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Would the fuel pressure regulator keep my blazer from stalling when driving on highway and stop lights.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

No that would not cause a stall like that.


The engine\012and transmission in this cars drive train are fully\012electronically controlled by a computer called the PCM (Power Train\012Control Module). Whenever a problem like this occurs the computer\012stores a record of the problem (there are of course some exceptions\012to this, like the fuel pump, engine coolant temperature sensor and\012MAF sensor for instance) in the form of a fault code in its memory,\012to read these fault codes you must have the systems memory scanned\012with a special tool. Once the fault code(s) are read you then must\012perform the appropriate diagnostic testing to find and resolve the\012problem(s) DO NOT REPLACE ANY PARTS UNTIL A TRAINED TECHNICAIN\012HAS DIAGNOSED THE PROBLEM TO AVOID SPEDING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON\012PARTS THAT MAY NOT CORRECT THE PROBLEM

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Would the fuel pressure regulator keep my blazer from stalling when driving on highway and stop lights.

No that would not cause a stall like that.\012\012\012HelloThe engine\012and transmission in this cars drive train are fully\012electronically controlled by a computer called the PCM (Power Train\012Contro ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2000 Ford Windstar LX 3.8 L V6. Engine keeps intermittenly stalling as you come to a stop. P1171 code keeps coming up. ABS and check engine lights come on and off intermittently. Checked fuel pump pressure and that is good. havenb't replaced MAF or any ofhter sendors. What is the next best step to take. Would like to havea wiring diagram to test TPS and MAFS if avilable before just replacing the sensors. My wife and daughter do not drive the car because of the risk factor

... 2000 Ford Windstar

325i BMW, 2003 (Automatic) Fuel Pump/Filter or fuel pressure regulator problem? 3 weeks ago car would stall when shifted in Drive mode. After a couple of retries it would pull away. 500 feet later would stall again when stopping a junction. Put it in reverse and pulled away. Then shifted back to Drive and worked again. Got home, parked car and did not use for rest of day. After that car worked fine until yesterday when it basically stalled again when trying to leave the house. Drove approximate

Your camshaft position sensor may be going bad. usually with an old car it tend to go bad. The top of sensor can be covered or gumed up with grease, oil, dirt and cause it not to detect the flywheel turning. Camshaft sensor send single to your ... 1996 BMW 318

1997 Ford Expedition, check engine light flashes on & off & truck shakes when im driving at an incline, its stable & light stops flashing when on level ground or decline. Code P0203 on diagnostic for 1. open or shorted fuel injectors 2. open or short in electrical circuit 3. high fuel pressure-pressure regulator defective fuel return line blocked 4. check TPS circuit for failure

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1999 Audi A4 2.8L - Last month it was stalling at low RPM after initial start idle kicked down. I put in fuel injector cleaner and it fixed the problem. Yesterday it returned and is shaking before it stalls. It stalls again after initial Idle kicks down, so when I stop at lights it will stall most of the time or at dead stops in traffic. If the car keeps moving it will not stall. Car has 170,000 miles mostly highway

It is your spark pulgs or you igniton switch ... 1999 Audi A4

Check engine light comes on Code S430. Have replaced 02 sensors. Keeps coming back on. When fuel gets low, car shuts down while driving, even before low fuel light comes on. Replaced fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, and fuel sensor.

... 2005 Volvo XC90

My 2004 impala ss keeps stalling out. Not all the time. Usualy after I run the car for a while, turn it off and start driving it will happen. Also mostly when I am driving and have to stop at a light is when it will want to stall. One more thing, sometimes the rpms are jumping all over the place when I am idling, before stalling. I changed the fuel filter, and ran a few rounds of injector cleaner through it. Anybody know what's up?

... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

1994 dodge intrepid would cut off while driving,no sputter ,engine just stops, no check engin light,but the cruise control light would come on. let it sit 10-15 mins and would start back up, have been looking through your web site and have done everything , others with this problem have had, replaced crank sensors ,cam sensor, fuel pump and filter, fuel pump relay ads relay,fuel pressure regulator and pcm now car wont start at all. it turns over , but wont start.

