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Somebody there advised me to take the speedo cable out and replace it but there is no cable.as i said it is all electronic.

\015 There are none\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Then you need the system scanned for fault codes.
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Somebody there advised me to take the speedo cable out and replace it but there is no cable.as i said it is all electronic.

Then you need the system scanned for fault codes. ... Cars & Trucks

I have to replace the transmission the trans i am replaciong it with has maybe 70,000 miles on it can you guys give me any tips or advise on how to remove this trans im kinda worried my mechanic said it was the biggest fromt wheel drive trans he has ever seen i stopped at a shop this morning to seee how many hours it would take they said 10 imjust a little worried is there anything i should let my guy know we cant find a chiltons book on this one my 95 Aurora

Id watch it my car only has 86000 on it and i just had to rebuild my ****** might be worth it in your case to rebuild instead of putting that used one in might not last very long ... 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

After replacing my battery on my 2005 2.5 jetta. a noise that sounded like a jet coming from the front of the car. I took it to a mechanic 1600.00 to replace CAT and spark plugs. He advised take it to the dealer can not repair and error codes P0304 and P2279 codes indicating air intake. Dealer said timing chain 3800. might resolve the issue. I need help!! My car idle is very rough since picking it up from the dealer and the CEL is on all the time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

... Cars & Trucks

My car starts after a few click sounds. takes almost 10-15 mins for a cold start. But after that i have no problems for the whole day. I have a doubt that my new battery is not good and think should ask te dealer to replace it. But the dealer in turn has said that its not the battery but the starter, and i don't believe him for sure. Please advise if its the battery or do i really need to replace the starter.

This is a stater tha t is what we call ,low gear,permenant magnet,,they have contacts(not replacable)that wear out ,,it is very possible the starter is the problem,,,check contact at the battery conections(clean and shiny)and the starter connectors g ... 1998 Toyota Camry

Can you advise the purpose of each of the wires to the electronic door lock passenger door (UK) on the VW T30 Van. The door lock is not operating and if I take an direct supply is there achance this will solve the problem of opening the door so I can replace the faulty lock

Lt30 van passenger door ,i was under the impression that it would open from the inside regardless of the door lock ,it fact it has to open from the inside by the handle for the certificate of homoglonation that this vehicle is issued with to be sold ... Volkswagen Eurovan

I have a 2002 nissan sentra SRE 2.5 engine i am having problem with idle going to fast i replaced erg, electronic throttle it helped a little but problem came back. if i take my foot of the gas it keeps going what ever speed i was going. All this problem started when i got a tuneup done by a mechanic and said he couldn't get idle to slow down, he recommended i go to nissan dealership for service

... 2002 Nissan Sentra

Recently my 2006 Nissan Ultima would not start. Triple A (AAA) came out to take a look at it and determined it wasn't the battery or the starter. He said there may be a clog in the fuel tank. After banging on the gas tank for a bit the car still would not start. I went to Auto Zone and bought B-12 CHemtool for fuel treatment. After using the fuel treatment my car started right up. Is this a problem I need to continue to be concerned about? Is replacing the fuel unit needed? Please advise.

... 2006 Nissan Altima

We took our 05 equinox to the shop for rear wheel bearing replacements, the owner of the shop called and said the center carrier bearing was really really bad and he could replace it. We said ok to the agreed amount, he said he would have to take it to another shop to get it off but the shop couldn't do it and that he would have to order a new one and be delayed another day. Today he called and said we need a new drive shaft for $1100.00 as a result of the attempted carrier bearing replacement

That work should ONLY be done by a \015\012Drive Shaft Specialty Shop ,that repairs\015\012& balances lots of things,not just driveshafts\015\012\015\012I will agree with you, as I don't know\015\012\015\012But a d ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

We were told by our Toyota dealer that our 2002 Prius battery failed and needed replacement ($3000). They then said the new one was leaking, caused by some electronics in the transmission. Next they said they replaced the transmission with a new one at no additional charge and said all is well. However, the $3000 bill only says that they replaced the transmission with a used one, nothing about the battery and verbally said the "new" battery has a one year warranty-- what gives?

Go back and gat it in wrighting as soon as you can ... 2002 Toyota Prius

Just replaced front pump seal on transmission because diagnostics test said it was bad. replaced all spark plugs,diagnostics test also said EGR vavle had bad flow-nothing done. check engine light went off when seal was replaced but wouldnt take off in drive-but instead-had to manually shift from L-D, engine reved before shifting from 1-2. check engine light came back on and for the first time the check transmission light came on.

