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My bmw 316ti compact keeps cutting out when slowing down towards a junction. The engine/revs shudder and the car locks up. It starts again straight away afterwards but what is causing it and how much will it cost to repair?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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My 2003 bmw 316ti se id doing exactly same as this but also a rough idle when started from cold. it cuts out at most junctions etc when putting on breaks and pushing in clutch, starts no problem. it drives beautifully when out of town etc no overheating etc. please help. i just had a mechanic on it for 5 hours with no solution.
\012there was a fault came up when plugged into diagnostics (MAF sensor) but checked maf sensor and it is a new one so erased fault code and hasnt came back so assuming this wasnt erased when new part put in.
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My bmw 316ti compact keeps cutting out when slowing down towards a junction. The engine/revs shudder and the car locks up. It starts again straight away afterwards but what is causing it and how much will it cost to repair?

My 2003 bmw 316ti se id doing exactly same as this but also a rough idle when started from cold. it cuts out at most junctions etc when putting on breaks and pushing in clutch, starts no problem. it drives beautifully when out of town etc no overheat ... Cars & Trucks

My 2001 sport dakota truck won't disengage when I try to turn the key to start it. Sometimes jingling it disengages the lock and it starts right away. Another way is rapping the back side of the tumblers(key) with a screw driver and that alows me to start it. Is the tumblers shot and do I need a new one and if so give me a ball park est. on how much it will cost.(in canada) Thanks

Call your local Dodge dealer and have them give you a price on a new ignition lock cylinder. These are very common on the dakotas and durangos. If you have a spare key you can also try using that to see if its just the key that is worn ou ... 2001 Dodge Dakota

Have a 2004 Ford F250 with 88000 miles. Recently it started blowing white smoke, went and had it repaired which had something to do with the head gasket. It costs over $5,000.00!! Had the truck back for about 3 weeks and was driving home and it just died! It will not start now. No lights came on and it didn't make any noises. Coolant and oil etc all good. Beside ourselves with what to do since it just costs so much to fix it. Repair guy still does not know what is wrong but said he took

First this truck has a TSB 8-11-3 that adresses the white smoke issue. It has several causes for why the head gasket could of went bad. A factory tech would of addressed all this and gave you an ... Ford F-250

Hi, my steering wheel on my 98 ford explorer, has buttons to the left and right of it, the plastic on the buttons such as cruise control and the others, have melted away. how much would it cost to have a mechanic repair it? how much maybe for a dad to rip it out a old car? or will ford repair it for free or a cost?

... 1998 Ford Explorer

Van won't start. Won't jump start. Battery is fully charged. I will give up because I can't take it any more. I'll let the van sit overnight then it will start and run like nothing was wrong. I don't know how to test a starter. I can't afford to waste any money exploring this and that until I find the problem and I don't have any idea how much the parts should cost or how long the job should take so I don't pay too much for the repairs.

Before you go too far clean the battery terminals and the grounds, make sure the connections at the starter are good, nest time it wont start chack for power at the starter wires, ... 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

2003 Honda odyssey exl power door problems. Driver door cable broken...how much should that cost to fix? Passenger sliding door works with remote or driver switch but the power lock does not unlock and switch on outside an inside wont activate power slide... How much should that cost I repair and could I just get a used part if easy to replace myself. Thanks for help

... Cars & Trucks

After I drive 5 or 6 miles, the transmission seems to lock in 3rd gear or overdrive and when I come to a stop it locks up. It starts okay but when I put it into gear to pull away it lurches and stalls like a car with a manual tranny that you try to start from stop in 3rd or 4th gear. Once it sits for about 20-30mins, it'll move with no problem. I seem to think that it might not be the miles driven as much as it is the heat generated. I have been driving the car all over all winter without incide

There is a square plug on the side of your tranny un plug it . torque converter lock up switch will fix it leave it unpluged ... 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

1998 ford escort timing belt 'slipped'. Making a rattling sound when started. Need to know if clearance engine, how much should repair cost,how much just parts. Thanks-will probably do repair myself if possible but will ask about that when/if I do it. Thanks- Ed

Hi, in uk timing belt replacement would cost between 80 and 120 pound to do it yourself would cost 20 pound for the new belt but as the belt has slipped this could mean the tensioner needs replacing or has come loose so this would need checking. ... Ford Escort

I have a ford focus c max diesel 2.0 tdci 04. Drivers door keeps flashing on dash when driving, also when locking car with remote, central locking locks and unlocks straight away. When it first started to happen if you played with the electic window switchs the dash display goes off and then you can lock the car with the remote, now it appears every 2/3 secs and beeps it's now driving me nuts can you help thanks mike fleet.

