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Websamsung.net I'm not able to connect from the internet using websamsung.net

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Websamsung.net I'm not able to connect from the internet using websamsung.net

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I have bought an aftermarket audio system for my Mazda3 2010. I can found two connectors to the new unit. However, the one with 16pins, which used to plug in the middle of the factory old unit, I am not able to find where it should connect to the new unit. Somehow does not seems affect the new unit performance even it was not connected to anything, I just wonder what does that cable for? My Mazda 3 old unit is: Mazda 3 BG (2009-2011) Matsushita 6 Disc CD Tuner Model/s :BBW166ARXA(CQ-EM6880

How many speakers in the car? The plug may have been for tweeters that are not hooked up now. ... Mazda MAZDA3

-I tried pulling my radio out using the DIN tools. -I could get the radio out so I gave up. -Now the radio does not work. I checked #11, #12, #27 fuses. They all are fine. When I pulled #27 fuse and placed it back in the cd changer started cycling and I could hear static out of the radio. Eventually the cd stopped cycling. -Still no power to radio. -I finally was able to pull the radio out. All connections seem fine. -I read somewhere if the radio face plate separates from the radio the

It is likely the faceplace got pulled away from the stereo just enough for the contacts not to touch each other. When using the tools, you can feel them grab the little metal tabs inside. They have to contact just right for this to happen. And I do b ... 2001 Ford Escape

Hi i have a toyota corolla 1.3 95 model , my hooter, my front lights and is not working, the fuse box on the battery terminal connection i use to be able to tap it and the lights would go on, i checked the fuse's inside the fuse box of the terminal conection and they are working fine, but my lights, hooter and radio is still not working

... 1993 Toyota Corolla

Well, I have a XJSC 1988 with 100.000 km under the hood. The car has been working very well under extreme condition in the Middle East in scorching +50 C heat as well as in chilly Sweden down to - 15 C. Over the last two years I have´nt used the car and it has been stored in a cold garage. When trying to start the car recently the starter seemed not to be able to turn the motor around. After having checked the starter I found out thet it was in good condition including the earth connection

Quite rare to happen but it will be a slightly siezed crankshaft. \015\012\015\012Best way to free up is to get the car rolling and jump start it because the rolling weight hits the clutch with enough torque to free it up.\015\012 ... 1986 Jaguar XJSC

Where is the fuel pump test connection on a 2002 Chevrolet Astro? Chevrolet use to tape a green test connector sticking out of the wire harness that when 12 volts is applied would power up the fuel pump for testing. Last night it wouldn't start, nor this morning, then late morning I went to listen for fuel pump operation when key is put to the run position, heard the pump and then was able to start the van. I moved the vehicle, and around noon the van wouldn't start again. I could not hear

I had the same problem until I changed the wire harness to the pump. Also the relay under the hood shorts out often and needs to be replaced. Since I did those two things no problems for over a year. ... 2002 Chevrolet Astro

Hello- 1999 grand am. Factory security system- not used, not wanted. Any way to dis-able or dis-connect? Will not allow to start at worst times... Thanks- ED

You can bypass the system but not remove it. U do this bypass by installing a module specially designed to simulate the key sensor in the ignition switch, this sensor is the biggest source of problems with phamtom no starts ... Pontiac Grand Am

The rear of my Mazda 3 was making noise, so I narrowed the problem to the rear wheel bearings. After removing my Mazda's rear bearing hub assembly, I tried to carefully remove the plastic cover to expose the bearings. In the end the cover broke apart instead of pulling out. I went ahead and added more grease to the bearings, which fixed the noise, but for now I have used silicone to keep the cover in place. I have looked all over the internet and haven't been able to find a replacement to the c

You may want to check the rear endlinks. If one is loose the sway bar will make a loud clunk over bumps. ... 2005 Mazda 3

2006 Jeep wrangler wont shift out of drive. Had to park it in drive and use E-break. I went underneath and manually held the lever that connects from the shifter to the gears and was able to get it into park. I just need the little piece that holds the shift to the gears underneath. It was a little plastic piece that just kind of eroded. Any idea what this little piece is that holds these two together?

... Cars & Trucks

I'll turn the truck off and it won't start again. Was able to restart using a screwdriver to connect the two prongs on the solenoid. What could be wrong with my 2002 ford expidition?

Your altinator is not charging you battery ... 2002 Ford Expedition

Van started but then stopped - was unable to get it to even turn over to start - changed the ignition switch but still wouldn't even turn over - checked the starter and was ok - checked the fuses they were ok - checked the fuel pump and it was ok - was able to at least get it to try and turn over by using a wire connected to the area in the fuse box and the battery and it would not start - if no wire then it won't even attempt to try to start - checked computer and found no loose or broken conne

Hi, if there is an anti- theft system installed in your van, you mght have a faulty computer. I had the same problem and it was due to the anti - theft system. Ihad to replace the computer. If it is the anti- theft system, there would be a tiny red l ... 2003 Dodge Caravan

My 92 Mazda 626 is over heating!!! Help me please, I've been tirelessly trying to find the reason and have found that my radiator fan is not kicking on at all..I tried to run power straight from the battery to the fan to test whether or not it's the relay or fan itself. I've never tried this before so, I'm not sure if I had it connected improperly, the connection wasn't solid enough, or if the wire I used was/is too small to carry a 12v current(I used speaker wire) I really need someone to tell

Check the thermostat because if it doesn't work properly the fan will not kick in as it registers the temperature as cold. A wire directly from the battery to the two connections on the fan should start it running. Be sure to disconnect the fan ... 1992 Mazda 626

I have a astro start remote starter (series 120A) on my camry 98. I am only able to lock the car using the remote. Car doesn't start and there is no parking light indication as well. I am also not able to unlock the car using the remote. Is it a programming issue or starter brain is gone?

