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I have a 99 oldsmobile aurora its overheating all the time in town and on highway replaced the thermastat n it didnt help my neighbor said it the heater core but my heat works so is that a possibility..... ive also been told it could b a headgasket but there is no smk coming out my tail pipes..... HELP PLEASE!!!!

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There is a very good chance it could be your water pump. i would look at the heater core first though because its alot easier to get to.
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I have a 99 oldsmobile aurora its overheating all the time in town and on highway replaced the thermastat n it didnt help my neighbor said it the heater core but my heat works so is that a possibility..... ive also been told it could b a headgasket but there is no smk coming out my tail pipes..... HELP PLEASE!!!!

There is a very good chance it could be your water pump. i would look at the heater core first though because its alot easier to get to. ... Cars & Trucks

98 Dodge Dakota Sport -- Blinkers do not work, but Hazards do. They have a mind of their own... SOMETIMES they work for a few turns. Fuses and relays are fine. Believe it may be the turn signal switch, but wipers still work--is this possible? Have also been told it could be a broken wire, but believe they wouldn't work at all if this was the issue. Also heard a faulty computer signal could be the problem, but when I first started having the issue, a loud continuous clicking noise could be heard

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I have been told to fix my microchips of my spolier therefore i have done this and it still does not work what elce could it be? I have also been told that it might not work because the front spolier does not work anymore so what could it be. i have never seen the spolier work and would like your help. asap Alex

The active aero system works the front and the rear at the same time,it goes thru the switch at the center console-if the front does not work,the rear will not work also even if you replace the limiter switches on the rear wing,the rear wing has to b ... 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT

Hi there ive got an 1980 60 series toyota landcruiser 4x4. Im having problems with the indicators and hazard lights. ive changed both flashing canisters and nothing happened, ive also moved the fuse from the indicators to another spot, which did help for about half an hour, but then they went back out and dont work again, please do u have any suggestions what it could be or what i could do. Thanks

Had the same trouble with my HJ60... Check the fuseable link on the battery terminal.\015\012Check the earth connections for the lights. ( there in the repair manual )\015\012I was able to pull apart the the stalk/ switch on the steering ... 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser

I just recently bought a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan and the lowlights on it are not working. The high beam lights work, but the lowlights will not come on. I checked the fuses, as well as the relay, and they do not seem to be the problem. We also did the obvious and replaced the bulb. It still does not work. Does anyone have any other possible reasons as to why the low lights do not work? Could it be a faulty switch on my panel? Please Help!!

Yes the swith is the next solution. If you want to be sure,check all the powers & grounds for continuity.Long process & need a wiring diagram to do it. ... 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan

Hello sir, i was wondering if you could possibly help me out also would help me. i have a jeep rubicon 2003 the check engine light came on and i bought a new gas cap from autozone and it seemed to work for a little while but now its back and i have problem codes p 0122, p 0442, anp p 0455 please help

My best advice to you would be to have the codes erased and see if they return. It seems as though you have a TPS, small leak, and a gross(large) leak. The large leak can be triggered by fueling while the vehicle is left running. The small could be r ... Jeep Wrangler

I have a 2005 Ford Expedition and it has a code for PO750 shift solenoid malfunction A I went to AAMCO today as a friend works there and I was told from him to replace the Transmission Range Sensor as test kept pointing to that... Ive also noticed that the gear indicator isnt always accurate as if you put it in park sometimes it could be stuck close to the reverse indicator even though its in park the truck also sometimes at low speeds trys to shift weird and acts like it slipping and overdrive

Replace transmission range sensor. ... 2005 Ford Expedition

I just replaced the engine on a 93 pickup 4 cyl 2wd when I test drove the truck everything ran great (about 5 mi) until I pulled in the driveway. Without any warning the trans flat out quit working. I HAVE NO LEAKS, Trans is full of fluid. Could this be a vacume line or possibly a dirty filter caused by the new fluid. I also thought it may be a bad pump. I sure could use some help before I have to pull the transmission.

Just an idea, are the tourque converter bolts still there? ... 1993 Nissan Pickup

97 hyundai tiburon dash lights speedo and rpm dont work. airbag and check engine do. also cruise the light dont even come on and windshield washer fluid dont work wipers do. could these possibly be related? i checked the fuses and they seem ok. any help or advice on where to start would be great thanks

... Hyundai Tiburon

Wipers have stopped working on my 94 sl500. where is wiper relay unit located as have been told this could be the problem. what else could be the problem. also need part number and rough price for repairing for control unit. Any diagrams of relays would be helpful. Thanx

... 1995 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

I cant get my dashboard lights on my 1992 mitsubishi galant to work, tail lights werent going but i managed to fix that sumhow. i was told that that has something to do with the the dash lights as well. ive checked all fuses and theyre all sweet. can someone help me? i was also told that the dashlight fuses are by the drivers side and nothing to do with under the hood, under the hood its missing some fuses that dont fit in because theres no connection for them

You have fuses under the hood just forward at the air flow box.you also have fuses under the instrument panel on the left side behind the driver knee protector. ... 1992 Mitsubishi Galant

1995 cutlass supreme head gasked replacement. Chilton's is pretty vauge on details. Never done this before (6 cylinder 3.1). Only on a 4 cylinder 2.2. Chiton's instructs to remove engine struts and to rotate the engine and I don't have and engine hoist. Is it possible to get around this. Also any tips on radiator replacement would be great. Is it possible it could just be the radiator and the head and headgaskets are fine? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Does the car overheat?\015\012If the head gasket is blown:\015\0121. remove the radiator cap & start car (apply parking/emergency brake).\015\0121. When the engine warms to operating temp, there will be "steam" bubbles coming fr ... 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

I just had my car serviced at a garage and now my air conditioning doesn't work. They changed the oil/filter, transmission fluid/gasket, coolant drain/new coolant, and cabin/air conditioning filter. They stated I needed a new serpine belt so I told them to replace that. What could they have possibly messed up to cause the air conditioner to stop working (the light blinks when AC button is depressed)? Thanks for the help.

