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97 f150 air cond. blows hot heat blows cold

\015 Changed plugs and altinater now air or heat work\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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If all this happened while doing spark plugs look on the pass rear of the engine for a vacuum line that came off or broke while moving this around during spark plug replacement
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97 f150 air cond. blows hot heat blows cold

If all this happened while doing spark plugs look on the pass rear of the engine for a vacuum line that came off or broke while moving this around during spark plug replacement ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1993 Acura Ledgend. For some reason my heater does not continue to blow hot air, it does for a few minutes and then begain to blow cold air. It does this often now. It works and then it blows cold air again causing my tep gage to spike up to hot whan the heat shouts down. The temp gage stays at midway range, then spikes to hot when the heat begans to blow out cold air. I noticed when the heat is on it goes back to the the midway range, then when the heater blows cold air the temp gage s

First check to see that you coolant level is full, check it after the engine has cooled down,so there is no pressure in the system. otherwise you possibly have a head gasket in the early stage of failure ... 1993 Acura Legend

1999 ford f150 only blows cold air, blend door works fine and the heat core is getting hot. I moved the temperature dial towards cold the other day and the heat hasn't worked since. Please help. Thanks

The flapper door is not closing and opening properly...it is located in the duct work....remove heater control panel and follow the cable to the flapper door ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

I started my car this morning to let it heat up and start blowing hot air. Well 15 min later I got in and it was blowing cold air, I checked to make sure the heat was turned all the way to hot and made sure it was on outside air, even tried the inside air. I then shut off the car and unscrewed the radiator cap and it was blowing out hot green water so that was ok, my oil was full, the only thing was my little resivoir to the left of the radiator was slushy so I poured a little hot water in and t

Interesting symptoms.If the expansion reservoir was filled with icy slush, then your coolant/water ratio is way off. My first theory is that your cooling system needs a thorough flushing.\015\012\015\012Heater cores can get blocked with ... 1995 Eagle Summit

My 2004 blazer has a heater that wont blow hot air ? the air cond. works fine and the blower blows. what would cause a heater to not blow warm or hot air ? i have turned the selector dial to cold and hot but the results are the same it only blows cold!

Check thermostat and coolant level ... 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer

I have a 1997 Dakota, 5.2, 2WD with both heating and AC trouble. After driving for about 15 minutes, more or less, the AC stops blowing cold air. There is a musty smell and then it blows warm to hot air. The blower is still blowing strong. In winter, the heater will blow hot for a while, then blow cold. Sometimes it doesn't blow hot at all, even after first starting it. A mechanic said the AC system was good. I checked the AC Compressor clutch relay, it was good. I did not get battery vol

Since you seem to be able to test things yourself your best bet would be to get the diagniostic procedures to address this correctly. You can go to mitchell1diy or alldata, both online. The musty smell your talking about is most likley mold on the ... 1997 Dodge Dakota

2002 New VW Beetle is only blowing hot air out of vents even when set on cool. I was driving and I made a turn at an intersection and all of a sudden the cool vent air turned to hot air like I had the heat on. I tried to turn on the AC and even the AC blows nothing but hot air. Even while the vent is off the hot air still blows through. I took to a mechanic to because I thought my AC went out or something but he said the AC motor on the engine side is blowing cold air and is working perfect. The

Ok, here is the scoop on this. if you sit in the passenger seat and reach under the dash in the center of the vehicle. So your laying in the passenger side of the vehicle and placing your right hand on the floor board were passengers feet would go, s ... 2003 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible

2002 New VW Beetle is only blowing hot air out of vents even when set on cool. I was driving and I made a turn at an intersection and all of a sudden the cool vent air turned to hot air like I had the heat on. I tried to turn on the AC and even the AC blows nothing but hot air. Even while the vent is off the hot air still blows through. I took to a mechanic to because I thought my AC went out or something but he said the AC motor on the engine side is blowing cold air and is working perfect. The

On the bottom of the air unit is the lever that changes temps. It likes to fall out of place.I propped mine back with a piece of half-inch copper pipe a couple of years ago.Remove glove box then panel on front side of console to access. ... 2003 Nissan Altima

Corolla heater does'nt blow heat air at first, when the car is'nt moving but than blows hot air. at a idal it blows cold air, when your driving it turns hot and then if i stop at a idal for some time, it starts to blow cold again?

... 2001 Toyota Corolla

Hyundai elantra air cond heater stuck on heat from when you start the engine with fan only on and the cold /hot control at full cold it blows red hot

Sounds like the heat blend cable is either dislodged or frozen, the cable runs from the control head to the blend door located on the drivers side just above the gas pedal ,it is not an easy job to replace, i sugest to take it to your local dealer, i ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

2004 Mercury mountaineer will not not blow hot air when I increase the temperature to generate heat. It just blows cold air. My thermostat is digital and I can crank it up to 90 degrees and still get nothing but cold air. It will will however blow cold air when A/C is set to generate cold air.

