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I have connected the battery positive to the negtive and smoke comes out

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

You have severely damaged the electrical system. Please have a local shop look at this to see the extend of the damage.
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I have connected the battery positive to the negtive and smoke comes out

You have severely damaged the electrical system. Please have a local shop look at this to see the extend of the damage. ... Cars & Trucks

Just pulled the head for repairs and re-installed it back in the car. Hooked everything back up. Connected the negative terminal to the battery and then the positive terminal. When the positive terminal was connected the starter began to spin, but only the starter. The solenoid did not engage the starter to the flywheel to turn the motor over. The starter just started to spin. Pulled the small contact wire that comes from the Ignition switch. Re-connected the positive battery terminal, Starter

Most likely have a wire pinched , or crossed . i bet the first ... BMW 325

I have an issue. I just recently replaced the positive power cable that connects from driver side battery to passenger side battery down to the starter and now I don't have any power. No lights, no interior lights, no power anywhere. Took the batteries in to have them tested thinking they were dead because I was waiting for the connection wire to come in from the parts store. Both batteries came up as fully charged. I reinstalled the batteries and saw the normal spark you should get when you reh

Sounds like you're missing your feed wire. Possibly another wire that was connected at the starter or battery. ... Ford F-250

I got a Schumacher fully automatic onboard battery charger/maintainer with 4 amps, 60 hz, 120 vac input, and 12 vdc, 1.5 amp output. Can you please tell me how to connect this charger to my battery. The instructions that come on the side of the product (charger) are pretty unclear. For instance it does not say how the red line/positive line of charger is to be connected to which post of the car battery (positive or negative). Request clear instructions. Thank you most kindly and may you all have

Hi.basically, with any charger, the positive (red +ve) wire goes to the positive post.the negative (black -ve) goes to the negative post. ... Mazda MPV

When attempting to jump start the vehicle positive battery cable heats up and smokes. What should be connected to the solenoid switch on the same post as the positive battery cable?

Sounds like a dead short. May be the battery. Not sure what hooks to it as I don't know the year of the vehicle. Disconnect the battery cables and see what it does. Make sure everything is off before you connect the cables. If it arc's when you hook ... Ford F-250

My Honda Accord 96 model alternator not working and not charging the battery, I changed the alternator and one of the wire was disconnected by the electrician because the dash board battery light was not coming on while the second wire was connected to the positive terminal for the light to come on on the dash board. The alternator began to work but after a while, it stopped working. What could be the cause?

... Cars & Trucks

I just purchased a 1997 bmw 528i and installed a new battery. After connecting the battery something started smoking under the hood and a burning smell. The smoke was coming up around the alternator. Any ideas why this is happening. Thank you Paul Convery

Red positive black neg. ... BMW 528

I changed a dead battery in my 1998 Chevy suburban and hooked up the cables on reverse poles. There was a pretty good arc so I did not attach the cable to the battery. Thinking it might be a faulty alternator I disconnected the power to the alternator and tried to connect the cable to the battery( again - cable to + battery )there was a small arc but I screwed on the cable to the battery. I went in to try to start the truck and there was smoke coming out of my stereo amp.I immediately disconnec

The Fuel pump Fuse : Passenger Side - Under the hood - look around the heat / ac area - will be under a cover. The fuel pump is in the tank, you may try tracing the wiring from the fuel pump possibly have a short from excessive heat due to the revers ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500

I changed a dead battery in my 1989 Chevy suburban and hooked up the cables on reverse poles. There was a pretty good arc so I did not attach the cable to the battery. Thinking it might be a faulty alternator I disconnected the power to the alternator and tried to connect the cable to the battery( again - cable to + battery )there was a small arc but I screwed on the cable to the battery. I went in to try to start the truck and there was smoke coming out of my stereo amp.I immediately disconnect

First thing, is you want to put + on first. Then put on negative. If you have an acr, you very well blown an fusible link or fried the battery solenoid. ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500

I replace my starter on my 96 gmc v6 safari and when I re-started the engine it started just fine and turn it off; then after about 3 minutes later I started it again but it started to smoke and found a wire (I believe the wire is from the starter to the positive) started to melt and turn off the engine by disconnecting the positive wire on the battery because I could not turn it off from the ignition. So, I disconnected the affected wire which connected from the starter to the positive (not di

That is a direct short between your hot wire and ground ... 1996 GMC Safari

I have a 95 chevy lumina. this morning my wife said there was smoke coming from the battery area and it smelled like an electrical burning smell. I checked it out and it looked like the ground wire running from the negative battery cable had the rubber wire cover had melted. I think this has happened before but when I replaced the battery several months ago the vehicle wouldnt start until I connected the wire to the car frame. Is this a common problem with this car and how is it corrected?

If the wire is not connected to the frame or to the terminal correctly it will get hot or even burn the cover off,make sure both ends are metal to metal and tight,then cover in silicon jelly to stop the air getting to the metal and rusting (which wil ... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

Install new battery but negative cable ground was broken so when I hit a bump it started smoking stopped ans fixed ground and vehicle ran. I drove to store and started up and out in gear and every thing stopped ignition lights everything!!! I thought maybe new battery low so I tryed jumping but it sparked violently so to positive and neg cables off and connected jumpers to them and again the sparks!!!!I don't have a clue of where to start any suggestion would be appreciated! Put key in ign

If you had a big short, then all relays and fuses in fuse box must be checked.\015\012\015\012If ignition does not work you may also have damaged ignition switch. In that case it will need replacement.\015\012\015\012After che ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

Put a brand new battery from NAPA,it wont hold the charge. Someone cut some wiring ,one of them was connected to positive side,with a fuse link coming from the fuse box next to battery,when u open box it is the far lower right wire looking at it from fender side. where does it go 2?

