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How to replace a2004 rx8 rear o2 sensor

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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How to replace a2004 rx8 rear o2 sensor

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I recently replace all four O2 sensors after receiving "P0154" OBD codes. The vehicle has about 105k miles. The replacement O2 sensors were Bosh BS15733 (front) and BS13474 (rear). The vehicle barely ran after installing the new sensors - exhibiting obvious signs of a too-rich mixture. The check engine light was also flashing and the OBD codes were P0154 and P0137. After I reinstalled the old sensor on the right rear the car seemed to run normally so I concluded the new Bosch sensor was bad

Did you disconnect the battery after installing the new O2 sensors. The reason I say this, is the ECU has "memorized" the old O2 sensor read outs and now has to readjust to the new sensors. I would try disconnecting the negative battery cable for 20 ... 2001 GMC Yukon Denali

Abs and engine fault light came on at same time. This was almost a year ago. Local company hacked in to system and diagnosed tps sensor fault, changed thi, no difference.Drove 400 mile round trip for proper diagnosis, fault code P2106 shows up, rear abs sensor apparently.Changed this for new genuine Ford part, no change. Sent for replacement abs sensor, still no change. Take truck to local garage who specialise in fault diagnosis, they say my second replacment sensor is faulty. Get this replace

If they are checking the system at the ECU and its telling them the sensors are bad, then you have a broken harness down stream of the ABS ECU. There has to be a brake in the harness to the rear wheel sensor(s). It is a brake in the harness or the en ... 2004 Ford F150

Hi, my wife has a 2008 highlander fwd and after slipping in some snow 4 dash lights came on. VSC off, brake, ABS, and traction control. Engine light did not come on. Dealer downloaded codes C1403, C1404, C1407, C1408 and C1416. Basically said I needed to replace both rear speed sensors and it would be around $2000. I took it home and did them myself for less than $300 but that's besides the point. So i replaced both rear speed sensors and the same codes came back. Dealer says its probably

You can use Launch X431 Tool to do the troubleshooting. It is good at diagnosing for most vehicles. ... 2008 Toyota Highlander

Hi, my wife has a 2008 highlander fwd and after slipping in some snow 4 dash lights came on. VSC off, brake, ABS, and traction control. Engine light did not come on. Dealer downloaded codes C1403, C1404, C1407, C1408 and C1416. Basically said I needed to replace both rear speed sensors and it would be around $2000. I took it home and did them myself for less than $300 but that's besides the point. So i replaced both rear speed sensors and the same codes came back. Dealer says its probably

... 2008 Toyota Highlander

1998 Durango, replaced brake line that was rusted in two, (was long line under drivers side to rear) bled all four brakes, abs and brake light are now on and will not go off. Have read it could be rear sensor, but what are the odds the sensor suddenly goes out after replacing the brake lines? Any ideas on how to fix the problem or what it could be? Afraid to drive it to a repair shop if the brakes aren't good.

Dear Brake Line.... I read your paragraph and if this brake light was never on previously to the brake line repair....then all it sounds like to me is that you have air enclosed in the braking system still. I would strongly advise that you b ... 1998 Dodge Durango

How to replace rear left abs sensor acura rl 1999 am a novice need some advice as to how to remove and replace sensor rear left

Lift car on ramps disconnect the sensor from behind the tire its one wire unscrew the bolt follow the wire to the connecter disconnect. and do exactly the opposite when installing. GOOD LUCK ... 1999 Acura 3.5RL

How to replace rear oxygen sensor on 2000 town & country How to replace crank shaft position sensor on 2000 town & country How to replace cam position sensor on 2000 town & country

... 2000 Chrysler Town & Country

1994 ford f-250 abs brake light comes on and rear wheel locks up. replaced rear sensor. still have problem. unplugged rear sensor , abs light still comes on. unplugged unit where line comes from mastercylinder and goes into it and where all the front lines goout and one rear line goes out. still same problem. can you please help me. THANKS



According to the Service Manual for a 2000 5VZ-FE (same engine, I think), the P0125 code actually has nothing to do with the coolant temp, even though that's the name of the code!Possible causes for P0125 include a problem with air flow sensor ... Toyota 4Runner

'99 Maxima SE manual with 147k: I had my car parked (on grass) for 2 years while I drove a company vehicle. I just got it back on the road and am getting codes for rear upstream O2 sensor and knock sensor. where is upstream rear O2 sensor? Also, where is knock sensor and how difficult is it to replace? I'm getting a lot of hesitation/stalling when I step on the gas. Will be driving my car from Boston to Minneapolis and back next month. Any suggestions for other things I should check befor

O2 sensor is mounted in the exhaust manifold , \015\012Knock Sensor Strategies: A failure with the knock sensor can cause spark knock and engine damaging detonation because the PCM will not know to ****** ignit ... 1999 Nissan Maxima

I have had a pulsation in the rear in my 2002 f150. I had the front and rear rotors and pads replaced and also had a bad passernger side rear bearing and axle replaced. The Pep Boys that did the job scratched their heads and gave me a credit on the brake job and sent me packing without the problem being fixed. They said they looked at the abs sensor but really wasn't trained at that. The abs light has bever came on anyway. It still pulsates and rear ends feels like it is hopping when I brake, Go

You may have loose universal joints check by blocking tires and putting the truck in neutral grab the drive shaft and push and pull with both hands to check for play at the universal joints front and back, the only other thing that comes to mind is a ... Ford F-150

2002 Maxima ABS, slip & traction control lights are on, no +12v at rear sensors. I replaced the sensor on the driver's rear wheel a year ago when the lights wouldn't go out. I tested each sensor individually for output & found this one was dead. No more problems until a couple of months ago

... 2002 Nissan Maxima

1993 Dodge D150 LE Brake light & ABS light will not go out. Found cable for rear end sensor snapped @ sensor, replaced cable & sensor. Still lit up on dash. Went ahead & replaced master cylinder, still lit up on dash. Good power brakes. Any Ideas?

