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How do you fill the radiator on a 98 xk8 jaguar?

\015 How do you fill the radiator with coolent? Not the over flow\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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How do you fill the radiator on a 98 xk8 jaguar?

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Jaguar overheated, radiator cracked on warm water side, repaired radiator, start and test, running hot again, stopped, obtained new thermostat with relevant piping, old thermostat broken into 5 pieces, filled water bottle, start,motor runs well, start mis firing or similar symtom, swith car off, following morning water in bottle is gone, car battle to start, when it start it runs well till temp is halfway, start mis firing symtom, found coolent in breather pipe, suspect head gaskets and head dam

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WE have the low level coolant indicator light on our Jaguar XK8. I purchased tow gallons of Prestone Coolant and would like to know the ratio of water to coolant in the radiator, as well as its volume. Please help! Oh! Should I also use a radiator flush beforehand?

Find the leak first. Then refill with one to one ratio. Also be sure the new coolant compatible with your car. Jag usually has their own fluids unique to jag. e.g. red atf WILL destroy a jag transmission ... 2000 Jaguar XK

Location of Radiator drain Plug on XK8 - 1999 Jaguar XK8

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How do you fill a 2000 S-type Jaguar radiator?

Via the header tank black plastic ... 1998 Jaguar XJ8L

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Where do I fill radiator with antifreeze on 1995 Jaguar XJ6? It would be great to see a top down view of the engine compartment so I know exactly what orifice to use.

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Jaguar xk8 cabriolet , the roof will not open en close, the small windows behind go up and down, but the roof is not functioning . we filled up the haudrolic oil, but the oil-seems to vanish if you push the buttom to open the roof ,

Have you looked for oil leaks on the floor under the seats? My hose burst just above the windscreen filled the courtesy lights panel with oil :( the hoses go down the left A pillar into the footwell then under the seats etc, you have to get the seats ... 1998 Jaguar XK8

Diagram of the radiator and connected hoses for a 1997 jaguar xk8 convertible

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I own a 2002 Jaguar S-Type 4.0. It started overheating 3 weeks ago. Water pump, coolant reservoir, radiator, and heater control valve have all been replaced. Thermostat changed twice. Cooling fan is operating. No visible leaks anywhere. Bled and filled engine block via thermostat housing with coolant. Still same issue. Can only drive 5 blocks before engine gets hot. Have to pull over and turn engine off immediately to allow it to cool before attempting to get back home. Somebody out there, pleas

You have done everything I would do at the shop except for one thing, this is to take the car to a shop with a gas analyzer and have the cooling system checked for combustion gases in the cooling system, this test is best performed cold, U don't alwa ... Jaguar S-Type

Radiator I have a 2004 grand caravan and my radiator is leaking. I fill up the reservoir before I go anywhere and within hours I have to fill it up again. I first noticed the problem when I had no heat in the caravan. I checked the reservoir and it was empty. I filled it up and I had heat again. =) Is it the radiator problem or is it just a hose.

Fill your radiator up, let the vehicle warm up and then shut the engine off. Look for the leak it could be a number of things check hoses, radiator, or the heator core inside the vehicle a strong flashlite and small adjustable mirror helps. Other ite ... 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan

2000 Jaguar XK8 Convertible, the Problem with the Jaguar XK8 Cars & Trucks 2000 Jaguar XK8 Convertible, the right rear window will not come up once the the roof is up and latched. The window makes a noise as if it were trying to come up, the left rear window works fine. Thank You John Eberle

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Coolant filling up overflow bottle and not returning Started intermittently No coolant leaks Changed Hoses Cap Thermostat Cooling system has always had good quality coolant and is clean inside (Checked for blockages and pressure tested by AAA radiators when they replaced hoses.) Start cold fill up coolant - drive - do not turn off - air inside radiator - top up - bubbles and foam coming up inside radiator - no coolant in the oil - no oil in radiator. PAJERO DIESEL 2800

You may need to ask AAA to put a radiator pressure tester on the resevoir bottle and pump it up to operating pressure(Pressure cap rating) and see if it over pressurises while it is running at operating temp,rev engine up and down and watch what the ... Mitsubishi Passenger

I changed the water pump and belt at the same time 6 months ago.., now, then i got" fill radiator" on computer screen on dash... when i take the radiator cap off of engine to check, it starts to overfill and then i cover the radiator. what do i do? the over fill container is full. Did i need to purge the radiator after i changed the water pump? If so what do i do??

