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My gmc yukon its a 96 will not go into gear. And its never had done that before. When i try to put it in gear it wont make that click sound. But when i put back in park it have a grinding sound. And all this happened right way. Its never made Sounds like that before.

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My gmc yukon its a 96 will not go into gear. And its never had done that before. When i try to put it in gear it wont make that click sound. But when i put back in park it have a grinding sound. And all this happened right way. Its never made Sounds like that before.

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Transmission??? The car will not move. When I put it into gear, 1st, 2nd, drive, reverse or neutral...it sounds like it is engaging but never does..then when I put it back into park it sounds like gears are grinding and then clunk. Any suggestions? and how much will it cost??????

It's hard to say for sure what the problem is, but there are a few things to consider. One, you may have a bad TCU (transmission control unit) - a friend has this issue on an Audi A4. You move the gear selector to put the car in gear, but the TCU i ... 2000 Nissan Altima

Went to the store came out started the car pushed on thebrake to put it in gear heard grinding sound and car just rolled backwards. will not get any gears, it is an automatic too.02 passat front wheel drive. when i try to put it into park it grinds then stops. i also have to use the e brake to park it.

... Volkswagen Passat

1996 Toyota Camry went on vacation for a week. Came home. Drive halfway down the driveway and lost all gears. Sounds fine but doesn't move. Gear only grinds if you try to put it in park. Can turn car off and then put in park but them car still rolls so doesn't appear to really be in park. Did not show any signs of shifting problems before I left. Already checked the cord between the gear shift and transmission and it appears to move correctly.

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I have a gmc sierra 1500 Z71 4x4 that won't go into gear.i pulled into a parking spot at work and I needed to back-up to staighten up in the spot and when I tried to put the truck into reverse nothing. i tried to put into drive and again nothing. When I put the transmission into park I can hear a grinding noise sounds like gears grinding. I have just driven from home to work and no problems. Any idea what the problem is?

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2006 z71. when trying to put in 4lo it just flashes and goes back to 2 hi. sometimes it makes grinding noise but still doesnt go in 4 lo. today was driving on highway in 2 hi and it like came out of gear and was making a grinding sound. i pulled over and truck wouldnt go in park, i mean i put it in park but it still rolled. then all of a sudden it made a noise and it was where i could drive it again.of course it still wont go in 4 lo. do you think this is a transfer case motor problem ?

Sounds like you need an encoder motor sensor and an pcm recalibration ... Chevrolet 1500

I have a 1990 ford bronco xlt 4x4 5.0 auto tranny it was shifting hard from 3 to 4 and then it would just coast like it was in neutral then pic up in third then it just would go into any gears and would grind going into park towed home and the hole way it was making like a crakling sound got home put it into park no grind put it into reverse and it worked do I got a bad tranny or is the shift linkage off

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Transmission Problems When you put it in any gear it will not move at all but... you can feel it go into gear also when you put it back in park it makes a clicking grinding sound... is there a sensor for park,drive,first,second etc... or any other sensor that would cause this

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I have a 1996 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD. Last week it started to make a loud grinding sound when I would coast downhill. Small amount of acceleration would make the sound go away. Today it went **** up. Loud grinding noise when I would put it in gear but no movement and when it is in park it will still roll freely. The sound seems to come from the transfer case, but my Overdrive light keeps flashing.

Have an assistant look at the driveshaft while you put it in gear, to see if its turning.. if its rotating and trucks not moving, problem is in the differential... if it doesnt rotate and there is rotational noise in the transfer case, than i would s ... 1996 Ford Explorer

Clutch issues I have a 2006 Saturn vue. I went to get gas today and the clutch was all the way up. When I went to get into the car to leave the gas station I had trouble putting it in first gear. I made it home and parked it. When I went to run another errand the car would start but when I pushed down on the clutch to put into first, the car would make a grinding sound and would not move out of first or let me change into any gears.

This is a hydraulic clutch, meaning you push fluid to make the clutch move just like the brakes.I would check the clutch master cylinder first to see if it is full of fluid.The master or slave cylinder could have failed, among other things. ... 2006 Saturn Vue

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus. The car will shift into gear but will not move. Once you take the car out of park and go to put it back in park it makes a grinding sound. You have to turn the car off in natural. Any ideals what it could be?

It sounds like a linkage problem. THe shifter is not really putting the transmission into the actual positions you see on the floor shifter indicator. The linkage is out of alignment. Please service it soon before you do damage to the transmission ... Cars & Trucks

1999 siverado 4wd problem..started having problems coming out of 4wd, pushed 2wd dash indicator said 2wd but not in any gear. put in park, got grinding gear sound shut off engine restarted 2wd active now. this happend 3 times over about a month. now it wont even go into 4wd I hear transfer case shift into 4wd low but not in 4wd high. boy why couldnt they leave the manual hubs and shift lever alone?? lock hubs before you need 4wd and just use shift lever in cab.hehe

Sounds like it might be an encoder moter, but the best thing you can do is take it to a good transmission shop so they can hook up their reader and find out for sure ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My 1997 Plymouth Breeze has a very loud screeching sound when I put it in Park or in Neutral. When I put it in gear it quits making the sound. when left in park it blows the fuse to the starter. I turn the car off right away and it will start right up again without the noise. Only after I run in gear and put it in park or neutral the noise returns. Note I did change the fluid and pan, gasket and filter on the transmission a little over a month ago. Thanks for any suggestions or advice you may ha

