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1974 vw beetle with hard brake pedal

\015 Brake pedal only deopresses a few nches - very hard to depress\015
Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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1974 vw beetle with hard brake pedal

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Where can I find a pic of the brake line diagram for a 1973 super beetle my rear line broke when I was forced to do a very hard stop.. the brake fluid is under the drivers floor mat.. there is no fluid leak by the master or in the rear.. there is lots of rost where the line runs near the pedals

... Volkswagen Beetle

I was driving my 2005 Volkswagen beetle, and I went to turn down a road and when I did the passenger side of my car went off the pavement and when that happened something was busted or something because my car was leaking a brownish/orange color fluid, I had my brother check it and he said that it is oil and that I might have busted my oil pan. I got in my car to move it this morning and I had it in drive and I hit the brakes and the brake pedal was kind of hard to push down so I put it in park

Well, I think you were very wise not to drive it without the fluid. It is most likely either brake fluid from a busted lining.It is harder to brake because one of the ramifications is not in use (it's a security feature) so there is more pressure in ... 2005 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible

Changed the rear end of 1989 Suburban (4 wheel drive). Put on new brake lines for the rear brakes. The brake pedal is hard. There is no brake fluid going to the rear brakes and the front brakes seem to build up pressure - I assume that is what is causing the brake pedal to be hard. When open the front bleeders the pedal drops to the floor. There is a part on the frame of the truck where two brake line intake holes and two lines that go out. The one that goes out to the rear brakes does not

It has to be your proportioning valve, and it is probably jammed and blocking flow to the rear. You can either replace the valve or try to reset it. To reset, you need a way to put pressure into the rear brake exit port. If the valve has bleeder ... 1989 Chevrolet Suburban

Brake light stays on at times the brake pedal is hard and it acts like the brakes are stuck on at other times the brake light is on but pedal seems ok when pedal is hard and the brakes seem stuck you can not move the pedal back

Brake light switch under brake pedal ... 1989 Geo Tracker

I just replaced brakes,front and rear,on a 1997 jeep grand cherokee. The rear brake calipers had to be replaced and the parking brakes were shot so I did not reinstall. I bled brakes all around and have a hard pedal with engine off. However upon starting vehicle brake light comes on and pedal goes to floor. When I plug vacuum line going to brake booster I have a hard pedal again. Any idea what is going on?

Ohhhhhhhhhh you have an air bubbles inside your breaking circuit ( all break lines should hold only break fluid no single bubble) the fluid is incompressible material thats ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Have a 2000 VW Beetle Brake pedal good hard to stop

Possible the check valve on the servo won't work,or you do have a cracked plastic pipe connected from engine manifold to check valve or even after the valve towards the servo and makes the brake pedal strong on application but very hard to stop. ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

My brake pedal sometimes would be hard to press, I took it to the mechanic and they said it was fine a week later when I drove it again the brake pedal did the dame thing hard to push and I couldnt accelerate it was like someone puching down on the brake at the same time, when I let go of the gas then the car would stop or slam on brakes when I didnt even touch the brake pedal the smoke came from the two front tires, they towed it to the mechanic and again it was fine so now I am frustrated and

Ok here is the problem...your brake fluit is bad..maybe someone may have put some other kind of fluit in the brake bowl, but your brakes system is now No longer any good..you will have to change every part of the brake system that has rubber in it... ... 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe

I have to press very hard to get the brakes to work. If i pump the brake pedal the brakes seem to work better for that application, but I still have to press very hard on the pedal to get the brakes to work. The pedal also goes along way to the floor. I have bleed the brakes at all four wheels and the rear shoes are new.

I suggest replacing the master cylinder assuming that you bled the system properly. You sound competent so it seems likely that the seals in the MC might be failing.\015\012That being said the brake lines can hold a lot of air :) ... 1993 Toyota T100

1997 FORD F250 XLT 4WD - Had a hard brake pedal with hardly any brakes while standing on them. Replaced booster and wheel cylinders at same time now the pedal is mushy and no brakes.

They need to be bleed again all four wheels but your vacuum pump may be bad since diesels don't have vacuum then have to have a pump, check that the booster one way check valve is good if you can blow thew it bo ... 1998 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Bad Brakes Brake pedal is hard to depress and also pushes back against my foot when I try to stop sometimes. It doesn't do this all the time though oh and it make a hissing noise also. Sometimes it will pushes back hard and then the truck is almost stopped then the brakes come on hard and stalls the motor? I was thinking it might be the booster but all the lines are conected and when I shut the truck off and wait 90 seconds then hit the pedal I have power brakes, so the booster isn't leaking. Ma

I would be looking at the ABS valve. one way to test the booster is to start the vehicle while you ae depressing the brake pedal, you should feel the brake pedal drop a little bit, this is a sign that the boostr is working properely. you may want to ... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

Can vacumn pump make brake warning lite come on it is making funny sound and hardly no brakes .the fliud is ok brakes and rotors are new also,and no leaks.started the truck and the pedal felt hard &soft yet drove truck slowly and pedal was hard slowly stopped. thank you.

Yes, if the vacuum assist goes bad, the brake warning light should come on. ... 2002 Ford E350

93 Ford Ranger had no pedal changed brake booster and master cylinder bled Breaks several times now pedal is as hard as a rock! I Tried to drive it the brakes work but when I hit them hard they locked

I would hope they lock up when you hit them hard! ... Cars & Trucks

I was trying to attach rubber pad to brake pedal probably pushed brake pedal down about half a dozens times now brake pedal is hard to push down and difficult to stop vehical and suggestions ?

