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Emergency brake pedal stuck in up position - Cars & Trucks

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Something may be jamming it go under the dash and have a look, if nothing is found unbolt it and replace it.
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Emergency brake pedal stuck in up position - Cars & Trucks

Something may be jamming it go under the dash and have a look, if nothing is found unbolt it and replace it. ... Cars & Trucks

Problems my ignition is stuck in the acc position. when i step on the brake pedal the radio comes on and when i release the brake the radio goes off. you can get the ignition into the start position but the car will not turn over. and will not go into the lock position to take the key out. what would cause this problem?

Check your battery terminals. Sounds strange but a weak connection can cause it to not crank and also not release the key. Ive had bad terminals before; the car would be dead until i open a door then everything comes to life, but when u try to start ... 1999 Buick Regal

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I have a 1992 Ford Ranger I bought used, the Park Brake pedal was pushed in and stuck in the position I looked under the truck and the cable was broken I bought a new cable but I think some parts might be missing do you have a diagram of this?

You can ask the dealer parts guy for a parts explosion of the parking brake assembly. he should give it to you, after all he want to sell you more parts. :) ... 1992 Ford Ranger

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Have a '95 Windstar. Was traveling about 45 mph today and the rpm gauge continued to stay where it was and the brakes barely stopped the car, while the engine continued to race as if still moving at 45 mph. Put it in neutral and engine still raced. Green light and put in drive and tires screeched and started running rough. Within a block, the rpm gauge went back to where it should be for the speed I was traveling. I am positive it was not a stuck accelerator pedal. Scary!

There is more to the throttle then just the pedal. The cable at the other end by the throttle body could have been stuck or the throttle position sensor had an issue. ... Ford Windstar

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Emergency brake stuck, pedal release broken

What happens is the brake cables rust inside the cable sheath and then they won't slide easily. There's no good fix for this other than replacement. It's not easy to even find where they are stuck.It might be possible to find the end of the cables at ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix

I used my cars emergency brake for the first time over the weekend. I released the brake but it seems to be stuck and the car doesnt want to move either forward or backward. It's like the brake is stuck. Is there a way to reset the brake?

Ok not sure what car u have but most rear brakes are the same unless it has disc brakes on the rear. Release the brake and then crawl under the car and look at the back of the rear brake drum, you will see a cable going either in or across the rear d ... Chevrolet Cavalier

I started hearing a whistling sound every time I step on my brake pedal (engine on but car not in motion) and the sound gets louder the harder I step on my brakes. I performed the tests to see of my brake booster is not working as follows: First, I pumped the pedal with the truck off and the pedal did not get closer and closer to the floor with each pump. Second, I pressed and held the pedal and then started the truck.The pedal sank towards the floor only slightly. Third, I ran the engine for

Check the vacuum hose from your booster to the engine ... Toyota Cars & Trucks

1997 VW brakes (not a GLS)....was driving and had to step hard on brakes due to truck veering into my lane and the brake went all the way to the floor. Up to that point brakes were fine. I only have 73000 miles on the car and my brakes and rotors were recently changed. The brake pedal does not sink to the floor when the car is off. I'm hoping its just the brake fluid. Can you help me? Sue

It is possible you have a blown line. Most vulnerable to this are the two front flexible lines that go to the front calipers. Next is the possibility of a blown seal, The seals are located in the master cylinder and the two front calipers and the two ... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

Electrical problem 1997 jaguar xj6 the car wont crank and the headlights not the brake nor parking nor hazard nor turn signals nor foglights turn on. also the shift lock wont desingage when the brake pedal is pressed. i have checked all the fuses under back seat,trunk, and hood they are all ok. i can start the car by putting the key to the ON position and with a screwdriver jumping the starter. I also checked the 2 big fuses on the positive battery terminal. I have no clue what is causing this p

I just had the same problem and I was driveing myself nuts trying to determine which control unit or relay was bad. I decided to go back to basics,starting with the battery,cleaning all the cables and makeing sure all the ground studs were tight. On ... 1997 Jaguar XJ6