... 1990 Honda CRX

When you go to turnover the car the battery cables heat to the point they smoke when we turned the car over the positive cable clamp melted tried connecting the solinoid differently which almost started the car. when i was looking at the manual it does not show how the solinoid is connected what cable goes to what post

In addition to what Bostruck said, the cables themselves could be corroded real bad on the inside, meaning you might want to replace them, they are not very expensive. ... 1994 Suzuki Sidekick

Car will start but dies after about 10 minutes. Will restart after about 5 minutes but dies again after running a minute. Replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, attempted to clear codes by disconnecting battery, check engine light was on when running but after disconnecting battery the check engine light is no longer on. Checked the wiring harness in fuel tank, all connections are good. When the key is in the on position there is a buzzing noise that sounds like it is coming from behind the manifold.

How to change cam shaft sensor on a 2004 kia optima ... 2004 Kia Optima

Wiring problems 82 ford fairmont futura 2 -door v-6 motor. new battery, solenoid, battery cables, alternator, ignition module, and relay. car starts, but won't stay running. seems to be running on battery. think problem is there is no return power to battery from alternator, but not sure where to connect wire. have positive wire connected to positive terminal nothing is connected to ground connection on top of alternator

... 1983 Ford Fairmont

Howdy, my son's 84 cj won't fire while turning over. just as you release the starter it fires. there is a small red wire coming off the positive battery connection. is this supposed to go to something?

... 1984 Jeep CJ7

94 Chrysler Town and Country won't start with key. Battery and cable connections are good. 12 volts directly to the starter solenoid starts the engine. All gages come on turning key to start position but only a click and no start. Replaced ignition switch and starter relay - no change. Traced 12V wire from starter solenoid to fuse box and the starter relay and wire is good. Applying 12 volts to the socket of the starter relay results in starting the engine. Is this a failure of the PCM?

Has it got an immobiliser / if so there is a fault there. If not an ignition switch itself. ... 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 1992 Acura Legend I just bought a month ago. It was driving great. I had a new cd player installed by a friend 4 days ago. I was driving this morning and it just completely turned off on me driving. The steering wheel locked but i got it unlocked to move it to the side. I had the battery disconnected and connected again and it started. I've had some white smoke come out of it sometimes. What do you think happened.

He may have fried the pcm...bring it to a garage ASAP!!!!!!!! ... 1992 Acura Legend

No power from ignition switch when key is inserted, there is power to lights but ignition switch is intermittent. Small puff of smoke at positive battery connection.

If you seen a small puff of smoke? remove cable and clean both ends and retry. ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I lost the keyless remotes for a 1994 xj6. The battery died. Have charged the the battery. The Alarm activates as soon as the battery is connected. Turning the security switch in the off position and door locks off and on, nor connecting battery with ignition in on position will disarm battery.. have been advised that the security ecu is failing....any alternatives???

If the engine will start, and the car is drivable, find the alarm and disconnect it until such time as you can get to a repair shop. If disconnecting the alarm kills the engine, then use a jumper wire to bypass it. If the car won't start ... 1994 Jaguar XJ6

I want to hook up a trickle charger to the battery using two small 'circle' ends that ultimately go to the charger. I see the negative terminal clearly but the positive side of the battery has a lot of connectors. Which one would I connect it to? I do not want to disconnect the battery as the power to the car will reset all the electrical settings.? By the way it is a 2007 Bentley GTC. If there is not a solution, where would I connect the positive 'alligator' clip to go to the battery cha

I remove the plastic cover over the positive terminal of the AGM battery and connect the alligator clip to the main lug though as indicated in the other post it schools not matter which wire connection is used in the hub of wires at the AGM battery p ... 2007 Bentley Continental GTC Convertible

Replaced a battery .then alternator started smoking...then i replaced the alternator..when i connected the battery..the engine fan...wiper blades and headlights turned on but no ignition..power...then when i connected the battery cables again the fuse link wire at the fuse box started smoking

Bad relays ... 1996 Dodge Caravan

I can't get the positive battery terminal cable off of the old battery because it is too corroded. So, I would like to replace both terminal cables and the battery. The problem is there is a wiring harness that is connected to the current positive terminal cable and I do not know what it is. More importantly my car will not run unless this wiring harness is plugged in to its female connection. What is this wiring harness and what should i do?

Just cut both battery cable's right at battery cable's terminal, and replace both terminal with new one's each one about $2.00's. ... 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Installed new battery in 92 Toyota pickup, now I have no power inside vehicle; radio, clock etc and it will not turn over. Dome light has power, headlights work. Starter will not engage. Checked battery and it is good. Tried jumping with another vehicle, no luck. Ive checked fuses and all are OK. Maybe shorted something out by not connecting wires back properly? Large white wire going to fuse box connected to positive, large wire going to starter connected to positive. Smaller wire in same sheat

You have a wire off some where look real good,one may have fell down under the battery or somewhere,or there is a fusible link burned. ... 1992 Toyota Pickup
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