Take the cap off and let any excess fluid drain into a container. Don't let it run on the ground because pets and small children find antifreeze delicious but toxic, possibly fatal. Run the engine to purge any air pockets, then after the thermostat ... Chevrolet Venture

Car heats up, and seems to run out of water quick without leaking the water. I see the radiator but the only means of filling the radiator is the reservoir tank, and once you fill that one there is no more room even-though the actual radiator can take more water. I just can't find the the radiator cap, there does not seem to be one. I also recently replaced the thermostat.

There is no radiator cap, the Lanos has what is called a "sealed cooling system", popular on newer model European cars and most Asian models, even some of the latest US made cars. You can squeeze and release the upper radiator hose repeatedly to "pum ... 2001 Daewoo Lanos

My 1999 toyota camry has had a large puddle under it last 3 days. I got a new radiator installed last year. i filled the overflow w antifreeze yesterday, it drained out, in a couple of hrs. i filled w water, it again was empty in a couple of hours. i never drove the car. my son in law took off the overflow this evening, filled it up, it didnt leak, til he put it back in the car. dtill not running it drained onyo ground. now empty again. radiator is full. oil is full any advice appreciated!

Look close on the top of the radiator they crack there. and the other thing you can do is put a piece of card board under the front and run the car and see where it leaks ... Toyota Camry

I have water leaking problem i installed brand new radiator but water is still leaking this started after i filled radiator with 3 liter of antifreeze every day I'm filling radiator with half liters of water i don't see any visual water leaking my car is BMW 318is 1995 coup

Does the vehicle have white smoke from exhaust while running? If so could have a head gasket leaking or cracked cylinder head. Pressure test the cooling system, you may be able to find a leak ... 1996 BMW 318

Where do you fill radiator on 02 taurus ses? my husband is changing the thermostat, drained the radiator and says there is no radiator cap, just a reserve tank and cap - does he fill it through the reserve tank?

YES. But dont overfill it. Slowly add coolant to the low full line and let it run a while, like 10 minutes. if the level goes down fill it to the full line. After it cools for 30 minutes recheck the level and add as needed. ... 2002 Ford Taurus

Replacing radiator in 1997 camaro z28. The one in the car has only one threaded line, the new one has 2 threaded lines. There is one at the bottom and top on the fill side. The old just one at bottom fill side? It is a 6 speed. Can I plug the top one on the new radiator or do I need to buy a gm radiator?

Plug it if you don't need it. Aftermarket parts often are made to fit more than one application so they often have extras. ... Chevrolet Camaro

My engine cooling module or radiator assembly will not hold its fluid. It is back filling into my reserver tank. The fluid makes my reserver tank fluid boil. The gages says that the car is not overheating. When I check fill tube for the radiator, it is always empty. The oil is clean with no contaimination of radiator fluid. What is the problem?

Your radiator might be air bound or clogged. When the car gets up to temperature and the thermostat opens shut the car off and try to feel all the corners of the rad. if its cool in any spot you might need a flush or new radiator. (When thermostat op ... 2006 Chevrolet Impala

Just replaced radiator in 2003 blazer old radiator leaked all fluid out put new fluid in to get home do i need to flush and fill or just fill ok do i need to jack up above heater coil to fill and does the v6 have a bleeder valve cant find one

Flush & fill is best -just fill is ok,you can fill it through the over-flow tank,(may take a while ) or remove the radiator cap & fill there ... 2003 Chevrolet Blazer
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