squeeze to get it to slide out ... 2001 GMC Jimmy

2002 Toy Tacoma TRD 4X4 front differential. 67,000 total miles, probably 1200 off road w/ 4X4 engaged total- water & gumbo mud. 2&1/2 in. Hecothorn suspension lift. Right axle diff. seal leaked at about 45K, left at 65. Caught early and kept topped off, but now has lots of play in axles at diff and cannot keep left seal in. Common problem? Design issue? Lift issue? Whose bright idea was it to make the front axles turn all the time? I have a degree in engineering and it seems worse than stu

... Toyota Tacoma

Our 2002 ford windstar lx has a groaning noise coming from the power steering. It is hard to turn the wheel at times and the groaning gets louder when at full lock left or right. fluid level is fine and the noise has been happening for some time. It seems that this is pump failing. Is there anything that I check to see if the issue is the pump or a seal?

If fluid not coming out then the pump is likely toast \015\012go to salvage yard and get a new one if you have tools and time remove the pump your self for added savings and a great learning experience and hell if it comes off easily enough yo ... 1999 Ford Windstar

I've been told I need to replace my 1999 Maxima's front axles, but it was not "urgent". Upon inspecting my tire treads, I noticed that when I parked, the steering was turned to the left. Upon further inspection, I noticed the left wheel was moderately turned, but the right wheel was almost straight. I backed up and parked turned to the right. This time, the right wheel was way more turned than the left. The left was almost straight. I have an appointment at the garage in 3 days, but is i

Wow yes you can drive it but will eat your tires sounds like your tie rod ends need to be adjusted def need a front end alignment ... Nissan Maxima


Need to remove the plastic under steering wheel and you will see a lock. whit a screw driver push it and turn the key.put some oil 123 or grease.att:Teo ... Dodge Durango

Acura T.L 3.2 2002, my left headlight stop coming on. Replace HID buld low beam. Didn't work right so I switch bulds right to left still only the left drivers side headlight won't come right on. Sometimes if I turn light on and off a couple times the left driver side will come on but then the right passenger headlight goes out. Both light rarely come on at the some times neither lights comes on after messing wit light switch on and off. I have 3 working HIDs bulds new fuses and still the problem

I having a same problem as you.I have changed Head light (general head light 12V 37W)I plug out inverter connector and connect 12V 37W bulb directlyIt works fine. ... 2002 Acura 3.2TL

Have a 07 monte carlo ss with a V-8. the radiator was replaced. since then when making a left turn for a start the right wheel at times feels like its either skipping on the ground and makes chattering noises for a few seconds. GM boys dont seem to have a clue help, did not have this issue prior to this repair

... 2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Sometimes my 2004 chrysler 300M won't start. It feels like I didn't "hit it" just right when turning the key - like I was in too big of a hurry. (But I'm not sure if it is the car or me) Then when I try to start it, it will turn over but not fire up. The first couple of times it would start by the 3rd try. One time it started up when I turned the wheel to the left. This last time I couldn't get it to start, let it sit for 4 hours and then it fired right up. Don't know what to think????

Sound like your fuel pump is ready to go out. ... 2004 Chrysler 300M

Electrical issues I have a couple of issues with my electrical system. I have a 1996 Camry LE 2.2L. They are: 1. My car sometimes will not turn over. I can turn the key and nothing will happen, then other times it starts right up. I can jump it off and it will start right up, then I can park it, turn it off, and try to restart it and nothing. 2. I was driving down the road the other day, and when I turned my headlights on the car completely died. No lights, no engine, no radio, nothing. I turned

1.) You need to have the contacts in the starter replaced; or, replace the starter. Common problem.\015\012\015\0122.) You either have a loose alternator belt, or a bad alternator.\015\012\015\012I see these conditions all of ... 1996 Toyota Camry

Both front turn signal lights blink at the same time on 2003 Corvette regardless of whether you turn them on for left or right hand turn. The rear signal lights work correctly for left or right hand turn.

