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Aerial staying down what to do

\015 Aerial is staying down when we turn the engine on it is not coming up on it own no radio signal\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

The motor at the base of the antenna has failed or it's in the wiring to the antenna motor, possibly a connector pulled loose. Good luck.
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Aerial staying down what to do

The motor at the base of the antenna has failed or it's in the wiring to the antenna motor, possibly a connector pulled loose. Good luck. ... Cars & Trucks


The canister purge valve may have a slight vacuum leak you may want to check it with a vacuum pump ... 2004 Toyota 4Runner

I have a 1992 honda accord EX. It had some problems staying "on". I have to keep cranking it then it would stay running. Yesterday I was on my way home, my car started acting up. The speedometer and rpm needle started acting up. Moving up and down. The dash board lights dimmed then shut off. My car will only stay on if I hold the key in the on position. I have a 5speed. As soon as I let go of the key it shuts off. It will stay on only if I hold the key. What's wrong???

I`d say your battery is already dead(not able to hold charge) the car requires the continuous flow of power from the altinator. if the the power dies then your altinator is not supplying it properly. get it checked and replaced if nesesary. ... 1992 Honda Accord

I have a Mitsubishi 2007 Triton Cab/Chassis vehicle,I would like to shut off the engine management light permanently if possible. It comes on at start and stays on some of the time and then at other times it only shows when engine is being started and then goes off and stays off,last week it did not give any problems with staying off for the entire week until the Friday night when it started staying on again permanently after starting the motor. This has been the pattern for a month. I have had

Hi Barry,I'm afraid you may have misunderstood my ad. I do not have any "magic fixes" that will get the light to turn off. I only offer help with performing diagnosis and repair to those who would like to save money. Diagnostic time at a shop ... Mitsubishi Cars & Trucks

I have a 1999 Plymouth Voyager mini-van - 4 cylinder, 2.4 engine. It drives good but the gauges are not work sometimes. The temperature gauge stays at zero; the odometer/speedometer either stays at zero or flips over to the max speed level and stays there; the gas meter/gauge also stays are zero (empty) or full. So not only do I not know at what speed I'm driving, I have to constantly worry that the gas is empty. Sometimes a bump on the road will get them working again, but not all the times. Ca

There have been several issues with the instrument clusters in the Voyagers and Caravans. The circuit board can have cold solders at the plug connection causing an intermittent failure of the instruments. The fix is to remove the trim under the dash ... 1999 Plymouth Voyager

2002 Jeep Liberty service engine light stays on; and abs and brake lights stay on. Replaced cracked hose to fuel tank vent underneath in the back between tank and differential. Still stays on code says something about loose gas cap; replaced cap and still stays on. ABS lights came on shortly after removing boat from water and the speedometer does not work either. Perhaps rear sensor is shot? How are they removed? Is there a screw; or do they just thread into the to of pumpkin?

Grab a service manual from here Promanuals ... Jeep Liberty

Mazda tribute 2003,, will start but stalls,,after 2 0r 5 times will stay started,, after statred there are no problems,, It does not do it all the time.., when it stays stared the rpm go up to 2000 then lowers to 900... when it does that there is no problem..when it will not stay started if i hold the gas it will stay started,,, when i release it will stall..

Most likely cause is a leaking vacuum hose on your air intake. It's a common problem on tributes but should be easy and cheap to fix. Look for cracks, holes, or roughness on the small black pipes near your engine and air intake and while you're the ... 2003 Mazda Tribute

1999 GMC Sierra 1500 5.3L...Starts but won't stay running. Disconnected the Catalytic Converter and there was no change, changed the fuel filter, map sensor, still didn't stay running. Changed 4 of the 8 plugs, stayed running until I got home, replaced other 4 plugs and within the start testing time, the new plugs are dirty, dirty. It's as if the choke is stuck. It still doesn't stay running. Any help would be much appreciated

... GMC Sierra 1500

When i engage my door locks, they won't stay locked. sometimes only the drivers door won't stay locked, and some times none of them will stay locked. however, if you lock with the key from outside, they will stay locked. any idea what the problem is

... Suzuki Forenza

I have a five cyl 2004 Chevy Colorado that will not stay running on a cold morning. (anything below freezing) The truck will start and then shut off within 10 seconds. The engine light comes on and after I wait 45 seconds the engine will start but shut off again after 10 or 15 seconds. If the temperature gets down near zero I may need to go through this process 20 times before the truck will stay running. When the truck does stay running the engine light will stay on for an hour or so and

Could have an air temp sensor going bad,it controls air fuel mixtures at different temp.I would start there. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 Nissan Maxima that will not stay running in the cold weather. Whenever it gets below about 40 degrees outside I can start it up just fine, but then it will immediately die out after a few seconds. If I push on the gas pedal it will stay running and once the car warms up it will stay running. I have tried a few different things but nothing seems to work. It still won't stay running in the cold...and it sucks not being able to warm up your car in the morning. Any thoughts or

... 2001 Nissan Maxima

Cant get back door to stay closed . The lock is stuck in locked position I think and the door is open. When I go to close it, it is'nt staying closed. Had to duck tape it to stay closed. LOL! I keep locking and unlocking with automatic button, looks like its in the lock is the same position as other doors. It 's not staying closed. ....Any suggestions????

