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Can i dissconect the ima battery and still get good engine performance on 20002 honda civc hyb

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Can i dissconect the ima battery and still get good engine performance on 20002 honda civc hyb

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Have a 2002 Honda Civic Hybrid with 192,000 miles. Only issue I have had to this point is the catalytic converter has ben replaced 3 times, all under warranty. My check engine & IMA lights popped on last week. Took it to the dealer and they said the battery died and it was $2600 repair. I was concerned because the performance of the vehicle remained great--maintained the same mileage, the gauges reflected the battery gaining and losing charge and the engine receiving assist and charging the b

What type of Honda Civic do you have? There is a difference between the LX and EX civic exhaust systems. And your vehicle will not pass inspection with your check engine light on. ... 2002 Honda Civic

I have a 1999 Honda Civic EX that will only crank over very slowly. What is the normal cranking RPMs for a D16Y8 engine. I have a new EverStart Battery. I took the plugs out, checked all of the grounds, disconnected the distributor, the alternator and by passed the ignition switch and it still cranks over slow. I did a battery amp draw while cranking, the battery amperage never dropped below 10.4 amps while cranking. I had the starter tested and it is supposed to be good. The engine turns over e

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I am having HONDA civic EG 8 manual transmission Carburetor 1992 manufacture with D15B engine. I did an engine tune up by the Honda agent recently and since then it starts giving me an intermittent trouble mostly when the engine is heated up after certain mileage. details of the problem is as follows(When this problem is not happening car's performances are superb with very good emission levels and puling power and fuel economy) After a smooth run abruptly the car knocks (as when a fuel system

... 2003 Honda Civic

Hello, just got a tune up, on my 2006 honda civic hybrid. for the past 3 months my ima light and engine light went on and off . gas station medicanic told me needed new car battery. got one, light went off, 3 days later my ima and check engine light went back on. What should i do. The car runs great now. have 116,ooo miles on the car now.

... 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid

My Honda passport will not start. Its not the battery because the lights are on in the dash and battery is good i do hear a clicking below but not starter fusses are good however is there a fuse in the engine compartment. 1994

The clicking sound indicates that the battery is too low to start the vehicle. Accessories such as dash lights draw very little current, so they will work even when the battery is nearly depleted. Try removing the battery cables (negative first) an ... 1994 Honda Passport

2006 honda civic ex gauge cluster has tachometer out, check engine light on, abs light on, brake light on, speedometer reads 0, transmission shift positions light blinking on/off. If I stop the car and turn it off , then restart everything is ok for a couple of miles then it starts doing this thing all over again. Before this happened battery went dead do to me leaving the trunk light on all night. I hooked up my battery charger and charged the battery all day.

... Honda Civic

Car made a ticking noise every once in a while, the engine has 120xxx miles on it runs really good but would make this noise every so often. went to start it one day and it wouldnt start. tried to jump the car and the battery wouldnt take a charge for a long time. when the battery finally did take a charge it made an aweful noise when i tried to start car. was wondering if it is the timing chain and if so do i need to repair heads because i have heard there is 0 tolerance on the heads and they m

The probable clicking may be a failed starter, remove and inspect, or have tested at pepboys,autozone or similar store. There is and inspection hole in the top of the engine in the front timing belt cover, verify that it is not broken, most times w ... 2000 Chrysler Concorde

My 2003 jeep liberty will stall then shut off the engine and the RPM's jumped from 0-7 after the engine shuts off. The battery light comes on and off so does the oil light I changed the oil because it was two quarts low. It ran good after I changed it until the next day. I assume that a sencer went out any ideas.

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Good-day! I have a 1991 honda civic. My wife unpluged the block heater for the night, so, it didn't start in the morning. I repluged it in, took out the battery for the the next night to warm it up, put it back in the next day and it still won't start. The battery seems to be working fine since the lights inside the car work. It seems like the engine is turning but it is not firing up. I was wondering what the problem might be? Thank-you very much and I look forward to your reply!

#1 lights inside car mean squat they are very low draw how about radio heater headlights...and trying your ignition...I suggest you clean your battery teminal after fully charging your battery and make sure the terminals are nice and tight and then t ... 1991 Honda Civic

I have a 2002 Honda Civic LX. My car is overheating. The radiator looks in great condition, the fans do turn on when connected directly to the battery. The engine coolant temperature sensor, and the sensor where the thermostat is housed has been changed. The thermostat has also been replaced the hoses are good. The radiator fan relay fuse has been changed. The radiator cap is good too. However, I am missing the water reservoir cap. Can the missing reservoir cap cause my car to overheat? Can anyo

Change your thermostat switch, and have your Cylinder Head Gasket Replaced, also check for your water jacket located near your distributor... it might need to be replaced too.. ... 1998 Honda Civic

Wont start Honda rv generator model EV4010 won't start, engine turns over but won't catch and start. it has sat for 2 years, I put a new battery, fuel filter, spark plugs, changed oil and filter and it still won't start. I also checked the basic fuses on the panel and they are all good. its almost like the fuel isn't getting to the engine but I am not sure how to check for that.