... Cars & Trucks

Have a 93 ford f250, blead the brakes but brakes still needs to be pumped before pedal hard. brakes hard when engine not running but after engine starts pedal become weak.

Sounds like you still have air in the system.\015\012Also may need to adjust rear brakes so they don't have to travel as far to contact drums. They are supposed to self adjust as the brake linings wear down but most cars do not do this as wel ... 1993 Ford F250

I have a brake pedal fading on a Nissan Sunny. It has power assisted brakes and no ABS. The pedal fades only with the engine running.It is hard and stays firm without engine power. On engine power it fades and stops hard slightly away from the floor board. I have replaced hoses, checked for leaks and plugged master cylinder. With plugged master cylinder the pedal stays firm on top even with engine on. Could it be the proportioning valve? What could it be. Thanks for any help.

Id say your master needs rebuild maybe you can still get the kit with the o ring gaskets and such ... 2006 Datsun Maxima

1999 Ford E350 van problem: brake pedal is soft; have replaced master cylinder, rear wheel cylinders, rear brake shoes and drums, front calipers, rotors and discs; have bled master cylinder before installation and bled all wheel cylinders as well; have also replaced rear anti-lock system; the rear anti-lock system light on the dash remains on; the pedal gets hard when bleeding the brakes, however, does not stay hard after bleeding. Does the anti-lock system need to be bled as well? If so, how?

Good question, on the antilock system is a bleader too and bleade it the same way you bleade the caliper. After all is done adjust the rear brakes, they should have a drag to them. ... 2007 Ford E-350 Super Duty Length XLT

Hello, I have a brake problem with my 2000 model turbo diesel jackaroo,when the brake pedal is pressed as hard as possible the pedal seems to come to a hard stop with not very effective braking,hope you can help me solve this problem.Cheers.

It appears that you have lost the vacuum assistance that works the power booster for the brakes. It is most likely that the vacuum hose that connects from the vacuum pump (which is usually located on the rear of the alternator) to the power booster h ... Isuzu Trooper

Just replaced some calipers on the truck and had the brakes power bled at a shop. The brakes work fine and pedal is fine all the time except when i make a left turn, then the pedal goes spongy. i let off the pedal and re-apply and the pedal is fine again. This is the only time the pedal goes spongy, other then that the pedal is good and hard. This has got me...any ideas? Again the brakes were power bled and new calipers and such.

Do u have the wheel bearings adjusted correctly? if the wheel has to much play the rotor moves when u turn and depresses the pistons in the caliper a little, then when u go to hit the brakes the piston must move back out to touch the rotor, it only t ... 2000 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cabs

1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Brake Problem. Brake Pedal Falls To The Floor. Calipers were replaced twice,master cylinder,brake hoses and pads. Systemm has been bleed numerous times - no air but the brake pedal pushes to the floor. The lines can be pinched off right at the caliper and you get a nice hard pedal but a soon as you release the clamps the pedal pushes right to the floor. Any ideas.

This may sound dum but its been done a few times and is a simple mistake , the bleeder screw is up top, with the caliper on the bleeder screw should be up top, if not then calipers are on the wrong side, it sounds like air in the system, also you pum ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1994 dodge caravan,hard brake pedal,brake pedal won't go down,brakes have been bled,abs light on

Sounds like a problem in the master cylinder ... 1994 Dodge Caravan

Why is my brake pedal hard to push and car doesn't slow down until brake pedal has been applied for 5-7 seconds

... 2000 Toyota 4Runner

I am working on a 2004 dodge caravan with a soft brake problem.i have replaced the rear shoes and adjusted rear brakes,also replaced front rotors and pads.i have also replaced the master cylinder.after bleeding brakes with engine off i can get a hard brake pedal, assoon as you start the engine the pedal goes soft.i have repeated this procedure of bleeding several times with the same soft pedal results.i have also disconected the abs pump and controler to see if the abs system was causing the pro

... Dodge Challenger

Spongy brakes after sitting in storage for a month I picked up my 1995 motor home (E-350 chassis)and immediately noticed a difference in the braking. It normally requires barely a touch on the brakes to stop it HARD but now, I press on the brakes and the pedal gradually goes down and the RV coasts to a stop. Even after stopping I can continue to press the pedal all the way to the floor. And when I let up on the pedal, it slowly comes back up instead of "popping'' up like it used to. My armchair

Working on a similar problem myself , if vehicle equipped with rear anti lock brakes , look into the rabs module along the frame with all the lines going to it.. deposits have possibly gotten into the dump valve, have read tapping on it may revive it ... Ford E-350

I just got my brakes done, all 4 wheels. before i got them done, i did have to press the pedal down about 3 or so inches before i actually felt pressure, well i figured it was just the old pads. but now with all new pads i still have to press down not hard but i dont have pressure until the pedal goes down 3 or so inches. ive driven a few cars recently and the brake pedal feels GREAT i mean one small tap and you feel them biting. what can i do to adjust my brake pedal? is it air in the lines?

Air in brake lines. Lines may need to be bled or master cylinder may need to be bled. I would start with brake lines. ... 2003 Nissan Maxima
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