Im hoping this is only a loose drive belt ck the belt tension by moving it up and down you should only have 1/4 play on the belt more than that you belt is loose ... 1997 Plymouth Breeze

Will go into gears, but won't move it's like your in neutral it's an automatic, when I put into park makes a bad grinding sound

Get another gearbox with converter ... 1995 Nissan Altima

My truck stalled out while backing up an inclined driveway. I tried to keep accelerating and nothing happened. I put it in park and the gears grinded badly. I shut the car off, restarted and tried to put it in drive but the the acceleration wouldn't work and the rear differential started leaking. I put it back in park and it grinded once more. idk what could be wrong

Check and repair the carburator , check the transmission gear ,check and replace oil seal of the differential . ... 1995 Dodge Dakota

Have a 1993 nissan altima. Was driving and transmission just quit like it was put into neutral. It wont go into any gear or park if engine is running. When engine is running and you try to put it in park it grinds. Replaced the transmission with a known good transmission and the replacement is doing the exact same thing. I checked all the signal wires at the tcm and the voltages are all correct. The proper signals are present at the inputs when the gear selector is changed thru the gears. Does

Transmission module and relays hav an issue--computer may also--scan car with a tech ll that runs a data stream to get solution--may need to replace these parts or hav computer reprogramed ... 1993 Nissan Altima

Wont engage gears and grinds when put into park

... Ford Bronco II

I placed it in park....got out to open our gate....then got in and applyed the brake and dropped the gear stick to drive (it felt loose) I knew something was wrong...it was all the way down and it read N (nutral) so I put the gear stick in P (park) and the gear never changed - it stayed in N (nutral). Now the gear stick wont move at all - its locked in the park position but the truck is in nutral. ???

Tranny went out also check the tranny linkage ... 2001 Ford Escape

I was backing up in a driveway one cold night, and as i tried to shift into drive it stuck on drive 3. I tried to move it back and it just wouldn't budge. I pulled infront of my boyfriends house and tried to put it in park and it got stuck in neuteral.. the gear shifter moves freely, but doesn't change the gear what so ever. I can't even put it into park meaning the keys are stuck in it and it's completely worthless right now. it sounds to me like the transmission, but i have no clue and am hopi

You may be able to stop and start the car in neutral using the parking brake. I'm not sure on the 2004. I would check the linkage and linkage cable first. It may be a much easier fix than you think. What gear does the indicator show you and is th ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 2005 silverado 1500 HD 4x4 that is popping out of gear. When it happens it slams out pretty hard and then if I put in park or any gear it just makes an awful grinding noise. So I put it in neutral and put it in 4high and then it will slam hard back in to gear. It has 98,000 miles on it. I took it to a transmission shop and the mechanic hooked up his diagnostic computer to it and we went for a ride. He said everything checks out good and there is nothing in the history that even shows up

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I have a 2000 Frontier V6 Auto Crew 4x4 with an odd 4x4 issue. When using reverse, the transmission makes a quiet popping noise both when turning or going straight back. When I put it into drive, add accelerate above 25mph, there is a gear grinding noise that worsens when speed increases. If I place the truck into 4x4 while driving, it will make a large thunk, the grinding will stop, and I can put it back into 2wd and no grinding till I put in in park or reverse. Any ideas?

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I am having problems when going up steep hills. My car is extremely sluggish, and despite putting my foot to the floor it crawls uphill @ no more than 20mph. I put it into 2nd / 3rd gear but there is no change in engine sound, or gears, and it does not increase in speed. I tried parking on a hill, and putting the car into gear, it didn't roll back. The car is a N reg saloon, with 62,000 on the clock. Apart from this, I have had trouble free motoring.

Check fuel pressure ... 1996 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Car wont shift out of park, brake lights are working, my husband (who works on cars) pushed in the pin inside the gear shift area, went into drive, sounded terrible, drove it home, then oil light came on! Parked car and put in park, couldnt get key out, had to unhook battery. Just had oil changed. Engine sounded as if it were really winding up while driving...yikes help!

... 1998 Land Rover Discovery

I have a 1985 CJ7 6 cyl with a 5 speed manual transmission. While on the interstate in 5th gear it all of a sudden wouldn't accelerate anymore. I downshifted through all gears and it was the same. There were no sounds at all when it happened. Reverse still works fine though. There is no grinding sound when putting it into gear. After letting it sit for a few days it seemed to move better but I haven't tried moving it more than a few feet since I don't know what is wrong with it.

Your narration is short on mechanical clues. Is the engine running "flat" or is the clutch slipping? Do you / did you smell anything when it happened?I'd check two things...clutch and catalytic converter. If clutch is slipping it will reduce av ... 1985 Jeep CJ7

My 93 Wagoneer is 4WD all time. Pulled into town doing about 35mph and heard a loud knock. It would do it a few seconds after taking off from a stop and when It would try to shift. Before I could get where I was going it quit alltogether. I had nothing in 4 wheel high. Even if you put it in Park it will still roll. 4 wheel low works just fine but now in 4 wheel high when you put it in gear (reverse, drive and lower gears) it make a spinning grinding noise sometimes it will stop if you put it in

Sounds like the fluid coupler inside the transfer case failed. In my opinion using those is a great ideaon paper but they just do not last as well as the older direct engagement units used in Cherokees and wranglers. I own many Jeeps and will n ... 1993 Jeep Grand Wagoneer
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