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You'll have to figure out if it is a fuel or ignition problem.
Is the check engine light on ? Have you checked for trouble codes ?
It could be a relay, the ignition module, coil, fuel pump, or a list of other things including the anti-theft system.
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I have a 2004 Pontiac grand am not wanting to start, Have a 2004 Pontiac grand am not wanting to start, it just cranks like it's out of gas but wont start. Had this problemHave a 2004 Pontiac grand am not wanting to start, it just cranks like it's out of gas but wont start. Had this problem before about 4 months ago n was told on this web site and a mechanic said its a security code n requires to be crank for 30 minutes. Can anyone help?... - posted in Cars & Trucks

Does it start soetimes? Has it been down all this time? Is it got enough gas? the gauge can be wrong. fuel pumps and gauges are failing alot as the tequies used to steal gas are breking things that peaple don't think about. Peaple steal gas to g ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

1997 pontiac grand am 4 cyl. had spark plugs changed in feb. has had trouble starting in past, now it wont start. it turns over and fuel is getting to it but just wont start...plz help

The ignition control module needs to be replaced. It is located on the cover you remove to replace the spark plugs. You can have it tested before you buy a new one to be sure it's bad. ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 02 pontiac grand am ive had this happen 3 times since ive changed the fuel pump in it say ill drive to work it will be fine when i go to start the car it wont start and i wont here the fuel pump engage i let it sit for a day or 2 and it will start

Most of the time on GM vehicles, a "no start" can be traced back to the anti theft security system. When this system starts to fail, it will actually disengage the starter. THE HARD PART IS DIAGNOSING IT. Check out this link for info and some "do it ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 2000 pontiac grand prix and when you start it and drive it and then stop the ignition key wont turn all the way off. the key wont come out. if you wait an hour or so you can get the key out with out starting the car back up.

... 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

2005 pontiac grand prix. Replaced the motor car wont start. Replaced cam sensor and the crank sensor. Car gets fuel but no current. Still wont start

Check at the coil pack if all connector where plugged, i think there is 3 connectors to plugged\015\012\015\012do you have voltage at the coil module ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

Pontiac grand prix wont start 2003 - 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix

... 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix

1997 pontiac grand prix- car wouldn't start so we changed the alternator and charged the battery. it still wont start and now the key wont come out of the ignition.

Hello! The problem is the ignition lock cylinder itself...I would suggest changing the cylinder and the ignition switch...Purchase and change the Lock Cylinder first...If that solves the problem, stop there (The switch is costly...It may not be neede ... Pontiac Grand Prix

96 pontiac grand am wont start - 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

Could be a number of things, could be a bad battery, could be a bad fuel pump, could be that grand am's have a history of committing suicide when you least expect it. Try taking your battery to a car shop to start, if that's good then you need to che ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

My 2004 pontiac grand prix gt wont start when i went to turn it on this morning to go to work nothing happened it just made a clicking noice. The guy at pep boys said that the battery was good. when i try to start it now nothing happens no noice no lights no nothing it wont even lock. what can i do.

If you turn headlights on and turn key to start do you hear clicking? if so starter is possibly bad,lets trouble shoot your problem.suggest you check the fuses under hood in black box,make sure those are good. when you turn the key, you should hear a ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

My 2002 pontiac grand am gt wont start it just makes a clicking sound i bought a new battery and starter and cylonoid and it still wont start i am going to go get a new relay cause that went out what else could it be

Make sure your battery cables aren't corroded, check both ends of the positive and negative cables. Make sure they are clean you an use a small wire brush or pieces of sand paper ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

My 2004 pontiac grand prix wont start headlights radio dashboard works but wont start up battery is good

... 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

95 pontiac grand am 2.3 wont start when warm ive replaced the coils the coil housing and the ignition module it still wont start until it sits for a few hours sometime it needs to sit over night please help im going crazy here

You have to fix the connection of the wires and the fuses .May be the wires and the fuses hang when heating .And may be there are destroyed or worn out wires or fuses.You have to check and replace them by then you need a mechanic to do it so sir . ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Am

My 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix just started acting up. It started with the RPM gauge going to 0 while driving, then the "off Trac" light comes on. Now it sometimes won't start, it will crank, but not turn over. last night it wouldn't start right away, then it did, but as I got almost home, it just shut off on me while driving. Has anyone ever exerienced this before. Now it doesnt start like it used to. It will start right up but then turn off again.