Depending on the wear and mileage of your Trooper, I recommend taking it to a transmission shop for a maintanence and band adjustment, the systems you are relying on can be giving mixed values due to other variables (vacuum leaks, etc. for example) c ... 2001 Isuzu Trooper

My jeep is heating up to about 235-240 after about 10 minutes of driving with A/C on. It usally takes about 30 minutes or more to heat up without the A/C on. I have replaced the fan clutch and thermostat because mechanic said they were bad. Problem not fixed. I replaced the radiator cap and problem not fixed. One mechanic told me I have a clogged radiator and another told me to replace the fan relay. He said the fan was staying on low and kicking into high. This is why My a/c is not as cold as i

Sounds like a partially obstructed radiator, either external, leaves between a/c condenser and radiator, or internal...some cores plugged ...radiators are actually too small for engine in the first place, making them what I consider marginal even whe ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I just purchased a 2003 Buick Century (one owner car) and the right front turn signal lamp went out, so replaced the bulb and it went out again a few hours later. What could cause this? My mechanic friend that replaced the bulb for me said it was a #3457 bulb in there, but when the auto parts store looked on the computer, it said it takes a #4157 bulb. I bought a 2 pack and like I said, the new bulb lasted only a few hours and it burned out again. I haven't tried the last bulb in the pack as

Is the bulb really burned out,black or wire in bulb broken,If ok have the bulb socket contacts checked to see if they are the problem or posable bad ground for that bulb. ... 2003 Buick Rendezvous

Can a faulty fuel filter affect the brain box of a car? My Toyota Carina II GLi has been jerking so I gave the mechanic who said I should replace the fuel pump and filter. I gave him the amount he requested. He later informed me that he replaced the parts but the vehicle was still jerking. He said that the elrctrician said the old fuel pump affected the brain box of the car. Is this true? I guess they want more money from me. Someone, please advise me

... Cars & Trucks

Runnin hot I just replaced the fan switch and fan module in my 1994 saturn and it still gets hot, I called the mechanic and he said said I have to drive the car at least 40 miles for it to adjust , is this true? I just replaced my cars radiator, since I did the fan hasn't come on ONCE. And it used to always come on since my drive to and from work is quite lengthy with steep hills. The only time the fan will come on is when I retreave my error codes. I just replaced the Electronic Coolant Temp S

Check fuses and relays, if ok check fans again. ... 1993 Saturn SC1

How do I replace my DRL light bulb? My dashboard console displays "Right Front Dipped Beam Defective". Looking at the front, it look like my DRL light bulb is burnt out. I need step by step with pictures on how to replace this bulb. After taking it into dealer, they said that I "may" have xenon lights and those bulbs are more expensive and they would have to take out the bumper to get at the housing unit to replace the bulb and "balance" the unit. Is this a crock or is he telling me the truth? I

Turn it counterclockwise as you fac it from the rear. It should rotate about 1/4 turn and then pull out. Usually there are 2 tabs about 1/4 inch wide & one a little wider so it goes back in right. Some use a plastic ring to hold the bulb in and ... 2006 Volkswagen Passat

I went to the dealer an was told that I need to replace the heat shield $400.00..WOW!!!.But my boyfriend looked at it prior to the dealer and tied the shield it up for me and said to let the dealer install the screws that apparently fell off...He said all that I need is the screws replaced...Who do I believe I am not mechanically inclined at all...Can someone give me your advise on this? What are the risk if I don't replace it etc.... Thanks so much... Toyota 2005 Corolla...

I would take it it to an indepened auto repair shop they will more then likely do it for a very small fee, I would get it fix, it will need road trash from getting up in there and damaging some thing. $400.00 WOW!! ... 2005 Toyota Corolla

Hi! my mitsubishi eclipse is stall unexpectedly, but dont matter if it is cold or hot, or the tempeture is cold or hot. in the car was basically replaced everything from the computer to the waterheater, and it is still doing it. one of my friend said the cranksensor. well, it had a groove in it, replaced it, and guess what... still doing it. he said one of the cranksheft hitting it. need to take the whole engine apart and adjust it. is it true?