Do a compression check, if you have lost compression on 2 or more cylinders try replacing the timing belt. If the compression is good across all cylinders and you have an alarm installed by pass the alarm by removing the in line fuse from the power ... Dodge Intrepid

I was driving my car down the highway it was running perfect and it shut off as if you turned the key off. Prior to this I had been having to turn the key off and on several times to start it like the fuel pump wasn't keeping prime but I've checked fuel pressure I've got 60lbs I've had it on the computer the only code its giving is egr valve low control voltage but I've been told that will not keep it from starting I've also changed the crank sensor and have had no luck can you shed some light o

Anti theft security system. GM's are notorious for it. This link explains it all and gives you some options to fix it yourself... http://vatspasslockpasskey ... Pontiac Firebird

I have a toyota camry 1997, 4cyl. When I'm driving it idles a bit and pulling a little. When i'm stopped at a light it idles high then shuts off, sometimes it just shuts off without idling. When i try to restart it, it turns as if it's going to start and it does not. It also sputters when trying to start. I have replaced the throttle position sensor, Idle air control valve, fuel filter, spark plugs, cleaned the egr valve, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, fuel system cleaned and replaced the c

Could be the coil pack playing up ,or the computer not working properly ,very difficult to diagnose without the right software so i would suggest taking it to a dealer and see what they say ... 1997 Toyota Camry

I have a 1966 Chevy Blazer ,73000 miles.. I have had 2nd fuel pump in new trottle sensor, and wiring to throttle done. . I was told i need new muffler, tailpipe ,and fuel tube where the fuel goes in cause its leaking. The problem is the the check engine light comes on then later stall when at a stop or driving.. Now being told it needs a computer part possible.. Could any the parts needed be the cause or the computer part ?.. This a intermittant problem

... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 2008 grand prix gxp v8 and i was driving and it stalls on the highway with engine light coming on and car shutting off. The code are map, maf, sensor! car starts and stalls out right away u can put your foot on the gas and hold it it stays started for a minute then stalls! replaced battery, did fuel pressure check and comprssion check everything fine! what to do now?

Hi, you can try cleaning the MAF sensor, but you probably need a new one. Fortunately you can get one for only $70 at autozone. This is cheap compared to other MAF sensors I've seen. \015\012First check the connection on the sensor. If good ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

The idle is going up and down when the vehicle is not moving at red lights or in traffic and it sounds like its misfireing or something? basically the engine is running rough when its at a low idle but it drives fine untill yesterday when it all of a sudden stalled on the highway thank god i made it home. the truck still starts but something is not right cause it keeps stalling. it definitely seems like a fuel problem.

Change the fuel filter and the spark plugs. ... 2000 Nissan Xterra

Idealing issues 95 buick regal gran sport... i was idealing at a red light and when it turned green i started to go but it sputtered to a stop... i replaced the fuel filter which was clogged pretty much completly. and can hear the fuel pump turning on and puttin pressure to the engine...it will start up some of the time and i can keep it running as long as im on the gas alil bit... as soon as it ideals out, it stalls out... what else could be the problem??

Needs a tune-up:\015\012\015\012Spark plugs and wires and distributor & rotor.\015\012\015\012Do wires last... the others probably need to be done.\015\012\015\012Hope this helps! ... 1995 Buick Regal

Keeps stalling Feels like I am running out of gas. First felt like the Rav started to "hick-up", then stalled out as I was coming to a stop. Now seems to happen almost every time I try to come to a stop or take my foot off the accelerator. I have to put in neutral and rev the gas to keep engine running. Engine light is now on since the first stall out. Fuel filter has been replaced and problem still persists. AutoZone site suggests changing the wire set and spark plugs or possibly the fuel pump.


