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I have a 1997 Mitsubishi eclipse and we see white smoke coming from the exhaust every gage is fine no check engine lights no codes come up no lights period it smells like oil but no leaks anywhere we can crank the car and go bit only after it sits during the night and crank it in the morning about a half a mile down the road it cuts off everyone we have went to is.puzzled please help

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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If this car is turbocharged the turbo seal is likely leaking oil into the engine intake runners. The other cause is worn valve guides and seals on the valve stems for oil control.
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I have a 1997 Mitsubishi eclipse and we see white smoke coming from the exhaust every gage is fine no check engine lights no codes come up no lights period it smells like oil but no leaks anywhere we can crank the car and go bit only after it sits during the night and crank it in the morning about a half a mile down the road it cuts off everyone we have went to is.puzzled please help

If this car is turbocharged the turbo seal is likely leaking oil into the engine intake runners. The other cause is worn valve guides and seals on the valve stems for oil control. ... Cars & Trucks

Sister in laws car .drove from work to pick up kids then 20mins later car would not start .checked battery ok ,lights are on ok when trying to start no crank nothing .NEXT morning went to check on car put key in drivers side open door went to put key in ignition car started right up in morning .drove home. Started car again when got home 1 min later ok . tried a 3rd time in a row failed came home at night tried 1 more time still failed to start. lights on dash are bright red ...

If you just hear a click, try this:\012This procedure usually works:\012\302\267Check the battery cable connections:\012Make sure the positive cable, makes a good connection at the battery and at the starter. Make sure the negative cable ... 1997 Mercury Villager

Weird problem just started. Noticed the other day when I turned off the car, the fan continued to run for about another minute. Then, this morning, I was sitting in the car with it running and temperature gauge went up over the 210 middle mark. On the way home tonight, while sitting at a light, the temperature gauge went up near the 260 mark, the check gauge light went on and once I took off from the light, it went down a bit, but, not back to normal and additionally, the oil gauge went below

The first thing to try is turning the heater upto full heat(a/c off)if the temp guage goes down THEN CHANGE THE THERMOSTAT...(hot oil,if too hot, is thinner than the normal sae rating so the oil pressure will be lower.otherwise no real problem. ... 2001 Pontiac Firebird

Have a 95 buick regal with 3.8 v6 when I turn switch on, all panel lights work normal. When I try to crank, the panel lights blink on and off and motor slowly turns over with clicking noise but wont crank. Car was running great last night. This seemed to happen over night sitting in garage.

Sounds like your loosing voltage somewhere. jump it off and see what happens when you turn on the headlights and the heater blower on. if it dies when you turn those things on, take your alt. off and have it checked ... 1995 Buick Regal

My 03 denali's battery dies in the morning after sitting in the garage over night. the car starts fine after a jump start and allowing the battery to charge. I can let the car sit for 3 hours and it will start fine. I made sure no inter lights or running lights were on. can anyone tell me what else to check?

Have some one do a load test on battery,Sounds like it has a bad cell in it and will need replaced ... 2003 GMC Yukon Denali

My 1991 Nissan Maxima 4D will not crank. Is there anyway you can help me figure out the problem? Last night, before driving my car home, the light on the inside would not turn on. Everything else worked as usual. This morning the same thing occurred, but the car still drove. I went somewhere and came back in an hour. About 30 minutes later I tried to crank my car and it wouldn't crank. This time I did not hear any clicking or anything while turning the key.

I would check that your starter motor isnt f**ked or has a break in the line.. your battery isnt dead.. that you have no blown fuses as their should be a fuse for your starter motor... and that your ignition is working and not shorting out these are ... 1991 Nissan Maxima

First start-up in the morning after the car has been idle over night, the car starts right up. After the car has been idle for about 1-1/2 hours it takes several cranks for the car to start. Also sometime in the morning on it's first run the car may choke out while waiting for a traffic light to change. This choking dosen't happen to often.