Suggest this first,is check engine light on? an auto zone or advance auto can code read it for free only if your check engine light is on. no need to take engine apart! if it's stalling and the check engine light is not on-- you may have clogged fuel ... 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Went to get an oil change on my 2004 chrysler pacifica, but they refused to do it. they said that when they started to take out the drain plug it felt weird and that the thread was probably worn. do u have to replace the entire oil pan or can you just replace the plug. they did not even try to take it out because they didn't know if they would be able to get it back in.

You can buy a new oversize oil plug at any parts store and you do not have to replace the oil pan. They were scared they would be stuck for fixing it thinking it was stripped by someone else. cost's $7.00 ... 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

I have a 2002 volvo s60 and I had a serious oil leak less then 6 months ago. I took it to a volvo dealership and they apparently fixed everything. Recently I found evidence of my oil leaking again. They said the O rings near the turbo need to be replaced. I looked at my previous paperwork and it said O rings were replaced. How many O rings total are around my engine? I feel like they are taking advantage of me and they should fix it for free for not doing the job correctly the first time.

... 2002 Volvo S60

We have our 2004 Ford Explorer at the dealership due to cold start issues. They replaced all the plugs. We ended up taking it back for the same problems. They cleaned the throttle body and reset everything. They took it out for a test drive and it died on them. They said it was the catalytic converter. We replaced that. We went to pick it up and it will not start. We left it over night and they said it started up this morning. They think we have a bad fuel pump relay switch. Help! We don't want

Does it work when the car is warm? Or do you have issues with starting when the engine is warm too? Many starting issues on OBD2 cars (which are all cars 1996 and newer) are related to the coolant temperature sensor - it helps the computer know whe ... Ford Explorer

The EVAP sensor went out in my 2008 Lincoln MKZ. The dealership wants over 500.00 to install the new part. So I ordered the part and my husband is going to fix it. The problem is that the dealership said you have to take the dash out to replace the part but wouldn't tell me where behind the dash the part went. My question is, where behind the dash this part is located and if there is anyway around taking the whole dash out to replace it? Thanks.

Is it evap or hvac sensor? evap sensors are located under the vehicle and in the engine compartment. HVAC sensors are located in the dash and on the HVAC box assembly. the dash has to come out to replace some of the hvac sensors depends on which sens ... Cars & Trucks

Silverado makes weird noise at 70 mph. Mechanic said it's the transfer case and also found a leak therein - wants $400 to take it apart to find the problem or we can just replace. Not sure what to do - pay to have them take it apart and find the problem or just replace the whole thing which they say will be about $2000.00. Has 140,000 miles.

Drain the transfer case about half way and pump it full of grease, then sell it. It will hide the noise, but your transfer case is screwed if you can hear it. ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

I have a 2002 buick Le Sabre that pumps out hot air on the driver side and cold air on the passenger side. I took it to a repair shop and he said they had to go in the "back door" way and found 3 codes that could possibly show 2 different problems. One of the fixes he said would take a $600 part and the other would take a $300 part. He didn't want to start replacing parts unless he knew exactly which one it would be. I needed the car back and told him I would have to bring it back at a later dat

Controll head if it has the split controll is common failure ... 2002 Buick LeSabre

I have a 2002 buick LeSabre that pumps out hot air on the driver side and cold air on the passenger side. This has dual control. I took it to a repair shop and he said they had to go in the "back door" way and found 3 codes that could possibly show 2 different problems. One of the fixes he said would take a $600 part and the other would take a $300 part. He didn't want to start replacing parts unless he knew exactly which one it would be. I needed the car back and told him I would have to bring

Threr are only two things that I can think of that would be the problem, 1st is the a/c control module 2nd would be the plenum door motor. The module can usually be checked and operated with the right scanner. this would also tell you which door is ... 2002 Buick LeSabre

1998 chry town n country it started n stoppd 3-4 times then had nothing took to the chry dealer they said pcm was bad the replaced it everything was ok then but the put on the order advise to replace bcm n cluster. without saying why it was bad.everything worked. 2mo later same problem start stop start stop towed back to the same dealer. this time they replaced the the bcm and cluster BUT DIDNT FIX IT they replaced the pcm again car started HOWEVER they REPLACED THE BCM 4 TIMES 1st time running

This is not fare.As the bcm they replaced before.This part comes with a warranty/ guaranty of 1 year.If no warranty of 1 year then it has testing warranty of 3months.If in 3 moths the same problem occurs then they have to replace the part for free.Wh ... 2002 Chrysler Town & Country
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