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A/c fan gone out..

\015 Where are the fan motor fuses located\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Fuse box inside vehicle, sometimes uses same fuse as other consumers.Check all the fuses if unsure.
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I have a 2002 Dodge Caravan sport with 3.3L engine. The radiator fans continue to work when the engine/key is turned off. I?ve been told it?s a Radiator Fan Relay that gone bad? the question is: ?Is the radiator fan relay a separate part or is it incorporated into the whole radiator fan??

The relay is located down at the left lower corner of the radiator support. Little flat box, like a box of matches. common to be bad. ... Dodge Caravan

Coolant fan will not turn on.Thinking the fan motor had gone out I replaced the fan. Should have checked the fan motor first.

I would check the fuse and relay for it and if they check good then the temp sensor for the computer will be the most common cause. ... 1998 Chrysler Sebring

My jeep died on me last night. When I got it home and looked under the hood my right side elec fan was completley gone(shattered) and the fan that bolts to the motor in front of it only had one nut left attached and the studs are bent. Can i reuse the metal fan and do i need the elec. fan in front of it. Also does any one have any pics of what everything is supposed to look like when fixed

I dont have any pics but yes you can reuse the fan if its in good or reusable condition. The electric fan you need for when you turn on your AC it works with your AC. ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

2003 kia spectra LS. Blower Fan stopped working with the switch, WHen just sitting and witch is turn off, the fan blows a lottle air. WHen i turn the fan to any other speed, nothing comes out the vent. Was wondering the wuickest way to test to see if it is my resistor or siwtch that has gone bad. I have already looked over the fuses

Vacume lines there littel black lines under the hood. now look at the intake for the black lines going the fire wall it is two or three see if one or more are broke if that fix it but they do not bend easy they break so be carefull. inside lis ... Kia Spectra

The car has been overheating and blowing the fuses. also the windows keep having intermitant problems, sometimes they open and sometimes they don't. Can the problems be connected. The fan has already been replaced a couple of years ago. Although my friend told me he believes that the fan is ok, it may be the motor that is gone. the mechanic is telling me it might be the motor to the fan and the motor to the window but how can i be sure, i don't want to keep changing parts and do process of illim

Not enough information. You really need to have it diagnosed to find out if its an engine issue or component. You may have a couple different problems but only a shop can figure it out. Here we are all just guessing. ... 2002 Mini Cooper

I just had the left fan changed in feb. it is not workin the left fan can the fan have gone bad already.. It was changed by a dealer, I have a 2005 susuki forenza

Yes it could but check for fan relay to see if it is working ... 2003 Suzuki Aerio

My nissan has just come up with a problem . when i turn on the fan it vibrates the whole car ,it seems to me that the bearing in the fan has gone , i would like to know how to get a the fan

It alsocould be part of one of the blades on the fan are missing causeing it not to be balanced that will shake the hole car ... Nissan Altima Hybrid

I just replaced the ac blower fan with three different ones and none of them blow as hard as the one that went out. all are stock fans none are aftermarket those aren't any good. My question is it does blow some air but not much is there something like an actuater that may have gone out or should i just keep getting fans till i find one that works

... 1994 Ford Ranger Supercab

My 04 silverado heater control, lost the #1,2,3and 5 fan setting now all are gone, heat and a/c work but fan doesnt turn on, is it just the fan switch on the heater a/c control box?

Usually what happens is the switch goes bad and starts sending multiple current paths to the resistor. Then the resistor pack burns up as well. There is some detailed discussion on this at ... 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab

Replaced thermostate but still overheats, fluids flow but when the car over heats the fan do not kick on, the fan however work fine when the car is not overheated. Is this a temp. switch gone bad?

You could still have air in the system but I would also check the water pump on this. ... 2005 Buick Rendezvous

A/c and heater fan has gone out. It went out once

I had the same problem and the mechanic wanted to replace the relay. Turned out to be the wiring harness was burnt not the relay. I made him take out the new relay and put the old one back in. Works fine now. ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Heater fan for Chevy 1988 S-10 has gone out. I

Might just have been the right time for the fan to burn out. Buy a new one, junkyard parts are another option, but make sure you test it before you buy it. ... 1988 Chevrolet S-10

We replaced aautomatic 3 speed transmission in a 1990 corolla, but we cannot get the car to start. None of the gauges work, radio, fan switch, nothing is getting an electric current to the inside of car. Battery is good, headlights work,flashers work. The car had been sitting for almost a year, but it started when we first tried it. Have reconnected everything in engine compartment. Could the inginition switch have gone bad and not letting current to dash and radio and fan ?

First place to start looking is the bus fuses next to the battery(mounted on the positive pole). There are 3(some models only 2). Next check for power on the back of the ignition switch. Check the Black/red wire and the White. These 2 are the main su ... 1990 Toyota Corolla

Fan switch The light for the fan switch has gone out, is there an easy way to replace?

