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1999 volvo S-80. Message center says brake failure stop a.s.a.p. All gauges stop working, car wont run then

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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1999 volvo S-80. Message center says brake failure stop a.s.a.p. All gauges stop working, car wont run then

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Gauges stop working, car keeps running fine. Air conditioner stops working, engine keeps running. To fix both problems I stop the car, turn the key off, restart. Everything works fine. I have to do this every time I start the car. Suspect computer. Where is computer, how many computers, best way to remove and replace computer..

... 1995 Dodge Intrepid

The ECL and check engine light come on everytime the car starts. that is if it starts. In the heat or just randomly the car wont start. it will crank but wont start.the only time the car does start is when the ECL and check engine lights come on. this usually happens during the day. also, at night the computer keeps the right headlight from working and the brights from working. when i flick the brights on the lights go out. This problem even messes up the LCD screen in the center of gauge cluste

WHAT YEAR AND TYPE? ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

1997 Camry, gauges and power windows stopped working, but now tail light works. Car runs. Could it be a fuse? Mechanics worked on fuses yesterday to try and get a/c working, but when a/c would come on

... 1997 Toyota Camry

Everything works fine on my vehicle EXCEPT today the panel lights & gauges don't work (turn signals, hazard blinker, oil gauge, rpm gauge, speedometer, drive shift gear lights). Headlights, clock display, radio, CD/Cassette, A/C & all else are fine. Car runs fine. It's just the panel lights & gauges on panel stopped working suddenly & won't come back on. HELP!

Check the fuse for those items that don't work. ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 94 audi 80 and the rpm gauge just stopped working and the check engine light came on. The car runs fine no issues, oul levels are fine but just the rpm gauge suddenly stopped working

Not sure what is causing it, but it sounds like you're running on 3 cyllinders. Check plugs, wires, timing . timing belt may have jumped, bad injector, low fuel pressure. ... Cars & Trucks

1998 Sebring conv 6 cyl has power problem. Starter was diagnosed at napa as fine. 3 of four gages stop working (gas gage working). Compressor on air conditioner stops coming on with all fans running. Problem started as intermitent, now is running this way. About a week ago car would not start though battery tests fine. Fuses that control ignition start and possibly the other gauges and compressor? blow. Help.

Sound like some wires are damaged either under the dash. I would trace your ignition wires and see if you find any wires rubbing against a corner...steering...tilt.. behind an upgraded stereo (you get the idea)They could also be pinched behind ... 1998 Chrysler Sebring

I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix and the temperature gauge just stopped working. The car seems to run fine and the gauge moves at start-up like the others but the needle is always pegged to the low end. Also the electric fan comes on right at startup and stays on the entire time the car is running.

You may have a relay, and thermostat and or computer issue. You need to get it diagnosed properly. Also make sure the wire did not fall of the Temp sensor. ... Pontiac Grand Prix

My 1989 Volvo 740 was running fine, but the gas gauge stopped working. After having the gas gauge fixed, the car will run rough and stall after I go about 40 miles (about 3 gallons). If I top off the tank, it runs fine again until I use up another 3 gallons and then the problem recurs. The gas gauge also drops quickly to below half full even though there is still over 3/4 of a tank left.

U have a gas guage sending unit problem and a possiable problem with the fuel pump due to the repair, most likely the tank was removed and the gas guage sender replaced, they did somnething wrong, bent the float arm or got the pump in wrong, but some ... 1989 Volvo 740

Car was running just fine but has an oil leak. I put oil in about 3 days ago, I stopped at stop sign and car just died. All lights working it wont turn over its just dead.

Its probably the solenoid on the starter there is a little wire on it that sends fire from the switch it could of come off or the solenoid is bad ... 1999 Honda Civic

I bought a 1996 jetta 2.0 GLS from a guy at work. None of the gauges work, the right window wont go down and the radio keeps going off and on. I Recently changed the oil, spark plugs, & Spark plug wires (which were electric taped together). So was driving after we replaced everything and now my car will only run for like 10-15 miles then the oil light comes on and the car shuts down. Then after it seems to "cool" off it will start again. Then the same thing. all the lights and stuff work it tr

Hi! One thing can caused this issues. The PCM (powertrain control module) is faulty and needs replacement. The PCM has connectivity on all electrical current that runs inside the car including, engine, transmission, accessories, etc. The PCM is like ... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

Speedometer, gas gauge and instrument lights stopped working but radio and tach work fine. defroster fan runs on high and can not be turned off because no buttons on the dash work. car runs fine.

First use a test light and check all fuses. Then check and make sure brightness control is up all the way for the dash lights. If everything there is fine check under the dash for all ground connections and make sure they are clean and tight. If all ... 1992 Cadillac DeVille

Main headlights wont work but bright headlights do I have a 2006 Gand Prix and at times my day time running lights and my dim headlights go out or will not come on. I have replaced the Multi-Function Switch but it did not solve the problem. I have asked several Machanics and they all point to the Ignition Switch. There is not pattern as to when the headlights wont work other than it is after I have made several stops or just went a short distance (short time between whe I start my car). Any sug

These switches operate on copper slide and most times these slides get corroded with a green substance that a simple sand paper job will take care of however there are a lot of part so have a mechanic do it ... 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix

Runs fine for awhile than door lock stop working seat wont move and car dies wont start back up ? than it will start back up in about 20 min might run for a while might not. changed fuel pump and that didnt help.