... 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE security system wont let car start

... Cars & Trucks

I have this weird issue with my 92 pontiac grand am se. it will start fine wheen i leave home i drive a few miles to the store turn off and when i come back in 1/2 hr or so i try to start it but the engine cranks over but it wont start and if i wait 15 - 20 minutes and try and start it then it starts fine. it doesnt do this everytime i go somewhere but it does it more times then not. i have had the throttlemodule replaced, the ignition control module replaced, complete tune up, oil change and it

You might have trouble on your fuel pump motor or on security system (passkey-II)\015\012\015\0121.If the car wont start, kindly check the fuel pressure it should be 41-47 PSI\015\0122. Also check the telltail messege of security sy ... 1992 Pontiac Grand Am

My 2005 pontiac grand am is having trouble starting sometimes. When I turn the key, I hear a humming noise and I know it will start, but when i dont hear it the car wont start. The security light comes on but turns off once the car starts. some days it does this, other days i have no problem starting the car. any help would be great!!

My guess is that your fuel pump is giving up on you. try hitting your gas tank on those days that wont start, best if you have somebody help you do it while the other try starting it ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Am

2002 Pontiac Grand Am Se 3.4L turning over like brand new, but not starting. Tryied the key trick, the fuel pump relay is fine and ran fine since last september untill I went to my girlfriends last night and as I was going to leave, I hit the auto start a couple times and didn't here the car start like normal. So went outside and tryied it by the key and still does nothing but turn over but still wont start. I know that you cant always hear the fuel pump on newer vehicles, but its a 2002. I

It sounds exactly like the fuel pump. Are you positive you're getting spark at the plugs? If so change the fuel pump. Good Luck! ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

2004 Pontiac Grand am. The car wont start when cold without starting fluid. But when warm it starts just fine. Also no gauges work and the battery and oil lites stay on when running. Any idea's???

You mentioned that the battery light stays on, which suggests that the battery may be the problem. Corrosion on the battery coils may have built up, making it time for a replacement. If you have a store like AutoZone or Advanced Auto Parts in your ar ... Cars & Trucks

My 1997 pontiac grand prix gt ,at times will not start . the lights come on but the engine will not do any thing,wont turn over, click, you some times **** the steering wheel it will start but not every time, some times it takes 30 minutes or longer to get it to start

Bad starter\015\012or starter relay. ... 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix

SECURITY LIGHT IS ON AND CAR WON'T START SECURITY LIGHT IS ON AND car wont start. Pontiac grand am V6 2005. Traveling and stopped for gas now the car won't start

Have you got help already moolane?the net seems to be clogged . very slow and i was not able to see your response in the chat..tnx 4 using fixya,drcool ... 2005 Pontiac Vibe

I have been having problems starting 2002 pontiac grand am..would have to jiggle the key to get it started and now it wont start at all..what is the problem? fuse? coil? lock cylinder? or starter?

The very 1st thing u do is have the electronic engine control system tested for system fault codes, this must be done to narrow down the possibilities, guessing is not an option on modern cars, parts are very expensive and most times the guess is wro ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

Won't start im having trouble with my 95 pontiac grand am. i start the car and i can drive it somewhere but once i turn off my car it wont start again. we have tried everything i really need some help to fix my car.

This could be due to heat buildup in the starter. Your local auto parts store most likely offers an insulation material to place between the engine and the starter. ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Am

My 2002 pontiac grand am2.2 suddenly wont start,drove it a few miles to the store, came out and it cranks but no fire. the fuel pump is new and pressure with key on is 60+ compression is 150+ no codes all fuses are good if I crank it long enough it starts, one time it did start and it idled and sounded fine for 10 minutes or so??I shut it off and it just cranks again with no fire?? what gives with this things?


97 pontiac grand am cranks but wont start

... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

04 pontiac grand prix wont start.

First remove the battery and take it to a auto parts place and have them check it. move on from there. if the battery is good the do a starter draw test. take a meter and hook it to your battery. now have someone try and start the car. if the voltage ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix
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