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2004 toyota corolla altis engine light on

\015 Engine light stays on sometimes and off\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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2004 toyota corolla altis engine light on

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I have a 2005 toyota corolla altis 1.8L and it is showing check engine light and it us not starting properly and it also back fires at starting some times. I ran a diagnostic test and it says code P0340 that is for the crank shaft sensor. I changed that and the problem satill remained and it is still showing code p0340 plus it miss-fires at low rpm and jerks to accelerate after 3000 rpm

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MY 2005 toyota corolla has a check the engine light on.i have noted that gear shifting from 1,2,3 gaers is abnormal ,like skiping or uncomfortable.I have added octane boost to the gas tank and still the light is on.The engine revs have come down to 900x1000.sometimes the revs come to normal say 1500 or 2000 x1000.help me.i love this toyota. reuben

Hi,t could be any of a possible hundreds of reasons. When the CHECK \015\012ENGINE LAMP shows, a fault has been detected by the engine management \015\012system so you need to get a scan done to find out the cause and possible\015\012 fau ... 2005 Toyota Corolla

I have a 2005 Automatic Toyota Corolla. In late December 2009, the check engine light came on with error code PO741. I took it to the Toyota dealership and they replaced the Engine Control Module and sent me on my way. Less than one month later, January 2010, the check engine came on again with the same error code. I took it back to the same Toyota dealership, where the tech insisted the transmission had the wrong transmission fluid (Dextron fluid instead of Type T4). This is complete b

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I have 1995 Toyota corolla DX 1.8L. From last week Air bag light is on in my toyota but the intresting thing is air bag light is coming only after i switch off the ignition.Air bag light is on all the time when car is idle. When i start the car again next day, check engine light goes away till the time i am driving but as soon as ignition is off, air bag light is on again. please let me know, what could be the issue. I went to the dealer to check the issue and they told me that air bag module

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2007 Toyota Corolla, check engine light came on a few days ago. The engine sometimes revs when idling, accelerating from being stopped can be really jerky, and the temperature gauge has quickly gone up and down (up to about halfway). It's an intermittent problem - sometimes everything is just fine (but the check engine light is always on). I got a diagnostic done today, and the DTC reported were P0118 (Engine coolant temperature circuit high input) and P0125 (Insufficient coolant temperat

Try check the ground wire from body to engine.. n there r some earth/ground wire attached to engine somewhere along the engine head or block, wire hardness possible causing this kinna problem too.. try pull/ push the wire hardness that goes around th ... Toyota Camry

I have a Toyota Corolla Axio 2008. When I turn the ignition on the check engine lights comes on and stays. When I start the engine the light goes off. While driving the light comes up intermittently-comes and goes..I have checked the gas cap already its good -no small of gas leak there..Is this a serious problem ? help..

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My 2007 toyota corolla ck engine light is on. I checked my gas cap and then light was off. But for a while, it is on again. When ck engine light is on, the car is not going very smooth...(when you start moving)...is anything wrong?

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TOYOTA COROLLA 1.4 D4D SOL MMT (2005)When slowing down at slow speed (traffic lights) or when stopped with brake pressed the MMT warning light comes on. Engine still running and can accelerate but no movement, seems engine and gearbox disconnected! Follow instructions in handbook and can continue but very unreliable! Only problem in first gear, circumstances as slow traffic, stopping at lights and roundabouts etc.

... 2001 Toyota Corolla

I have a 1994 Toyota corolla, my car was vibrating real rough for the first 20 to 30 minutes after i started it so i thought distributor cap checked that rotor was bad and cap was dirty so i changed them couple days later check engine light came on couple days after that car would sputter and check engine light would either come on or go off. then a week later car died going 65 mph on the interstate fired right back up about 15 min later it did it again at a stop light same thing fired right bac

... 1994 Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla 2.0 D4D turbo diesel 2009 model 6 speed manual. Hi my car is 3 and half years old 85000km. (Waranty expires after 3 years). Exceeding 3500 rpm's or speed's of 160km's per hour my cars engine light appears and the turbo on the car stops boosting. There is accelleration but with no turbo ieven at full kick down speed reduces. I normally stop and switch engine off waiting for 5 minutes and restart. Engine light stays on but turbo working. Also noticed a 1 secong dead spot between 270

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My 1996 LE toyota corolla has a very low fuel mileage. Like it runs just 300km on 45 liters of fuel. This is a very bad mileage for 1.8L engine. Otherwise, car start, idles and runs fine. The spark plugs were light brown, exhaust does not smell too rich. No enginer light is 'ON'. No fuel leaks. The car has 160k on its odometer, The last owner has changed the timeing belt at 85k. I changed all the filters, spark plug, engine oil.