... Dodge D150

My 2006 F150 abs light would come on after driving it for a few miles. I changed the rear sensor and it still didn't correct the problem. I had the brake pads replaced and cleaned the front sensors. I had an error code on the front right sensor and after having the pads replaced and the code check again, the error code was gone. I drove it for a little longer period of time and the abs came back on. Is there any other solution you might have to correct the problem with my abs light. Than

It sounds like you might be having a problem with your Electronic control module. Are the only codes coming up just for the sensor? Have you recently cleaned your engine or driven in very wet weather? If so, water could have gotten into your conne ... Ford F-150

My 2007 Forenza engine light came on 3 months ago - the transmission was slipping. I took the car over to Suzuki they replaced a sensor for 300 bucks. Worked fine - till yesterday, same thing - it came on again. It comes on steady, not flashing. I have heard that his car has problems wit its engine light coming on OBD-II sensor, transmission... I had two rear tires replaced at around the same time - and the mechanic there (it was Goodyear not Suzuki) accidently broke off some sensor back by the

Hi,I would like to confirm One Detail from you. When you got the Engine Light 3 months ago, have you Scanned the Car for Error Codes. Engine light indicates that there is a problem in the car. We always advise the customers to take the ca ... 2007 Suzuki Forenza Sedan

After replacing the struts on a1997 Lexus Es 300 (front & rear) the traction control and abs light has been on. All connections were checked and the ABS under dash computer has been replaced. The only thing that we can think of now are the rear ABS sensors but they are $160.00 each and I hate to purchase them unless I'm sure this will solve the problem.nAny thoughts?

I have experienced this before.I had them replace the ABS sensors was when I came out of the issue and all went back normal.I will advice you go ahead and replace it because it is part of the safety devices you got on this car ... Lexus ES 300

My 2005 325 CI gas guage reads empty but tank is full. I replaced the pump/sensor under the passenger rear seat but still have no reading. The pump/sensor showed signs of an electrical short on the wiring on the pump. The sensor on the drivers side rear looked fine. Fuel pump fuse is fine. Performed a diagnostic test of the on board computer (OBC) to check the sensor performance and received a code 3 meaning implausible unit. Any ideas are appreciated.

Empty all the time is a short to powerfull all the time is a faulty ground ... 2005 BMW 3 Series

My Toyota camry 2004 had it's abs light on. The front brake pads have been replaced but the light is still on. An auto electrician after diagnosis suspected that the abs sensors arevall bad. How do I get to replace the sensors? at what cost both front and rear?

... 1990 Toyota Camry

Airbag light on dash is on. Told $600 to replace "rear airbag sensor". Can I buy the sensor and replace it with less cost?

Wow, that's expensive. $600 sure sounds like the air bag module itself. The air bag "sensors" located at the front near the radiator hold downs, there's 2 of them are around $45 each. ... 2006 GMC Envoy

Po135, po141, po720, po721 po722 codes for 1999 Ford Econoline E250. Changed REAR OUTPUT SHAFT SPEED CONTROL SENSOR, OUTPUT SPEED SENSOR, SOLENOID TRANSMISSION, FUEL FILTER. Cannot figure out if the codes are tied together. Drove with scanner on data mode, the output speed was reading too low, would go to zero while driving. Been to transmission shop, replaced controller. Speedo does not function after the replacement.

... Ford E-250

Have had this engine code going on 6 weeks now. Have replaced the two rear O2 sensors but am still getting this code. When the weather is really hot (over 100) the engine light does not come on. I have replaced both sensors and disconnected the negative terminal for 30 min to try and reset the ECM.

Sorry but your post did not identify specifics like year/make/model of your Jeep PLUS engine size and trans type AND the actual codes like P0171However, I am assuming your codes are for lack of 02 switching which basically means that you ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Random misfire my 1999 chevy silverado 1500 2wd v6 4.3l has sat 6mo since i was in the army and now that i am out i have had nothing but trouble. i have replaced fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator,MAP sensor,TPS,plugs and plug wires,cleaned the injectors, and now replaced the rear O2 sensors. My truck still acts like it has a vacuum leak and is still misfiring on every cylinder. i checked the timing and it is right. i cannot find a diagram to know where all the vacuum hoses are. it runs and idle

Intake manifold gasket or cracked intake manifold will cause a variety of problems including rough idle and random misfire. You can try spraying a little carb cleaner at various points around the intake manifold while the engine is idling and see if ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2008 Scion xB - Brake, VSC & ABS warning lights all coming on together and then going off intermittently while driving - dealer says the problem is bad rear wheel speed sensors and that to fix need to replace along with hubs - I can't find where the car even has rear wheel speed sensors

I have the same problem as you, with the same car. It seems to be moisture related. Mine is two months out of warranty, so I inspected the rear wheel speed sensors, like your dealer said. There is a TSB (technical service bulletin) concerning this ... 2008 Scion Xb

Rear suspension I am certain that the rear shocks on my 85 eldorado need to be replaced. The problem is that I am not "SURE" that the leveling sensor and compresssor are working either. How can I bench test the compressor and or leveling sensor

On the newer cadillacs, we disconnect the sensor arm to let it swing up tricking the sensor to tell the compressor to turn on. There may also be a set of aftermarket air shocks that you can use in place of with a valve you install remotely like a val ... 1985 Cadillac Eldorado
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