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Where is the transmission dipstick on a 2007 ls2 corvette

\015 I need to know where to check level and add to my transmission fluid on a 2007 LS2 Corvette\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Where is the transmission dipstick on a 2007 ls2 corvette

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Transmission fluid dipstick on 2001 Corvette?

Hi,\015\012\015\012No there is no tube/dipstick under the hood as the tranmission is in the rear of the car. You need to lift it up level and then check the fluid. \015\012\015\012I own a 01 vette as well. Change the fluid 50k ... 2001 Chevrolet Corvette

Dipstick for the transmission oil - 2001 Chevrolet Corvette

Hello, my name is Ben. There is no dipstick for the transmission. There is a special procedure for checking fluid level and it requires raising the vehicle and removing a plug in the side of the transmission with the vehicle level and the engine runn ... 2001 Chevrolet Corvette

Transmission Dipstick I need to know where my fill/check transmission dipstick is located at. I have a 05 Nissan Altima 2.5S 5 Spd Manual. The owners guide only shows the dipstick for an automatic vehicle. Where is the transmission dipstick located?

You have no dipstick in the manual trans. it's non-maintenance kinda system and its sealed. \015\012unless it's leaking you don't need service. ... 2005 Nissan Altima

I need to know the location of the Transmission dipstick on a 2006 malibu maxx LTZ 3.5 lite, as the car is not shifting properly shifting,it runs as its stuck in 2nd gear and yet its an automatic transmission,so I'am thinking the fluid must be low? but cannot locate the dipstick for the transmission. PLEASE HELP Me!

If you can't find the stick, likely you have one of GM's "better ideas"...See if there is a fill cap on top of the trans, If it's there, there is a plug on the right side of the transmission. Remove the plug and on flat ground, fill 'till fluid comes ... 2006 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx

Transmission dipstick low on transmission fulid and can't locate the transmission dipstick in my 2000 oldsmolbile alero

Your car has a sealed transmission, no dipstick, the fluid is checked with an electronic scan tool when it is at the proper temperature through an access port on top of trans. The reason they do this is to keep owners from overfilling the trans, very ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

Transmission dipstick Hi, I cannot find the fluid check dipstick for the automatic transmission on my 2001 Volvo v70 2.4T....

... 2001 Volvo V70

Transmission dipstick How do I locate the dipstick for the automatic transmission on my 1991 Honda Prelude?

Look on ths side the transmission is located on, and look for a yellow handled dipstick. It should be on the front of the transmission somewhere ... 1991 Honda Prelude

I have a 1993 XR2 and am wanting to know where to put transmission fluid. I have located the transmission fluid dipstick. Is there anywhere else I should be filling it or do I fill it through the dipstick.

Yes thats where youpour in the fluid but use a funel a half a cup or so at a time careful not to over fill ... Cars & Trucks

How do I Check and Fill my Transmission Fluid in a 2007 LS2

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Transmission oil 1996 sub impreza wrx turbo...is the transmission oil suppose to go where dipstick is at back of the motor??? The dipstick had a yellow oil on it not red

Yes the transmission fluid goes in the location of the dipstick. As for the yellow "oil", if you just recently got the car maybe the previous owner put engine oil in the tranny fluid receptor instead of the engine...it's been known to happen. As far ... 1996 Subaru Impreza

Transmission dipstick Where is the transmission dipstick located on a 1998 Ford Ranger?

Should be pass. side firewall. ... 1998 Ford Ranger SuperCab

How to check transmission fluid with dipstick 9336A purchased dipstick that is measured in 10mm increments. what is proper range for hot transmission?

I would do a complete drain of the system and then add the capacity minus one pint. Then note the location on the dipstick. Proceed to add the final pint and mark the stick again.Now you've got the high point and fill point marked and fresh tra ... 2008 Jeep Liberty

Where to check transmission fluid on 93 Cadillac De Ville Northstar V8? We are getting a ''service transmission'' message, but we CAN NOT find the transmission dip stick. My daughter has the same car & the dipstick is plain to see. I called Cadi place & they said ''maybe, down low on drivers side''?? We have always worked on our own cars, but WE CAN NOT FIND THE DIP STICK TO CHECK TRANSMISSION FLUID?? All the other fluids receptacles are plain to see. This car was a gift, & had no manuals of any

It should be right under the air filter . or in the area. u will probly have to remove the air filter to see it its a black cap about 2inches in diamator. ... 1993 Cadillac DeVille

Recently the transmission in my 94 Mitsubishi Diamante overheated and mysteriously died. I hired a shop to rebuild it. The shop rebuild the transmission and i picked the car up. On the way from the Auto repair shop i noticed that a smoke coming from under my car. I puled over and I discover the same problem i had just before my transmission died. The TR fluid boiled and blasted from the dipstick tube out on to extremely hot transmission and made a smoke. I can not believe that what seems to be t

The only thing I can think of is clogged up cooler(transmission fluid cooler) , on some cars it is part of radiator , on the others it's separate small radiator.\015\012Hope it helps. ... 1994 Mitsubishi Diamante

I have a 2006 Automatic Toyota Land Cruiser and accidently drained transmission fluid instead of oil. Since I do not have a transmission dipstick, how do I put transmission oil into my car? Is this a "sealed" transmission? Please help.

