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Installed a new battery and suddenly my cd player reads "error" when I insert a cd. Could this be a fuse or something? Anything I can try to fix it? I think it's part of the theft deterrent sys

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Usually a blown fuse will shutdown your radio until u get a new fuse so im not thinking fuse.... is the laser that reads cds is that clean???? if unsure they make cds with brushes on the bottom of them and as u put them in it brushes off that laser as the cd with brushes spins. or even simpler just try blowing out the inside maybe its just dirty or a cheap radio. cheap radios cause a lot of problems.... hope i helped....... JACOB WINKLER
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Installed a new battery and suddenly my cd player reads "error" when I insert a cd. Could this be a fuse or something? Anything I can try to fix it? I think it's part of the theft deterrent sys

Usually a blown fuse will shutdown your radio until u get a new fuse so im not thinking fuse.... is the laser that reads cds is that clean???? if unsure they make cds with brushes on the bottom of them and as u put them in it brushes off that laser a ... Cars & Trucks

I'm having problems with the theft deterrent system. I had the theft module changed but occasionaly my car still does not start.When I try again with the spare it does not work, then after a few minutes I try again with the same key it finally does start. I'm upset with the dealership cause they still can't give me an answer on what's the problem, and i already paid for a part that I don't think is the problem and am trying to get a refund. What could it possibly be that dissables the car to sta

... 2008 Pontiac Torrent

My truck had a vaccum belt burning smell, I replaced the fan belt and the idler pulley as recommended by parts store to fix problem. I tried to replace tension pulley also but could not get bolt loose to replace, will try again later. After belt replacement still had smell and truck did not restart. jumped truck and it started immediately, but when I tried to back out it died and would not restart again. I think the alternator is shot and that is the source of smell and starting problem, but

Sounds like your alternator. you can pull of and have tested for free at most parts stores. batteries should be ok. it is best to charge them and not just crank up and let vehicle charge them from completly dead this will cause an extreme pull on the ... 1995 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Why the Anti theft indicator keep blinking (red) when I turn off the car (off igniition) It keeps blinking all time even when I park the car in my garage without locking car doors Was it set up that way with the car as a theft deterrent. Would it make loud sound if someone try to break in the car. Please advise me . Thanks. I worry may be it is somethings I need to bring back to dealer to fix it or adjust it to blink only when needed.

Take it back to dealer for quandry. I wouldn't fool with it if evrything else works. ... 2002 Ford Escape

Car will run about 10 min. when it wants to start .do not want to put a new ecm unless it would fix the promblem .the car has 309674 miles on it but runs fine when it starts but stops running and will not start but acts like it wants to .tried several times yesterday to start and would not. tried today and after several attempts it did start and ran for about 10 min with part throtle.acts to me like stoped up catlilict conver? what do you think?

It would be easy to test the catalytic converter, just remove the O2 sensor and see if the engine will run if so replace the converter, you did not list what engine so i cant really giv ... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I have a 2001 Daewoo Nubria and my battery had went bad, once it was replaced my radio went to somekind of anti theft thing. Once I found out that I needed a code to fix it I started to scan my owners manual for it. While trying to find my code my 10 yr old started to enter random numbers and I think it may be locked up now I now have the right code for it but it still won't fix it. Really could use some help on this.


My car is leaking coolant, I think it is the water pump but everyone is trying to charge me like 700 hundred bucks to fix all these parts I dont think are broken... any ideas?

You need to find out where exactly is the leaks coming from, it can leak in many places beside the water pump. Im gonna let you in a little secrets of mine if you don't want to spend big bucks to fix it. Take it to local dod ... 1997 Dodge Avenger

Transmission shift Ihave a 2005 Impala. The thing thats wrong with it.. is when I put it in reverse, it seems like the engines drops. I'm thinking it could be a motor mount loose, but I'm not sure, also it shifts a little bit when giving acceleration, but Not a everyday thing.. I have took to place, they say there is harsh tension when trying to put into gear. It was going to cost 590 + parts to et it fix depending on what it was. They was going to pull it out, and clean the parts off to see wha

Try putting more brake pressure on your breke peddle before you put it in gear and see if the the problem stop. If it does, it's your motor mount. As as for lucas, just bring it in for a transmission oil and filter change and they can tell you more a ... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

My pass key fault light keeps flashing on and off. Tried to crank it and it wont start. So I took it to the Chevy dealer and they told me it would be $685 to fix it cause something is wrong with my Anti-Theft Security Module. I think that is a little to much considering they are the ones who put a new Ignition cylinder in for me before this happen. Can somebody help me or give me some insight on this matter?