It sounds to me ( correct me if I'm wrong ) like the door latch on the side vertical edge of the door is in the LOCKED POSITION. In order to unlock it perform the following. First electrically with the LOCK button UNLO ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

The ABS light stays on. At first it was intermittent. The Traction Control message stays lit too, and has been on simultaneously with the ABS light. At first it was just on for a drive and then did not stay on next time. Progressed to point it just stays on -- both ABS and Traction Control -- all the time. When the trouble began, it began with TC operation when not called for (gentle braking in dry condition) and the ratcheting brrrrrrring noise was heard when the ABS and TC came on and

Sounds like the abs sensor is malfunctioning and needs replacing.. To verify this.. remove the abs fuse in the fuse panel below the hood.. This will disable the abs system and your brake would work as if it was not abs .. Drive the vehicle and see ho ... 1999 Ford Crown Victoria

Trying to remove head to replace head gasket on 2.0 L non-turbo engine on '97 Mitsubishi Eclipse. My Haynes manual says to remove the intake manifold stays and the head can be removed without removing the intake manifold from the head. It does not mention the black plastic box that is mounted over these stays. I took off three nuts that seem to hold this box in place, but it does not come off. What is this box and how do I remove it to get access to the manifold stays?

Jack up the car support with jack stands remove cover shield to view the underside of the box/intake manifold, make sure to use a drop light to uliminated the underside of the assembly, this should allow you to see what is connected to the box or the ... Mitsubishi Eclipse

Picture of a light bulb on dash board. back lights stay on after shutting offf car. dome lights stay on. air stay on after turning off. thanks

Sound like multi problems....the A/C has nothing to do with the lights...possible ignition sw problem.. with out knowing what options your vehicle is equipped with, try disconnecting the battery and see if it still happens...if it does you may have t ... 1999 Ford Windstar

Heated seats I try and turn on driver side heated seat and it turns off immediately. Passenger side can turn on and it stays on. If i press the driver side button to turn it on it turns the passenger side off and never allows for driver side to stay on. Passenger side will stay on as long as you dont mess with the driver side button.

The body control module in this vehicle sees a short in the seat heater system. These vehiucles are typical of the heater wiring shorting out. When you try to use the bad heater the computer shuts off all the heaters. You will need to ins ... 2004 Cadillac Escalade Esv

My 1998 grand Cherokee headlights won't turn off. I have pulled the relays out one at a time and the lights stay on. I have removed the dim bright switch from the steering column and the lights still stay on. I have checked the light switch itself and the light still stay on.

Have you disconnected the actual switch and see what happens ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have 2000 Jaguar that all the warning lights come on and stay on when the car is started. Turn the car off and the lights the next time stay off. Sometimes the car acts like it doesn't want to start. Sometimes the traction control failure light comes on. The blinkers blink too fast. Also there is a fuel warning lights. When turning the car off the driver's side light and blinker stays on until the locks are set.

Hi\015\012\015\012This sounds very much like a bad earth connection within the electrical system. First check the connections at the battery terminals are tight and sound. Next follow the earth (negative lead) from the battery to the poin ... Jaguar S-Type

Dago101p thanks for the prompt response. not the temperature gauge but the temperature slider. the gauge is working fine, infact it stays right in the middle suggesting that the engine is not overheating. if the engine is not overheating why is the radiator fan staying on after the engine is shut off? the fan stays on only for about a minute or so.

This is typical of imports to cool the motor down when the car is not moving,as no cool air is entering the engine bay ... 1998 Nissan Altima

I have a 2000 VW Jetta. The high beams only work when I pull the level towards me (to flash them), but not when I set them to stay on. The dash light stays lit as long as I have the level pulled back, but it dimly flashes and stays off when I set it forward (where they don't work).  Thanks in advance for any help.

Sounds like you need a new multifunction switch. ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

Sun visor on driver's side won't stay up or all the way down. 2006 Sonata the sunvisor will not stay up or all the way down. It just flaps back and forth, I have to put double sided tape on it for it to stay all the way up.

If under 60,000 miles, take it to the dealer for replacement - free of charge. Both sun visors on my 2006 Hyundai Sonata did the same thing and had them both replaced, but now out of warranty and driver's side has done it again so I'll have to pay to ... 2006 Hyundai Sonata

The security light stays on its starts the light stays on how to get it to stay off

The security system (VATS/PassKey) is having problems, it's typical on those trucks. You can find a great write-up here: ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

Water Temperature I have a 1986 Nissan Sentra (168,000 miles) and when I start it up and begin driving within three to four miles the water temperature rises up to near H (hot) stays there for just a few seconds then gradually retreats to a normal (a little over 50%) level. Should I be concerned? It does this from a cold start only. While the car's engine stays warm the water temperature stays normal.

I wouldn't, but it sounds like the sensor may be going. ... 1986 Nissan Sentra 4 Door

2002 Sable - Interior light stays on all the time when car is running. When the car is shut off the mirror safety light should only stay one for a short time but stay on for 15 minutes.

You have either the thumb wheel switch beside the headlamp switch is turned all the way up or a sticking door ajar switch.\015\012Does the door ajar light in instrument cluster stay on?\015\012If so then you can shoot some WD-40 into the ... 2002 Mercury Sable

I have a '99 jeep and the air bag light stays on. First you hear the chime and then the light will stay on. I believe it's a connection somewhere because it used to chime and go off. Then it would sometimes go on with the chime. Within the last yr. it got more frequent. And now it goes off with all the other dash lights and then bing and it will stay on. Any answers........... PLEASE!!!!! Garry.

Connection on the back of the speedo head corroded or loose ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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