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Honda running rough and backfiring

\015 I thought it was catylictic converter but had to rule that out today\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Could be a timing issue
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81 honda accord runs real rough and backfiring out of carb

That is a car not a motorbike. Bikes only have 2 wheels. But you may want to set up the cam and ignition timing. it is only timing that will cause backfires. ... Buick Skylark

93 Honda Accord - Started running rough, backfired, and now won't start. Replaced ignitor and coil and checked all fuses but still no spark from the coil when I turn it over. The rotor is spinning so it's not a broken timing belt. Any ideas?

Crankshaft postion sensor probably... \015\012\015\012Although Im not sure if the 93 had one...\015\012\015\012Could also be a bad relay switch... should be located in a fuse box under the hood somewhere, its a littl box looki ... 1993 Honda Accord

Honda running rough and backfiring

Could be a timing issue ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1991 Honda accord lx, manual shift. Check engine light is red, will not start using ignition key but is able to start by push-start. Has been doing fine with this. Tried to diagnose problem further, replaced main power relay - no change. Today, push-started it and now is running extremely rough, won't accelerate, and is backfiring. Any ideas??? Also, how do I obtain/translate check engine codes?

Go to shop has obd1 code reader,cuold be timing is off ... 1991 Honda Accord

1997 toyota pickup truck starts and runs good for a few miles and then starts running rough and backfires. i sit on side of road and start it a few times and it runs ok for awhile then it's starts running rough again and backfires sometimes again. it won't start sometimes and then let sit and sometimes it starts.

... 1997 Toyota Tacoma

1999 dodge ram runs rough in the morning and backfires. Does this occassionally other than in the morning as well? When it runs rough and backfires it has no power. Then after a few seconds it runs fine. New wires, fuel injectors clean, new spark plugs. Check engine light does not come on. Have had diagnostic test done and found nothing. It is hard to have the problem fixed when it does not happen all of the time. Any ideas would be helpful

... 1999 Dodge Ram

Running rough-1987 Ford Ranger 2.3 L 4 cyl. Had been running very smoothly until 2 weeks ago when it began backfiring and running rough, especially at low speeds, without my having made any adjustmen

If your car has a mas air flow sensor (usualy located right aroung air filter or in air passage after the air filter) check and clean the sensor. This looks like a small spring on the end of 2 wires. BE CAREFUL not to damage the sensor. I have seen w ... Cars & Trucks

My 1996 Cadillac Eldorado was running rough then when it is sitting and running idle when I tryed to pull off it stalled. So I press the pedal to the floor to get the gas out of the intake. it acted like it wanted to start tjen it just backfires. I just put new plugs in so I took them out and try to start it again with the pedal to the floor and it just backfires. it did this once before about three months ago so i put new plugs in jumped it off and it start up rough then i blew all the trash ou

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1996 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme and it was running alittle rough but was running. It sounded like it was missing alittle bit. It stalled on me at a red light but started back up and ran good. The next day it stalled and wouldn't start again. I changed the fuel filter thinking it was a fuel problem and it started but ran really rough and the exhaust shook when running. I changed the spark plugs and it started again but ran rough for about 30 seconds and backfired alittle when it stalled.

... 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Coupe

I have a 95 Honda accord ex it has around 202,000 miles. It ran fine when I test drove it I filled it up with gas & two days after I bought it started running rough so I've changed fuel filter,plugs,wires,distributor,cleaned egr,tps sensor & calibrated it also..it still runs rough at times around 1500 to 2500 rpms..long as Ur gettn on the gas it runs ok but when Ur tryn to cruse around 35 to 45 mph it shutters & seems to miss out when taken off given it gas it doesn't want to go like Ur running

Get in and have someone put it in gear .give it alittle gas at a time till it starts to cut out and hold it there while you take a test light and ground out each cyl. one at a timeto see if they are all firering ... Cars & Trucks

1992 Honda Prelude motor twin cam has problem started to shudder and stopped would not start but fired. Replaced distributor rotor as had a crack down it engine started fine after flooding was cleared and run fine then 5 minutes down the road started shuddering and running rough again under load, would not start again if didn't have foot flat to floor. Then when it started would idle and accelerate but as soon as you put it in gear and the engine comes under load it starts running rough again an

Hello! Please let me know if the prelude is a 2.2 VTECGuru....saailer ... 1992 Honda Prelude

2005 Pontiac Sunfire. No start condition this morning, finally needed a jump. Got it started but it was running real rough and had a flashing check engine light. Pulled the coil pack rail, checked connections. Replaced very old plugs (OE) and replaced. Still running rough AND Backfiring, but now the Check Engine light is solid, not flashing. The car is not driveable. There were NO previous check engine conditions on the car. It was running beautiful and quiet. Now it rattles and the rear pipe al