Your problem is either on your transponder or amplifer ring you need to get someone who can read your key or test your amplifer ... 1996 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

My theft deterrent light comes on and stays on. Sometimes my vehicle will not start on the first try either. How do I fix this?

Reset the alarm/immobilise or recode the keys.(no make or model.........) ... Chevrolet Tahoe

My 97 Jeep Cherokee Country 4 cylinder is overheating after about 8-10 minutes of being on. It is not leaking coolant. Is this the thermostat? Is it the sensor? Is it the water pump? Engine does make clanky sounds but it does have just over 207,000 miles. I tried to get the fan shroud off but the 9/16 bolt only comes out part of the way. Should I cut it off all of the way? How much do you think a mechanic would charge to fix this? Thank you. Jake

The problem that you discribe Is a fault thermostat. Also with high mileage on engine , you will have alot of piston slap noise that's common. ... 1997 Jeep Cherokee Country

2002 kia sedona, check engine light on and fan running up front all the time after car is started till shut-down. Shop ran diagnostic and got code P01159 -Poss Varable Intake Control Valve...Think it's related to pollution control part...$700+ to fix, they say. Am trying to limp along with this car till Aug. Any suggestions?

... 2002 Kia Sedona

Is it worth it to fix a cavalier that has been sitting in a carport for 5 years? It was working before but some tires went flat and we had problems getting title. Now we have a little money and are wondering if we should just junk it or try to sell it for parts. If it's just a matter of replacing and cleaning fluids, tires and batteries I think we could keep it. Are there more things that would be issues after sitting for so long?

Transmisson seals would be a major concern to me.\015\012They have a tendency to dry out,and they will leak\015\012when you start running the vehicle.More than likley \015\012the cost of rebuilding transmission would out weigh the v ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

Tranducer installation Hi guys, my dad is trying to fix my car, we have bought the part but dont know where it goes, any help appreciated. we are trying to fix the speedo, the part we got was a transducer, does it go on the gearbox somewhere, we cant see a similar part on the car at present but maybe its hiding somewhere unseen. my car is a 1993 honda ascot ( it did not have ascot in the list, so i put accord. 5 cylinder cheers Tess

Buy a repair manual. It should only be about 15 bucks and will save you a lot of grief now and in the future. ... 1993 Honda Accord

P1632 Need to know if Engine Code(s) - P1630 - Theft Deterrent Learn Mode and P1632 - Theft Deterrent Fuel Disable Signal Not Received) Can be taken care of without having a dealer computer to do it? I have tried using the handheld diagnostic computer from the local auto store and no dice. I have tried clearing it with the ignition being left in the on position for 10 minutes and starting it, again no dice. The last thing I tried was to let the ignition in the on position for the 10 min and then

I personally would try disconnecting battery cables for about 2 min or so and c if that works! ... Cars & Trucks

I was trying to fix the drive window regulator (window and driver rear view the only electrical parts) and tried to start the truck to go get the parts needed to fix the window. When I turn the key all of the instrument panel arms go all the way up and there is only a clicking sound that is loud. After I pull the key out some of the electrical equipment keeps turning on and off for a few seconds maybe a minute. I didn't mess with anything but the driver door panel.

