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Wireing diagramfor sound lab g002gh smoke machen

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I am sorry but fixya has no wiring diagrams.
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Wireing diagramfor sound lab g002gh smoke machen

I am sorry but fixya has no wiring diagrams. ... Cars & Trucks

Nissan navara 87 lights are coming on but its not turning ova sounds like it mants to plus can hear a ticking sound could it be loose terminals or wiring plus saw alittle smoke????

You have a high amount of current going through a loose connection, causing it to arc. Turn on your lights and turn the starter key. If the lights dim, then it is the battery terminal(s). If the lights remain steady and the smoke is generated, it ... Nissan 200SX

My 2001 cabrio that I got less than a week ago. my wife was driving home from work when the ac stopped working and the engine revved up high. by the time she got home there was a sort of grinding sound and it smelled like burned wires. I didn't see any smoke or melted wires though. now it won't start at all. is it most likely the alternater, starter or something else.

Check your engine belts. if they are intact, check the air conditioner compressor. the bearings may be worn out. which makes the compressor seize. the belt would continue to move over the compressor unit, and cause the burning smell. a jump start ... 2002 Volkswagen Cabrio

2006 Chevy Cobalt starter problems. The starter started making loud clicking sounds. I got under the car and had someone turn the key and it looks like a little amount of smoke would come off of the small starter wire when attempting to start. I replaced the starter with one from a junk yard and it wouldn't even click. I hooked booster cables up and as soon as I did, The starter started making a noise as if it was running. Does this sound like a dead starter? I plan on taking this one back t

Dead cell and or loose grounds at the starter will do it every time!! ... 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt


Could be mass airflow sensor right ahead of the intake on the air intake of your air cleaner. Also could be EGR Valve. ... Mercury Cougar

I NEED FREE FACTORY RADIO WIRING DIAGRAMfor ford explorer with premium sound

... 2003 Ford Explorer

1992 Plymouth Acclaim: 136,000 klms. Changed head gasket, timing belt, plugs, rotor cap/button, wires, air cleaner, & set timing. Now running rough (ran good since head gasket & timing belt replacement) It sounds like its ''wet'' and smoke coming out of the tailpipe. Would there be a sensor or something else? There is that little plate between the distributor and the cap which looks good... Thanks,

Depends what color smoke is coming out the tailpipe.wehite smoke and steam coming out of the pipe is going tobe water in combustion mixture,ie cylinders.if it belching black smoke and running rough its a fuel delivery problem,(too much fuel in air/fu ... 1992 Plymouth Acclaim

03' Chevy Impala. V6 - 3400. Changed my transmission fluid and filter this weekend, and now the engine stumbles, and makes a knocking sound. Engine light came on, and blinks while driving. Auto parts said it was P0303 Error code. Changed all spark plugs and wires. Check Engine Light still on and blinks while driving. And still stumbles while idling or at low speeds. Looked underneath and saw smoke coming from the bottom of the exhaust, just before the muffler, at the flange bolts.

The steam indicates coolant leaking into your cylinders either through a blown head gasket, cracked head, or cracked cylinder liner / liner o-ring.Smoke that only comes out at startup would indicate that your valve stem seals are l ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a 1990 chevy corvette with the L98 engine. I have replaced the fuel injectors, all the sensors, the cap and rotor. Plugs and wires. And a new ecm. My car runs and sounds like a million bucks untill you kick it, then it just goes nuts. Its starts stumbling and blowing white smoke out the back. It continues to run this way untill I turn the engine off and restart it . Then it runs great again unless you give it full throttle. It even does this when the car is in park. If you rev the engine

Have you checked the timing? Your timing may be off and although the car would run, it would not run correctly if the timing was off...I would also take the ECM out and get one from a corvette salvage yard..this will insure you are getting an OEM fac ... Chevrolet Corvette

Can't get spark on a 1984 f 150 after we changed engines manifolds and anything that had wires going to it. it started briefly one time and the timing was off so we changed it one tooth . something in dash sounded like it fried but no fore or smoke. we installed a 1981 engine in place of a 1984.we have double checked the timing and still no spark.

