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I have toyota sienna ce 2004 my tire size is 215/65r16. can i put the tire size 235/65r16

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Can I put 215/75/15 size tires on my toyota sienna van? This would be winter tires. Original tire size is 215/65/16.

... 2006 Toyota Sienna

I have toyota sienna ce 2004 my tire size is 215/65r16. can i put the tire size 235/65r16

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The size of tire can i put the tire 235/65r16 to my toyota sienna is 215/65r16

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Can i put 225 65 16 tire size on 2006 sienna - 2006 Toyota Sienna

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Original tire size is 215/65r16 can i replace this with a tire size of 235/65r16, this is for toyota sienna sienna ce 2004

You can do this but i do not recommend it because the tire diameter is much bigger, this throws off the speedo reading and affects the transmission operation. Contact the Tirerack.com and see what tire sizes you can use that might be bigger (wider tr ... 2006 Toyota Sienna

Original tire size is 215/65R16 can I replace this with a tire size of 225/65R16 ? This is for a 2006 Toyota Sienna.

Yes. The van will sit a little higher and you will pick up 2 or 3 mph. There is a slight chance that the tires will rub when you cut the wheel sharply. That's about it. Hope this helps. ... 2006 Toyota Sienna

Carlos Blanco I live in Costa Rica and I brought a toyota sienna 2000 from the USA the mecanic put new brakes in the back, but the driver side tire is braking less compared to the other side. Here in Costa Rica aren't many cars of that type and he doesn't now what to do. The car is faling the motor vehicles test

Please accept our apologies for an inappropriate response such as that which has been posted by adhamsaid88 here. This is not the way FixYa experts conduct business ... 2000 Toyota Sienna

What is the biggest tire size can i put on my toyota corolla 2006 model

... Toyota Corolla

My 2004 Toyota Sienna has a rumbling, almost like something is loose, sound coming from the front left as I go over uneven road, it's almost constant now. I've had new tires put on, wheel alignment completed, new break pads, and a technician look at the struts. They said the struts look OK for now and the front end is "solid." They couldn't pin point the problem sound, but think it might be the strut mounts. Does this sound like a strut mount problem or could it be something worse like in the CV

I vote for the brake pads. Does the rattle stop if you slightly apply the brake. If the caliper releases enough the pad can rattle. ... 2004 Toyota Sienna

I have a 2005 toyota avalon. the csv light came on along with the check engine light. we recently put new tires on (recommended size) less than 100 miles ago. any ideas on what could set off these alarms

I just had the same problem with my 2001 avalon. AutoZone told me it was code Po171 and the car was running lean. You don't have to take it to the shop right away but don't wait too long. Took it and the mechanic had to clear out the mass air flow ... 2005 Toyota Avalon

I have a 1998 Plymouth Voyager and I need to put on studded tires. It currently has tires with this number: P215/65R15. What size of sudded tire should I put on? Is there a range available or only one size? Kathy

If i were you i would put the same size studded tire on it as you have on it now.. if you change the tire size it will throw your speed ometer off.. they make them in most every size for all vehicles... i would definately stick with the P215/65R15s. ... 1999 Plymouth Voyager

2001 sebring, i hate the fact that it has the low profile tires on it,i know most people probably like it but i live in the midwest and in the winter i might as well be on skis. i need to know can i put regular rims on it so i can put all terrain tires on it like a normal car and not have to park it every time it snows? if so , what size rims , and what size tires so im not interfering with the wheel wells or affecting my steering radius?

I do not know what size the stock wheels are, but i can give you the ratio to maintain in increasing or decreasing rim size. If you intend on keeping the width the same (the first number), then for every inch you decrease on your wheel size, add 5 to ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

I am trying to find what tires will fit on my Chevrolet Cavalier, 1996, Coupe Base. My Girlfriend's dad is going to put new tires on her car, and her tires are in better shape in mine, and was trying to see if he would put the tires onto mine. The only issue is the tire size is slightly bigger... I figured in a calculator its about .8" radius bigger than what i have on the car now. The tires i have on now are 205-60-15, where as her tires are 205-70-15. I want to make sure these will work on my

The difference between 205-60-15 and 205-70-15 tires is that the sidewall is a little thicker on the 205-70-15's, in which makes what msapp12 said accurate. For your car you can fit 195-65-15, 205-60-15, and 215-60-15 tires. Stock tire size for that ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

Found out that the 'stamped' rims on my 88 camaro indicated 'front' and 'rear' and that should not be rotated. My question is, if the rear tires should be wider, what am I compromising with tires that are the same all around? what do I gain with the proper tire size? the car sits low with the tires that are on there now when I bought the car. I would like for it to be just a bit higher, but just dont want to put on the wrong tire size. Any suggestions?