Timing is off, did you replace the wires as well? Check the timing? ... 2005 Pontiac Sunfire

I changed the wires on my 2000 eclipse. it runs and idles but is running a little rough with minor backfiring i was wanting to know where i could get a diagram to check my wires

If it was it doing this be4 id sugest finding out which wire you crosses on ur plug asap this is bad not to fix real soon find out the fireing order get a book be best thing to do or talk to a mechanic near you i hope you didnt mess something else up ... 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Honda accord 1997 my car is having trouble idling it was over heating it had a hole in the radatior and i got that fixed and now it is having trouble staying started its puttering all the way threw first gear and runs real rough tell 2nd gear then it doesnt run as rough but still putters

Sadly, it sounds like the overheating caused the cylinder head to warp. If this is the case, the head needs to be pulled out and resurfaced. Many times, when the head warps, it will contaminate the cooling water.... look for traces of oil in the cool ... 1998 Honda Accord

I have a 1991 sonoma/s-10 (v-6) and its hard to keep running after its started,rough idle. When driving the motor will sometimes backfire and cut out. After about 1 mile or so of driving the problem goes away. When the motor is again started ,hot or cold the rough idle problem comes back and sometimes wont stay running at all until its ran for a few minutes. I tried all the tune-up stuff and still have the problem. Any help would be much appreciated.

... GMC Sonoma


Any codes,tune up,air filter,check coolant level,camshaft sensor,could be coils,fuel filter should be OK gas smell. ... Cars & Trucks

My 2008 Honda civic just starting running rough then died but will restart then starts running rough and dies what could be causing this

... 2008 Honda Civic

I have a 2002 neon le 2.0L auto transmission. When car idles at a stop light idles rough tach will jump between 500 and 1000rpm. When accelerating from light if you gas it excessively it will backfire. Also runs rough and tries to stall in reverse. Runs find at speed. Ran like this for a week no the engine light has just come on.

Sound like its missing \015\012check sparkplugs wires and coil pack for fire if not that run a compression check ... 2002 Dodge Neon

My oil light is on in my 1987 honda prelude si. I recently changed the oil and oil filter. This problem came on after about a month of driving with fresh oil. My car is shuttering now and seems to be running rough now after having the oil light come on. No grinding noise. I don't think its the oil pump because it doesn't run that rough. Before this issue, car ran beautifully with no engine/mechanical issues. Car has 31,000 on rebuilt engine.

... 1987 Honda Prelude

Problem with 2006 Honda Element2006 Honda Element will not idle and cuts off when first starting after sitting overnight or for several hours. Runs roughly and cuts off.

... 2006 Honda Element

91 honda civic dx 1.5L quit running properly. Starts, runs for a few seconds just fine then stumbles and starts running rough, check engine light comes on then it stalls. Started as an intermittent problem. I have ruled out the fuel pump. I changed the fuel filter, spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor cap. I checked the ignition control module and ruled out the catalytic converter. Has spark at all four plugs and is getting fuel. I can keep it running by revving the engine but it runs really roug

Bro, check ur main relay. its under the dash. replace it, check also ur distributor(replace it). and also your ECU ... 1991 Honda Civic

I have an '85 f150 and the problem is it starts and runs fine but anytime it rains or is damp out it won't start and if it does start it runs very rough and occasionally will backfire. the fuel system has been replaced from the fuel pump to the new carburater, fuel line and two in line filters. i can tell it wants to run but it won't catch even after 15 od 20 times. when it's dry out it starts right up and runs fine.i've checked everything i could think of and checked for exposed wires, i found

I am concerned about the moisture build up as it may be the cause of the problem.  I suggest to check out the ignition system.  A similar case happened to me with my car when I had my engine washed.  I found out that the seal in my dis ... 1985 Ford F150

92 cadillac 4 door 4.9 engine 256 k, basically won't run right. Won't keep timing , goes around corner and konks out. Won't start some times , only to start and won't even run in idle, in idles engines runs rough, backfires and speeds up and slows down by it self. Mechanic checked all grounds and computer would not give any codes or just blank. So he replaced computer and used same prongs from old computer to new one , just as book calls for. Still car won't run right , Mechanic says car doe

Check the distributor. See if the shaft bushings are loose. ... Cadillac DeVille

1990 oldsmobile CC SL running very rough, smoking, backfiring

Well Mike" a few things to check could be Breather on fuel tank /fuel return to tank pipe/ as pump can pump high pressure and excess has to return to tank and it sounds like yours is overfueling./take air cleaner off and all pipes and check for any t ... 1990 Buick Century

1996 honda odyssey runs rough when cold

... 1996 Honda Odyssey
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