Is sounds like there are wires broken from the door controls to the inside of the car or the doorlock switch is faulty in the drivers door ... Ford Focus

Actually, I think it's a Volvo 840, 1988.....Sometimes (not always), I turn the key to start. The dashboard emergency light all come on. The motor doesn't catch and start....The second time I turn the key, the lights do not come on, and the car starts ok. This happens in hot or cold weather. What can be causing this? How much (estimate) should the repair cost?

Hi, check the charging system making sure all is working well and the battery will past the test. Replace and repair any questionable parts. Next try to wiggle the ignition key to see if that turns off the lights. Some ignition cylinders can show the ... Volvo 850

I can't start the engine , nothing happens when i turn the key , I can jump start it it starts straight away but as soon as i turn it off again even after a long drive its dead again. when i press the button to lock it its not beeping and flashing like it should be either. Can you advse please

If you can jump start it and it runs, the alternator is probably fine, sounds like you need a new battery. ... 1999 BMW 328 Series

How much does it costs to replace or repair a fan system in my van? My van gets cold when I am driving but the moment I am stopped at a light or in traffic the temperature gauge starts going up closer to the red line to heat and then the cold a/c turns into a sauna. As soon as I start driving again then the temperature gauge goes back to normal and then the a/c gets cold again.

Befor you replace the fan you need to check the thurmastat. Turn on heater and see if cools down the motor. Could also be your heater core going out. this supplys the water through your system to cool. as well as heat. good luck If you do have t ... 2006 Ford Freestar

I have a '97 chevy blazer and it has been starting and driving just fine until today when I went to start it it would do nothing I mean like it is not getting any type of power what so ever the power locks won't work or the starter won't even click. Help what could it be? I don't have a lot of money so I hope it doesn't cost to much to fix it.

Could be that the battery drained.. Maybe something left on 'ie - interior light or something.\015\012\015\012Try putting a battery charger on the batt.\015\012\015\012If you dont know someone with a chargere & have to buy ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

Front right differential seal is leaking. Is it much to repair? Is it something that I could do myself with limited mechanical ability? Approx. how much should it cost at Ford to do. Is there an additive I can add to the oil to stop it? Started about 1 mo ago when I changed the oil to synthetic.

You mean the axle seal is leaking if it is not the one that is for the driveshaft. If you have limited mechanical ability I would recommend that you take it to a shop to have it repaired. There are special tools that are used to drive the seal back i ... 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

The alternator belt on my 97 Mazda protege LX has squealed for a while but the battery and everything was always fine. I just tried to start it after the car sat for 2 months and it runs for a while but the battery light is now on if you start putting on headlights and stuff everything gets dimmer so i shut the car off. I was wondering- does this sound like it could be the alternator belt and if so, how much does it cost to repair it on average?

Is the alternator belt still squealing? if so, tighten it. The light should go off unless your alternator is dead. ... Mazda Protege

About 2 weeks ago the recirculation light and the AC light on the control panel flash for about 15 seconds when I start the car. Today the blower for the AC started cutting out intermittently. Today the blower would only come on when I press the breaks. What wrong and about how much will it cost to repair? Thanks

Hello Annissia. This could be a simple repair which would just involve replacing the AC relay under the dash or it could be more involved if it involves an electrical fault in the pump or blower or.....etc.\015\012\015\012If you have a r ... 2000 Volvo S70

Knocking and clanking under hood of 2002 Ford Escape. Oil light has been flickering for some time now but it has oil in it. On my way to work it started making a horrible noice about 1/2 mile before I could park it at work. Have not driven it and just wondering if it is worth repairing. Many people are telling me it's the oil pump but what if it is too damaged to repair it? How much it cost to have an oil pump installed?

