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Front breaks want see a picture of the brakes

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Hi Charles, What do you want to do? We may be able to help you without pictures. Regards John
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Front breaks want see a picture of the brakes

Hi Charles, What do you want to do? We may be able to help you without pictures. Regards John ... Cars & Trucks

I want to remove the rear interior panel under the rear window to get at the inside of the fender to push out a ding. Suction cups etc won't do it. I can see two screws at the rear of the panel but I don't know how to pop out the panel and don't want to break any of the little plastic latches holding it in. It looks like I have to remove a plastic piece along the running board trapping the front of the rear panel and don't want to break any latches there either. I don't even know if there is cle

... Mitsubishi Eclipse

Hey I have a 98 volvo v90 wagon. I replaced rotors pads calipers and hoses from brake lines to calipers on the front. Now my abs light is on and when I brake only sometimes I can feel the brakes pulsating. The car stops on a dime no whining or wearing on pads/rotors that I can see or hear. I want to say that its the abs system not working but not sure. The dealer told me to bring it in but low on funds. Any ideas would be great. Like I said the braking system is working great except for the abs

... Cars & Trucks

Front of center console is stuck, after removing all the screws i could find, i think i have a frayed wire under the center console as i keep blowing rear brake fuses and the trans is reppeatedily getting stuck in park, i have the entire center loose but the front is hung up and i dont want to break the plastic, also i dont know to remove the shifter knob to allow easy access to the wiring harness hidden under the center coonsole

... 2005 Hummer H2

How do you remove the front headrest from a 92 honda civic LX? I want to put seat covers on but the headrests are mounted on a single post and don't seem to be able to be removed. I tried to pry apart at the seam of the plastic column to see if that was a way of removing the headrest but didn't want to try to hard and and break the plastic. Help!!!!!!!

I have a 92 Accord, which has 2 'posts'. To remove it, you must pull the head rest up as high as it will go, then there is a slide built into the plastic piece (round) the post goes through on the top of the seat. Push it in towards the post, while ... 1992 Honda Civic

I need front pictures of a 2001 nissan frontier 4x4 to see if there is a special axle socket to change the front brakes.

... 2001 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab

Battery romoval The battery is located in front of the driver's front wheel. How do you get the platic housing off? I didn't see any screws and I didn't want to break it.

The plastic panel is held in place with self locking plastic inserts and two or three self tapping cross head screws. remove the left side wheel and wash the panel first so you can see them gently lever the inner plastic caps with a screwdriver ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

Want to see a picture of A FORD WINDSTAR 2001 BACKK BREAKS

If you are replacing drum brakes jack up both sides of rear and take off both brake drums after loosining tensioner, while working on ONE side you can look at other side to see how to reinstall springs etc ... 2001 Ford Windstar

2002 buick lasabre has rubbing in front right wheel area.sounds like a brake pad but checked and can,t see any problem. applying breaks doesn't change anything. does not roar like bearing or click like cvj. keeps time with wheel rpm

"only 99,000" on the tires? They must be great tires...I'm lucky if I get 60K out of mine!!! I have seen that happen anywhere from 1,000 miles and up...doesn't seem to be mile related. ... 2002 Buick LeSabre

2002 Sentra Spec V brakes seize at random, front two calipers only, seize stops after 2-3 miles, already drained and refilled system, bled air. Probably the master cylinder but wanted to see if anyone else has similar issues with a less expensive fix. - Thanks!

... 2002 Nissan Sentra

How do i get cowl off ford explorer xlt to reconnect wiper arm to motor ? 1998 i don't see visible screws. i don't want to break the plastic cowl behind hood in front of windscreen. thanks.

There is actually a screw at the end of the cowl. ... 1998 Ford Explorer

My friend is getting a loud roaring (humming noise) underneath the front end. They told her it was the brakes then the noise was still there. They rotated the tires the sound got worse. I don't live in the same city or I would be able to look. Oh yea they said the tranny level was good but didn't tell her if it was burnt or anything. They want to replace the wheel bearings to see if that fixes it if not try and go into the diff. bearings. Which equals a lot of money. Thanks, B

More than likely the hub bearings are starting to fail, these vehicles have a notorious problem with them.They are an easy repair.To double check before you buy them though, raise the front end of the car up in the air, place it in drive and carefull ... 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

Ford transit 02plate/fwd brake judder..ive had new pads/discs,cv joint,bearings,drive shaft.yet i still got juddering when breaking(not as bad as b4)garage says only thing left is faulty discs(very slight ridge on front n/s disc)could there be anything else? ive spent lots allready and just want it sorted....please help,thanks Damian

I have peugeot 106 i have replaced bearings, drive shafts, ball joins, discs and pads and calipers slide freely. Under inspection i removed brake discs and reved the car in the air and the hubs didnt seem to be running true. Do i bite the bullet and ... 2002 Ford Escort

How to replace 2005 VW Jetta brakes. Will be nice to have a picture or video on how to replace front and back breaks on a Jetta 2005

The front and rear pads are very easy to replace although you do need a piston wind back tool to replace the rears,my concern is if you are having to ask this question you probally should not be fitting the pads being a safety related item you cannot ... 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

I lost power steering and it apears a pulley which a belt was around has broken off. Serpentine belt is inract and car is not overheating and brakes and electricals are fine. I want to see a picture of under the hood to identify correctly if this is my power steering pump. Where can I access this on the web? 2003 honda pilot

Could have been your belt tensioner that broke and belt is slipping on pump ... 2003 Honda Pilot

I'm trying to change a brake lamp. I take off the 2 screws I can see, but it won't come off easily. I don't want to break anything.... Any help out there?

