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Check engine and TCS light on. code P1259. can not rpm 3500

\015 After rotate the tire at Costco, the check engine and tcs light on. autozone got code P1259--vtec.\012When drive, the engine can not run more then 3500 rpm. The car will slow down and accelerate at 3500 rpm.\012 Checked EGR valve, it is clear. Changed spark plug. not help.\012 Can anyone please show me the photo where is the vtec valve or solenoid? So I can check vtec valve system.\012\012Thanks for the help!\012\012Best Regards,\012James\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

P 1259 VTEC oil pressure switch circuit or vtec solenoid or valve,Here the situation you can be dealing with the oil pressure switch or the VTEC solenoid or valve,8_10_2012_5_08_54_am.jpg
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Check engine and TCS light on. code P1259. can not rpm 3500

P 1259 VTEC oil pressure switch circuit or vtec solenoid or valve,Here the situation you can be dealing with the oil pressure switch or the VTEC solenoid or valve, ... Cars & Trucks

1991 ford f-250 7.5 engine scanner gives code 63 signal voltage too low and code 81. Check engine light comes on while letting off the accelerator and sometimes while idleing. the light will always go off by accelerating. Sometimes while idleing the the the engine will cycle in and out of this condition as if a solinoid were kicking on and off. When the check engine light is on the idle increases to 1200 rpm and there is low bottom end power, sometimes the engine will stall when at low rpm and

... 1991 Ford F250

My 1995 subaru legacy lsi cuts out when I rev the engine around 1 rpm. Plus the check engine light is on. I took it to the dealership and they couldn't fix it, but they got a code from the check engine light. The code is p0441, it says it is an evap system leak but where could it leak causing the engine to cut out at 1 rpm? Basically when I rev the engine around 1 rpm it will want to cut out and then it dosent, as if you pushed on the gas and then took your foot off the pedal repeatedly.Please h

... 1995 Subaru Legacy

I have a 2007 toyota camry and was running fine. Intermittenly, the abs light, brake light both go on, the rpm and speedomoter gauge stop working, (sometimes the rpm and heat guage bounce around) the heat gauge stop working and the air conditioner goes off. I could be driving for 20 minutes and it goes on and off. No check engine light. I went to Auto zone for a code, but they say no error codes because the check engine light isn't on.

... Toyota Camry

Check engine code P0740 (torque conv clutch no rpm drop at lockup). Reset the check engine light and then took jeep on highway and it shifted through the gears normally and i could here the rpm's drop everytime even in OD did this several times then all of a sudden light came back on with the same code. What could be cause the light to come on?

Low fluid pressure to the torque converter Have seen this before. I first try to flush the fluid and replace the filter fixed the problem most of the time. If that doesn't work u need a new torque converter. ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

Misfire I have a Vw jetta and am having troubles. The engine light is on with a code that keeps coming back, P0422, P0300, P0301, & P0304. It has a new coil from NAPA, plug & wires have beem checked, The engine hunts for RPM from 800- 1200 first start when cold. check engine light will flash and trip the codes. Rev the engine a few times when cold seem to clear it, reset the light and you may drive for several miles before trips agin. mostly when driving it will only trip the P0422. As a note th

442 check or replace gas cap,with NAPA parts I had problem. ... Cars & Trucks

Our 2000 Honda Odyssey shifts hards between 1st and 2nd gear when accelerating fast. The check engine light and TCS lights are on. We just had the transmission replaced 2 years ago. Had it hooked up and it came up with code P1259 Manufacturer Control Fuel Air Metering. Does anyone have any ideas as to whats going on. Thanks

I'm not sure why you got that code definition. P1259 in the factory manual reads, "VTEC system malfunction". According to the manual you are supposed to reset the powertrain control module (PCM) then road test--accelerating in first gear to over 4 ... 2000 Honda Odyssey

200 odysee stop and go traffic tcs light comes on (check engine light has been on for a while) idle starts to fluctuate between 1,000 and 1500 rpm jerky on decel .code for iac valve 1598 .ok after car cools down for 10 minutes and restarts ok. does it need an iac valve,throttle body or is it a temp sensor in transmission or something else?

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Check vacuum hoses for leaks, broken hoses and loose fittings.\015\012Remove IAC Selenoid and clean it with a rag wet with fuel injector cleaner, wrap rag on a pen or pencil and clean selenoid housing, particular ... 2000 Honda Odyssey

P0236 p0455 My check engine light comes on if i quickly go from 2k rpm to 3k rpm and it reads codes p0236 and p0455. also, if i go up to 5-7k rpm my check engine light flashes, but turns off fairly quickly. I feel no performance change during either phenomena, but I would like to get it fixed. Also, there is an oil leak somewhere on the left side of the engine around the belt system.