... 1998 Toyota Camry

Hi I have an Rreg automatic Volkswagen Polo. I now have a problem where my immoboliser is not always releasing resulting in myself not being able to start my car. I did use to be able to just press the button on my handheld immoboliser and it would turn on and off but all of a sudden i cannot do this anymore.The only way i can now release the immoboliser is by actually using the key to open my car door and then this enables me to then press the button on my immoboliser to release it so

Hi jeff,sounds like the keypad button is worn out,(happens)try using the spare pad or if you dont have one you will HAVE to buy a new one.there is NO WAY of bypassing the immobiliser on a VW group car.its inbuilt into the ecm(control computer) ... Volkswagen Polo

My daughters stereo and heater control panel was stolen out of her 1998 ford escort.i was able to find another one, and was hooking all the connections back up, except for the hot and cold control connection because it would not come out far enough so i though i would put the panel back in the dash and connect it from behind the dash. now i cant reach the connection from under the dash and i cant get the panel back out. anybody know how to get the control panel back out

You need a ford radio removal tool. you can buy them at any parts store ... Ford Escort

200 miles from home change oil soon light came on, after getting home car ran hot, and my husband had to bypass the heating system with a hose, to be able to use the air conditioner still, the oil had been changed 5 days before the trip of 1200 miles or so. I normally use 89 octane, but on the road used 87, at one station had to use 92 because they were out of the other grades. after driving home from work putting water in as needed until I get the heater coil, I can not get the car to crank, th

Well here is the real solution. Gas and bypassing a heater core have nothing to do with this. This is not a spark pug issue niether. Your security liggt is on for a reason if you have the older style key where you can see the resistor (black chip wit ... 1999 Buick LeSabre

How to connect internet to the mercedes 2006 s350

I think it is not possible in car ... 2006 Mercedes-Benz S 350

My 1996 2 door Chevy Tahoe's passenger seat won't adjust using the lever under the seat. There is a metal wire that has come off and I cannot figure out where to connect it on one side. On the side closest to the driver it connects to a plate that pulls the tooth out of the adjustment holes but where does it connect on the lever?

... Chevrolet Tahoe

I bought a used 08 Town and Country, the headphones were missing. Can any wireless headphones be used? How do I make them work? Where can I find an instruction manual for the dvd system?? That was missing also and I cannot find anything on the internet to tell me how to use the system,

... 2008 Chrysler Town & Country

The car cranks over but will not start. It was a casual problem at first. I was able to spray with starting fluid and would start and run for a few days then i would have to use starting fluid again. Now that wont even start it. I fouund a few broken air hoses broke on the throttle body and replaced but the problem is not solved. Also the last time i used starting fluid it made a big bang, and then when i crank over it doesn't sound the same as it use to when i crank it over. The fuel pump does

Hi, if the car suddenly sounds different when cranking, suspect the timing belt has slipped or broken. Possibly your crankshaft sensor was loose or packing up which led to a backfire, which reversed the crank direction and caused the belt to jump. ... 1994 Volvo 850

I am able to take the 3 screws outof the headlight but not able to uplug the connection to replace the bulb. do I need to disconnect? I am able to access the unit that holds the bulb without disconnecting

You don't take any screws out. You just squeeze the lock on the nylon bulb socket at the back of your headlight, and then turn it counterclock wise, and pull the socket out of the headlight. Pull the bulb out, and put a new one in. Be sure not to tou ... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

I want to bypass the column ignition switch, and use toggles. The ignition switch is trash, it spins, but does not start the car, and my battery went dead. I cannot use the car now, and have no way of moving it, and don't have the money to hire mechanic. where are y ignition wires, and will I be able to use the toggle switches?

Yes a combination of a toggle switch and a PUSH to ON switch( starrter motor) can do the job well.\012You will need to connect the switched output, the incoming main +12 to the In pole and connect to out pole to the ignition system and all ace ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

My garage door opener stop working. I use to use the middle button to open my garage but the light went out and it no longer works. I've been trying to reprogram the other two buttons without success so far. I tried again today and the left side button light went out. That leaves me with one light still working but I still have not been able to reprogram it using the right side and only remaining button that still lights up. Please help.

... 2002 Toyota Highlander

Thank you for your quick answer to my alternater problem. But I was kinda hoping to find out what each of the three wires on the multi pin connecter went to. Ya see one place that tested my alternator only connected the case ground, positive battery post, and only one of the pins from the multi pin output. And it tested fine. two other places connected all three and it failed. I was wondering if i could bypass the other to pins and still use it? Once again this is for a 84 celica supra. 2.8Lt, 6

Three wires 'normal' alternator uses:\015\012\015\012 a battery wire\015\012 ignition/warning light wire \015\012 voltage\015\012sensing wire: voltage sensing is use ... Toyota Supra

Plug wire conection from distributer to coil location need to determine where wire goes from center of distributer to othrer end connection. Looks like threre is a connection at alternator but should be to coil. havent been able to find any other possible connection. Some one before me has pulled the wires but this is the only one I have a problem with.

The coil should be a little squarish black piece mounted usually on the wheel well are on the same side as the distributor. Take the wire when it is connceted to the distributor top the stretch it out almost to the full length leaving some play room ... 1990 Chrysler LeBaron
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