No check engine light on until it stalls out. While driving around town and approaching stop sign/light, sometimes car will stall out. I also notice that my fuel gauge dips down about 1/4 tank and then comes back up slowly within 5-10 seconds. Sometimes when it does this as approaching full stop the fuel gauge will dip and car stalls. I had the o2 sensor, spark plugs and wires and fuel filter replaced. Still does it but not as bad. I have put fuel cleaner in when near empty and put 1/2 tank g

You didn't say how much fuel is in the tank when this happens. Some of these old GM cars will starve for fuel if the tank is near empty and you are braking or stopping with the car facing downhill. It could be rust or scale in the fuel tank clogging ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Engine light is on, engine will stop middle of driving down the road. It will restart, but cranks over longer than normal. Has new cat convertor, 02 sensor and fuel pressure regulator that are about 3 months old

First the AGE of any parts replaced has absolutely no bearing on the problem. Bad parts come straight out of the box. The words NEW and GOOD are not synonymous. If new and good meant the same thing, we would have no use for the word "warranty". ... 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue

92 buick roadmaster 350 5.7 the car is at operating temp. driving down the highway is fine, but when i stop at a red light the oil pressure gauge goes to red and stalls out or idles like misfire. but as soon as i press the gas the gauge goes up and the car runs fine

... Buick Roadmaster

Engine stalls while driving. At first it was happening rarely but now it happens frequently. Engine will restart and run fine for hours-days-weeks then happens again. Guages and lights still work. Have replaced the fuel pump, filter and pressure regulator. Can the crankshaft sensor cause this type of problem. Have checked the wiring and all is good there.

... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I think maybe my TPS is gone in my 1998 venture mini van. My check engine light is on and my van stalls out on acceleration once having already come to a stop and taking off again. I have replaced both crankshaft sensors, the fuel pressure regulator, the Mass airflow sensor. When I first start the van and I rev the van the rpm's never goes past 2. It's like when I try to rev it up it chokes. Please help....

You should really have the van scaned before you put any more parts on it. Autozone will scan it for free. You could spend alot of money just putting parts on it. If you can come up with a code/DTC for your problem then let me know and I will be bett ... 1998 Chevrolet Venture Cargo

Won't start My daughter was driving her 94 camry to work friday when it started to act up. She described it like it had an air bubble in the gas line! She came to a stop light and it stalled. Wouldn't start after that. I've installed new plugs and rotor. Checked fuel pressure, is good at 50lbs. Timing belt is good and timing is right on. Getting spark to plugs yet it won't fire. Not sure what to check next. Car has 161,000 miles on it.

I have a 1995 toyota camry getting fuel from fuel pump but it still wont start ... 1994 Toyota Camry

Hello, my airbags blew, have not replaced them yet, however I can not get the jeep to easily start or idle smooth. Once I do get it started by holding the pedal all the way to the floor(like when the fuel pressure regulator is shot) I put the jeep into drive and the engine stalls out and dies. When the truck was idling, I scanned it and it said the asd was on, after the truck stopped running, the scanner said the asd was off. Would replacing the airbags tell the computer on the jeep to not turn

Have you tried disconnect the battery for about 10 min, to see if it will reset asd ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My truck is the two wheel drive with 4.8L V8. The truck usually runs flawlessly and twice recently it loses power on the highway. It stalls if you push the gas but I was able to drive it about 80 miles home (it stalled and conked out four times). Today it started acting up when I went to lunch. It would run but not if I gave it gas, I had to really baby the gas to keep moving. Then it was fine. Until... driving home I stalled out twice on the highway. Last time I replaced the fuel filter and it

This really sounds like the oxygen sensor. It's job is to determine, in real time, if the air fuel ratio of a combustion engine is rich or lean. Since oxygen se ... GMC Sierra 1500

My 97 Plymouth Grand Voyager stall when I start driving and temperature become normal. In other word never stall in the morning write the way. It will stall after 10 min of drive either on highway or when I stop on trafic light. The engine light will come on but it will go off after I start and continue to drive. No code is latched in computer. .

... Plymouth Grand Voyager

2006 Citroen C3 1.6 sx sensodrive sounds like a bucket of bolts and threatens to stall at low revs and idle... I cant keep driving through red lights!lol

Sorry to tell you this my friend, but you did overheat the engine. You should have stopped at first warning that the car was hot. The knocking sound is warning of no oil(or not enough) in your car. Now that you have cooked your bearings, seals and ga ... Cars & Trucks
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