You will still get a spark if the timing is off, just not at the right time. 84, distributor and rotor? are you getting spark at the rotor? If it has ignition coils, find out what the ohms are supposed to be, and check them all. Did you check the ign ... 1984 Ford F 150

Two months ago i had problems with my electrical system. The car shut off and the engine smoked. The mechanic told me that he replaced a module and some broke wires. Before I brought the car home I had the mechanic check the battery and the alternator. He said the they were both strong.A few weeks later the car started jerking a little ,but the car never stopped. The car drove fine until a day ago. All of the sensor lights came on, the radio started giving off a ticking sound and than the car ju

Sounds like alt. wasn't charging/or bat wasn't taking charge. take bat to have tasted. if its ok. suspect the alt. with a good bat. the voltage at terminals when running with lights on should be 12-14.5. ... 1992 Lexus Ls 400

Battery when starting vehical it sounds like the battery is dead. Battery test confirm battery is fine. ive changed positive wire, and the starter cylindoid, and the negative post clamp. Still did it but finally did start but after starting the positive post started smoking bad. i shut the vehical off and it did not want to shut off. Any ideas?

Right either a bad earth cable from neg on battery to engine block or a faulty starter motor where the the windings have cooked and overheated thereby causing a short and a slow turn over check the earth cable to the engine first as this is often fau ... 1991 Ford F150

I went out to start my 2002 Oldsmobile Alero and it wouldn't start heard a gurgling noise then saw a little smoke coming from under the hood. I opened the hood to check my oil thinking maybe it was low ,but I had just had my oil changed 3 weeks ago. Oil level was fine, tried to start car again still same sound but this time it smelled as if there was a wire burning. Had my bf come check it out he said it could be the starter. How would I know if my starter is out?

Usally smoke indicates a burned wire form too much resistance. you may need to replace both the positive and negitive battery cables with a new starter.\012replace those and go from there try to turn the engine by hand. hopefully it is not lock ... 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

1.coolant line leaks, where is that line located? sometimes on hot days if i drive the car for too long something under the hood starts smoking 2. hood pop latch/ wire snapped, can't open it to throw in coolant AND 3. Whenever i'm low on gas and/or whenever i'm driving up hills, it sometimes doesn't kick into the next upper gear, i'll slow down and shut off on me. sometimes when idling for awhile, like at a stop light, it sounds like it has trouble pumping in gas, like its trying to stay alive,

Ok you have probably more than one problem first coolant leak im not sure which engine you have in your car but if it is the v six check at the tensioner there is to small ninty degree pipes they have orings on both ends of them and they typically st ... 1992 Buick Regal

1997 Honda Accord Won't start. Plugs and wires have oil on them. Still getting spark to plug. Sounds like it wants to fire but fuel starved. Can hear the fuel pump when key is on. Puffs blue smoke through exhaust when trying to start.

I dont know why it wont start,but our plugs and wires had oil on them and we replaced the head gasket and it doent get oil on them anymore ... 1997 Honda Accord

Just replaced valve cover gasket, plugs and plug wires. Now she smokes like crazy when she didn't before and sounds like running on 3 cylinders. Any ideas?

Check to ensure that the plugs are torqued in to spec, the wires are completely snapped on and that you didnt put the wrong wires to the wrong plugs. thats for the 3 cyl's problem. as for the smoking, it could be the valve cover gasket because if its ... Saturn Cars & Trucks

I have a 2000 ford explorer 4.0 over head valve push rod 6 cylinder and i replased the heads both sides w new parts i also replased all gaskets and plugs and wires it ran great sounded good i drove it one mile and there was a pop sound and it died in the street i got it running enough to get it home so i replased both plugs and wires one more time cause it sounded like it was misfireing again it cant get out of its own way got any ideas on what might be the problem

Sounds like that valve stem retainers didnt get installed somewhere correctly. Retainers are what hold the valve stem into the upper spring seat. Pull the valve covers and it will be obvious. other idea might be that you spit a spark plug out of th ... 2000 Ford Explorer

Speaker wire Pleaseee Help i have a 1998 buick regal LS. I had an amp hooked up to stock stereo with a 10:1 ratio converter, and the 2 ground wires on the converter touched the rear speaker wires accidentally and now i have no sound coming from speakers, yet the radio does turn on and hold all stations still, i checked all the speakers they all work..I took out amp and subwoofers and have it hooked up as it was stock..and still no sound!