Change the relay firstly. ... 2003 Chevrolet Corvette

Having interm. turn signal problems when you hit either right or left(alternates) the signal tick speeds up as if to tell me i have a possible light out. but i do not. this started on the left side and has now started some on the right side. but only some of the time, not always on same side. left side more often. 7/10 times i use the signal, i'd say it happens.

This Sounds Like A Short to Ground that Is Weak, The Flasher Unit Flashes FAST Only when the Curcit is Shortened in Other Words it Has Less to Light up so the Flasher gets Hot Faster, This is what makes flashers Turn on & Off Heated Bymetal insid ... 1996 Ford Mustang

The blinkers on my 2006 Caravan have intermittent problems. Sometimes the left blinker won't work at all when I put it on and occasionally when I put the right blinker on, the left one goes on instead. This is a safety issue- Someone will think I am turning left when I am actually turning right! It seems to happen more when my headlights are on.

... 2006 Dodge Caravan

Have light / blinker issue: Head Lights Off: When left blinker on - right front blinker also blinks When Headlights On: Left Rear Turn Light Stuck On. Left Blinker does not work. Right Blinker works fine. Any Ideas? Changed headlight and all Turn Signal lights. Check Fuses - Nothing.

Sounds like wrong bulbs in some sockets ... Dodge Intrepid

I have a 1999 suburban right side headlight problem when i turn my lights on from the inside dahs i seen that the right side turn singal was lit up im thinking time to change the bubles so i changed the rear turn singal and the front but still the same thing then i notice when the headlights on the right side are on it is lit real low while the left side is lit up like it supposed to be then when i push the horn with the lights on the right side get brighter then when i turn the lights off and h

It is a ground problem due to these issues you just noted,you need to start at the relay box and disconnect this circuit or at the very end of this circuit and start from there and proceed forward to the relay/fuse box(as in the left hand turn signal ... 1999 GMC Suburban

I have a 2004 Toyota Prius with 110,000 miles on it. Overall we love the car and have had no problems up to now. We just stated haveing a problem with the headlights. They are turning off by them selves while driving. It is a intermittant problem. Sometimes the left turns off or the right turns off and other times both turn off. I cycle the light switch and they turn on again. Sometimes they stay on with no further problems. But other times it happens 3-4 times a night. I do not feel that it is

First, check all the headlight bulbs and see if one of them is burned out. If all the bulbs are ok, then you will have to replace the vehicles computer controlling the headlights. Click on the link below to view the replacement part need ... 2004 Toyota Prius

I have an issue with driving my 2003 Taurus sedan. When I make a right or left turn and left off the gas as I turn, when I accelerate again, it doesn't "catch" right away. It seems to "rev" and then kicks in. We have checked the transmission fluid and it is fine. Any ideas?

Check the transmission fluid when hot and running, sounds like it is low. ... 2003 Ford Taurus

My f150 2008 just developed a steering issue. It has become hard to turn to the left after the wheel makes a quarte of turn. Steering is normal up to that point. It is a little hard to the right but a lot less that the left. What could be the issue? I need a starting point to investigate.

More than likely the steering knuckle on the steering shaft is corroded. I had this happen to my 2004 F150 it wasn't driven for 3 months. ... 2008 Ford F-150

Im replacing the timing belt on my 1999 caravan 3.0 liter. i found tdc on the #1 cyl, assuming its the closest on the right of the engine as you look at it with the main shaft facing you. i then lined the marks on the cam sprockets to the notches provided in the casting on the left and the stamped notch on the right. when i turn the engine over, it acts as if i havent even put the timing belt on (meaning the starter turns fast with no sign of spark)

#1 cylinder is to the left as you look at the belt. Either way, I recommend you use the timing mark on the crankshaft, which is more accurate way to get TDC (see diagram below). The key to getting timing belt right is to first get all the sprockets ... Dodge Caravan
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