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Oil leak hi, my skyteam st50-3 has got an oil leak on the left hand side of the engine, i have had the cover off the clutch and the oil seem's to be coming from the the seal in the middle. does anyone know what i should do?

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Oil leak hi, my skyteam st50-3 has got an oil leak on the left hand side of the engine, i have had the cover off the clutch and the oil seem's to be coming from the the seal in the middle. does anyone know what i should do?

I'm\012sorry but I believe you have this posted in the wrong product\012category? Please re-post the question in the proper category if this\012is the case, otherwise you have my apologies. This is the car and\012truck problem category\ ... Cars & Trucks

I have a leak coming from inside the bell housing of my transaxle leaking onto my clutch making it slip new clutch replaced less than a week ago and rear main seal replaced oil smells like gear oil (rotten eggs) wondering where leak could be coming from? is there a seal behind the selector shaft?

There is an oil seal on the gearbox/transaxle input shaft. If this has failed it will leak oil on to the clutch.It might be able to be replaced by just removing the gearbox again to access the seal. Most likely though is, the gearbox will need to be ... 1998 Suzuki Swift

1988-1993 ford festiva leaking oil around the crank pulley... could the oil be coming out of timing chain seal... are could it be a the seal on the crank shaft.. if so would i need to removle the engine to get to the seal?? also found out they may be cam shaft seal.. could oil be coming from that one...i do know that the leak is down low somwhere

This sounds like the crank seal, the engine doesnt have to be removed, in order to get to seal is like replacing the ttiming belt, and once in the timing belt i would replace the crank and cam seals, also do the timing belt, and maybe the waterpump, ... 1993 Ford Festiva

I have a 1997 volvo 960 with a 2.9 engine, i have a oil leak which I think is the rear main seal but there's a slim chance it maybe coming from higher up on the back side of the engine. is there a sending unit or something of that natuere that is a common area on the backside that might be the cause of this leak that anyone might know of i can check before facing the doom of pulling the auto trans?

... 1996 Volvo 960

Main seal Hi all, I am new here, I need to know where the main seal is on my Malibu, the oil light kept coming on at 500 RPM, when I hit the gas at 1000 RPM the light goes out, check the oil level 20 minutes after car is parked let the oil settle, got an oil change, they reported that the main seal had a severe leak. 1. will main seal additive help with a temporary "fix?" 2. how difficult is the replacement of the seal 3. where in the engine is this seal Thank You, Patricia **97 malibu 2.4liter

First is it a front seal ,or rear main seal,(front seal,being were you see the pulleys and fan belts,,you have to look at the bottom pulley,follow the shaft to the motor,where the shaft goes into the motor is the front seal,the pulley and everthing b ... 1997 Chevrolet Malibu

My 98 eagle talon (non-turbo) is leaking oil and i dont know where it is coming from...we have changed the rear main seal and oil pan gasket and it still is leaking and we do not know where it is comi

... 1998 Eagle Talon

Oil leak I have 2001 olds intrigue has an oil leak it appears to be coming out between the block and head on the back side of the engine just above the oil sending unit has anyone seen this before and do you know what it's going to require to repair the leak?

... 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Ok, i got an oil leak that even fooled a mechanic. got a leak over by the filter adapter housing coming down the side of it. after buying the replacement part and gasket, still leaking. does this sound familiar to anyone? it drips when running only. could it be the oil pump seal?

The mechanic wasnt fooled, he just didnt take the time to really find out where the leak is at. get a mirror and a light and find the leak. intake gaskets and valve cover gaskets are reall common on that engine. ... 1996 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Anyone have a solution to the distributor leaking oil. This is the second one that has this problem and I hate to shell out a couple hundred buck for a new one every time it starts leaking. Cressida distributors are know to leak oil through the shaft, into the housing and out the weep hole, There is no known solution such as replacing a seal but I'm hoping someone has an easy fix. As is the car can go through a quart every 2-300 miles.

Will try to help. been there with the vibrating cressidas, sometimes have to even make sure the oil filers staying tight.i can tell you what i've done in the past. i've used blue rtv glue to form seals and to help existing seals it's oil resistant an ... 1990 Toyota Cressida

I think I may have overfilled the engine oil in my 2005 Ford Ranger. I left for a trip and the stick was hard to see in the dark. Now I have oil leaking in the Drivers side floorboard. I don't know if overfilling is the reason. Does anyone know if when you overfill....where it may dispel from? Or can you help me figure out where the oil in the floorboard is coming from? Thanks!

... 2005 Ford Ranger

2001 uk 2.5crd - 170,000 miles severe oil leak from bell housing since 60,000. Now new clutch, skimmed flywheel, and new crank seals. Oil leak the same, and now severe clutch judder. Fed up.........he

BLEW MAIN ENGINE SEAL ... 2001 Chrysler Voyager

My audi a4 is leaking oil unbelievably bad. i had someone look at it and he said it was some kind of gasket or seal and said if i get it he will fix it. i need to know what to buy. the leak is coming from the piece above the oil filter.

Sounds like the oil cooler is leaking. That is what the oil filter actually threads into. If so, that is not too bad to replace. Other oil leaks/seals to look out for are tail shaft seal (back of trans), rear axle seals, and vavle cover gaskets on to ... Audi A4

Oil leaking from 350 vortec in a 1998 chevy silverado z 71. a friend told me it was the rear main seal but with closer observation it looks to be coming from the left rear side of the block right above the starter. doesn't leak a lot only about a quart every oil change but still would like to know what it might be and how to fix it.