Maybe the refrigerant charge of r134a is low on pressure. Have that checked. I hope that the air conditioning tubing wasn't disturbed when all of that service was performed.\015\012\015\012It really shouldn't have affected the a/c if they ... 2002 Toyota Camry

2003 chevy silverado 1500, sometimes won't start (good battery), stalls when i slow down, and radio won't work most of the time (radio is on, nothing coming out of speakers, heard this is a common prob. with Bose). Can these problems be connected? Can be jumped, then will run for a day or two, then radio will die, while driving, get home and turn truck off, jump back in and try to start it, and can't. Any help would be appreciated. Was told Bose amp could possibly be draining battery, but don't

... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have an '89 olds cutlass cierra with a 2.5 litre 4-tech. While driving the service engine soon light will come on. At the same time, the car seems to run poorly and the speedometer and odometer stop working. The service engine light will go back off after a few minutes and the speedometer and everything else returns to normal. It also seems to get really bad gas mileage during this problem. What could this be? Ive heard sensors, wiring, and even computer problems. Please help!

... Cars & Trucks

My 2003 bmw 325i has no power to the middle console, the radio, the dashboard lights and the windshield whipers. The locks also will not work unless putting the key in the keyhole and using it manually. I was told possibly the body control module, so I replaced it and still nothing. Help.

... 2003 BMW 325

My 1990 celica sputtered dead while idling. It will crank now but wont start. It has gas and ive had the plugs, wires, and distributor checked and i was also told it was getting gas to the engine. I am ignorant when it comes to mechanical work. Please help

Hi, I recommend you check for vacuum leaks. There may be a big one somewhere, like in the brake booster. \015\012Please see my tip at ... 1990 Toyota Celica

Hi my problem is when i start the car in the morning it starts straighaway but when its warm and at 90 temp, and switch the car on and off it takes along time to start its really bothering me ive been told its not the starter motor neither the alternator and also not the clutch kit could u plse help

Sure, this is a typical coolant temp sensor fault. If i had the year,make, and model of the vehicle i could better assist you in replacing it your self. This is not a very difficult part to replace but finding it on various vehicles can be a chore... ... Volkswagen Golf

My jeep will only start.. run a second or two and die. ive replaced the fuel pump and filter.. had it hooked up to comp. by sumone he says its not showin anything. i was told it could be the coil also and thinking of replacing it too. i dont know what else to do.. any help would be very much appreciated

Scan test shows nothing wrong, or, nothing at all?Could be a coil but you really need to get yourself a manual and a digital volt/ohm meter and do some testing before guessing and buying parts. Before doing anything though, lock and unlock the ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Transmission i have had the check engine on for a while and when i got the code read at my local auto zone they told me it was a silenoid inside the transmission, i cant find it i dont know what im lookin for, and mainly what my car does is that it kinda jerks when im stopped, i also have another code and it tells me its a large gas leak, i alredy replaced the gas cap. it wont pass smog, ive done and looked at everything that i can possibly look at. help!!!!!

From the sounds of things you don't really know what your doing. I would advise you to take it to a mechanic but not a dealership. The large fuel leak has to do with the venting system for the gas tank, something in there isn't sealing properly anymo ... 2003 Dodge Durango

My speedometer and odometer stopped working and the transmission shifts out of first really hard into second then wont shift any farther. it will reset itself when i turn the car off but it does the same thing . ive have changed the input and output sensors and autozone was telling me it has a speedometer cable but i can not find one. i have also replaced the gauge cluster and checked all the fuses. what could be the problem. please help im ready to blow the dang thing up

95% for sure its the ignition switch, under steering column, bottom left\015\012 side, east \015\012to replace, but i think needs a torx driver. i had the same problem ... 1996 Dodge Intrepid

Theres no power to the ac relay. ive checked averything in the hood and in the dashboard fuses wise, took it to midas and they didnt find **** i was told to disconnect the ground for 20 sec and connect that would reset the ac system but that also didnt work. i dont know what else to do HELP!!!!!!!!

There is a low freon pressure switch in your system ... if the freon is low ... nothing will work ... this is a safety interlock system which prevents damage to your system. I am surprised your mechanic didnt find this. \015\012\015\012T ... 1996 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 88 suburban 350 it runs great i shut it off after work tryed to start it the next morning it would not start just turned over with plenty of power but would not start i found out that it was a ignition module it ran fo a day then broke down again i put a brand new ignition module still wont start so i changed all the plugs and wires cap and rotor and also a coil and nothing some people told me that it could be a pick up coil or the distributer.....any advice would help

Did you change the plug ins in the the rotor and yes try replacing the pick up coil ... 1988 Chevrolet Suburban

1998 ford expedition after removing the key the door chime continues to go off . Also if I let the car sit for more than 12 hours the battery drains Was told that could be the rear wiper but it seems to be working fine. Any help is appreciated thank you

... Cars & Trucks


... 1995 Honda Accord
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