If it sat for two years, you probably have varnish and gum buildup in the carb. You'll need to take the bowl off the carb and clean it with carb cleaner. You'll also need to spray the cleaner around the linkages and the jets inside. Be very careful t ... Honda Ev Plus

My 91 honda accord is tempermental with starting. sometimes i put the key in the ignition and turn and nothing happens, not even a click. and sometimes i turn and the dash lights up. an engine fan has been coming on even when i haven't driven it and runs for hours. and sometimes it only runs for a few minutes. i have had two battery tests done. one says that it is low and bad at a 5.75 reading. one said it was good at a 12 reading. the alternator is good said both. the a/c worked when i boug

... 1991 Honda Accord

1999 honda passport (isuzu rodeo), problem: All lights (dash,dome,headlights,....) pulsate dim bright, dim bright. Had altanator checked was ok. removed battery terminals while running and didnot die. Battery good terminals very clean and tight. rev engine above 1kRPM remains bright. Has been doing this for months, now lately the power door locks quit working, when button is pressed for door locks can hear relay in the door lock button assembly click but the cylinoids in the doors dont engage, a

I have the same car and the same problems. I think it may be a ground issue. Once the weather is a bit warmer, I will be checking the different connections. Does anyone else have any ideas. ... 1999 Isuzu Rodeo

1991 honda civic random wont start, on the random times it wont start the yellow service engin light will come on. battery is good and the engin turns over just wont start.

I have the same problem, It seem to be a relay that doesn't engage making a clicking sound under the fuse panel near the steering wheel happens most of the time when it is hot. playing with the ignition key a few time do the trick for me. wish I had ... 1991 Honda Civic

Engine overheated,since then, sometimes starter wont work, no click or anything. starter tested good, replaced anyway. worked for 1 day. replaced cable from battery to starter. worked for 20 minutes. when driving down road, noticed gear shift indicator wasnt lite, also check engine light on,no more cruise control,and engine started running rough. got back home,again no starter,not even a click. battery connections are good, good battery and no burnt fused. whats wrong?

Check the electrical ignition switch located on the transmission. You may have a loose connection or a bad ground in one of the wires. It is a short and most likely a bad ground ... 1996 GMC Sierra

My 1997 Honda accord will not start. It has a brand new battery, alternator is good. My speedometer went from 35 to 100 then to 0. Stopped at auto parts store now car won't start and I can not get power window or power sunroof closed. My headlights work, wipers work, blower works on air conditioning.

By pass the starter motor see the diagrams attached. God bless you ... Cars & Trucks

My 91 honda accord is tempermental with starting. sometimes i put the key in the ignition and turn and nothing happens, not even a click. and sometimes i turn and the dash lights up. and some of the time, i can start it right up. an engine fan has been coming on even when i haven't driven it and runs for hours. and sometimes it only runs for a few minutes. i have had two battery tests done. one says that it is low and bad at a 5.75 reading. one said it was good at a 12 reading. the alternato

Sounds like possibly a shorted or sulfated battery to me. I would replace it, especially if it is four years old or mor. Also check all of your battery connections and cables to verify that they are clean and tight (BOTH ends of the cables). ... 1991 Honda Accord

Honda CRX 1500 1990 automatic Have Been Having to jump car to start every other day.. 01/05/2011 Had Alternator and Battery Checked = all good The car stoped running on the free way at 60 miles per hour flicker of lights Very Slight Sputter no power to the Engine. rolled to the side of road tried to start motor no crank at all..

Loose wire or corroded connection at the starter or alternator, if not that it cab be ignition switch too ... 1990 Honda CRX

1995 Honda Accord. Engine will not turn over, replaced ignition switch and still does not turn over. All lights are working, battery is charged with good connections. Any ideas?

... 1995 Honda Accord

1997 HOnda CRV - 148,000 mi. when excelerating from 40 -7- mph, a loud "thump, thump, thumping" begins. When foot is taken off gas the noise stops. The car does not shake. Local mechanic did not know what was wrong (although he verified that something indeed WAS wrong). Axcels, wheels & engine mount were checked and looked good. Noise appears louder when going up a hill or incline and is not constant while driving 0-35 miles distances.

... 1997 Honda CR-V

My 97 Honda Civic runs good and up until now, no problems, but when I turn on the key to start it, nothing happens. Have new battery, fully charged, lights on dash do not go off when I turn key to start. It is a 5 speed, so I have clutch down when starting. Is there a fuse or something that may have blown? Was running great when I last drove it, always started right away, until now (there is nothing as far as engine turning over).

Bypass the clutch switch. If the car starts then replace the switch.If this will not work, then you need to troubleshoot the starter, from the fuse up to solenoid. Might be anything from a bad fuse, bad relay, bad solenoid, corroded starter cop ... 1997 Honda Civic

I'm a novive when it comes to cars. I'm trying to start a 1991 Honda Civic sedan. Battery charge is good (I'm told) but when I turn the ignition key all I'm getting is a "click", no engine turnover. Any thoughts?

Nippon denso starter motors have a fault with the soleniod contacts if you can get a supplythey dont cost a lot (if you are in the uk we may be able to post you a set) ... Honda Civic

1999 Mazda Millennia S - My keyless remote stopped working, I went to autozone to change the battery, but they told the battery is good and the keyless remote is working good as well. I used the manual key to open the door and used the key to start the engine... but I am not able to start the engine. Even the dashboard lights are not turning on... nothing is turning on... Is it a battery problem or some kinda ignition lock out (security lock) issue?

If the dash lights are not turning on, then it's probably a bad battery or battery connection. Also check the fuses.\015\012 Hope this helps :) ... 1999 Mazda Millenia

I started my GS and let the engine warm up for a few minutes. As it was idling the engine quit running. I tried to restart it but the battery was dead. Since the battery was 5 years old I replaced it with a new battery. I checked the voltage of the battery and it was slightly above 13 volts. I started the engine and checked the voltage at high idle and it was down to 12.20 volts. I checked the alt. belt and it was in good shape and the tension was correct. I then removed the alt. and inspected t

Did you check if alt was putting out power? might be voltage regulator ... Cars & Trucks
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