Wrong size tire could create brake probs and speed issues. ... 1988 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a Hyundai, Genesis, 2010 coupe, 4 cyl. I have been having problems to establish what type and size of winter tire I should put on this vehicle for best performance both in snow and ice. I have called all the local dealerships and get different stories from all of them. Some tell me to go with a 225/45/R18 front and 245/45R18 rear and others say to go with a 225/50/R17 front and 225/55/R17 for rear. I am ready to order winter tires and don't know what size to go with. Also, the tire

The standard wheel and tire specs of 2010 genesis are as follows.\012\012\012\012Front Tire Size\012 P225/55VR17.0\012\012\012Rear Tire Siz ... Hyundai Genesis Coupe

The dealer put on these extra wide tires and rims and didnt change the studs to acommidate the extra wide rims and tires the threads of the studs do not come thru the nuts at all.is this unsafe?the mitsubsh owners manual recommend tire size for this vehis not the size they installed on that veh,I'm asking do u think this is safe and do u think this could cause problems? joe

Yes it is very unsafe. Now they may tell you that thet may have special lug nuts so it shouldnt be a problem...Just to sell you a product. Now about the tire it can go bigger than normal, but the offset of the rim has to be right as well. An from wha ... 2006 Mitsubishi Galant

My 2006 hyundai sonata airbag light started to blink off and on for a day or two and now its on and wont shut off. I dont understand what could be wrong. I recently got new tires on the front of my car and i didnt realize that the guy put the wrong sizes on, the size was supposed to be 215/60/16 and they put 215/65/16 on so i went to have new back ones put on that match and now the light wont turn off...would that make a diff?

... 2006 Hyundai Sonata

I had a flat tire and someone put the wrong size tire on my car which caused the srews for the lug nuts to break off now i cant put my tire on is the car a total now

No...absolutely not. However....it is more likely that the lugs were not tightened in the first place that caused the lugs to break. Wrong size tire will not do that. Furthermore...its a pretty simple fix. Jack up the wheel....pull off the calipe ... Ford Explorer

Can't get my flat tire off the front driver side to put on a spare . I take off the regular size lug nuts but I think there's a bigger looking bolt in the middle still holding the tire on but it isn't the same size as the lug nuts so my tire iron won't take it off if it even needs to

There should be a special little tool that goes over that nut to allow the wrench to fit. Look for it in the trunk or glove box. ... 1991 Chevrolet Corsica

I have 235/60/16 tires on my Freestar. My question here is, can I put a smaller sized tire on this 16inch rim? If so, what size tire can I use? I am looking to save money. Thank you.

My 2004 ford freestar came with 215/60/16 tires, no issues. The factory specified tire is 225 ... 2004 Ford Freestar

Tire size Can I put 195 60/15 size tires on my chevy cavalier?  It came with 195 70/14's on it.

From a legal stanpoint? Do you have inspections that require stock equipment? Might want to be careful there.--other than that from a mechanical standpoint the outside diameter of the tire needs to be real close and honestly it sure sounds like youd ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

Hey, I've got 215/55/16R tire size on my Jaguar now. I'm wondering if I can put 17 inches tires on the same rims and if I can what size are they? Thanks a lot!

Need 17 inch rims ... 2003 Jaguar S-Type

Want to put winter tires size 225/70/16 on vehicle and wish to purchase winter wheels as well. How do I get the right size wheel to fit tire?

I have been a mechanic for years and have never really understood why people want to do this. You have a frontwheel drive car. Just get a all weather tire, which you probaly already have and drive with caution in the snow. ... 2005 Honda Odyssey

I have a 2000 chevrolet silverado with a 5.3 What size tire can i put on a 15x10 rim without rubbing my fenders. I like a wide tire look but dont have the money to put a lift on my truck. The truck is at stock high. Would really appreciate an answer that wont hurt the truck. Thanks

The stock size rim is a 16" just as info.. Try a 265/70/15. It will give the width and the heigth that is taken away by the one inch missing on the rims. ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

My pontiac came with size 15 tires and i was wondering if i could put size 16 tires on my car?

Yes, just make sure you purchase a set of tires that keep the total diameter of the wheel/tire as close as possible to the OEM size. Otherwise your speedometer/odometer will be off, and you will adversely effect handling and fuel mileage. ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE
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