Look under the carpet on drivers and passenger sides for the ground blocks.turn edge of carpet next to door over close to front and there is a metal plate with a bunch og ground wires that need to be cleaned for a good connection. ... 1994 Oldsmobile 88

2001 chevy malibu temp gauge stopped working.. car didn't run hot but coolant was also empty. But saw a signs of a leak. Replaced coolant and after 20 mins.. gauge worked again.. not sure if it was a sensor or thermostat. Maybe neither..

With no Hot Coolant going past the Sensor, you get a false reading.Low coolant is why the sensor wasnot telling you the engine was running hot. ... Cars & Trucks

93 regal grand sport stall and looses overdrive and 1st gear as well as the speedo stops working sometimes will run like that others wont crank for a while then others it spits and sputters and runs like a top with all gears and speedo working i thought sycronizer in ****** at first but it will do this in park without ever putting the car in gear

... 1993 Buick Regal

Friday while driving the dashboard gauges stopped working except the speedometer and RPMs. No air, no power locks or truck release. Also all the indicator lights you see when the key is on the on position stay on. Im in vegas. Sunday at start up they came back on, that night back off. Then son in law tried to fix and now anti-theft(which stopped working with dash instrument issues) is on and car won't run. It starts then cuts off like its not getting gas. In addition the radio hs the letters "LO

... 2004 Chevrolet Malibu

Security malfunction none of the gauges on dash work and the security light is on,battery light,and service engine soon,car runs but doors wont lock or trunk open,or lights wont go out after i shut car off,how do u reset factory security,i have tried unhooking battery,and reseting codes with my code reader,but when i hook it up it says it cant link up.also when i lock doors they just unlock their selves. this just happened while my wife was driving down the road,she drove it the rest of the way

A failing VATS module should only cause the car not to start. It shouldn't cause the doors to unlock and the radio not to work as well as the OBD2 port. The VATS also has nothing to do with your dash gauges so that can't be the only problem, if the ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

The engine temperature gauge suddenly stopped working on my 2006 S60. I assume it is the sensor as the car is running fine, the heater and engine cooling fan are working properly. I haven't been able to find a Haynes manual for the car so I'm not sure where the sensor is located.

I'm afraid that my online resource doesn't have data on this vehicle. Which means that the best source of information will be a Repair Manual from the manufacturer, or a Haynes or Chilton manual if available.\015\012\015\012One can try to ... 2006 Volvo S60

My 2003 Mazda 6s 3.0 v6 is running very badly and then shuts off. it starts up and seems to run OK after about 1 minute it starts idling very weird it raises way up then comes down and keeps doing it, while doing that i try to push down the accelerator to make it stop but the accelerator doesn't react at all it wont even rev the car up its like its not even hooked up, but for the first minute of starting the car it does work.. if anyone could have any clue as to were to start to fix this i would


Starts and runs fine but after 15-20 miles if you let off the gas the RPM gauge spikes and the engine cuts off. I have replaced the Idle Control Valve, EGR, Fuel Pump Relay and Fuel Pump, Water Pump, Torque Converters. Also after the engine cuts it wont restart for 15-20 min at least. Not overheating at all on heat gauge either. Another problem is the brake lights stopped working. I replaced the bulbs, fuse, and brake light switch. Still they wont come on. The operating lights and blinkers still

Have you performed a voltage test on ther TPS? If so, what was the results? Was there any dead spots? ... 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

The car starts and runs fine but if you run it with the a/c on ,then when you stop the car it dies and wont start back for several minutes.the temp gauge is a little higher than normal but dont show over heating.

Sorry never heard of this fault before ,really need the offending vehicle in front of me to try to sort it out .a rough guess is something electrical overheating but it could be the A/C is overcharged with gas and this is holding it back .does it sta ... 1998 Plymouth Breeze

When ignition turned to on a loud clicking coming from dash for about 30 seconds then stops all gauges working battery was just replaced then this started everything working fine before battery was replaced.it does not matter if car is running or just in start the noise lasts 30-40 seconds then stops .if you turn off then start again it starts all over agail

Sounds like a temp door actuator. Does the heater controls move to all positions and change from hot to cold. ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Car wont start. all the lights dont work. prior to car not starting started just fine but while car was running fully warmed up i would turn on the lights with the radio and heater off and all the gauges would drop and the car would almost kill. car would not start even with a jump

I would have the alternator checked. Sounds as if you are draining your battery completely down and the alternator is not keeping up. ... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

I just replaced the ECU on my Catera 1998. Everything worked fine untel after a few miles the Check engine, TC, and ABS lights came on. The speedometer stopped working. The Tachometer and other gauges are working fine. The car runs fine. What is going on?

I would try to get a replacement ECU since the speedometer is controlled by it.Partial functionality of the ECU should be sited as the reason for the exchange.Also, did you change the EPROM over to the new one?Are there ... Cadillac Catera
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