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Recently bought a 2 nd hand husqvarna ct151 2007 model,was fully serviced before I bought it,new clutch oil change filters the lot, used it for roughly 8 hrs work, yday I got through half my lawn,went for tea,came back would not start,left it an hour,it started but conked out all the time,left it overnight,same prob today,took a while to get started,maintained revs for 5 mins,then engine began spluttering,and wobbling engine before conking out,enough oil,petrol,filters clean,any ideas

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Recently bought a 2 nd hand husqvarna ct151 2007 model,was fully serviced before I bought it,new clutch oil change filters the lot, used it for roughly 8 hrs work, yday I got through half my lawn,went for tea,came back would not start,left it an hour,it started but conked out all the time,left it overnight,same prob today,took a while to get started,maintained revs for 5 mins,then engine began spluttering,and wobbling engine before conking out,enough oil,petrol,filters clean,any ideas

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I have a Pontiac G6-Check Engine light came on & Autozone scanned & it said small Evap leak. I bought new Gas Cap-not the prob. help?

Try the evap solenoid in the back by the fuel tank ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1992 chevy suburban 4x4 I bought it used and has run bad since i have owned it. i replaced the distributor cap, rotor,fuel filter, spark plugs. then i took it to two mechanics and they could not tell me what the prob was as well. im so stumped i love the truck but ready to blow it up. The prob is this. It idles fine but once in gear you are traveling down the road and find a steady speed it starts coughing not back firing but it feels like the engine is bucking. after i took it to the m

Ok tiny lets look at other causes, if its fuel injected change the throttle position sensor located on the throttle body , also the MAP and the MASS sensors, if it is carburated the the carb may need rebuilding ... 1992 Chevrolet Suburban

Just bought car with 111,000 miles on 3.1 v-6 ,motor has sludge in valve cover and am afraid of low oil press . What is the best way to rectify this ? I have heard of the run trans fluid in engine trick but scared of locking up oil pump or worse engine . Runs good and no other probs just worried about low oil press .

DO NOT run transmission fluid in the oil. You can buy engine cleaner that you put in before you change the oil and let it run at idle for a 15 to 20 minutes, then change the oil and filter. It might take a couple of treatments to clean it all out. ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Am

I recently bought a 95 3 liter V6 pathfinder. The engine runs fine (for 154K miles) for about 20 minutes or so then starts to lose power and seriously misfire. Let it sit a few hours and then it will run fine for 20 minutes and repeat the process. Any ideas what the prob could be or just where to start. Don't want to throw out stupid money so would like to have a clue where to start. Thanks.

Sounds like a cracked coil. Once the heat gets to it the fire goes everywhere. Run it into a dark garage and with it running, open the hood and watch for sparks. ... 1995 Nissan Pathfinder

Spark plug have 97 sunfire with a 2.2 in it but put in motor from a 96 2.2 was wondering if the gapping inthe plugs is different also haveuing probs with the cooling fan when put new motor in it worked for while then engine light came on hasnet worked since , noticed the realy switch was backwards bought new one replaced fan temp gage sensor still nothing will come on if you unplug the gauge sensor but shuts off when you plug it back , any ideas.

It may be a problem with either the computer or the temp gauge is rated to low or high ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

Hi got a prob wid my beetle engine temperature light goes from blue to red and sounds even though there is plenty of water in it and its staying the same level pleae help as just bought it thanks

Water pump? ... Volkswagen Beetle

Black smoke and loss of power from 2003 landrover freelander. Bought car 2 wks ago and no prob until about 60 miles of journey pulling 1460 kg caravan ( not huge by any means). Engine management light only comes on when pulling up steep gradients and goes off when at top of hill. Any help on this would be appreciated. Leepy Lee

... 2003 Land Rover Freelander

I just bought a 94 camero v 6 3.4 did tune up on it (spark plugs , wires,fuel filter ,oil,oil filter, cat.,flowmasters ,battery, egi or sumthing like that , Pcv valve, brakes , radiator cap , new python alarm,cleaned fuel injectors and fuel cap ive already done) my prob is when I hit gas peddle CHECK GAGES LIGHT comes on and blinks red only when accelerating though and once driving for 30 or so miles check engine light comes on . . Another PROBLEM . . car wont start quick enough for push but

Have you scanned the computer for codes. Might be a good start.Also if you have an extended crank I would be curious to see what fuel pressure is at and if it holds fuel pressure. One thing you can check is to see if the fuel pressure regulat ... 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