It's probably just stuck to the rubber gasket. There are only 2 screws. Pull a little harder or try prying with a plastic tool at the outer back of the lens. ... 2001 Nissan Quest

I have an 03 Chevy tracker 4 cyl 2 wd I've been having problems with the front brakes locking up when driving. It happens at different times and different driving conditions. Sometimes pumping the pedal breaks them loose sometimes times just holding down the accelerator helps(when on freeway). I've changed pads and rotors and that helps for a little while but then it starts back up again. Someone told me it was the lines but it acts like the power booster.please help I really don't want to chang

If both front wheels are dragging it is probably the master cylinder, if only one wheel is dragging it could be the caliper or the brake hose, jack the car up and have some one apply th ... 2003 Chevrolet Tracker

I have a 1994 grand marquise and my brake lights want come on when i push the brake pettel. but the come on when i pull the parking light on. its not a fuse. what could it be. my brake lights want work at all. but if i pull my park n lights the lights from the parking lights cum on but if i hit my breaks my break lights want come on. what could it be

... 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a Toyota 1991 XL which have good brake effect in the rear brakes but almost no breaking on the both front brakes. The pedal travels almost to the bottom. I have front discs and rear drums, no leakage, a little bit of wear on the front brake pads.

Sounds like you got air in your brake line you need to get them bled also have you checked you master cyliner to make sure it is filled up sometimes that may be all your problem is does the peddle slowly bottom out when braking ..An indication of air ... 1991 Toyota Previa

I was backing out of my lane way and I heard a clunk that came from the front left side. A few minutes later my break peddle when the floor and I needed to pump the peddle to stop. If I push down hard on the peddle the front tires lock up quickly and release. Break ligh on dash is on, brake fluid was almost empty, added brake fluid, pumped peddle but to change. any ideas

Unless you have a leak in the brake system the only reason your brake fluid level master cylinder would be empty is that your brake pads are worn out. As they wear the fluid level goes down. You need to check for a leak at all 4 wheels and the comple ... Toyota Corolla

Right front brake line needs to be replaced. I see there is a recall: Recall Number: 93V121000 Dates Manufactured: APR 1993 to APR 1993 Number of Vehicles Affected: 2848 Date Owners Notified On: JAN 0001 THE BRAKE HOSES WERE MANUFACTURED INCORRECTLY, AND DO NOT COMPLY WITH FMVSS 106, "BRAKE HOSES." Consequence of Defect: THE IMPROPERLY MANUFACTURED BRAKE HOSES CAN CAUSEREDUCED BRAKE EFFECTIVENESS AND/OR UNEVEN BRAKING, WHICH COULD RESULT IN ANACCIDENT. Corrective Action: REPLACE THE RIGHT FRONT

Go to the dealer and ask. they will be able to look up your vehicle by the vin to see if it is included in this recall and whether the work was done yet.\015\012\015\012robert ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I have a 1989 jeep Comanche 2.5L 2wd 5 spd stick i bought it for $300 in running cond.1. on the front left side i replaced the hard line and the soft line going from the porting valve to the caliper on the brake line now even after all that no break fluid comes out of the line at all i have no clue what it would be. 2. i also bleed the system on the front right and both the rear brakes thinking that it might fix the problem, but no, now when i stop the front right skids and both the rear brakes

Hi this could be a couple of things, first, the equalizing valve this is the valve that sends the fluid through the brake lines evenly if it is blocked at any point that could cause the problem, other thing could be is the m ... Jeep Comanche

I just asked a question regarding front brakes on a 95 Suburban. Did anyone get it? I lost my connection....x Since I did not see this screen before I'm guessing no one received my question. Here goes, I replaced the front rotor, which was so chewed up, the slots were trashed. While replacing the pads, I noticed that the caliper was not functioning so I had it rebuilt. While bleeding the brakes (front brakes from the hoses), we went from no pedal to some pedal. At some point the master emptied a

I also have had this happen to me. My problem was that my master cylinder went out on me. I can not say that has happened to you yet.\015\012\015\012I can say that yes you do have air in the line. You need to ... 1991 GMC K2500

I have a 1989 jeep Comanche 2.5L 2wd 5 spd stick i bought it for $300 in running cond.1. on the front left side i replaced the hard line and the soft line going from the porting valve to the caliper on the brake line now even after all that no break fluid comes out of the line at all i have no clue what it would be. 2. i also bleed the system on the front right and both the rear brakes thinking that it might fix the problem, but no, now when i stop the front right skids and both the rear brakes

Okay i had absolutly the same problem in my 89 jeep cheerokee if u have power brakes ... check the pump its high pressure brake fluid on it (under the resivoir tank) first check the relay itsw acually dandiling on mine but heres a tip its the only on ... Jeep Comanche

Front driver side wheel is leaking brake fluid all over wheel well and behind wheel is wet, I lost brakes, I put fluid in and made it home safely and got under truck to see where the leak was. brake line is dry and not leaking, However, when facing the front of the vehicle, the rear of the front tire is a metal part that is leaking pretty bad from the bottom, Ive been told it is a wheel cylinder, but My father belives it is a caliper. I need to know if it is a caliper so I can get the part to fi

Front brakes if they are disc it is a caliper if they are drum you havve wheel cylinders. Call the parts store give them the year and they will get you the right part ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500
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