What is the year, make and model?How many miles on it?You should know that when the check engine light flashes ENGINE DAMAGE can occur!!! ... Volvo S40

I have a 20001 Odyssey with 70,000. The check engine light and TCS light both came on. The TCS light has since gone out but the check engine remains. I went to an auto parts store and their computer came back with a P0740 code. Is my transmission a goner?

Unfortunately it is. Contact your local dealership to see if it may still be covered under a warranty or not.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Customer Concern:\015\012\015\012The check engine light is on with t ... 2001 Honda Odyssey

I have a check engine and TCS lights on in my odyssey 2002. i reset the code and the lights turn off,i run few metters and its going on first check engine and next TCS light,i dont know what happen please tell me how can fix it.thanks

Have it properly diagnosed by a repair shop,\015\012and resolved ... 2002 Honda Odyssey

2005 Chrysler town and country van has lose power. When driving it goes from 0-70 in about 15 seconds, it appears not to have much power when trying to get up to speed. If you press down on gas to try to get up to 40mph very quick, the RPM go up, but you must let off the gas for it to change gears. However, it eventually does change gears. The check engine light is on and the code reads p0404 and p0420. I replaced the EGR valve, still same problem. I disconnected the catalytic converter an

Change plugs, wires, and fuel filter. Get a cold air intake or at least a k&n air filter.\015\012Clean the throttle positions sensor. Check for any vacuum leaks. After every sensor that you replace you have to reset the computer or the code wil ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 1992 Mitsubishi Mighty Max v6 3.0. It runs rough at high speed (not necessarily rpm) and the check engine light was on earlier this week, but is now off. Does the computer retain check engine codes? If so, how can I retrieve them? Any ideas why the engine would run and accelerate fine through about 45 mph and then start to run rough above that, seemingly regardless of rpm?

Yes, the computer does retain fault codes. They can be retrived either with a scan tool or by using an analog volt meter. (Good luck finding one of those if you don't already own one.)\012Volt meter method:\012Find the diagnostic conne ... 1993 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

2004 2.7L Santa Fe. Check engine light on got scan code P0304 replaced camshaft position sensor ck engine light went out now back on with same code replaced crankshaft sensor light went out for 2 days back on now . Having problem with rpm drop while driving and has died while stopped. Also when starting it dies right away but will restart and die again doing this at least 3 times before stays running. Could this be a coil pack issue?

... 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe

Honda Crv 2003 check engine light is on. Engine cuts back at 2 to 3 thousand rpm, when accelerating. Scanner says code 1259 which says 1. open or short circuit cond. 2. Vtec solenoid valve fault 3. vtec pressure switch fault 4. blocked oil passage Don't know which one it could be without going to shop. Anyone had this problem? Just started today and I erased the codes and after 25 min. drive the engine stuttered again and light came on again. When accelerating fast it does it but not slowl

Tell me what kind of motor oil r you using.regular or synthetic. ... 2003 Honda CR-V

Hi. I have the engine and transmission in excellent conditions. But I drove the car on my way to my job and to go from the first to the second gear the RPM went all the way up to 4000 rpm. Also while I was driving at 60 mph the tachometer was at 2000 rpm but I felt like something was wrong, like shaking. The "CHECK ENGINE" light come out so I went to ADVANCE AUTO PARTS to get the codes read. It was a "misfire problem". So I replace the spark plugs (AC DELCO platinum) and wires. The light was off

To check your transmission fluid, locate the transmission dipstick, (will be close to the firewall). You check while the engine is at operating temperature and running and in park. You read the dipstick just as you would an oil dipstick. Refer to ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

I have a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird SE with 3.1 V6, automatic transmission and air conditioning. When the engine is started, the idle speed immediately revs to 2900 rpm. When I put it into gear, the rpm drops to normal. This extra high idle speed only occurs when it is in park or neutral. The check engine light has not come on but I've checked for codes and there are none. I've checked the EGR valve passages and the Idle Air Control Valve passages and there were no blockages. There was just a sm

You may still have some gunk in the IAC that is preventing the plunger from functioning properly and shutting the airflow. Also check the wiring at the connector to the IAC. The fact that it operated as it was supposed to once after the cleaning sugg ... Pontiac Sunbird