Diagostic I had a diagostic test and no codes, but my idle is very low 700s when it's just sitting in park and it is low in each gear. I took it in and the car place said it is an intermitten problem, but never really investigated. The car place where I bought the car said that it's a small engine and a very under powered car which COULD be the problem, and that you can only change the idle speed now days by computer and that is very pricy. Any suggestions? Anyone with the same probs? if so what

Take it and check in some small shops. It cost me $20 to get one. ... 2007 Dodge Ram Truck

2.7 Engine I bought my college daughter a 2004 Dodge 4 with the 2.7 engine. It now has 40,000 miles on it. I didn't really do the research on this engine before I bought it and now all I hear what a bad engine it is from car experts. I'm curious if there are any people who use this site that have put a least 100,000 miles on this engine without the sludge problem ruining the engine. Also, I'd like to know what maintenance schedule was used for those who got longevity with this engine. I currentl

Mine has 175,900+ miles on it with no engine problems thus far besides a very small oil leak around the valve cover - (tightening the valve cover bolts has stopped or significantly slowed the leak, so no gasket change made yet), and a water pump fail ... 2007 Dodge 4

Recently bought 2001 trooper 4wd at a used car lot car had servide engine light on engine ran with one cylinder missing mechanice removed coils and dried out water. Car then ran great & service engine light was reset engine code. We bought car and drove home, approx. 100 miles. Service engine light came on again. Car runs good with light on. Mechanie tested with scanner and said there was one horted plug due to wash in engine. What would be the proper testing and repair procedure and how

Best thing to do,is replace the spark plugs,and if needed,replace the spark plug boots,the codes will have to be cleared by a code reader,auto zone can read the codes,and clear them for you if you ask.If this is helpful,please let us know,thank you. ... 2001 Isuzu Trooper

Im driving a mitsubishi eterna v6 twin turbo. lately experience a prob wher my engine check light turn on after a constant drive on highway than the engine shutdown. im using GReddy e-manage as a piggy bag ecu for my car. everytime this prob occurs i dis connect the e-manage n connect it back the prob solved but than another continous drive it happens again. pls do advise wat to do. thanks

Get a proper diagnostics done as it seems like one of the engine sensors needs to be replaced. ... 1995 Mitsubishi Galant

Misfiring Cylinders I bought 2004 Isuzu Rodeo in 2008 December. Since then 3 cylinders on right side of the engine are dead but current get to injectors while the 3cylinderson left side of the engine fires perfectly. Also, I discovered that the heater in the manifold of same right line has been removed before I bought the car. What may likely be the cause of this problem (3 dead cylinders on the right side of the engine block) and what is the solution. The vehicle make horrible noise when the en

Spark plugs.... or coils!!!!!!!!!! ... 2004 Isuzu Rodeo

I just bought a 1999 merceds e320 i noticed it did not have a fuel cap . when i put gas and drove it for few miles the check engine light came on and the fuel light was flashing . I bought a fuel cap but the check engine light is still on . how do i make the check engine light go off? reset button or step?

Generally the light will quit in a weeks time\012if not take it in to have the codes cleared to get the light off ... 1999 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

I just bought a 2001 bmw 325ci the car had a rough idle when i drove it home and the check engine light came on. after about 10 min i took the car out the light went off i went to the gas station and filled it with premium and the car ran great. the next day i took the car out and drove around for awhile the check engine light came on again i drove it to where i bought from and a new light popped up it look like a car with 2 head lights i turned the car off and then the car wouldn't start acted

First check drive belt tesion, alternator output(at the battery) if ok:- Park car securely open all doors and bonnet boot etc leave for 24hrs so ecu's sleep. Without closing or opening any doors check with a volt meter across all fuses for a draw, dr ... 2001 BMW 325

Loud engine I just bought a 2007 Pt. The engine is very loud. Sounds like a plane, especially on start up. And its quite shaky. Someone told me the catalytic converter is quite loud for the first year, but a friend has the same car he just bought as well and his is not loud at all. He mentioned a possible motor mount issue. It has a rough idle as well.