My 2008 model Ford fusion (diesel) car has following problem: After driving for a while, when I want to bring the car in standstill motion, the clutch pedal is pressed but the clutch is still engaged & also the gear liver doesnot come back to neutral position, when moved. Further, the engine stops automatically due to this abnormality. after engine is stopped, it is found that the clutch pedal is still stuck in pressed position and after sometimes comes back slowly and possible to change the gea

I think you just need a new master cylinder thats all not a big job to change it ,also try squirting the spigot bearing carrier with some engine oil if you get it onto the shaft as the slave cylinder is inside the bell housing on this model andf it c ... 2008 Ford Fusion

I am having a problems with the brake in my 2004 ford taurus ses. First, a couple times since i had the car I went to press the break, the break pedal was stuck, it would go down at all and i had to step on the break as hard as i could to stop the car, after awhile it eased up and was fine. secondly when i press the brake pedal down and when i release i keep hearing a several clicking sounds can someone help me out. thanks

Need brake fluid and new pads and turn rotors repack wheel bearings and if the master cylinder ran out of fluid you will need a new master cylinder. Master cylinder cost $49.95 pads cost $40.00 to $60.00 and a quart of fluid is about $10.00 tur ... 2004 Ford Taurus

The brakes are terrible. The pedal firm. The first inch of pedal has resistance but it doesn't slow teh car down you have to press really hard to get it to just start trying to stop the car. It has no really positive strong braking action at all

Have you thought about replacing the brake pads and/or rotors? ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

My car is stuck in park, the brake lights do not work, Ive replaced the switch on the brake pedal and the turn signal switch. Its a 1995 Ford Taurus GL with a 3.0L. I can get the car out of park by turning the ignition part way and then put the shift lever into neutral and start the car, But the brake lights are not working nor are my hassard lights.

The neutral safety switch on the tranny is going out. Replace this switch and you should not have any more problems. This switch registers that your foot is on the brake before it will allow it to come out of park to keep kids from accidently engagin ... 2000 Lincoln LS

Tried starting car,nothing from starter, but have lights & radio...one suggestion was remove key .. reinsert key and repress brake pedal !! check brake pedal position switch....ok the brake pedal didnt go down that far...now what?

Hi\015\012Check the battery I know you have lights but it may be enough to power the lights and not the car, do the dash lights dim when you try and start it?\015\012\015\012Also check the earth battery connection, a poor connection ... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

Brakes (rear) Previous owner (1 month ago) changed the left rear brake cylinder. Pedal felt spongy when I bought the truck, so I bled the right rear, then the left rear brake cylinders. I'm 99.99% positive that I had no air left in those cylinders, and the master cylinder was kept topped-off the whole time. However, now the BRAKE light comes on whenever I press the brake pedal. What did I do wrong, or is there something else I should look at?

I would look at the othe rear wheel cylinder it is most likely leaking ... 1988 Chevrolet C1500

2002 ford escort 2.0 SE was stuck in park because the brake light switch was sticking. Went to spray wd40 on it & while i was doing this i held down the brake pedal with my other hand for a min or less(key was not in the ignition). Now the car wont start (doesnt turn over, no clicking, nothing). Battery fine. Brake lights work but brake pedal stiff from pressing on it. Lights turn on, cd player works, fuses fine. I can shift it to neutral and it rolls but wont start. Hadnt had any issues startin

You may have damaged something with the spray, just start looking and testing the system to see were the starter signal stops. ... Cars & Trucks

I have 1996 galant. the emergency brake light is on and seems like the brake is stuck although the lever is down. the brakes are grinding and the car does not roll when in neutral. i checked the brake fluid reservoir and it's full. any suggestions on what can be causing the problem? By the way, the car sat for about 4 months before i bought it and the weather has been in the teens.

Your emergency brake cables or at least one is frozen up or the brake shoes are frozen to the drum try removing the stuck tire and pour boiling water on the brake drum this should free up the shoes,the light is on because of the lever is not all the ... 1996 Mitsubishi Galant
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