Check each wheel to determine if you have a brake dragging. If you raise a wheel off the ground, you will hear a little brake drag, but the wheel should turn pretty freely. If you find a wheel(s) that are difficult to turn, you know you need to ser ... 1996 Toyota Corolla

I have a 2001 Toyota Corolla Engine light on and stay When out side tempereture is cole. I pull out EFI fuse and put it back start engine and no Engine light over 70 deg. out side temp. It's come back in 55/60 deg. I took the car Auto zone for test and found code PO441. Please let me know how i fix it Thanks Shibli

As with most cars today your car is fitted with a charcoal filled canister to trap fuel vapour emissions before they are released to the environment. In order to burn this temporarily stored vapour the engine computer opens a purge valve that is con ... Toyota Corolla

Toyota corolla 2.0d4d 2003 when engine first starts engine management light comes on after it has warmed up turn engine off and start lights not there

... Toyota Corolla

2000 Toyota Corolla, check engine light, runs rough

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Toyota corolla 2008 engine light

I think your right about the dealer, the code reader will tell the mechanic what is sending the fault, for him to change the air flow meter then the wiring is bizzare as these are 2 major seperate items and the codes would tell him that. My suggestio ... 2008 Toyota Corolla

Check engine light on a 2001 Toyota Corolla

I have had numerous problems with my 01 Corolla. Yikes! You need to understand that Toyota will not submitt to universal parts. You must use their parts. Especially on the Cat Converter. Further, don't EVER go to Meineke for repairs if you hav ... 2001 Toyota Corolla

Obd code p0440 for check engine light on 2000 Toyota Corolla

P0440 code means that the evap system has a leak. This could be caused by a bad or improperly installed gas cap. Either that or the purge solenoid has failed or the canister is plugged and not working properly. ... 2001 Toyota Corolla

Check Engine light 2005 Toyota Corolla

He can't hit a switch and turn on the Check Engine Light, however there are several dozen ways a shoddy mechanic can cause that Light to come on.\015\012Two things you can do is:\015\0121. Disconnect the negative side of the battery and w ... 2005 Toyota Corolla

2002 toyota corolla check engine light - 2002 Toyota Corolla

Need to pull codes for the check engine light for direction of repairs.could be as simple as a loose or bad gas cap. ... 2002 Toyota Corolla

Engine light My engine light came on...what could be the problems that associate with that? Car make is a toyota corolla 2005

You have to take it to autozone so they can read the code for free, or you can buy a cheap code reader for around 50 bucks. Unless we know the code we can't fix the problem. The codes are almost always related to emmission problem, and your car will ... 2005 Toyota Corolla

Check engine light 2005 Toyota corolla - 2005 Toyota Corolla

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Reset check engine light 2003 toyota corolla - 2003 Toyota Corolla

... 2003 Toyota Corolla

I have a 2001 Toyota Corolla with 255K I replaced all 4 injectors with remanufactured OEM Denso injectors (15K warranty that has ran out.) With the following codes about a year ago - PO 171 PO 300 & and 304. The check engine light does not stay on it just blinks under heavy acceleration and is not a hard code although, when I check if there are any PO codes with no check engine light on, I theses codes again PO 171 PO 300 & and 304. Should I replace the injectors or the Oxygen sensor? I n

P0300 is a catch all code for the P0304 code. P0171 is \015\012stating the air fuel ratio is running lean. The engine is running lean causing a misfire (and the P030X and P0171 ... 1998 Toyota Corolla

2009 toyota corolla losing power when accelerating and check engine light turns on I tighten up gas cap and check engine light turns off and car stops doing it for a while. Then it occurs again what could be the possible problem.

... 2009 Toyota Corolla
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