Remove the cover (I use an old CD, not a screwdriver to not scratch any surface). You'll see screws to be removed and the whole module goes out. The light bulbs are mounted from back using flat screwdriver. They are specially designed together with p ... Volvo V40

1884 RX-7 GSL, A/C has gone out! Have replaced the Sanden SD-575 compressor (reman.), new hoses, receiver/dryer, expansion valve & thermostatic switch. Flush cleaned the remaining system. Checked fan and all doors for proper operation. Reinstalled parts and 5.5 ozs of oil. Pulled vacuum, no leaks and charged system with 1.5 lbs 134A. Clutch engages, fan runs, but NO COLD AIR (A very, very little cool air)..........What is wrong???

... 1984 Mazda RX-7

Driving a 1999 Impreza Brighton Wagon, 2.2, non turbo, manual 5-speed. Both rad fans are running most of the time even with A/C and/or defrost off. Replaced 3-pronged sensor for coolant temp.(the one that communicates with the ECU), temp. reading on gauge is perfect, heat is good, no coolant loss, just the fans are running - even at -19 degree clesius. I was thinking of a partially blocked radiator - the car is 11 years old and has gone 277,000 kms?

Mine was doing the same thing. both fans staying on. I found it was a relay stuck in the closed position. You can check it with a meter and a 12 volt source and jumper leads or do what I did. I found it by swapping the fan relays with some others in ... 1995 Subaru Impreza

The interior heater fan will not shut off even when the key is turned off. you must remove batttery from vehicle. my husband just put in a new heater fan under the dash and that did not fix it. he is currently gone to find some type of wiring under the glove box but says it looks like it will be difficult to remove. any helpful suggestions for this, thanks.

Had same problem there is no easy fix, you will have to replace the little board by the heater fan. ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

Hi ! have an 1992 hyundia excel and one night i was driving. The car was loosing power and i just parked it.The next day i looked under the hood i noticed that the fan belt was gone. I put on a new fan belt, but the car wont turn on or show any dashboard lights its completely dead the battery is charged..I also took in the altinator and got it tested they said it was good. can u help me?

Common problem when alt belt brakes, i tend to believe that the bat is not charged, check battery cables ... 1992 Hyundai Excel

I am not sure if the radiator fan is working on my 92 v6 camry its not over heating but never see or hear the fan running is there a fuse or relay that might have gone out. I cant even see any wires that go to it. Thank you Tony

The radiator fan in the 92-95 models of V-6 Toyota and Lexus vehicles is a weird design. The fan is not electric but runs off the power steering pump. The power steering pump moves fluid through hoses to the radiator fan, thereby creating its rotat ... 1992 Toyota Camry V6

Today while driving. The kia stopped running. The vehicle has oil, gas, and occassionally I have to add water to the radiator. All fans are there, When I try to start it, the car will whine. Kinda like a dead battery. But when I turn the key the radio comes on, only thing is all my stations are gone. Another thing is I changed the station and saved it, turned off the key and turned it on again. My station was gone. The Engine will not turn over, just whine.

Have you checked the timing belt?. I dont know what you mean when you say it wont turnover, just whines. It either DOES NOT CRANK, CRANKS, or it CRANKS BUT WONT RUN. Check the AUDIO fuse in the fuse box, it may have a yellow fuse holder around it. ... 2002 Kia Sportage

Fan Motor My air conditioning has been replaced in a mitsubishi express van 1995 SJ series. That all works well now but the fan blower works poorly, at full speed it works as if on low speed, I bought new carbon brushes and that improved the blower speed slightly but still does not blow as well as it did when I first bought the van. The motor I bought was secondhand as the original the brushes were worn and the commutator segments gone, the commutator segments on this one were grooved and I plac

... 1990 Mitsubishi Minivan

Cooling Fan Trucks been running fine. Since the temp outside has heated up, my truck acts weird. Temp guage runs about halfway. Always has. But..if I run down to the market, run it get something, come out and crank back up, it doesnt want to idle and looks like the temp hand has gone up. Only last several seconds then it levels out. I left it running when I got home and noticed the cooling fan barely moving. Is this normal or should it be working harder to cool the engine?

Sounds like to me your motor in your fan is going. that is y your 4 runner ran nice and cool when its cooler outside. the hotter it is outside the harder your fan will work ... 1995 Toyota 4Runner

Air Conditioner works fine early in the morning or in the evening. During the day, when you press the AC button, it will not engage the compressor or condensor fan. Jumpering out the relays when it is failed makes the fan or compressor work. No fuses are gone. Switch seems ok and temp control too. As i say... it works any time its cool.

Sounds like your pressure switch is bad.as the temp outside gets hotter the more pressure is built up in your ac so when the pressure gets to high the pressure switch shuts down the system to prevent damage to it.Did u put any more r-134a in to the s ... 1991 Honda Civic

My 2002 KIA has problems with the heater. It was working fine one minute then just stopped getting hot. The fan stll blows and the face,defrost, and feet fans adjust fine. Just the heat is gone. The check engine light is not going on and I had automatic locks installed a while ago that will not work. I don't know if it is related but I moved to a rainy state and my car has problems mostly when it rains. Can you help me to fix this cheap?

Have you made sure the radiator is fully topped up ... 2002 Kia Spectra

Fan or heater switches bulb gone

You will need a pliers . put a piece of light cloth over the top of the pliers and then gently but firmly grab the speed controller switch,( the cloth is to try to reduce marks) pull this switch towards you, its a little tight but it does come off, b ... 1999 Volkswagen Golf
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