Are you sure the security isnt activated. The only thing you can do is get it back together and disarm the security. \015\012\015\012The disconnected wires in the door could be on the security circuit.. \015\012\015\012Hope ... 2003 Ford Expedition

Water leaking this is going to make me sound really dumb. but my 1991 toyota camry is leaking water. my mechanic fixed it temporaryly until i can get the money to fix it. on top of the engine there are two silver metal tubes no more than a half inch to a inch in diameter they wrap right around the top part of the engine and i have no idea what they are called so i can try to find the part. all i really need is a drawing of the engine with the parts labeled so i can figure it out but i cant find

Go here and download the manual,It's free\015\012http://pdftown.net/getfiles/413469\015\012\015\012\015\012Please rate this fixya ... 1991 Toyota Camry

This part seems to have broke off and when I start or try to start the car it sprays out fuel could some one tell me what the part 1, is 2,purpose 3,is it easy fixed 4, how much in Ozzie dollars will

It is a fuel injector easy to remove install new one with a correct gasket so that it does not leak fuel ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2006 Nissan Altima & I broke the side mirror at commercial bank deposit. I have tried |"super glue" but got more on my fingers than the car. Also, I need to try & find out how to fix the electrical part, there is a wire "hanging" down that must go to the automated visual alignment. Still I am hopelessly lost! Please anyway that knows a way to fix this please email me @ [email protected] Thanks!

Sounds to me like you need a whole new mirror assembly. The motors that operate the mirror position are most likely damaged along with the wiring harness. There are aftermarket parts warehouses and salvage yards that can reduce your parts cost signif ... Nissan Altima

I have a atk 125 go kart that I am trying to fix. I think the wires are wrong but I don't have a diagram to go by. I baught a universal switch and am trying to figure out what wires go to what. I know or think the yellow and red are ignition. But kinda lost on the rest. Any one know anything???

... Cars & Trucks

I own a 1999 GMC Safari Van and it stopped running. I can go to start it and it will act like it is going to start but doesn't. I have replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter thinking that it was a fuel problem but it did not fix the problem. I think moved on to using an OBDII and it told me no codes. I then moved on and replaced the distributor and still no fix. Does anyone have an idea for me to try for it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

It's the crankshaft position sensor, most likely bad. I just had the same problem, replaced the fuel pump, filter, plugs and wires, as soon as I replaced that fired right up. The part is around $50 and it's located under the vehicle, passenger side. ... 1999 GMC Safari

My car sometimes won't let go of my key when I shut it off. Dealer says it has to do with the theft deterrent module, but all the stuff I've read about it on the internet suggests that the theft deterrent module is a problem when the car won't start or won't stay running, not that the key won't come out when the car is in Park. Help! What part should the dealer get?

This is probably the ignition lock cylinder worn out or getting old. The TDM is most likely not locking the key in, but new cars are pretty tied into themselves. For now, just try leaving the key in. Use another one for the doors. Some cars have a s ... Pontiac Grand Prix

My Car Just Turned Off At A Light One Day And It Never turned on again.. I Tried To Push Start It N It Didnt Work, The I Tried To Jump Star it And Nuthing...... I Think My Timing belt is off time.... What Do You THink??? How Do I Fix IT????

Sound like timing belt, to avoid internal damage to your engine,dont start or push start.bring it to pro mechanic, and do the job,,, ... 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer

Got a Bosch part 15217 and my car still has a problem and they say because its not a Toyota part and my car wont read it?? I was trying to fix the code 1135 that i got from diagnostic it said fuel air metering is it the air fuel ratio sensors cause that's what I got fixed???

Code 1135 :-Air-Fuel Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction Bank 1 Sensor 1.\015\012\015\012Possible problems:Open or short in the A/F ratio sensor circuitOpen or short in A/F ratio sensor heat ... Lexus RX 300

Wont take fuel took to auto zone and 4 codes came up P1404 auxillary emission control-P0442 small vacuum leak-P0340 camshaft sensor-P1507 vehicle speed control. Can I replace these parts myself? Does any one part fix two or more problems? Car runs good! just wont take fuel from pump only half gallon at a time. Also a little surge idle is felt on idle at light I think or coasting with brake on. Those are the only two performance issues and both are minor. I would like to fix this my self if I cou

I would try to find and fix the vacuum leak, as this will be causing other problems, like the emission control.. other than that I am afraid I can be of little help. ... 2000 Hyundai Accent
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