Sorry to hear that. you may have blown out the internal amp channels in the stock radio. ... Buick Cars & Trucks

Hey, i have a 95 mitsubishi lancer evolution 2 and it started making a grinding sound when i drive it and a bad metallic sound when ever i turn. and it started burning up and smoking and the wheels lock up. so i got the rear differential chanced and when we test drove the car the new one is now making a grinding sound and over heating badly and smoking. it smells of rubber and gear oil. i looked beneth the car and it looks as if oil has leaked out of the case some how just like the old one. but

This sounds like the actual problem is somewhere else.\015\012First - are the tyre sizes within spec and not overlifted suspension, which does put more strain on diff components.\015\012Make certain the tyres do not foul the bodywork or o ... 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

This morning i heard a high pitch sound from my engine then smoke was coming out from under the the dashboard in the engine . I turned off the engine and let the smoke clear. I started the car back up and there was no smoke or sound. the car seems to be running fine. 2001 chrysler town and country.

I am going to guess that the sound and smoke were from a stalled belt. Check your belt for a burned spot. ... 2000 Chrysler Town & Country

THe old alternator got hot and smoked and went. replace with another alternator. When you plug the wire in that goes through (I guess another fuse panel) the alternator gets hot again. when you unglug that wire going to the guage then it is fine. What do I need to do so it doesn't smoke? Does that wire need to go to the guage to work the engine properly?

... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My civic lx starting running rough today. I am not sure at all what the problem can be, I can unplug 3 of the wires (one at a time) that go to the fuel injectors and the car will miss real bad, which it should, but when I unplug the 4th wire, it does not sound any different. could this actually be something wrong with an injector, as the car does sound like it is only running 3 cylinders? and yes there is electric to all 4 wires checked that

Have you checked the sparkplugs aswell you could be right about the working of 3 cylinders rather then 4 but it could be miss fireing with sparks not injectors ... 1997 Honda Civic

No start i've got a honda prelude i had it running while taking off the spark plug wires to check if my plugs were firering ok i got to no.4 when my engine died, i then decide to change the wires while changing the wirers i heard a noise sound like a fan turned on i checked the radiator fans they were off, but the noise sound like its coming from the alarm i then remember i didn't switch the ignition off and my battery was drainded, after replacing the wires and the battery the car won't start,

Petorl pump. run a live from the battery to switch to petrol pump. turn iginition on, petrol switch on an dshe should fire up, happened to two of ours.\015\012francez ... 1992 Honda Prelude

Multiple misfire and no spark to #4 plug. High input to the intake manifold. Could the wires be rubbing together and if so any ideas where. There is a sound coming from the crankcase that sounds like a broken timing chain. The sound only happens after 4 to 5 revolutions. I am not able to find a manual for this to show wiring diagrams or an expanded view of the front of the engine.

First replace the spark plug for # 4 cylinder along with the plug wire, I am not aware of the manuafacture year to determine if the vehicle has individual coils for each cylinder if so replace the coil for that cylinder (# 4 ), the absence of spark f ... Jeep Liberty

Installing an aftermarket stereo, spliced the wires and have everything connected including the remote wire to the factory amp wire but still no sound.

There is no remote wire on these newer trucks....03 and up....u have to buy the harness....although i didnt....i have an 03 gmc sierra and just pulled the schematic and matched the wires. And there is no programming to do on an aftermarket stereo.... ... 2003 GMC Sierra
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