Check for any codes.Even if the check engine light has not come on.These cars are know for bad crank sensors and this is what causes them to stall.There is a bulletin out for this problem.I need to know what year your vehicle is.The problem is the cr ... Cadillac STS

1991 Corvette Hey Scott, I think I have the same problem as the guy with the 1994 Corvette. My 1991 Corvette starts when cold but will not start immediately after driving. I drove the car 5 miles yesterday and everything was fine. I parked the car and let it sit for about an hour. The car would not start. I can hear the car cranking but it would not fire up. I let the car sit all night and it started up fine this morning. This is the second occurrence in 1 week. Any ideas? Problem # 2 occurs whe

... 1994 Chevrolet Corvette

'03 F250 6.0L w/70,000 - was slow cranking, pumped gas and would eventually start; had batteries tested and said one was barely low. (I'm still waiting for new ones.) Then sit a day and lights flash, but no start, had to charge. Then sit for day and lights flash but no start. Charged all night and still no start. Lights flash, clicks when turn key, glow plug noise, but no start. And oil pressure WAS coming up when it WAS starting. Tried 5min intervals of 50amp 3 times and lights came on a bit mo

Low fuel pressure! amd maybe water in the filters ... 2005 Ford F 350 Super Duty

This morning the 97 960 sedan was fine. This afternoon, car cranks up normally after sitting in 110 degree temp all day....except that the idiot lights in the dashboard all come on and stay on until my wife starts to drive it. The ac is blowing hot air, but not much, and all the lights have gone out except the red light with the battery symbol. Put on the brakes and the ''abs'' and ''srs'' lights come on. Car does not run hot and sounds normal. Has 110,000 miles on it.

Please there are multiple problems with your car though not too serious but requires urgent attention.1. The alternator (Charging system)2. Brake system3. ABS Sensor4. SRS (Air bag)But I recommend you run a s ... 1997 Volvo 960

1992 cadillac deville ....parked it at night and in the morning battery was dead and car wouldnt start. Charged the battery and now it cranks but will not start. if you let it sit for a minute and then try to start it, it will run for about 2 seconds then shuts down. If you try to crank it immediately it just cranks and won't even consider starting until you let it sit for a minute or so. Iam thinking it was the fuel pump (it does have fuel...I put in 2 gallons). Fuel pressure is 40 pounds....An

Does it have three second fuel pump run when you turn key to run position/ in between you should let i rest 5 or so seconds then try it again also some of these cadilacs have oil pressure sending unit wich takes the duty of keeping fuel pressure up ... 1992 Cadillac DeVille

Car not starting after sitting over night or after sitting during the day ima light and brake lights on in dash. will start with a boost when we connect the boost pack we hear a click and the it will start is this a battery issue with not enough cranking amps or is it an issue with the 2004 hybrid

Sounds like you have something draining the battery down. You probably something staying on thats not supposed too. I would start with the brake circuit. ... 2004 Honda Civic

I was driving my car last night and the red battery light came on and the lights got real dim then the car shut off. I let it sit overnight and restarted it in the morning it turned on then right off. What could this be?

It looks like your alternator is going bad, have some one to take a look. ... 2003 Saturn VUE

I have an 88 Cavalier Z24 with 5sp man. transmission and a 2.8 V6 with cruise control. The car will not start. I parked it the previous night and went to start in the morning it cranks, I checked for spark and has none. I noticed during cruise speeds like 60 mph shift light comes on and stays on until accelerating or decelerating. Also, I noticed the tach not working while driving, the shift light does not come on any other time like when up shifting. I was wondering if this could be the crank

Yes, the crank sensor is used both for spark timing and tach/shift switch. Check the connector and wiring first. The sensor is centered on the back of the engine. If that looks OK, put a new sensor in. They only cost $14 at autozone. \015\ ... 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24

My car started out when i would drive to destination and then when i got ready to go i would crank the car and it would not start until after it would sit for about 15 min or so and then it would start...this problem continued for a couple of weeks and now it has progessed to when i get ready to leave in the morning it cranks but will not start..it shows service soon light~it also makes a sort of a power hissing noice for about 10 seconds and goes away after starting sometimes. It gives codes of

Hi, the code p0420 and p0340 is a summary of all the problems your are facing with your car and you need to troubleshoot and fix the problem.\015\012\015\012P0420 diagnostic trouble code is a "generic" fault code that is set when the Onb ... Nissan Altima

Can anyone explain why my 1993 Cadillac Eldorado wont start after it sits overnight? Also, why does my interior lights jump on sometimes when I hit a bump then turn off when I hit the door panel. My car will start all day without a problem however, in the morning it won't start without a boost. As soon as the cables are put on the battery and a light accelaration from the booster i turn the ignition and the car crank instantly.