... 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser

Transmission fluid i was changing the oil on my wifes car and took out the wrong plug draining about 1-2 quarts of transmission fluid before i could get the plug back in. i cant figure out where i would add transmission fluid nor is there a dipstick to check the level of fluid. is it ok to drive to the dealership? will driving the car with less transmission fluid damage it? where do i add fluid at? new car with only 5,500 miles.

... 2009 Kia Borrego

I need to add an additive to the automatic transmission. I cannot see the dipstick. Someone said there may not be one - transmission may be sealed. I'd rather not change all the fluid.

There has to be a dipstick somewhere on that transmission ... 1998 Chevrolet Malibu

Transmission dipstick location on transmission

Usually drivers side at front on side very close to the top of trans. ... Ford Cars & Trucks

Have a 2006 cadillac STS 4.6l v8 rear wheel drive. I have a small transmission leak in the line from the radiator. I need to put some fluid in it for now. Where is the Transmission dipstick, or how do i ad transmission fluid to it? I know i need to get the line fixed but right now i need to ad fluid to it for temporary.

... 2006 Cadillac STS

I have a 2002 Honda Passport EX and I'm having issues with the transmission. First, of all, I don't know where the dipstick for the fluid is so I can't check the level. Second, I don't know where to pour the fluid because I can't find the area. I've been having issues with the transmission when I hit 75mph. The transmission would lightly **** and then the "check trans" light blinks on/off until I turn off the engine. Also, when that happens, my RPM would not go past 3000rpm, it would jump b

The transmission fluid dipstick is under the hood,probably back within a foot of the firewall.To check it,you run your car for about 10 minutes,leave it running,then pull the dipstick out,wipe it off,and put it back in and out to get a good level.I u ... 2002 Honda Passport

I have two questions concerning my 1996 Honda Accord LX, 4-cylinder. 1) I can't find a dipstick for the transmission fluid. I've looked and looked and don't see one, and I'm told that some engines don't have them. How do I check the transmission fluid? Or does it need to be changed by a professional? My transmission has been slipping and I need to have this addressed. 2) Whenever I lock my doors (power locks) from the outside, using my key, the locks will keep clicking several times. It will d

If its automatic, the dipstick should be on the top/back of the transmission on the left side of the engine bay, under the air intake. if its a 5-speed, there is no dipstick and it might be the clutch slipping. the locks might be caused by a sticky m ... 1996 Honda Accord

I thought recently that I was experiencing a slight bit of hesitance in my transmission so I added about half a quart yesterday. Almost immediately after driving it, the transmission started going crazy. It wouldn't shift. RPM's would boost way up. I couldn't accelerate going up a hill. I figured I put in too much transmission fluid, so I got a syphon filter and started removing it. I removed everything I put it, and the dipstick still says there's too much. The problem hasn't gone away. Ford Br

First of all, too much fluid WILL NOT harm your trans. I am not sure what you mean by "hesitation" but if a delay into gear, or a slip is a better description then adding fluid is not going to fix it. Your trans is known as an A4LD and though they ... 1989 Ford Bronco

Transmission stalling transmission will stall at times when you excellerate can i add transmission fluid ? i don't see any where to put it or any kind of dipstick

What type of gearbox is fitted auto or manual.Auto has a allen key level plug you take out underneath and fill in top (looks like a breather near the front.Manual filler is next to the c.v. joint . Also check the i.r.d filler next to the rear propsha ... 2002 Land Rover Freelander

Tdi transmission i have a 2001 jetta tdi. runs great just need to know how to change the fluid and the filter on the transmission. I am very mechanically inclined but havent tried the jetta tdi transmission before. thought i would get some pointers before i tear my commuter car apart. I would imagine i get the fluid and filter from vw dealer. How do I add it once i pull the pan and change the filter. the service guy at york vw told me there was a dipstick to check the fluid level, but unless im

There is a plastic plug over rhe filler neck,there is no dipstick if its an auto,if its a manual there is a filler plug either half way up the box rad side or a filler above the diff get proper oil fron v dub dealer..... ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI
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