It could be coming from the valve cover, the only way to check for sure is to clean the area with dergreaser then run the truck and check it closely, this may require a mirror and trouble light ... 1998 Chevrolet C1500

1. Need to know how to disassemble the 4X4 front hubs to replace rotors in a 1993 Toyota 4X4 small pickup truck. 2. I am also replacing clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, and ffy-wheel. I need to know how to replace the rear engine crankshaft seal while I have the transmission out, because I have a rear seal leaking oil...

... 1993 Toyota Pickup

I have a oil leak and it's coming from the housing that the oil filter is connected to, and it is a 98 5.0 and i believe it has a oil cooler. Does anyone know what the whole unit is called?

Oil pump body or housing...depends on who you are talking to. ... 1998 Ford Explorer

I have a 1998 volkswagen Jetta that has an oil leak on the upper part of the oil filter armature and would like to know if there is a seal on the upper part. There seems to be twoe allen crews on the upper part of the armature. I would like to know if there is a seal before I start taking it apart. I know there is a gasket that that is between the armature and the engine bock but that is not where I have the leak. My oil leak is on the upper part of the armature as you are looking down it is no

1996 Passat TDI had 2 oil leaks at separate times. Both turned out to be leaking oil pressure sending units on top of filter bracket. Could not see either one leaking until someone got in the car and reved the engine. Simple fix for me once found. ... 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

1982 suzuki gsx 250 will start but it wont idle so i gave the carbie a clean and blew all the jets with compressed air to no avail. Also will run for around couple of minutes before it comes to a slow death (will lose power until it stalls). sometimes there is smoke from around the engine. There is an oil leak from under the engine somewhere. Does anyone know is this the oil strainer being clogged or restricted or have another idea. thanks for your help

... Hyundai Motor 1995 Accent

On a 1995 mazda millinia , the abs light comes on and it makes a whoooshing noise and the the brakes kinda stutter . does anyone know what this is or what it might be . i guess it kinda feels like the brakes and jumping i would call it , and it also has an oil leak i am not able to find , i would like to know if it could be from head gaskets ?

First the ABS will need professional attention. To many faults can happen with this item.\015\012Go to any auto parts store and purchase engine oil dye\015\012With a UV lamp after running the engine for a good 50 miles the lamp will show ... Mazda Millenia

Chevy nova i was driving my 1988 chevy nova and then with out warning it started to run rough leaked all the fluids out at first. got it home then was only leaking coolant underneath and white smoke coming out of the exhaust and today i noticed oil in the carb/filter area. does anyone know whats wrong with her also the car did not run hot at all and still does just runs really rough and has no power barely stays running

Hi looks like your head gasket is gone, check if oil in water or water in oil, oil will go grey in colour, and open rad, when cold, check for signs of oil. But not good symptoms, sorry! ... 1988 Chevrolet Nova

Hi I am looking to buy a 99 Vienta camry and have had it checked by my mechanic who has come up with $1000 worth of oil leak problems including a rear main engine oil seal. The seller is thinking this could be a drip coming down from the rocket cover gasket leak or timing case seal leak, is this possible and if these problems are fixed could this then lead to other problems. IE uncover one thing and fixing it leads to other problems?? Thanks

With leaks like you describe - I would avoid the car like the plague. Listen to the professional - he has no interest in selling the car. YES it will lead to very expensive problems. ... 1997 Toyota Camry

Oil Leak So I recently had my rear main seal replaced but oil still leaked. Took it to another shop and they replaced the left front axle seal but the oil leak still persisted. Now I want to know what type of repair will I have to make in order to fix this oil leaking problem?

... 2004 Lexus ES 330

I am looking to buy a 1994 Toyota land cruiser. IT looks like there is a small oil leaks and a transmission fluid leak. The oil leak could be either an oil pan leak, rear seal, or valve covers. The transmission appeared to be coming from the rear of the transmission by the output shaft seal. What should it cost me to fix these leaks?

Could be quite costly. Especially the rear main seal on the engine. You have to take the trans out to even get to it. I would look for something else with less problems to buy. ... Toyota Land Cruiser

Hi, I just got a ford freestar for real cheap, now I know why. this thing leaks oil. Got under there cleaned up all the oil off bottom of car, looked like it was coming from the oil filter, So I chang

Not really replace filtre housing not that hard ... 2004 Ford Freestar

2001 Expedition 5.4L. Trying to find out what this noise is. I am getting a loud knocking sound from the passenger side engine compartment when under 1k RPM. It goes away when applying gas, and accelerating. I recently had an issue with the AC clutchbeing stuck on. I removed the fuses so that I could drive the vehicle. I have heard the ting ting ting sound coming from the AC clutch so I know that probably needs to be replaced. I have no oil leaks or burning and the engine only has 99k miles

... Cars & Trucks

Today, I noticed a small puddle of liquid under the car. I'm no mechanic and don't claim to know anything about engines. I was wondering if anyone can give me a hint as to what may be the problem... Please check out this video and see for yourself. There are 2 bolts/plugs behind the pulley the leak seems to be coming from the bottom one. I assume that's oil? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuSOIxvJh_Y Thanks

For preventing the oil leak use "The Right Stuff" or Ultra Grey by loctite/permatex. That will the car a lot.Hope I helped with the repair of your problem.An Accept from you is how I get paid.And a positive feed back tells me ... 2004 Maserati Spyder
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