This could be a couple of different problems. The first and most common problem is that the control motor that moves the door inside the duct work for the heater has failed. The door on the heater core is no longer opening supplying to supply heat. T ... 2002 Mercury Mountaineer


Need more information. The most important thing would be to watch the heater water valve move when someone turns the control from hot to cold, back and forth?Heater valve controls tend to be operated by vacuum, and switched by a heater compute ... 1999 GMC Sierra

My jeep started overheating yesterday.....what is happening actually is the heat guage normally stay exactly at 100, now yesterday it started going up almost to the red and as this is happening it is blowing cold air, then it will bounce back down to 100 and blow hot air, then as it starts to go up again it blows cold air, and so on. Then it got so hot it went up to the red and I had to pull over and let it cool down. Could my thermostat be getting stuck???? I hope this is the problem but please

If the 100 is centigrade then if the coolant is full I'd replace the thermostat. ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1986 Toyota Celica GT. I have two problems. The first problem is I don't have any heat. I have plenty of coolant, my thermostat is good and my engine is running halfway between cold and hot so it is getting warm enough. What it will do is it will blow cold air no matter how hot the engine is but if I shut it off and then back on sometimes it will blow hot air for about 10 seconds then it will go cold again. Second problem is I have no backup lights. The bulbs are good and I look f

The heat problem is more than likely the HEATER CONTROL VALVE, it is located in the small hose (1/2" to 3/4") that leads from the engine to the firewall & on into the heater core. You're getting heat because when you turn it off, the heat is tr ... 2006 Toyota Celica

No heat the heat in my 1995 chevy caprice will not work. the air blows but only cold. I have changed the thermostat and at first it was hot air then right back to only cold. i have been told that it might be the heater core but i have also been told that if it was the heater core it would leak on the passenger floor board (it doesn't) and that it never would have blown hot air. please help, i have two kids and it is getting very cold. thank you.

What if both hoses are hot. and on idle heat comes on but driving it's blows co ... 1995 Chevrolet Caprice

2002 jaguar s type 3.0L I started having problems two years ago with my heater not blowing hot air until i turned the thermostat to high then it would send the heat. Now recently since its been hot outside, I've been running the a/c on 72 and it started to blow hot air. I could turn it down to 67 and was cold again. Now it has to be on LOW to get cold air. Is it an actuator?.

Sounds like it ,could be the clima computer , ... 2002 Jaguar S-Type

I have a 1999 Caddac DeVille . The AC works fine during the summer but in the winter it won't blow out hot air unless I'm driving. I've let the car run in the morning to warm up but the inside is always freezing cold. I also want to know if the heat is suppose to blow through the panel vents because it only blows heat from the floor and windshield vents. and it only blows through the windshield and floor vents. If I'm parked it won't blow anything but cold outside air. What's the problem?

Your heater core is possibly stopped up if there has been a radiator leak and stop leak has been poured its definetly clogged or could be a faulty thermostat ... Cars & Trucks

Greetings this is my first post here. I have a heating problem with my 2001product dodge grand caravan sport . The heater blows cold air but as i drive it will blow hot air briefly then back to cold air. I just replaced my blower motor resistor hoping for the best and it still blows cold air. My coolant res is emty but my radiator is topped no leaks and im not overheating please help me someone its cold here in NY

Glad you found the problem ... Cars & Trucks

Ford F-350 7.3L overheating... I am pretty sure it is my thermostat, but has anyone else run into this issue? Basically the heater blows cold air and short bursts of hot air. It will over heat and as soon as i get a really good burst of hot air, the temp drops to normal and the heater returns to blowing cold air.... i am 99% sure it is the thermostat but want to make sure i don't have anything else to look for....


2002 Mercury Sable, Heating Problem The problem I am having is I am getting almost no heat. It is not the blower motor, just had this replaced. Right after last winter it started blowing cold air, so I went and had a flush done on the heating system and that seemed to cure the problem. Now a few months later I am noticing now that I have very little heat coming out at all..the air is not cold like the last time but it's not blowing hot or warm like it should. Any ideas? Please tell me if there i

Hello. You are in luck. I just had this same issue in my shop this week. We changed the thermostat, and replaced the coolant. Fixed it right up. Since you did not mention a new thermostat, that would be my next move, if I were you. ... 2001 Mercury Sable

Rear heater blows only cold air no matter what the settings are at. Front heat works well. I have tried using both the front and rear controls to set the temperature, but the rear vents will only blow warm air at best. The air starts out as cold as the outside air even when the engine is warm and the front is blowing hot air. It takes several minutes for the air to get slightly warm.

If this is equipped with a rear heater core it is probably plugged up and needs to be disassembled and cleaned out ... Chevrolet TrailBlazer EXT

AIR Problems i just bought a 01 Jeep cherokee limited 60 year aniversity. i found out that the passisanger side will not blow out hot air. just cool air. i turned the heat up on hi on and the passanger side to to hi and turned the everything on HEAT and its still blowing cold air. the driver side works just fine!!!! is it a heating coral or what is it??? i need help. Thank you

The internal heating/cooling blend doors are broken they work in pairs at the moment only one is broken but its only a matter of time till both the passenger and drivers side vent will blow only cold air this is a common defect for jeeps of this year ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The heat in my 2004 silverado blows cold air for much longer than it used to. Then when it gets warm it blows either HOT air or cold air. Even switches to cold air when i havent touched the temperature gauge. Would the thermostat have anything to do with this?

... 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab

Have two, first my front defrost does not get hot, or the heat does not get how unless I am driving the car, when it is idle it blows out cold air, but once I start driving it it blows out hot, but wh

My first challenge since I became member of this site! What does your temperature gauge tell you when this is happening? For the seat, take it off disconnect the harnesses and check the cables underneath, you have a short-circuit. ... BMW 750

1995 Olds 98. Problem is when I turn on the heat the a/c comes on and I shut the a/c off right away, sometimes it blows hot air and sometimes cold. The passenger side blows cold air most of the time, of course I have adjusted the settings to heat, In the summer I had the same problem but in reverse. Any advice, please!!!! Thanks

... 1995 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight
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