Cranks and starts are two different things.If it cranks but won't start it could be loosing fuel pressure overnight.If it won't crank in the morning, you could have a bad cell in the battery or something draining the battery overnight. Suc ... Cadillac Eldorado

I have a 2008 Chevy Cobalt LT. The other night I was driving home and a deer ran out in front of me. To avoid hitting the deer, I swerved and went off the road a little bit. The car drove for about a mile and then it shut off completely! Apparently I punctured my oil pan and all of the oil drained out. Now my car won't start. The radio, lights, windshield wippers, etc works but my car just will not crank. Some people have said my engine is completely ruined. But, I have read that some General Mo

Ok if you tryed to drive it without oil you blew it up. thats the only thing that makes sence ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2002 Hyundai XG350l and last night my check engine light came on and has been very shaky ever since. I added more engine oil since it was really low but that didn't seem to fix the problem. This morning I tried turning my car on and even though it did turn on, while sitting in park my car was shaking and I heard a squeeling noise. Just two months ago I spent over $900 to get a new alternator, serpentine belt, and battery. Any suggestions as to what could be wrong with my car this time?

You might just want to go down to your local autozone and let them do a code check on your car and tell you exactlly why the check engine light is on, it is free and will cost you less in the long run considering that it could be a number of diffrent ... 2006 Hyundai XG350

1993 geo tracker has allways ran great then last weeek was little ruff starting didnt want run then it did drove around about 40 mins, then pulling out from store it died and wouldnt start it cranked but know turn over, i lgot it home let it sit over night then car started right up and ran great for few days then was at a light and it pulling out and it just died again changed fule filter and air filter, fuel pump is kicking on what else could it be. Please help only car i got and have kids reea

This is a very old car, I restored a 91, took me 1 month hard labor to get 91 to bereliable and safe. the first step is to find out if the car is a 8valve or 16,???then get the book on it as most mech, in you area have not a clue h ... 1993 Geo Tracker

Car is very hard to start in the mornings and after sitting for more than five to eight hours. no codes are found or check engine light has not been on. once car cranks up it runs great and will start with little or sometimes no delay.

Check battery and cables.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012TIM........... ... 2000 Hyundai Elantra

Hi I have a Nissan Interstar dci120 medium roof long wheel base...2 problems...rn1) really strange noise coming from god knows what when i accelarate?like a revving noise sounds strange but nice..if that makes sense... 2) IN NEUTRAL intermittent cutting out like sensation but doesnt cut out...bit rattley like you can see the light jumping up and down fair bit when for eg sitting behind car in traffic at night...doesnt feel right anybody know whats going on?van is in great shape body wise...11

... 2005 Nissan Pathfinder

1998 impreza how to shut off the dashboard air bag light I have the same problem in my 96 Impreza. I've heard that it can be caused by a low battery. My voltage remains around 12.5V, but I did have trouble starting last night (had to get a jump) and this morning. A bit of corrosion on my positive terminal, nothing major. Cleaned it off and the car started right up, air bag light still on however. I'm planning on replacing the terminals and seeing if that helps.

The ecu may have recorded the light being on and will need to be put on a computer to be reset,\015\012please rate this advice. ... 1996 Subaru Impreza

I have a 2000 Mercedes S500 with 80,000 miles on it. I started the car up this morning and I was fine. I stop off to get coffee and notice that it cranks but won't start. After repeated attempts it won't start. I let it sit for 30 minutes and it starts up.. I got 2 blocks and it stalls at traffic light. It sit 30 minutes then starts up. It has a new tune up with new battery, alternator. Any suggestions?

So what you are saying is that the car HAS a new battery and alternator? What the first sign of troubles with this i would point to the fuel pump not building correct pressure. If you can check fuel pressure and all that go ahead otherwise turn you ... 2000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

2004 also Hi, My Santa Fe is a 2004 and it's recently begun doing this same thing. It runs fine and cranks up fine if used during the day, but when it sits overnight, it won't crank the next morning. The only thing that happened differently recently is the night before it first happened, I locked my purse in my car with the keys in the purse. My window was down about 2 inches so i was able to get the door unlocked easily but it tripped the alarm when the door was opened. I used the remote key fo

Take the SUV to an autoparts store that features free charging diagnostic tests. They will determine if the alternator is putting out sufficient power to recharge your battery. There's also a very good chance your battery is dead. It's not uncommo ... 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited

I have a 1999 grand prix gtp that shuts off when I'm driving it doesn't happen very often but yesterday it shut off on the highway the batt light and oil light came on right after and plus my car seems like it doesn't want to start after it sits about a half hour or when i go to start it up in the morning it doesnt want to crank over until i put my foot on the gas. could this be a bad sensor or maybe fuel pump?

I'd definitley look at the fuel pump resistor first. Otherwise I'd say it's the fuel pump. But to find out before you spend too much money it may be worth your while to change the fuel filter, that will at least help whether the pump is bad or not. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix
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