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Fan blower on my jaguar 2003 x type 2.5 does not blow what fuse could it be

\015 I just replaced my a/c unit in my jag last year now when o go to turn on the a/c the inside fan/blower does not come on what fuse could this be\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Fan blower on my jaguar 2003 x type 2.5 does not blow what fuse could it be

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2000 ford focus keeps blowing fuse #54 for brakes, door open light is on unless you push brakes, blower moter fan only blows on 4, when fuse blows cannot take out of park unless we use the manual release beside the gear shifter. Could this all be related to a wiring problem. could the fan moter have burnt or shorted out the other wires?

The blower motors problem is the resistor has gone bad. Sorry I don't know exactly where yours is, But I think it is under the hood , passenger side ,against the firewall, next to the blower. It will have three or four big wires going to it. On the b ... 2000 Ford Focus

Jaguar 2004 xj8 the fan quit blowing, could it be a fuse...feel the air...when i hit the fan speed it moves up to the high speed but does not blow....

Does it blow on any speed??? if not turn the blower on and find it usually under the left side of the dash, take any object and knock on it, if it then works, it needs replacement ... 2004 Jaguar XJ-Series

1988 bmw 325is heater keeps blowing 30amp fuse, tried to find a short but me heater blower fan isnt working what could be the problem. cant keep a fuse without blowing

More than likely the fan motor its self is short to ground try to unhook the wires to the fan motor and install a new fuse and then turn the fan on with the wires removed and if the fuse is still good you know it is the fan motor its self ... 1988 BMW 3 Series

When i turn my A/C button on the blower doesnt even work when i plug the blower fan up it blows the fuse to the blower fan when the blower fan is unplugged the fuse doesnt blow the word "fuse" also flashes in the dash what can i do to fix this problem

... 2000 Plymouth Neon

I have a 2007 Kia Sedona and the fuse keeps blowing that controls the blower fan speeds and interior lights. After the fuse blows the blower fan for heat and cool always stays on high speed. If you try changing speeds it stays on high speed. I changed the fuse a few times and it only last a week and the fuse blows again. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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I have a 2005 Crown Victoria. The heat/air will not blow through the vents nor defrost. Checked the blower, changed control panel, checked fuses...nothing worked. Straight wired it to a ground wire it blows but I can't control it ( I.E. change the temp, adjust the fan speed...not even on or off. Any suggestions as to what could be wrong? Help please!

Ford used steel control cables on some modles with plastic ends they break off and you lose control of the system nothing will work you can get the cable from ford or a wrecking yard other modles used vacuum controls a leaking vacuum line and the sam ... Cars & Trucks

The heater fan in my 2003 rodeo isn't blowing. I checked the two fuses 15A fuses under the hood and they look good. What else could it be? BTW this blower was replaced under warranty a few years ago.

The motor goes bad because leaves and such make their way down and clog \015\012it's air intake. Pick up a new one at your local auto parts store if you have to.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012It's four screws on the motor housing, locate ... 2002 Isuzu Rodeo

The fan for the interior heating and cooling system has stopped blowing air. Is there a fuse for this or could it be a control of some type?

Did you look under the hood in your power distribution box? there should be a relay for the heater/ac motor in there look on the box lid to see which one it is .. ... 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe

2004 Buick Rendezvous - Heater/AC fan switch shorting out. I had issues with the switch working on only 2 speeds. I then replaced the resistor block. I then got all speeds except 2. The AC Light came on with #2 but blower not working. Also, the AC and other 'directional' switch didn't work either only worked for a 10-30 seconds. I then pulled the dash and found the switch burnt on a couple of pins. I replaced the switch and control head BUT now the fuse keeps blowing the moment of going from 0 t

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Ac problems My ac compressor has freon an comes on somtimes, but now it blows no cold air and the climate control box in the dash does not always make the ac clutch come on or the blower fan inside the car blow. I have to turn the fan on manually ( Auto does not work) then push the buttons up and down a few times to get the blower fan to work. Does anybody think they can help me to get my ac working again, and could it be a faulty climate control box? I really don't have the money to waste a

Well,i'm in the same boat."fixed income"... BUT! if you have to keep the car instead of takin out a cheap car loan like i had to. I can tell ya, if the c-box isn't getting continuity,[check on firewall] on olds pre 2001. If you are, than the compress ... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I have a 91 Blazer that keeps blowing fuses for the heater blower motor. When I replace the fuse and turn the fan on it will work for about 4 or 5 minutes and then blow a fuse. does this sound like I need to replace the blower motor? If so how do i get it out and replaced?

Hello. Yes it sounds like the motor is shot. These are difficult to replace. I recommend going to an autobody shop to have the motor replaced. See what the price is on a rebuilt motor at an auto parts store and then see what the auto body shop w ... Chevrolet Blazer

2002 Chevy Trailblazer...the blower fan for the inside cabin sounds like a helicopter now. The fan still blows air but not much at all. It almost sounds like it is clogged with something solid but how could that be? It also does not blow on speed 5 which I know is the resistor but is the blower going bad as well? Thanks.