Could be the oil pump but it could be the crank bearings are so worn that you have no oil resistance causing intermittent low oil pressure. The pan on the bottom of the engine needs to be removed to access the oil pump and that could be a ... Hyundai Motor 2002 Elantra

I just purchased a 1998 Audi and I was told that it had electrical problems and that a fire had started in the trunk, but that everything else was fine, but I just noticed that the fire started in the gear shift and traveled to the back. Can this be repaired and if yes around how much will it cost me? Or is this car trash now?

Nothing wrong with your car get it back to were you bought it from get the mechanics down if you got insurance on it the insurance should cover the cost if not i would say around 800 pound ... 1998 Audi A4

It takes 2 or 3 tries for the car to start; there's a strong gas smell and there's a drip coming from under the car on the left back passenger side. I think it may be a hole in the fuel line or a faulty fuel pressure regulator. How much does it cost to fix each thing? It's a 2004 Chevy Impala. It only has 62,000 miles on it. I'm bringing it to the dealership today to have them look at it, but want to know what I'm looking at for cost of repair so I can find out if they're trying to screw with me

There's a rubber hose like a radiator hose from the gas tank to where you fill your tank (the fill pipe) and a clamp on each end. Sometimes they do loosen up from vibration and bouncing up and down on bumpy roads. ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

Central locking only opens the drivers door but locks all doors what do i need to repair this problem and how much will it cost thanks john


62 Olds F-85, 215 Cubic Inch, Aluminum V-8, 4 bbl carb, automatic. Too much oil pressure on initial start up, blows "O" ring on filter. Maybe pumping lifters too high & looses compression on start. Runs great when running then oil pressure drops to 40 psi. I am running lightest bypass spring, have polished bypass piston and bore. Have champered piston on bypass. Would like to repair this because a new unit cost $600. Thanks Bob

Hi, Sorry to hear you're having a problem. First off I would suspect the filter itself. Check to be 100^ sure this is the right one for the aluminum blocked auto you have. Double check too. These older engines are not known for great oil pressu ... Oldsmobile Cutlass

Help! Ty for the very informative answer. So r u saying the repair will cost 1000's? I am a single Mum and I dont have that kind of money. I'm afraid to go to a Ford dealer cuz they always overprice everything. Is this a part I can buy at an auto parts store? Btw, my power mirrors, wipers, and power locks all work. Thanks so much 4 ur help.

I am really sorry, I am not trying to scare you, the dealer is not over priced, they have to train techs and keep 100's of thousand's of dollars worth of special tools and test equip on hand to fix problems like yours, the m ... 1998 Ford Windstar

Engine coolant light came on, so when I added some it ran straight out the bottom. I did get the car home without it overheating. Did I add too much? Could there be a loose hose. Don't have a lot of money for a costly repair right now. Thanks for any ideas or response!

You have to look and see where it is coming out to locate the leak when you find the leak then you will now how much it will cost.\015\012\015\012but car up on stands get some carboard to lay on fill the coolant system with water and get ... 2003 Jaguar S-Type

Driver side door won't unlock with the key, but will unlock if i use the autmatic lock button on the passenger side. The passenger door will open with the key. How much will that cost to repair?

This means your door lock cylinder needs to be replaced. It is a 1 hour job and the cylinder costs around $180. Thanks ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Update on Chime for no reason. For first time in months after I got suggestions I opened the door and for about 6 seconds ( very noticeable by now)there was silence ! then the chime started. So using fingers only ( no key) I moved the key (?)in column thing and the chime stopped! So no matter what the repair would have cost it is now too much and a mute point. Thanks to all for suggestions tho, so here is simple solution to a vexing problem.

So your issue has exsisted all along in the switch. Not very difficult to change, but you would probably not want to do it without re-keying. Glad is is figured out! Continued Good Luck! ... 1995 Buick LeSabre
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