I have a 2004 MPV with 88k miles on it that feels as if it is missing when I drive. When I am stopped and it does this I notice a slight drop in RPM's. In addition the engine cooling fan is not running at a constant speed, I notice this most after I turn the engine off and the fan is still running. It is noticably going from fast to slow and vice versa. I have taken it to get the codes checked but I am not getting any codes, nor is the check engine light coming on. Any suggestions would be appre

The cooling fan turning on will normally cause an amperage draw making the engine drop in rpm's. However I beleive there may be a problem with the fan relay which switches the fan on at different speeds depending on the temperature demands of the eng ... 2004 Mazda MPV

My 1989 mustang GT's check engine light is on and it feels a little funny. like when it starts up it runs really good for about a minute then the RPM's sink sorta low and for a second i thought it was gonna die but it didn't... now the Codes are as follows... Code 13 --- "RPM out of specification during normal idle operation -or- DC motor does not follow dashpot." Code 24 --- "Air charge Tempature (act) sensor or Vane Air Tempature (VAT) sensor signal voltage is out of specification (engine off)

Forget about the codes for now, and got to the fuel system, check the startup pressure, then the starting pressure, turn the key to run, and see if pressure drops, i think this car has a vacuum pressure regulator, and it may be bypassing the regulato ... 1989 Ford Mustang

Jeep Liberty 2003 3.7 starts good. After 10 minutes the engine stalls, stops. Com P0320 code? Changed everything. Jeep p0320 code is Crankshaft to ECU fault, the sensor in new Mopar case, buy in dealer. The trouble is the same. Cold start OK after 10-15 minutes engine stalls, check light comes on, tachometer after motor stops go to 4,000 and 1,000 rpm, gas odor, no start after 2 or 3 hours. The light is on, code p0320 and start normal about 10, 15 minutes and another stall, stop, tach fluct

... Jeep Liberty

I am getting a misfire on cylinder #5, I have changed the coil, wire and spark plug but still get the misfire error code 0305 on cylinder 5 all the time. Runs pretty rough too. I have the same problem..... I have a 2001 Grand Prix with a 3.6L V6. Error code 0305- Cyl. # 5 Misfire. I've changed the spark plugs, and wires. That didn't help at all. The engine seems to ok untill the RPM gets up to about 4000 rpm then it starts to cut out and the Check Engine light starts to flash. The only code tha

I've got a 2002 Grand Prix GTP 3.8L Supercharged V6, nearly the same motor.\015\012I had the exact same problem, misfire on Cyl. 5 and random/multiple misfire.\015\012I replaced all the wires, plugs, coils, and even the ignition mod ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

My 98 Honda Passport Check engine came up. While driving, the RPM goes high(not all the time though). Also when I press the brake or press the gas from idle, it seem like something hits undetneath. Mechanic checked it and the error code says TPS is bad. I changed TPS but, still same error and check engine light is on. However the rpm issue is gone but, the banging issue is still the.

... 1998 Honda Passport

Check engine light on and car will hesitate when accelerating. When driving at steady speed rpm will go up a little then back down and it will affect cruise control. Checked code on the engine light and it says emission problem. Can you pin point the problem

I would check the codes and tht will tell you which component has failed ... 1999 Chrysler LHS

Im having issues with my 03 linconl ls the check engine light stays on i can drive a few minuetes but when the wrench light comes on it doesn't want to accelerate anymore.i got 6 codes to narrow down whats wrong the codes are p0304 cylinther 4 misfire detected, p0305 cylinther 5 misfire detected, 00316 engine misfire detected on start up ( first 1000 revolution), p0352 ignition coil b primary, p2107 throttle actuator control module procesor, throttle actuator control system forced limited rpm.

I would start with the coils. Almost all problems seem to be from that area. Maybe buy one at car salvage and shot gun it out. I think it's worth a try. Need to start eliminating possible causes. Yes alot of codes - need to find a commom dinomatator. ... 2003 Lincoln LS

The problem i am having is that the motor has a knock sound to it. If i drive the motor smooths out and the check engine light flashes. As i let off the accel., it stays smooth until the rpm's get low again. When i park the car and put it in park, the check engine light stays solid. I plugged into it and got a code p0303. Cyl. 3 missfire. I pulled the coils out and bracket as well as the alt. i pulled the #3 plug and found it gapped at 62 with no electroyd left and plug is burnt. i pulled cyl. #

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