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My vw t4 keeps going in and out of limp mode, what could be causing this

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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My vw t4 keeps going in and out of limp mode, what could be causing this

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My vw t4 keeps going in and out of limp mode, what could be causing this

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Limp mode Hello, my '03 voyager 2.5 keeps going into limp mode. no pattern. I reset, and I can drive 2-20 miles. One year ago I replaced the computer ( could it be bad again?) the van has 112000K the trans was rebuilt @ 67K. This is getting old and expensive! Help! Rick

Have u checked w/ scan tool for codes? If not, have garage, dealer, or parts store (free service at most parts stores) check for stored codes, and as u know, Chrysler is known for their c_rappy trannys,. I just had mine rebuilt at 125k (I changed t ... 2003 Chrysler Voyager

Remote entry module came off... Could this cause "Limp-Home Mode"?

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The coolant reservoir tank keep leaking on my 2006 Suzuki Reno. What could be causing this? It is nearly 100 degrees out so I am using the AC continuously which also causes me to lose full engine strength when first going from a stop & especially going up hills. I have to shut the AC off to go up a hill at a reasonable speed. What could be causing this also or is it just typical cause of the use of the AC?

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Jag XJ6 - Fault code PO 727 present causing auto trans to go into 'limp' mode. What do you think fault could be?

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2005 ford galaxy tdi keeps going into limp mode plugged machine in comes with overboost checked everthing i could all vacum pipes,main hoses to turbo, even has the turbo vanes checked and cleaned just dont no what else to do help !!!

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I have a Mercedes C180 that was constantly going into limp mode. I'd turn the engine off and restart the engine and everything would be fine for a while and then it would go back into limp mode. So I decided that I would replace the fuel filter to see if this was the problem. Unsure as to whether or not it has fixed the limp mode problem as I have an acceleration problem. The car seems to idle okay but when I put my foot on the accelerator the engine surges. Could this be a fuel pressure problem

You need obligatory to access the Engine Control Module (ECM) using suitable diagnostic equipment connected to the data link connector of the car, in order to pull out all DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) memored. Then you will be full informed abou ... Mercedes-Benz C-Class

My daughter has a 04 xtype, it keeps going into limp mode, show a spocket with a !. she has taken in to two shops, they run tests but have no idea why it is going in limp mode?? Any ideas??

Does the it throw any codes? sometimes it can be caused by electrial,transmission, gearbox i really wouldnt be able to tell you an general area without more info. ... 1991 Jaguar XJ6

Hi i have an audi a6 1.9tdi with the awx engine in it it keeps going into limp mode there is no air leaks ive read the codes and it say says turbo over boost? new egr, you can see the actuvator arm move when you remove the vacum pipe from it so that seem ok to. on the motorway it goes into limp mode at 60mph switch engine off then its perfect for about a week round town then it goes back into limp mode again so then back on motorway then give it some then ok again. any help please. I have a good

In your case the turbocharger is responsible for engine losing power. The car goes in "limp home" mode!!! After scan the EDC-15P engine control unit with a VAG or KTS -BOSCH ... Audi A6

Check engine light keeps coming on then the car keeps going into limp mode

Limp mode on my Saab kicks in when alternator and/or battery is going bad. All power shuts down to a/c, radio and even lights eventually allowing you basic spark to get off the road. Limp mode is actually a very effective design. Check the alterna ... Cars & Trucks

My right front hub assembly keeps going out and my abs light and trac off light is on..what could keep causing the hub assembly to go bad

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Transmission fault code "reverse solenoid fault" keeps me stuck in limp mode (stuck in third gear)keeps popping up! WHAT can cause this code to keep me in third gear???!!!! im a stay at home dad with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 turtles and a frickin stratus that satan himself refused! but its all we got for now so I HAVE TO MAKE IT WORK!!! please help me if I can find out the list of possible causes to make this reverse solenoid fault code happin i can find it and fix it and stop tearing thru gas and rp

The automatic transmissions of today's cars are electonically controlled by the ECM, when a problem arises the transmission will send a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) to your ECM. You will need to take your car to a mechanic to test and replace the Re ... 1996 Dodge Stratus

I have 94 escort that keeps going thru starters what would cause this problem. I have gone thru 4 starters in about a month's time. It gets replaced starts a few times then wont start again. What could be the problem causing this? I mean something is causing to go. There is no way I have received 4 bad starters.

If the teeth on the flywheel are messed up it can cause the starter to lock up, also if you have a ground problem it will burn up starter solenoid ... 1994 Ford Escort

Could a bad PCM be intermittant before completely going out or could the fuel pump be bad causing the low voltage to the PCM and consequently causing a sensor to keep fuel from flowing to the engine?


Mitsubishi canter the truck keeps going into limp mode after getting warm, when you turn the engine of anf back on it resets!? however if you stop in limp mode and rev the engine it smokes and misfires

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Vauxhall vectra problems,turbo keeps going off as car gos into limp mode

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2004 nissan sentra 1.8 engine keeps going into limp mode

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I have a 2002 chrysler concorde that was in limp mode so i replaced the input speed sensor and now it drives fine but the is another code that says shift solenoid a malfunction could that be caused from the car being in limp mode

It may, ive seen them throw codes like that on the neon. i would clear the codes and see if it comes back, if u havnt already. i have changed the solenoid packs before for that code as well. mounted up front above the tranny pan. expensive part, easy ... Chrysler Concorde

I have a 2004 dodge ram 1500 5.7 with electronic throttle control issues (at least that light comes on or flashes when it messes up). Keeps going into limp mode or won't start. Had a guy come out and scan for error codes. Here are the codes: P0129 P0340 P0403 P0652 P2127 Sometimes it fires right up and runs perfectly for about 10 minutes and then goes right back to limp mode after it warms up. High & rough idle & no response from gas pedal. I replaced throttle body which has throttle control at

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I have a 94 S500 benz. The ASR light comes on sporadically (60mph, idled or at startup). I recently replaced a bad radiator hose that was soft and often sucked in thinking that would solve the problem. Not so, the car aebt into limp mode again and now the engine light is on. I have an appointment with the dealer. However, can someone list the issues that would cause this cars to go into limp mode?

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Limp mode Ig elec fuse is blowing could this cause the limp mode

Have to find out why the fuse blowsWhat is wrong with that circuitThen you see if you have another problemcausing it to go into limp modeIf you look at a wiring diagram & had a factorymanua,l you could learn the vehicle strate ... 2001 Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class

Is there something that could cause a Coil to keep going out on a 2002 Toyota Echo?

The compression is not the problem, it's possible that you just got a defective coil or there may be an intermittent problem with the #4 fuel injector, the P0171 will come back when there is a misfire once the misfire is fixed the P0171 will stay gon ... 2002 Toyota ECHO

My range rover L322 keeps going into limp mode

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