You might have an exaust leak take it to a mufler shop for a visual inspection, you know i try to answer as closes as i can but without hearing the noise is kind a hard to know but acording to what i read it might be a leak on the mufler or exaust wi ... 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring Hatchback

Toyota corolla NZE engine - changed original singapore engine with Japanese one. Gear was not changing properly it was staying in first gear - was an intermittent prob., did a diagnostic, nothing really showed up, diag person advised me to change the speed sensors, didn't get back the prob for about 2 days. Then this morning,a P/S code shows up on the dashboard, the steering gets stiff, and I noticed that the radio also gets disconnected for the short moment. The p/s code does not stay for lo

... 2003 Toyota Corolla

Bought a 1997 mercury sable today, guy said it needed a starter, charged dead battery and replaced starter. It fired right up, was driving it home it died, oil light, battery light, and check engine light came on. Checked oil and it is full. So checked the battery it was sitting at 12.25 volts, so I went and bought a new battery, hooked it up and it started right up but oil light, check engine light and battery light came back on and before I could shut it off it died. Went out to Check battery

Try checking the altenator. If the starter and battery were gimpy, the altenator may have a blown regulator too!. It sounds like there is a short in the system causing this problem. Most likely the altenator or component in the charging loop. WF ... 1997 Mercury Sable

I recently bought a 2000 lexus rx 300> check engine light came on and i was locked out of overdrive< knock sensors and wiring harness with oxygen sensor replaced for !000. now check engine light was going on and off < now perminent on and locked out of overdrive again< i brought back to mechanic and he said cylinders 2, 4 , 6, were misfiring what could cause this to happen and what could be possible solutions i bought this vehical with 67k miles in less then 1 year iv spent approx

I had the same problem with my RX. Had both knock sensors replaced and the problem went away. Be sure to take it to a Tech that has a good scan tool so he can pull the codes and narrow down the problem, From what I understand a constant check engine ... 2000 Lexus RX 300

Hi. I have a 2005 VW Passat B5.5, 2.0 TDI DPF, 1968 cmc 100 kw, engine code BGW. I just bought the car, and i really need to know what engine oil to use. I bought 5 liters of Castrol EDGE 5w30 that meets 507.00 specifications, but i want to be definitely sure that this is the right oil. Thanks in advance.

The oil you got is fine,as the car uses more oil as it gets older the lower number should get higher (i.e. 5/30-10/40-20/50)that way you control the amount of oilburn.roughly a pint every 1000miles is about right. ... Volkswagen Passat

Just bought a used 2002 Honda Civic EX with 108k miles on it. It recently had its timing belt, water pump replaced. within a day of purchasing, could hear a whistling sound coming from the top of the engine when sitting in the drivers seat...sound coming in the top left section of engine. Took back to dealer from which I bought. They at first thought there was something up with the intake manifold then they said there was a vacuum leak...finally they said I needed to have the power steering

Hello mccc.A whistle noise will change pitch or disappear with the amount of vacuum in the intake manifold.At idle or deceleration vacuum is the highest as the throttle is closed. As soon as the throttle opens vacuum drops. The more ... Honda Civic

I own a 2005 JAG XJ8L which I bought having just one key. I bought a spare with fob have had it cut at a dealership and managed to program the remote to open the dors trunk etc but I am unable to get the key to start the engine. Is there a process I can do on this key to get the engine to turn over? Thanks DAve Power

The key has a transponder that communicates with the anti-theft system and when it receives and recognizes the correct signal u can then start the car, there is no at home programming procedure for the key ... Jaguar Xj Series

Hi!i got honda accord i-ctdi 56 reg.there is very loud whistling turbo noise when the engine is cold ,it gets bit quieter when engine warm up. i just bought this car and dont know whether this is normal or should i take it to the garage where i bought it from to them to have look at it?

"I have the same problem. Some people say hat the turbine is done. But the problem is that the turbine works normal, no excess smoking, no power loss. So that is why I went dipper into the problem. It turns out it could be the intake header gasket. ... Honda Accord

I just bought a 2001 Sebring Sedan with the 2.7 engine. I am a home mechanic- only worked on my own cars but have never worked on a 2.7. I bought it from a small towing company which had picked it up as a "donation vehicle" and sold it instead of scrapping it. Here's the little history I have of the car: They told me: They thought it had sat and not been driven for at least the previous six months. The engine was no good because it made a lot of clattering noise when it was started. They

Save yourself the trouble. replace the engine with a remanufactured engine, the engine has a timing chain, not belt. the water pump is inside the engine and driven by the chain. the water pump leaks coolant and wipes out the bearings, then the timing ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring
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