Things can get stuck in the hamster wheel assembly. Many times you'll find a mouse nest in there, see it many times. I would suggest you clean this out and you should be good to go. If the blower motor is indeed bad after cleaning, think about get ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Mini Fuse in passenger compartment box, F72, rating 15 amps, keeps blowing. The Fuse goes to the Radio head unit, CD player, Jaguar diagnostic connector/OBD2 connector. The Jaguar is a 2002 X type... The first think I did was disconnect the radio for the dash. After removing radio replaced fuse and once again the fuse instantly blew. There was no sign of damaged wires around the radio connection. I believe the issue is in the OBD2 connector. I know the OBD2 connector is needed, but I need

I dought the connector is the problem. check cd player same way as you did radio.pull that fuse and check every funcion you can in the car to see if some unlisted on fuse box item is on that circuit. its possible the cig lighter or power outlets are ... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

Blower fan does not work at any speed and I can't locate a fuse or circuit breaker for it (not listed in fuse panel).does it have a fuse or c/b for the fan and could that be the problem ?

The fuse you are looking for is usually the third up from the bottom on the right row of fuses. You can check all the fuses quickly by using a test light and probing each end opening with the ignition key in the on position. There is no breaker but p ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Have a 93 toyota have replaced the heater core and the blower fan and also had to replace the relay, after replacing the blower I can hear and feel the fan blowing but I barely have air coming out of the vents, could they have possibly installed the fan backwards,

No. they probably cut the duct work so they could change it easier. open glovebox and if you feel lots of air in there they didnt do the heater core correctly. u may even see the plastic all broken behind glove box. they got lazy. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a DAEWOO NUBIRA 1600, SE,i have tried to get my heater to blow cold but it only blows hotair,after a run of 70 miles i raised the bonnet but none of the fans were working,were could the problem be please thanking you ,the fuses are okay none of them have blown, its just baffling me,a car with two fans ,no air con working .the fan on the heater inside works,but as i say its hot air only.

It may be your a/c compresser...test it...then pressure test the lines to make shore theres no leak..if all thats working..then try putting some free-on..in ... 2001 Daewoo Nubira

I have a 93 chevy astro van and the blower fan keeps blowing fuses. the fan checks out good, can't locate the relay which I think may be bad. as I can unplug fan and still blows fusew.

The relay is not your problem or it would blow wheather or not the heater motor was plugged in or not if it was shorted,you need a new heater motor. ... 1993 Chevrolet Astro

My heater in the Mercedes c240 1999 car is not working well. One side of the heater (left hand side is ok) but the right hand side keeps on blowing out hot air even when it is on the cold setting. Any ideas? Also, the engine fan (cooling fan) keeps coming on and it seems to be draining the battery. When I pull out the fuse to this cooling fan, the coolant sensor light stays on and car seems to overheat somewhat. Could this have anythiing to do with the heater blowing hot air? Thanks!

The control valve unit behind the dash either broke or stuck. the car has two set of control valves, one for passenger and on for the driver. It common for the unit to fail on all cars some has better luck than others. inside of the valves made out o ... 2000 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Too hott my 94 lhs, has been having some heating problems....it goes through antifreeze pretty fast but no leaks as far as i can see..... it keeps blowing the 40 amp fan fuse though..... what could it keep cause this....today a new fuse lasted a few hours?? and i just put in a new fuse and the car was at normal temp but the fans didn't turn on then....so i don't know? any help thanks!!

Look for wires rubbing going to ur fan motor if u find none damaged or bare replace fan motor and pressure test the coolant system to find ur leak ... 1994 Chrysler LHS

Have a 1997 Buick LeSabre Limited with automatic climate control. The blower has stopped running. We checked the fuses (all OK). We did find a slight current however to the blower motor (about 2 volts at any setting and 0 when the engine is turned off) although there is no evidence that the fan is turning. I have read all of the postings in this site that may relate to this and wonder if it is a blower control module problem because, when it is that unit, the report is always of the fan

Hi, if all the fuses checked are o.k, there is a slight of about 2 volts to the blower when put on any settings and 0 volt when engine is turned off, then it is obvious that you have a faulty blower control module that fails to transmit the required ... 1993 GMC Sierra

My 1999 Ford Contour's fan blower is having some issues. When I start the car, the fan blower does not blow. After about 10-15 minutes, it finally kicks in. I can feel the heat when I start the car, but it is very faint. Any ideas? My thoughts were either a blown fuse, replace the blower motor, or replace the resistor.

You are right on the money, start with the resistor ... 1999 Ford Contour

2004 Jeep grand cherokee, Blower motor Fuse Blowing

My 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee limiteds heater only works sometimes. I pulled it out to find one of the wires was not attached and the terminal looks burnt. Can I bypass ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Ac compressor wont turn on blower wont blow condenser fan only comes on with rad fan when temp is high.checked blower circuit with meter 14.26 when unplugged 0 when plugged in. bypass resistor and it works from its power wire.

Do an A/C performance test ( make sure there is Refrigerant in the system otherwise that fan will never go on. If there is refrigerant in the system now you have to figure out which sensor including the switch,and a/c relay is giving you the headache ... 2004 Honda Accord

2005 LeSabre, with climate control. The A/C and Heat seem to work fine. However, the fan stop working yesterday. The display on the climate control panel shows the fan to be operating at max (led shows 4 bars), but no air. Located in San Antonio. The last 2 days have had large amount of rain (5-7 inches). I went through a lot of puddles and water, no high water. I pulled the fuse block cover (under the hood), could not determine which fuse to check. Same with block under rear seat. Car has 150,0

... 2005 Buick LeSabre
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